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County 1921 County Date Origin Coordinator
Beaverhead County Beaverhead County 1864 Original County  
Big Horn County Big Horn County 1913 Rosebud County, Yellowstone County  
Blaine County Blaine County 1895 Chouteau County  
Broadwater County Broadwater County 1897 Jefferson County, Meagher County  
Carbon County Carbon County 1895 Park County, Yellowstone County  
Carter County Carter County 1917 Fallon County  
Cascade County Cascade County 1887 Chouteau County, Meagher County  
Chouteau County Chouteau County 1865 Original County  
Custer County Custer County 1865 Big Horn County  
Daniels County Daniels County 1920 Sheridan County, Valley County  
Dawson County Dawson County 1865 Unorganized lands  
Deer Lodge County Deer Lodge County 1864 Original County  
Fallon County Fallon County 1913 Custer County  
Fergus County Fergus County 1885 Original County  
Flathead County Flathead County 1893 Missoula County  
Gallatin County Gallatin County 1864 Original County Judy White
Garfield County Garfield County 1919 Dawson County  
Glacier County Glacier County 1919 Teton County  
Golden Valley County Golden Valley County 1920 Musselshell County, Sweet Grass County  
Granite County Granite County 1893 Deer Lodge County, Missoula County  
Hill County Hill County 1912 Chouteau County  
Jefferson County Jefferson County 1864 Original County  
Judith Basin County Judith Basin County 1920 Cascade County, Fergus County  
Lake County Lake County 1923 Flathead County, Missoula County  
Lewis and Clark County Lewis and Clark County 1864 Original County  
Liberty County Liberty County 1920 Chouteau County, Hill County  
Lincoln County Lincoln County 1909 Flathead County  
McCone County McCone County 1919 Dawson County, Richland County  
Madison County Madison County 1864 Original County  
Meagher County Meagher County 1867 Chouteau County, Gallatin County  
Mineral County Mineral County 1914 Missoula County  
Missoula County Missoula County 1864 Original County  
Musselshell County Musselshell County 1911 Fergus County, Meagher County, Yellowstone County  
Park County Park County 1887 Gallatin County  
Petroleum County Petroleum County 1926 Fergus County  
Phillips County Phillips County 1915 Blaine County, Valley County  
Pondera County Pondera County 1919 Chouteau County, Teton County  
Powder River County Powder River County 1919 Custer County  
Powell County Powell County 1901 Deer Lodge County  
Prairie County Prairie County 1915 Dawson County, Fallon County  
Ravalli County Ravalli County 1893 Missoula County  
Richland County Richland County 1914 Dawson County  
Roosevelt County Roosevelt County 1919 Sheridan County  
Rosebud County Rosebud County 1901 Custer County  
Sanders County Sanders County 1906 Missoula County  
Sheridan County Sheridan County 1913 Valley County  
Silver Bow County Silver Bow County 1881 Deer Lodge County  
Stillwater County Stillwater County 1913 Carbon County, Sweet Grass County, Yellowstone County  
Sweet Grass County Sweet Grass County 1895 Meagher County, Park County, Yellowstone County  
Teton County Teton County 1893 Chouteau County  
Toole County Toole County 1914 Hill County, Teton County  
Treasure County Treasure County 1919 Rosebud County  
Valley County Valley County 1893 Dawson County  
Wheatland County Wheatland County 1917 Meagher County, Sweet Grass County  
Wibaux County Wibaux County 1914 Dawson County, Fallon County, Richland County  
Yellowstone County Yellowstone County 1893 Custer County  

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