Welcome to the Home of the American History and Genealogy Project (AHGP), an unincorporated network of independent Web Sites devoted to History and Genealogy and covering North American Countries and Territories.  Anyone with a genealogy, history or related project or topic sites are welcome to join. For more information about our group, including how you can join us, please see our About Page. After reading what we're about, if you feel a State or County page is more than you would want to do, take a look at our Volunteer Projects.

What's New?"

As a way to recognize the hard working Coordinators of AHGP and to let the public know what we have new on our sites, we have started the "What's New" page showing What, Who and Where new information can be found. We don't care how big or small your information is, we just want to recognize it and say "Thank You" for your hard work. Your work doesn't even have to be on a page, it can be information you provided to others.

Who We Are

Judy White and Paula Franklin are the WebMasters or WebMistresses of AHGP, with the assistance of our very capable State and County Coordinators. Together, we make the daily decisions for the Website. We try to figure out how and what works and have to admit sometimes it doesn't, but isn't that life? We have been around the Web for a while and had several Genealogy sites before coming to AHGP.

AHGP sat for a good many years with little or no work, so we have been playing catch up for several years. If you are interested in helping or if you just have general questions please just click on Webmaster for our contact form.