West Coast Gazetteer & Directory ~ Oakland, California

Alameda County, an incorporated city and county seat, is situated on the eastern shore of the bay of San Francisco, 6 miles distant from the city of San Francisco. It was first settled in 1851, incorporated as a town May 11th, 1852, and chartered as a city March 25th, 1854. The place derived its name from the oak trees which cover the peninsula on which it is located, and whose delightful groves and romantic appearance first attracted attention to the spot as being a desirable place of residence and pleasure resort. It is a beautiful city, regularly laid out, with broad streets, shaded with trees on either side. Flower-laden gardens ornament the cottage and the mansion, and handsome and substantial structures adorn the business thoroughfares. The level, floor-like site affords excellent drives, and in the suburbs the charming scenery, beautiful parks, springs, and pleasure retreats delight the eye and entrance the mind. It has a very mild climate, and although but across the bay, the high winds of San Francisco diminish here to a light breeze, and the frequent fogs which roll over that city are hardly susceptible. It is principally noted as a city of homes, although its selection as a railroad terminus infused a life current into the arteries of business, which has developed the city into an important emporium of trade.

The population, according to the census of 1880, was 34,456, and is now estimated at 40,000. An excellent system of schools is maintained, both public and private, not to be excelled by any in the State. There are sixteen public schools, with an average daily attendance of about 5,550 scholars. The private institutions of learning are Mills Seminary, Snell's Seminary, and Convent of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart for girls, California Military Academy, St. Joseph's Academy, and Hopkins Academy for boys, and the Pacific Theological Seminary. Several well-conducted journals, including the Times, Tribune, Independent, Sentinel, Press, and Vidette disseminate the news of the day.

Of societies, there are organized lodges of Masons, Odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias, Red Men, United Workmen, Patriotic Sons of America, and Chosen Friends, besides a number of others of a social and benevolent character. The religious element is represented by churches of the following: denominations : Baptist, Congregational, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Latter Day Saints, Seventh Day Adventists, Church of Christ, Hebrew, and Roman Catholic. A Free Library and Odd Fellows' Library are maintained, which are well supplied with books and newspapers.

Several manufacturing establishments, including planing mills, flouring mills, a jute factory, etc., and the various shops belonging to the Central Pacific R. R. Co., give employment to a large number of men. An efficient paid fire department and telegraph fire alarm is maintained. The city is illuminated with gas by the Oakland Gaslight Co, and furnished with an abundant supply of good water by the Contra Costa Water Co. A system, of street railroads traverse the city in various directions at convenient intervals. The overland trains of the Central Pacific R. R. Co. leave daily, and local trains of this company leave every half hour until eight o'clock in the evening, and thereafter hourly for San Francisco and Berkeley, and hourly for Alameda.

Officers, Charles R Robinson, Mayor; Henry Hayes, J C Millan, L S Hawkins, C R Lewis, J H Fish, Peter Thompson, and James Gill, Councilmen; C H Redington, Alexander Elder, William H Jordan, Edward Everett, George C Pratt, Eugene Lynch, and M W Fish, Board of Education; J C Gilson, Superintendent of Schools; James Dods, Treasurer and Clerk; Joseph M Dillon, Assessor; M E Clough, Marshal and Tax Collector; John Yule, Attorney; Seth F Daniels, Police Judge; J R Bradway, Physician and Health Officer; M W Morgan, Engineer; S K Hassinger, Sanitary Inspector; James Hill, Chief Engineer Fire Department; George H Carleton, Superintendent Fire Alarm and Police Telegraph, and Fire Warden.

