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 List of Freemen Massachusetts ~ 1849 ~ 89

[Communicated by Rev. Loctus R. Paige of Cambridge, member of the N. E. Hist. Geneal. Society.]

Under the first charter of the Massachusetts colony none were regarded as freemen, or members of the body politic, except such as were admitted by the General Court and took the oath of allegiance to the government here established. This custom continued in existence until, by the second charter, the colony was transformed into a province. Mr. Savage, in his edition of Winthrop's Journal, published a list of persons admitted freemen, up to May 10, 1648; and he justly remarked, that "these are probably ancestors of near three fourths of the present inhabitants of the six New England states, with almost half of New York and Ohio." Having occasion to use a more full list of freemen, I transcribed, nearly eight years ago, the names of all the persons admitted freemen, up to the time when the practice was discontinued, as recorded in the office of the Secretary of State. Agreeably to the request of the editor of the Register, this list is now furnished for publication. The names stand in the same order as in the original, and the orthography is carefully preserved. To guard more effectually against mistakes, I have recently, after so long an interval, compared my copy with the original, and I believe it to be correct, so far as the original remains legible. It is not surprising that many of the names are incorrectly spelled. They are not autographs; but they were written by the Secretary, according to the sound, as the names were pronounced to him. Moreover, it sometimes occurred, doubtless, that he did not catch the sound accurately, and therefore mistook the true name. I have endeavored to exhibit an exact transcript; so that all readers may have the same opportunity to make proper corrections, which a perusal of the original would afford.

The oath administered to freemen is a document not without interest, and is here inserted, both in its original and its revised form, the orthography only being changed.

"The oath of a Freeman, or of a man to be made Free.

"I, A. B. &c being by the Almighty's most wise disposition become a member of this body, consisting of the Governor, Deputy Governor, Assistants and Commonalty of the Massachusetts in New England, do freely and sincerely acknowledge that I am justly and lawfully subject to the Government of the same, and do accordingly submit my person and estate to be protected, ordered and governed by the laws and constitutions thereof, and do faithfully promise to be from time to time obedient and conformable thereunto, and to the authority of the said Governor and Assistants, and their successors, and to all such laws, orders, sentences and decrees as shall be lawfully made and published by them or their successors. And I will always endeavor (as in duty I am bound) to advance the peace and welfare of this body or commonwealth, to my utmost skill and ability. And I will, to my best power and means, seek to divert and prevent whatsoever may tend to the ruin or damage thereof, or of any the said Governor, Deputy Governor, or Assistants, or any of them, or their successors, and will give speedy notice to them, or some of them, of any sedition, violence, treachery, or other hurt or evil, which I shall know, hear, or vehemently suspect, to he plotted or intended against the said commonwealth, or the said Government established. And I will not, at any time, suffer or give consent to any counsel or attempt, that shall be offered, given, or attempted, for the impeachment of the said Government, or making any change or alteration of the same, contrary to the laws and ordinances thereof; but shall do my utmost endeavor to discover, oppose and hinder all and every such counsel and attempt. So help me God."  Col. Rec. Vol, L page 1.

"At a General Court holden at Boston, May 14, 1684.

"It was agreed and ordered, that the former oath of freemen shall be revoked, so far as it is dissonant from the oath of freemen hereunder written; and that those that received the former oath shall stand bound no further thereby, to any intent or purpose, than this new oath ties those that now take the same."1

