List of Pioneers, 1907-8-9 Surnames A-C

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ADSHEAD, Wm. H., born in England, February, 1831. Came to Alder Gulch, 1864. Occupation, mining. Died January 3, 1907.
ALHEKS, Gerhart. Born in 1844. Came to Montana in the '60 's. Died in Butte, June 21, 1909.
ALDEN, Isaac R. Born in Chautauqua County, New York, in 1832. Arrived in Alder Gulch in 1863. Died in Oakland, California, November 23, 1909.
ALLEN, Mrs. Susan. Born in Philadelphia, September, 1809. Came to Helena, 1867. Died at Laurin, March 1, 1908.
ANDERSON, Resin. Arrived at Gold Creek, in 1857, with the Stuart party Died in Lewistown, December 14, 1908.
ARCHER, Wm. H. Came to Montana in the '60 's. Died near Sheridan, May 14, 1909.


BAILEY, Wm. G. Born in Michigan, 1840. Arrived at Virginia City, 1864. Died in Elmira, New York, November 14, 1909.
BAILY, H. B. Born in Indiana. Came to Alder Gulck in the early '60 's. Died at Hassel, December 11, 1908.
BAKER, Hiram S. Arrived in Montana in 1868. Occupation, freighter. Died near Bynum, September 24, 1907.
BAKER, Mrs. Thomas. Born in England, May, 1837. Came to Alder Gulch in 1866. Died February 23, 1908.
BARKELL, Mrs. Joseph. Born in England, 1835. Came to Montana in 1864. Died at Silver Star, January 14, 1909.
BASYE, Wesley. Born in Ohio, 1831. Came to Montana in 1862. Occupation, mining. Died February 23, 1907.
BAUMAN, Carl L. Born in Germany, 1831. Came to Montana in the '60 's. Died near Melrose, March 20, 1909.
BAXTER, E. S. Born in Iowa in 1838. Arrived in Virginia City, 1863. Died February 25, 1907.
BEATTIE, Mrs. George. Came to Montana in 1862. Died at Winston, August 25. 1908.
BEAUPRE, Louis. Born in Canada in 184G. Came to Montana in the '60's. Died in Helena, June 14, 1909.
BECK, Josiah Francis. Born in Indiana County, Pennsylvania, 1834. Came to Montana in the early '60's. Died in Butte, April 28, 1909.
BESS, George. Born in Ohio. Came to Montana in 1863. Died in Virginia City, September 21, 1909.
BEVEEIDGE, Leroy. Born in Ohio. Came to Montana in 1866. Died December 4, 1907.
BIEN, Moritz. Born in Germany, 1830. Came to Montana in 1865. Died in Deer Lodge, September 3, 1909.
BIRDSEYE, Fred G. Came to Montana before the discovery of gold. Died in Buffalo, New York, January 28, 1909.
BLAKE, A. Sterne. Born in Vermont, November, 1837. Came to Fort Owens in 1861. Engaged in mining. Was a member of the Yellowstone expedition of 1863. Died February 27, 1907, at Victor.
BLODGETT, Lyman. Born in New Hampshire. Arrived in Bitter Root Valley in 1868. Died May 12, 1908.
BOCK, Mrs. J. D. (Catherine Shoemaker). Came to Alder Gulch in 1864. Died at Sheridan, May 8, 1908.
BONEE, James. Born in Pennsylvania, February, 1816. Came to Virginia City in 1863. Occupation, miner. Died August 12, 1908, at Meadow Creek.
BBANNIN, Stanton S. Born in Georgetown, Wisconsin, 1845. Came to Montana in 1864. Died in Helena, January 6, 1907.
BROOKE, Edward G. Born in Maryland, September, 1819. Came to Virginia City in 1864. Named the town of Whitehall, Montana. Was engaged in stock raising. Died December 2, 1907.
BROOKS, "Gov." H. P. Born in Germany in 1836. Arrived in Deer Lodge County in 1865. Died in Lewistown, February 21, 1909.
BURD, Julian. Born in Michigan. 1853. Came to Montana in 1867. Engaged in the mercantile business. Died November 13, 1907.
BURDESS, Mrs. Robert. Born in Indiana, February, 1832. Came to Montana in 1867. Died September 18, 1907.
BURNS, Capt. Alex. F. Born in Missouri in 1833. Came to Virginia City in 1866. Engaged in mining. "Was a member of the Montana Constitutional Convention. Died at East Helena, May 27, 1908.
BYRNE, Robert. Born in Ireland. Came to Montana in the '60 's. Died in Virginia City, December 26, 1907.


CAGLE, D. H. Born in Wisconsin in 1839. Came to Montana in 1865. Died February 16, 1909.
CANNON, Charles W. Born at Cleveland, Ohio, in 1835. Arrived at Virginia City in 18'64, Occupation, merchant. Died in Helena, September 4, 1909.
CARHART, John. Born in Ohio, August, 1834. Came to Bannack in 1863. Died December 23, 1907.
CARNEY, John. Born in Ireland. Came to Montana in the '60 's. Engaged in mining. Died November 17, 1907.
CARROLL, Matthew. Born in Ireland in 1837. Came to Fort Benton in 1857. Occupation, trader. Died in Helena, February 3, 1909.
CAVE, Alfred. Born in Iowa in 1829. Came to Montana in 1865 and established a pack train business between Fort Benton and Walla Walla. Died in Missoula, March 17, 1909.
CHAPMAN, J. A. J. Born in 1819. Came to Montana in 1866. Died in the Burnt Fork District, June 15, 1909.
CHARLES, Thomas. Came to Montana in the '60 's. Died April 19, 1907.
CHATFIELD, John. Born in Ohio in 1825. Came to Fort Owen in 1860. Died October 10, 1908.
CLAEY, Thomas. Born in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1843. Came to Fort Benton in 1862. Occupation, stockraiser. Died at Devils Lake, North Dakota, November 6, 1909.
CLAUSSEN, W. H. Born in Hanover in 1835. Came to Fort Benton in 1865. Died near Columbus, January 28, 1909.
COLDBERG, Ralph. Born in Germany in 1840. Came to Montana in 1865. Occupation, harness maker. Died in Boulder, November 11, 1909.
COLEMAN, Lewis. Born in Ohio in 1848. Came to California Gulch in 1860. Occupation, mining. Died August 20, 1908.
COLLINS, Timothy E. Born in Ireland, April, 1844. Came to Bannack in November, 1864. Occupation, mining. Member of Constitutional Conventions of 1884 and 1889. State Treasurer, 1897-1901. Died at Great Falls, August 30, 1908.
COMFORT, Rev. George. Pioneer minister of Methodist denomination. Came to Montana in 1868. Died at Lanesboro, Pennsylvania, May 13, 1908.
CONNOR, John Thomas. Born at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November, 1836. Came to Bannack in March, 1863. Occupation, mining engineer. Was President of Society of Montana Pioneers for the year 1894-95. Died in Helena, March 17, 1908.
COPINUS, William. Came to Montana in the early '60 's. Died at Rochester, Minnesota, February 6, 1907.
CULLEN, William E. Born in Mansfield, Ohio, in 1837. Came to Helena in 1866. Profession, lawyer. Served several terms as member of the Legislature. Was Attorney General in 1888. Died in Spokane, September 5, 1908.
CULVER, James A. Came to Alder Gulch in 1863. "Was a member of the Vigilantes. Died at Elliston, December 5, 1908.

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Source: Montana Historical Society Contributions, Vol. I., 1876

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