Abraham Brothers, dry goods,
1105 Broadway
Abrahamson Gustave, trimmings and fancy goods, 1117 Broadway
Ackerman Brothers, crockery and glass ware, 1153 Broadway
Adams J S, physician, 1104 Broadway
Adams & Co, real estate agents, 866 Broadway
Adams & Leavell, horse shoers, 1010 Franklin
Agard Aurelius H, physician, 1104 Broadway
Alameda County Branch Home Mutual Insurance Co, R M Magill manager, 924 Broadway
Alameda Macadamizing Co, 954 Broadway
Aldis Edward, dry goods, 1669 Eighth
Alexander Isidor, boots and shoes, 851 Washington
Allen M W, carriage maker, corner Tenth and Webster
Allen T H, blacksmith, 1054 Franklin
Allen & Roberts, fancy goods, 1213 Broadway
Ames H H Jr & Co, wholesale butchers, Butchertown
Anderson A H, house painter, 1162 Seventh
Anderson William, candy manufacturer, 1009 Broadway
Anderson & Co, Express, 1052 Broadway
Anthony A C, physician, north east corner Seventh and Willow
Arensberg H, physician, 462 Twelfth
Armstrong B A, manufacturer picture frames and moldings, 411 Twelfth
Arnold Rawdon, homeopathic physician, 1068 Broadway
Atkinson George, carriage maker, 856 Webster
Audiffred Hypolite, wood and coal, 565 Fourth
Austin & Bonney, wood and coal, 462 Thirteenth
Babbitt, Manuel, & Gilpin, produce commission, 471 Eleventh
Bacon J H, confectionery. 965 Broadway
Baker Alfred S, grainer, 513 Eleventh
Baker P & Co, groceries, 823 Broadway
Baldy Oscar C, livery stable and veterinary surgeon. 1386 Broadway
Ballard J liquor saloon. 466 Twelfth
Balny A J, ostrich feathers, 911 Broadway
Balzer John, bootmaker. 715 Broadway
Bankhead Brothers, furniture auctioneers, 466 Tenth
Bankhead Hugh & Co, furniture auctioneers, 913 Washington
Barber E T, physician, 957 Broadway
Barker A Z T, house painter, 1646 Seventh
Barnard F & Co, wood and coal, 400 Eighth
Barnett Edward, dry goods and furnishing goods, 835 Broadway
Barnum S L, groceries, 478 Eleventh
Barstow F O, physician, 1602 San Pablo Avenue
Barstow & Garber, wood, coal, hay, and grain. 1122 Franklin
Bartels Charles, barber. 853 Broadway
Bartels Henry, liquor saloon, 1208 Broadway
Bartlett A. proprietor Bartlett House, 473 Seventh
Bascizza George, restaurant, 1516 Seventh
Bauer Christian, liquor saloon, 1412 Broadway
Beach Thomas, livery stable, 276 Twelfth
Beardsley & Lloyd, real estate agents, 912 Broadway
Becht Charles F, liquor saloon, 570 Broadway
Beck Brothers, men's furnishing goods, 1103 Broadway
Beel Martin S, dry goods, 1003 Broadway
Bemis O, butcher, 479 East Central Avenue
Benedict, Capell & Co, real estate agents and conveyancers, 457 Ninth
Benedict Newton, notary public and commissioner for Arizona, 457 Ninth
Benedict & Malcom, wines and liquors, 483 Seventh
Bennison, Liebmann & Co, dry goods, 1157 Broadway
Benson P F, real estate agent, 455 Eighth
Berger L P, watch maker and jeweler, 967 Broadway
Bernstein & Co, clothing, 869 Broadway
Besancon E. shoe maker, 1244 San Pablo Avenue
Betz Philip, liquor saloon, 850 Franklin
Beverton D W, dentist, 1116 Broadway
Beverton S & Co, hardware and cutlery, 955 Washington
Bidache & Joinaud, bakery, 912 Franklin
Bigelow T B, real estate agent, 458 Ninth
Bishop Amasa W, justice of the peace, south west corner Broadway and Eighth
Black G, groceries, 1700 Seventh
Blanchard George, livery stable, 563 East Central Avenue
Blank G A, candy manufacturer, 460 Seventh
Bloom G. groceries, 953 Franklin
Blow W W, real estate agent, 477 Ninth
Boardman William, livery stable, south east corner 12th and Clay
Bocqueraz Antone, liquor saloon, 822 Broadway
Boericke & Tafel, homeopathic pharmacy, 956 Broadway
Bolton J W, confectionery, 762 Seventh
Bonham J IST, plumber and gasfitter, 479 Eighth
Bonjour Henry, liquor saloon, 1266 San Pablo Avenue
Booth & Fonda, publishers, The Oakland Sentinel, 1708 Seventh
Borein P R, recorder Alameda County, Courthouse
Borelle John, tailor, 472 Eighth
Boudreau Adolph, harness maker, 820 Broadway
Bourgin Peter, gunsmith, 660 Washington
Bowman H, druggist, 913 Broadway
Boyer & Chiles, druggists, 1302 Telegraph Avenue
Brackett O J, furniture and upholstery, 1257 San Pablo Avenue
Bradley E W, physician, 1113 Broadway
Bradley H L, homeopathic physician, 1113 Broadway
Brannan Daniel, pottery, East Twelfth near Sixteenth Avenue
Brearty F J, attorney at law, 859 Broadway
Bredhoff & Cordes, proprietors Washington Brewery, corner Fifth and Kirkham
Breen John, cigar manufacturer, 904 Broadway
Breiling John, butcher, 1475 Eighth
Brewster, G C, veterinary surgeon, 1352 San Pablo Avenue, and 756 Seventh
Briggs L H, dry goods, 1107 Broadway
Brink Marcellus, hatter, 925 Broadway
Briones G, barber, 1808 Seventh
Briones & Chanaron, barbers, 836 Broadway
Broderick T F, carpenter, 1511 Seventh
Bromley J L, attorney at law, 911 Broadway
Brooklyn Vidette, Leroy W.