19 Oct. 1680. The names of such as desire to be made freemen.

Mr. Samll Mavyacke
Mr. Edw. Johnson
Mr. Edw. Gibbins
Mr. Will. Jeffries
Mr. John Burslin
Mr. Samll Sharpe
Mr. Tho. Graves
Mr. Roger Conant
John Woodbury
Peter Palfry
Mr. Nath. Turner
Mr. Samll ffreeman
Eprahim Childe
Mr. Willm Clerke
Mr. Abraham Palmer
John Page
Mr. Robte ffeake
Mr. Willm Pelham
Mr. Ben. Brand
Mr. Will: Blackstone
Mr. Edmond Lockwood
Mr. Rich. Browne
John Stickland
Ralfe Sprage
Mr. George Ludlowe
James Pen (62)
Henry Woolcott
Thomas Stoughton
Willm Phelpes
George Dyar
John Hoskins
Thomas fford
Nich. Upsall
Stephen Terree
Henry Smyth
Roger Wilims
John Woolridge
Tha Lumberd
Bigatt Egglestone
John Grinoway
Christopher Gibson
John Benham
Thomas Willms als. Harris
Rich. Garrett
John Howman
John Crabb
Capt. Walt Norton
Mr. Alex. Wignall
Mr. Willm Jennison
Mr. Thomas Southcoate
Mr. Rich. Southcoate
James Pemberton
Mr. John Dillingham
John Johnson
George Alcocke
Mr. Robte Coles
John Burr
Thomas Rawlins
Rich. Bugby
Rich. Hutchins
Ralfe Mushell
Thomas Lambe
Will: Throdingham
Willm Chase ffoxewell
Mr. Charles Gott
Henry Harwood
Mr. George Phillips
Mr. John Wilson
Mr. John Mavracke
Mr. John Warham
Mr. Sam' Skelton
Mr. Will. Colbron
Mr. Will. Aspinwall
Edw. Converse
Mr. Rich. Palgrave
John Taylour
Rich. Church
Rich. Silvester
Will. Balstone
Robte Abell
Mr. Giles Sexton
Robte Seely
John Mills
John C ran well
Mr. Ralfe Glover
Willm Hulberd
Edmond James
John Pillips
Nath. Bowman
John Doggett
Laurence Leach
Daniel Abbott
Charles Chadwicke
Will. Drakenbury
John Drake
John Balshe
Mr. Sarnie Coole
Mr. Will. Traske
Will. Gallard
Will. Rockewell
Henry Herricke
Sam Hosier
Rich. Myllett
Mr. Abraham Pratt
Willm James
Will Allen
Sam Archer (68)

Col. Rec. Vol. L pp. 62 63.
18 May 1631.
The names of such as took the oath of ffreemen.

Mr. John Mavacke
Mr. Jo: Warham
Mr. Willm Blackestone
Mr. George Phillips
Mr. Rich. Browne
Capt. Dan Pattricke
Capt. Jo: Underhill
Capt. Southcoate
Mr. Tho. Graves
Capt. Walt Norton
Mr. George Throckmorton
Mr. Wm. Colbran
Seriegant Morns
Seriegant Stickland
Mr. Roger Conant
Mr. Charles Gott
Ralfe Sprage
Laurence Leach
John Home
Mr. Samll Coole
John Woodbury
Mr. John Oldeham
Edmond Lockewood
John Page
Mr. Rich Palgrave
John Doggett
Rich. Sprage
ffrauncs Johnson
Tho. Stoughton
Abraham Palmer
John Johnson
Robte Coles, erased in the record.
Eprahim Childe
Bray Rossiter
Robte Seely
Biggott Egglestone
Mr. Will Clearke
Willm Noddle
Mr. Robte ffeakes
Willm. Agar
Nich Slower
John Benham
Willm Balstone
Stephen Terre
Sam Hosier
Robte Hardinge
Willm Woods
Mr. George Alcocke
Robte Moulton
Pet Palfry
Mr. Edw. Belchar
John Edmonds
George Phillips
Roger Willms
John Balche
John Moore
Henry Herricke
John Hoskins
Math. Grant
John Barr
Simon Hoytt
Charles Chadwicke
Willm Parks
Ralfe Mushell
Willm Hudson
Walt Palmer
Henry Smith
Tho. fford
Jonas Weede
Mr. Edw. Tomlyns
Mr. Rich. Saltonstall
Edw. Gibbons
Mr. Alex. Wignall
Mr. Willm Gennison
Dan Abbott
Tho. Rawlins
Rich. Bugby
John Warren
Mr. Willm Jeffry
Davy Johnson
Nich. Upsall
Willm Bateman
Dan ffinch
Mr. Jo. Buralyn (73)
Mr. John Maisters
John Peirce
Griffin Crofte
George Dyar
Willm Rockewell
Tho. Moore
John Taylour
Ezekiell Richardson
Edw. Converse
Robte Abell
Mr. John Dillingham
Isaacke Sterne
Roger Mawry
Tho. Dexter, erased in the record.
Tho. Lambe
Tho. Willms
John fferman
John Gosse
John Grinnoway
Gyles Sexton
Tho. Lamberd
Mr. Edw. Jones
Willm Gallerd
Willm Allen
Rich. Bulgar
Rich, ffoxewell
Willm. ffelpes
John Perkins
Mr. Sam Skelton
Mr. Edw. Johnson
Wm. Cheesebrough
Anthony Dixe
ffrauncs Smyth
ffrauncis Aleworth (74)

