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The Art of Western Washington and Eastern Idaho ~ Judy White
A History of Philadelphia: With a Notice of Villages ~ Judy White
Early History of Middle Tennessee ~ Judy White
Gazetteer of the United States ~ AHGP Webmasters
List of Freemen Massachusetts ~ 1849 ~ 89 ~ Judy White
History of Swan's Island, Maine ~ by Judy White for AHGP
Maine ~ My State ~ by Judy White for AHGP
State of Franklin ~ Judy White for People of One Fire
Stilson/Stillson Surname Center ~ Member of AHGP ~
1890 History of Hall County, Nebraska ~ By Kaylynn Loveland for AHGP ~ 2000
1919 Farm Journal Illustrated Directory of Genesee Michigan ~ By Holice, Clayton & Deb for AHGP ~
National Yearbook Project ~ For AHGP ~
California Man and Events ~ by Jacque Rogers, 2000-2006 for AHGP ~
Genealogical Dictionary of the Frist Settlers on New England bef 1692 ~ by Warren and Debbie for AHGP ~ 2000 ~
History of Genesee County Michigan ~ by Holice Deb and Clayton ~ for Deb and Holice 2002 ~
A History of New California ~ for AHGP ~
History of Washington State ~ by Holice, Pam and Deb ~ for AHGP
The Book of Detroiters ~ by Deb Axtman ~ for AHGP ~
Mardos Memorial Library ~ Pam Rietsch ~
Marriages Notices For the Whole US 1785-1794 ~ by Jeanne Taylor ~ for AHGP
Soldiers in King Philip's War ~ by Fred and Debbie ~ for AHGP ~
Tacoma Illustrated ~ by Hollis, Pam and Deb ~ for AHGP ~ book owned by Pam Rietsch ~
Iowa Society Sons of the Revolution ~ probably owned by Pam Rietsch ~ for AHGP ~
History of Genesee, Lapeer & Tuscola Counties Michigan ~ owned by Pam Rietsch ~ for AHGP ~
The Texas Turnbo's ~ by Charles Turnbo ~
Trodden Pathways ~ Deckerville Public Library ~
Pamphlets, Small Books, Just a Few Words
The Change of Calendars ~ Judy White
Inventor Of The Steamboat ~ Judy White
What has become of the Wild Pigeons ~ Judy White
Old-Time Lotteries ~ Judy White
Early Fence Building ~ Judy White
Contractions in Colonial Writings ~ Judy White
Throat Distemper in Haverhill, 1735-7 ~ Judy White
Tailors in the Olden Time, ~  Judy White
Old Town Pump ~ Judy White
The Shoemakers ~ Judy White
Underground Railroad in Pennsylvania ~ Judy White
Pennsylvania Taverns ~ Judy White
Natchez Trace ~ Judy White
What's in a Name ~ by Judy White for AHGP
Reasons for Genealogical Investigations ~ by Judy White for AHGP
Remarkable Superstitions ~ by Judy White for AHGP
Stage-Coach and Railway Statistics ~ by Judy White for AHGP
List of Freemen 1849-1889 ~ by Judy White for AHGP