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A History of Swan's Island, Maine

Upon the very threshold of this historical sketch I found myself quite destitute of early public records. For over half a century from the settlement of this island until its organization as a plantation no municipal records were kept. But I have been fortunate in bringing to light many private family records, old deeds showing what lots were occupied by the pioneer settlers; and written mutual agreements, which seem to have been often the result of arbitration on any disputed point where different claims to land conflicted with one another.

A great deal of the information which I have received concerning the early settlers was obtained from the oldest inhabitants of the island, many of whom were children of the first settlers, and in a few instances the latter of the pioneer settlers themselves. In this part, which I have obtained from the memory of aged people, some errors may appear, but in the main it will be found correct, as a great deal of pains has been taken to verify these records.

I feel that no apology is necessary for occasionally going beyond the limits of this town and bringing in the sketch of some person directly connected with the family under consideration, for a book of this kind must necessarily be excursive in its character.

Source: A History of Swan's Island, Maine, by H. W. Small, MD, Ellsworth Me, Hancock County Publishing Company, Printers, 1808

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