C. R., Vol. I. pp. 73, 74.
March 6, 1631-2.
Mr. John Ellyott
Jacob Ellyott
Abraham Browne
James Pennyman
Isaack Perry
Gregory Baxter
Willm ffrothingham
Sam Moore
John Blacke
John Mylls

C. R. Vol. I. p. 74
April 3, 1632.
Mr. John Winthrop jr.
Mr. Willm Aspinwall
John Sampeford
Willm Hulbert

C.R. Vol. I. p. 74.
July 3, 1632.
Mr. Nath. Tamer

John Ruggles
Elias Stileman
Mr. Willm Dennison
Mr. Sam Sharpe
Mr. John Wilson
John Moore

C. R. Vol. I. p. 74.
August 7, 1632.
John Phillips

Valentine Prentice
John Hull
Sam Wakeman

C. R. Vol. I. p. 74
Oct. 2, 1632.
Mr. Sam Mavicke

C. R. Vol. I. p. 74.
Nov. 6, 1632.
Mr. Tho. Weld

Mr. Tho. James
Mr. Jo. Willusk
Mr. Jo. Coggoshall
Mr. Rich. Dumer
Mr. Tho. Ollyver
Mr. John Branker
Mr. Tho. Beecher
Tho. ffrench
Willm Goodwin
John Benjamin
John Talcott 
James Olmstead
John Clerke
Willm Leawis
Nath. Richards
Willm Wadsworth
Rich. Webb

C. R. Vol. I. p. 74.
March 4, 1632-3.
Willm Curtis
Thomas Uffott
John Perry
Isaack Morrall
Willm Heath
George Hull
Eltweed Pummery
Nich. Denselow
Gyles Gibbs
John Neweton
John White
Willm Spenoer
John Kirman
Tymothy Tomlyns (74)
Henry Harwood
Richard Collocott
Willm Brakenbury
John Smyth (79)

C. R. Vol. I. pp. 74, 79
April 1, 1633.
Sriegant Greene
Rise Coles
Willm Dady

C. A, Vol. I. p. 79
June 11, 1633.
Willm Stilson
Rich. Millett
Rich. Lyman
Jes Rawling
Tho. Smyth
David Wilton
John Witchfield
Elias Mavacke

C. R. Vol. I. p. 79
Nov. 5, 1633.
Mr. Israeli Stoughton
Mr. John Coggin
Mr. Willm Hill
Mr. John Moody
John Porter
ffrauncis Weston
John Watson
John Holgrave

C. R., Vol. I. p. 79
March 4, 1633-4.
Thomas Grubb
Edmond Hobbert
Edw. Hutchingson
Mr. Tho. Leveritt
Mr. Gyles fferman
Edmond Quinsey
Willm Collishawe
Thomas Minor
Tho. Howlett
John Gage
Sam Wiboare
John Levens
John Cranwell
Edw. Mellowes
James Browne
Mr. John Woolridge
Josuah Hewes
Robte Turner
John Biggs
Tho. Matson
Walter Merry
Rich. Tappin
Mr. Atterton Hough
Willm Andrewes
Rich. Walker
George Ruggles
Mr. Nich. Parker.

C. R. Vol. I. p. 79.
April 1, 1684.

Mr. Dan Dennison
George Minott
Rich. Gridley
Thomas Reade
George Hutchingson
Robte Roise
John Pemerton
Bernard Lumbert
Henry Wulcott
Rich. Hull
John Gallop
Richard Silvester
Willm Horseford

