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In 2000 there was a group of webmasters who came together to develop independent linked websites concerning genealogy and history in the United States. Sadly, these webmasters have aged and many have gone to a better place. I, as the owner of the domain, and the host for over 20 years, and with written permission of Judy White, have made the tough decision that the old must become new, so that the information that these webmasters diligently worked to place online can find a permanent home.

The best way forward for the project is to bring as many of the independent project websites under one umbrella, the AHGP main website. Structuring the website so that the main state websites appear under this domain first, and then branching out to the projects and counties, including resurrecting old pages that no longer appear online. Yes, I have a lot of those backed up.

For the most part, the content of these websites was of public domain information, or out of copyright material. In the event I encounter copyrighted information I will seek out the copyright holders for permission to continue publishing online. If you are a holder of a copyright to material that now appears on AHGP, and wish it to be removed, please use the contact form in the menu and reach out to me.

Best Wishes,

Dennis N. Partridge


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