American History & Genealogy Project

Welcome to the American History and Genealogy Project, or AHGP for short. What started out as a community project back in 2000 has gone the way many good ideas do, by the wayside. Simply put, our volunteers have aged, and as the web eveolved over the years, there has been more emphasis on social media by new researchers and less on traditional websites.

What you see appearing before you now is a new project website with less reliance on volunteers. The genealogy data that has been accumuated over the years deserves an online home that users can easily wade through and find the information they seek, if it's available.

The genesis of this new project website will be the material that has been collected and spread out over the web, consolidated into one domain and one website design. I hope this eventually makes it easier for you to find that informatio . The states listed below with an asterick * have been converted to this website, otherwise, they still appear at their old location. Most of them have not been updated in years.

Genealogy by State


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