C. R. Vol. I. p. 79.
May 14, 1684.

John Haynes Esq.
Phillip Sherman
Daniell Brewer
Tho. Gaildthait
Robte Gamlyn Sr.
Thomas Hale
Edward Riggs
John Walker
Thomas Wilson
Sam Basse
Tho. Pigg
Willm Hill
Sam ffinch
George Williams
Edw. Gyles
Willm Dixy
George Norton
Thomas Eborne
Dan Wray
Abraham Mellowes
John Ollyver
Robte Hale
Tho. Cakebread (79)
Tho. Squire
Robte Houlton
John Odlyn
Roger Clapp
Josuah Carter
Thomas Talmage
Richard ffairebancks
Phillip Tabor
Gregory Taylour
John Chapman
Willm Learned
Mr. Tho. Hooker
Mr. Sam Stone
Edw. Hove
Bartholmewe Greene
Rich. Wright
John Steele
Edm. Stebbins
Andrewe Warner
George Steele
Rich. Butlar
Thomas Spencer
Edw. Muste
Rich. Groodman
John Pratt
John Haward
Andrewe Ward
Joseph Twitchwell
Tho. Hatch
George Whitehand
Jerad Hadden
Joseph Reddings
Anthony Colby
John Bosworth
ffrauncis Plumer
Humfry Pynny
Bray Wilkins
James Rawlyns
Jacob Barny
Tho. Lowthrop
Steven Hart
Jeffery Massy
Rich. Brakenbury
Tho. ffairewcath1
Willm Hedges
John Hoskins
Peter Woolfe
Willm Chase
Willm Talmidge
Mr. John Cotton
Nath. Gillett
Dan Howe
Myles Reddin
John Eales
Mr. Willm Peirce
Mr. Tho. Mahewe
Robte Walker
Phillipp Randill
Tho. Holcombe
Tho. Dewey
Tho. Jeffry
James Parker
Walter ffiler
John Haydon
Edmond Harte
Willm Hathorne
Steven ffrench
Christopher Hussey
Edw. Bendall
John Button
Rich. Raymond
Jonathan Wade
Tho. Coldham
James Tompson
Tho. Hubbard
John Hall
John Baker
T. Willm Brenton
John Capen
ffrauncis Dent
Henry ffeakes (112)

C. R. Vol. pp. 79, 112.
Sep. 8, 1634.
Benjamin Hubbard
Edmond Hubbard
John Mousell
Willm Baker
Willm Nashe
Thomas Goble
Ollyver Mellowes
Robte Gamlyne
Ralfe Hiningway
Jes Rawlyns
John Stowe
John Campion
Willm ffreeborne
Willm Perkins
James Everill
Jonathan Negos
Nicholas Willust
Alex. Becke
Henry Pease
Sam Crumwell
Joseph Rednape
Edw. Hutchingson
John Sibley
Hugh Hillyard
Moses Mavacke
Mr. John Spencer
Robte Mussey
Henry Shorte
Phillip ffowler
Bryan Pendleton
Abraham ffinch
Anthony Peirce
John Bernard
Martyn Underwood
Sam Smyth
John Browne
John Edy
Robte Abbitt
Robte Coe
Nathanell ffoote
Rich. Davenport
Mr. Tho Newbery
John Pope
John Hawkes
Ralfe ffogg
Robert Reynolls
Robte Potter
John Hardy
Thomas Thornoton
Matthias Sension
Mr. Tho. Parker
Mr. Nicholas Easton
Mr. James Noise
Jonah Hubbard
C. R. Vol. I. 113
March 4, 1684-5.
Capt. John Mason
Hugh Mason
George Munings
John Brandisbe
Sam Hubbert
Edward Dixe
Thomas Bartlett
George Buncar
Robte Blott
Rich. Kettle
Willm Johnson
Thomas Lynd
Mr. Willm Andrewes
Willm Westwood
Mathewe Allen
Guy Bambridge
Willm Pantry
Tho. ffisher
John Hopkins
John Bridge
Willm Kelsey
John Bernard
James Ensigne
Sam Greenehill
Tymothy Stanley
Rich. Lord
John Prince
Edw. Winshipp
Sam" Greene
Joseph Clerke
John Wulcott
Abraham Newell
Rich. Pepper
Isaac Johnson
Christopher Peake
Thomas Woodford
Thomas Scott
Tho. Boreman
Roger Lanckton
John Webster
Hugh Sheratt
Joseph Metcalfe
Will. Bartholmewe
Tho. Dorman
Rich. Kent
James Davis
John Newegate
Mr. Will. Hutchingson
Tho. Marshall
Rich. Cooke
Willm Netherland
Tho. Wardall
Rich. Hutcbingson
ffr. Hutchingson
Gamaliell Wate
Rich. Trusedale
Edw. Hitchin
Robte Parker
Joseph Easton
John Tylley
Tho. Stanley