Allan, publisher, East Oakland
Brooks W E, dentist, 452 Eighth
Brown E A, wood and coal, 414 Ninth
Brown George S, hardware, 972 Broadway
Brown H P, photographer, 1715 Seventh
Brown J M, photographer, 517 Seventh
Brown W M, physician, 976 Center
Brown & McKinnon, merchant tailors, 1020 Broadway
Browne Spencer C, attorney at law, 911 Broadway
Brownell Varney, physician, 562 East Central Avenue
Bruenn Adolf, music and musical instruments, 959 Broadway
Bruenn Adolph, physician, 957 Broadway
Bruer Anton, fancy goods, 1660 Seventh
Bruning Brothers, wholesale confectioners, 471 Seventh
Brunjes Frederick, groceries, 701 East Central Avenue
Buck E W, physician, 957 Broadway
Buck N L, physician, 1055 Broadway
Buckland Wallace O, physician, 855 Washington
Buckner & Kley, carpenters, 1011 Kirkham
Buffett C C, carriage maker, 609 Eighth
Buhsen & Meyer, groceries, 1801 Seventh
Bullock J C, stoves and tinware, 1706 Seventh
Burbank L, boots and shoes, 961 Washington
Burdick & Co, job printers, 1571 Seventh
Burnham C F, wood and coal, 1579 Seventh
Burnham, Standeford, & Co, planing-mills, n w cor First and Washington
Burns William S; groceries, 919 Washington
Burns & Walsh, proprietors, Overland House, 603 Broadway
Burrall William H, real estate agent and notary public, 1106 Broadway
Burrell Alfred TT, manager California Bridge Co, 957 Broadway
Burritt Alice, physician. 1068 Broadway
Bush B F & Co, provision-packers, 1242 San. Pablo Avenue
Bush R J, artist, 1068 Broadway
Buswell E G. paper hangings, and art decorations, 864 Broadway
Butler P W & Co, butchers, 1175 Fourteenth
Butler & Bowman, book and job printers, 459 Ninth
Buttelmann William, liquor saloon, 566 Franklin
Button Frederick L, attorney at law, 859 Broadway
Byler P, attorney' at law, 859 Broadway
California Bridge Co, A W Burrell manager, 957 Broadway
California Door Co, J P Farrell agent, 460-464 Second
California Fire and Water-Proof Paint Co, Samuel Lowden sup't, 555 Broadway
California Medical College, 1015 Clay
California Military Academy, Rev. David McClure principal, Telegraph Avenue near Plymouth Avenue
Callaghan Jeremiah & Co, real estate agents, 506 Seventh
Camp Brothers, men's furnishing goods and shirt manufacturers, 863 Broadway
Campbell A, oysters. City Market
Campbell E H, billiard saloon, 411 Eighth
Carleton Brothers, wood and coal, 1307 Telegraph Avenue
Carneal Thomas D, attorney at law, 957 Broadway
Caro Charles & Co, dry goods, boots, and shoes, 917 Broadway
Carpenter Oscar, dentist, 957 Broadway
Carpenter W C, restaurant, 424 Eleventh
Cartier Frank, livery stable, 806 Broadway
Cary C A, photographer, 475 Seventh
Casey John, horseshoer, 418 Seventh
Central Land Co, F B Haswell secretary, 924 Broadway
Chabot A, president Contra Costa Water Co, 458 Eighth
Chanaron Henry, barber, 852 Broadway
Chapman William H, notary public, 924 Broadway
Chartrand Louis, proprietor St Louis House, 560 Franklin
Christ G F & Co, tannery, East Oakland
Christen William, real estate agent, 1696 Seventh
Chu Pawn & Co, Japanese goods, 1166 Broadway
Church A M, justice of the peace, 476 Eighth
City Hall, n w cor Fourteenth and San Pablo Avenue
Clark F T, livery stable, 1066 Thirteenth Avenue
Clark James, groceries, 977 Fifth
Clark N, pottery, 1172 Broadway
Clark & Wooley, boiler makers, 668 Franklin
Classen & Trost, cigars and tobacco, 1010 Broadway
Claveau Louis, groceries, 800 Franklin
Clavelot A, saw maker, 411 Seventh
Clayton & Kirk, carpenters and cabinet makers, 408 Tenth
Cleary M, groceries, 359 Twelfth
Clem E A & Co, wood, coal, hay, and gran, 664 Franklin
Clivio Caesar, fruits, butter, and eggs, 920 Broadway