C. R, Vol. I. p. 113.
May 6, 1635.
Philemon Portmorte
Henry Elkines
Christ. Martial
Edmond Bulckley
Eward Browne
Jarrett Bourne
Willm Pell
Beniamyn Gillom
Tho. Alcocke
Edmonde Jacklinge
John Sebley
Tho. Peirce
Mr. Sachariah Syms
Barnaby Wynes
Jeffery fferris
John Reynolls
Henry Bright
Tho. Hastings
John Lethermore
John Batchel
John Tompson
John Clerke
Tho. Swifte
Robte Wincall
Tho. Hosmer
Willm Butlar
John Arnoll
George Stockin
Nathanaell Ely
Robte Day
Jerymy Adams
Joseph Maggott 
John Hall
Sam Allen
Humfry Bradstreet
Thomas Pyne
John Gay
George Strange
Nathanaell Duncan
Thomas Marshall
Thomas Hoskins
Richard Kemball
Robte Andrewes
Henry Wright
Jonathan Jellett
Tho Gun
Robte Dibell
Henry ffowkes
Elias Parkeman
John Blackeleach
Dan Morse
Joseph Morse
Edward Garfield
Rich. Browne
Willm Moody
Christ Osgood
Tho. Backland
Richard Jacob 
Aron Cooke
George Phelpes
Boniface Burton
Robte Bootefishe
Robte Dryer
Willm Edmonds
John Ravensdale
John Legg
George ffarr
Robte Cotty
Mr. Steven Batchel

C. R., Vol. I. p. 153.
Sep. 2, 1635.
Willm Blumfeild
Joseph Hull
Willm Reade
Richard Adams
John Upham
Robte Lovell
Willm Smyth
Richard Woodward
Peter Hubbert
Mr. George Byrditt
Mr. Townsend Bishopp
Phillip Vereing
Mr. John ffawne
Thomas Scraggs

C. R., Vol. I. p. 154
March 3, 1635-6.
Mr. Clem. Chaplaine
Willm Mosse
Willm Dyar
Joseph Wells
John Cogeswell
Richard Tattle
Robte Lord
Willm Walton
Tho. Loreing
Clem Bates
John Astwood
Tho. Wakely
Willm Norton
George Ludkin 
George Marshe
John Ottis 
Nicholas Baker
Nicholas Jacob
David Phippin
Edmond Batter
Philemon Dolton
John Whitney
Willm Swayne
Henry Kingman
Thomas White
Angell Hollard
John Kingsbury
John Levett
Tho. Rawlyns
Roger Harlakendine Esq.
Mr. Joseph Cooke.
Mr. George Cooke
Mr. Nich. Danforth
Tfo. Marryott
Mr. Sam Shepheard
Willm ffrench
Simon Crosby
Tho. Cheeseholme
John Russell
Passevell Greene
Mr. Hugh Peters
Thomas Bloyett
Edmond ffrost
Mr. Tho. Shepheard
Henry Vane Esq.
Tho. Ewer
Tho. Brigden
Michaell Bastowe
Joseph Andrewes

C. R., Vol. I. p.l53.
May 25, 1636.
Jasper Gun
Thorn: Bell
Mr. Samuell Apleton
Isaack Heathe
Philip Elliot
Adam Mott
William Webbe
Edward Woodman
Thomas Judd
John Knight
Richd Knight
Anthony Mosse
Robt Longe
Robt Hawkins
Edward Carington
Bernard Capen
Will. Hamond
John Saunders
Robert Kaine
Daniel Maude
Ralph Hudson
Thomas Hassord
James Johnson
John Davy
George Bate
Nathaniell Heaton
Will. Benseley
Will. Townsend
Richd Bracket
Thorn. Savage
Mr. Henry fflinte
Will. Courser
James Browne
Zacheus Boswortk
Mathias Ives
Will Wilson
Will Salter
Anthony Harker
Edward Goffe
Richd Champnyes
Edmond Lewis
John Stowers
John Smythe
John Eaton
Edmond Sherman
John Coolidge
Gregory Stone 
Symon Stone
George Hepburne
Will. Kinge
Augustine Clement
Richd Karder
John Higgenson
John Mylam
Thom. Dimocke
John Loverin
Willi Wilcocks
Edward Bennet
Thom. Mekyn junior
Hugh Gunnison
Edmond Jackson
Bernaby Doryfall
Mr. Richd Bellingham
Mr. John Winthrope sr.
Mr. John Humfrey
Mr. Thom. Dudley
Mr. Will Coddington
Increase Nowell 
Symon Bradstreete

C. R., Vol. I.  p. 194.
Dec. 7, 1636.
James Bate
Edward Clapp
John Smythe
Edward White
David Price
George Aldridge
Oliver Purchase
John Webbe
Alexand Winchester
Robert Scotte
Steven Winthrope
Will. Goodhewe
Gilbert Crackborne
Samuell Whiteing
Thomas Brooke
Willi. Wilcockson
Will. Beadseley
Alexand Knolls
Thom. Atkinson
John Holland
Walter Nicoles

C. R., Vol. I. p. 194
Dec. 8, 1686.
Mr. Thom. Jenner
ffrancis Lightfoote
Edward Howe
John Cooper
John More
Thom. Beale

C. R. Vol. I. p. 154.
March 9, 1636-7.
Edward Ketcham 
Richd Roots
Joseph Isaack
John Hassell
Richd Betsham
Anthony Eames
Samuell Warde
Thomas Hamond
Thomas Underwood
Nicolas Hudson
John Winchester
Abraham Shawe
Robt Lockwood
Will Barsham
Edward Bates
Jenkin Davies
Matheye West
Gerret Spencer
Thomas Tylestone
Henry Collins
Robert Sedswick
James Heyden
Thomas Stamfoard
John Stronge
Thomas Carter
Joseph Armitage
Richd Wayde
Robert Hull
Rich. Wayde
Will Dinny
Thomas Meakins

C. R. Vol. I. p. 194.
April 18, 1687.
Thomas Parish
Thomas Briggam
William Cutter
Willi Towne
John Gore
Robert Sever
John Ruggles
Laurence Whitamore
John Graves
Gyles Pason
George Kinge

C. R. Vol. I. p. 195.
April 17, 1687.
Christopher ffoster
Thom. Browninge
Symon Eyre
William Dodge
ffrancis Smythe
Nathani. Porter
Edward Dinny
Willi. Dineley
ffranc East
Nathani. Woodward
John Smythe
Edward Rainsfoard
Thomas Wheeler
John Laurence

C. R., Vol. I. p. 195
May 17, 1687.
Thorn. Olney
Thorn. Grardner
Joseph Pope
Willi. Bounde
Henry Bartholomewe
Joseph Grafton
Francis Skerry
Edmond Marshall
Henry Seawall junior
Henry Bull
Thomas Smythe
Nicolas Holt
Nicolas Noise
Archelaus Woodman
James Browne
John Bartlet
Robert Pike
Thomas Coleman
Mathew Chafe
George Burden
George Hunn
Willi. Sumner
George Proctor
Thomas Millet
Thomas Dible
Philip Drinker
John Cheney
John Norton
John Syverens
Thom. Wells
John Perkins
Willi. Lampson
Thom. Bircher
Edward Porter
James Howe
Thom. Rogers
John Sharman
John Rogers
Myles Nutte
James Osmer
Richd Johnson
Thomas Parker
John Hanchet
John Gibson

C. R., Vol. I. p. 195
Sep. 7, 1637.
Mr. George Moxam
Mr. Tymo. Dalton
C. R., Vol. I. p, 195.
Nov. 2, 1687.
Nathaniell Wales
Edw. Sale
Will. Casely
Mr. John ffiske
Mr. John Harvard

C. R. Vol. I. p. 195.
March, 1637-8.
Thom. Spooner
Thomas Venner
James Moulton
James Haynes
Henry Skerry
Joseph Buchiler
John Symonds
John Gedney
Micha: Spencer
John Pearce
Nico. Busbey
Ralph Woodward
Samu. Symonds
Mr. Thom. fflint
Richd Griffinn
John Evert
George Haywood
Thom. ffoxe
George Hochens
Edward Rawson
Henry Rust
David ffiske
Willi. Harsye
Willi. Ludkin
Thom. Linkorne
Henry Tuttle

C.R. Vol. I. p. 195.
May 2, 1638.
Samuell Richardson
Robt Cutler
Thomas Richardson
Edward Johnson
John Brinsmeade
Isaack Mixer
Henry Kemball
Willi. Nickerson
Henry Dow
Nicho. Byram
Samu. Hackburne
Abraham Howe
John Tatman
Robt Williams
Humfrey Atherton
Gabriell Meade
Ralph Tomkins
Richd Hawes
Alexander Miller
Joseph Wilson
Michaell Willes
John Sill
George Willis
Thomas Swetman
Edward Hall
Mr. William Hubberd
Richd Lumkin
Willi. Warrener
Marke Symonds
Thomas Rawlinson
Thomas Carter
Willi. Knight
George Taylor
John Gould
Thomas Cobbet
Daniell Peirce
William Ballard
Willi. Thorne
Abraham Tappin
Henry Lunt
John Browne
Henry Burdsall

C.R. Vol. I. p. 196.
June 9, 1688.

Mr. Natha. Eaton

C.R. Vol. I. p. 196.
Sep. 6, 1638.

The magistrates of Ipswich
had order to give Mr. Natha.
Rogers the oath of Freedom.

C. R. Vol. I. p. 196.
Sep. 7, 1638.

Thomas Hale
Richd Singletery
Steven ffoditch
Nicholas Browne
Zachary ffitche
Thomas Tredwell
Geo. Giddings

C.R., Vol. I. p. 196
March 13, 1638-9.

Mr. John Allen
Mr. Edward Alleyne
Mr. Ralph Wheelocke
Mr. Willm Tynge
John Leuson
John Frayrye
Eleazer Lussher
John Hunting
Robt Hinsdall
Edward Kempe
John Dwite
Henry Phillips
Mr. Joseph Peck
Henry Smythe
Edward Gilman
Thomas Cooper
John Beale
Henry Chamberlin
Thomas Clapp
John Palmer
John Tower
Henry Webbe
James Mattucke
John Tuttle
Theophi. Wilson
Jeremy Belcher
Willi. Cockeram
Edward Bates
John Rogers
Christopher Batte
Samuel Neweman
Mr. Robert Peck
Edmond Greenliffe
Thomas Bulkeley
Luke Potter
Ephraim Wheeler
Robert Merriam
James Bennet
John Whiteman
William Palmer
William Eastowe
Thom. Moulton
Richd Swayne
Willi. Wakefeild
Thom. Joanes

C. R. Vol. I. p. 196.
March 14, 1638-9.

Nicho. Butler
Mr. Thom. Wills
Mr. Edward Holliock
Mr. Richd Sadler
Mr. Edward Howell
Thomas Townesend
Edward Baker
Henry Gaynes
Nicholas Batter
James Boutwell
Richd Wells
Willi. Langley
Robert Parsons
Godfrey Armitage
Arthur Geeree
Joseph Pell
Thomas Layton
Willi. Partridge
Roger Shawe
Robert Dannell
Hezechi. Upher
Christopher Cayne
Robt Steedman
George Keezar
Edward Burcham
Joseph Merriam
Thomas Browne
George ffoule
Willi. Busse
Henry Brooke
Henry ffarewell
Roger Draper
John Miles
Sethe Switzer
Isaack Cole
John Wisewall
John Maudaley
Joseph ffarnworth
William Reed
William Blake
Thomas Dickerman
Thomas Clarke
Mr. Endicot and John
Winthrope jun order to give

Mr. Emanuel Downeing the
oath of ffreedome.

C. R., Vol, I. p. 196
22 May, 1639.

Mr. Willi. Sergent
Mr. Thom. Hawkins
Mr. Sam. ffreeman
Thomas Marten
Nichol. Guye
Mr. Samu. Winsley
Steven Dumer
John Osgood
John Gooffe
John Mussellwhit
Steven Kent
John Rimington
Thomas Browne
John Moulton Hulling
Rich Waters
Thomas Ruggles
Joseph Shawe
ffrancis More
Walter Edmonds
Willi. Bowstrecte
Hopestill ffostere
Thomas Scotto
Willi. Adams
Thomas Says
John Alderman
Griffin Bowen
John Spooer
Richd Hollidge
John Clarke
Giles ffirman
Josua Tedd
Beniamin ffelton

1. Having printed the oath here referred to, (see p. 41 of this number of Journal,) it is here omitted. It is in the Col. Recs., Vol. p. 114.

Source: The New England Historical & Genealogical Register, Published Quarterly Under The Direction Of The New England Historic, Genealogical Society, Rev. William Cogswell, D. D., Editor. Volume I., Boston, Samuel G. Drake, Publisher, 1849, Coolidge & Wiley, Printers, 12 Water Street, Boston.

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