Clooney & O'Brien, wood and coal, 1552 Seventh
Coe John T, collector, 921 Broadway
Coffee Michael H, dry goods, 875 Broadway
Cohen E Mrs., stationery and toys, 464 Ninth
Colburn J S & Co, Real estate agents, 1738 Seventh
Cole John, liquor saloon, south west corner Twelfth and Franklin
Colin Benoit, trunk manufacturer, 415 Thirteenth
Collins Benjamin, groceries, 911 Seventh
Collins H M, groceries, 1766 Seventh
Collins P M, real estate agent, 962 Seventh
Comer J H, proprietor Seventh St House, cor Pine and Seventh
Conard W D, druggist, 633 East Central Avenue
Conner D M, attorney at law, 921 Broadway
Conradi Philip, cigar manufacturer, 467 Seventh
Conradi William, cigars and tobacco, 1768 Seventh
Contra Costa Laundry Association, north west corner Kirkham and Fourteenth, office 867 Broadway
Contra Costa Water Co, A Chabot president, William, H Mead sec'y, 458 Eighth
Converse E C Mrs., properties Bellevue House, 1305 Broadway
Cook A G, homeopathic physician, 633 East Central Avenue
Cook & Corder, tannery, Butchertown
Cool E H, dentist, 328 Twelfth
Copeland' William, bakery, north east corner Fifth and Lewis
Coplin Alansen, corsets and ladies' underware, 1171 Broadway
Cornwall A, dentist, 1069 Broadway
Corsiglia Joseph, fruits, etc, 456 Seventh
Coxhead T C, homeopathic physician, 474 Twelfth
Craft E, groceries, 583 East Central Avenue
Craig W H, dentist, 1055 Broadway
Crane Addison M, superior judge Department No 1, Courthouse
Crane H F, attorney at law, 456 Eighth
Crane W W Jr, attorney at law, 957 Broadway
Crowley D D, physician, 1015 Clay
Cruff Thomas H, stock broker, 472 Ninth
Cunningham T A, livery stable, 1368 Broadway
Cushing John, groceries, 478 Ninth
Dahlgreen Marius, artist, 474 Ninth
Dailey P J, cigars and tobacco, 1762 Seventh
Dalziel James, stoves and tinware, 1465 San Pablo Avenue
Dalziel & Moller, gas fixtures and plumbing goods, 1151 Broadway
Daniels G B & Co, toys and fancy goods, 1061 Broadway
Dargie William E, Oakland Tribune Publishing Co, 417 Eighth
Davis H, furniture, 463 Sixth
Davis Henry, furniture, 810 Broadway
Davis James H, butcher, Seventh
Day Clinton, architect, Broadway
De Golia George E, attorney at law, 1003½ Broadway
De La Montanya M, stoves and tinware, 465 Eleventh
De Laguna Alexander L, proprietor Kelsey House, corner Telegraph Avenue and 24th
De Las Casas Joseph B, attorney at law, 1003½ Broadway
De Pue J & Co, publishers The Homes of Oakland, 921 Boulevard
Denaut E, groceries, 679 Sixth
Denison O I & Co, real estate agents, 950 Broadway
Derby J S, tannery, East Oakland
Desell & Humphrey, liquor saloon, 814 Broadway
Detels William, groceries, 1690 Eighth
Dewitt William, livery stable, 979 Market
Dimmick Joseph, dentist, 875 Washington
Doak Edmund, sewing machines, 1210 Broadway
Docking Thomas, physician, 821 Washington
Dodge C F, notary public, south west corner Peralta and Seventh
Doe Luke, real estate and insurance agent, 467 Ninth
Donahue John, proprietor Alta House, 901½ Washington
Doodey & Hooley, house and sign painters, s w cor Fourteenth and Broadway
Dow N G, hardware and crockery, 466 Ninth
Dowling R J, carpenter, 521 Seventh
Dressier George, shoemaker, 615 East Central Avenue
Drucker William E, dentist, 1105½ Broadway
Duffy Thomas, liquor saloon, 377 Eleventh
Duncan R M, groceries, 851 Myrtle
Dunmire S S, carriage maker, 266 Twelfth
Dunn R K, dentist, 866 Broadway
Dwyer Daniel, marble works, 680 Seventh
Edmonds W J, barber, 964 Broadway
Edwards Brothers, fish, 468 Eleventh
Edwards James, physician, 855 Center
Edwards L B, general agent Oakland Home Insurance Co, 469 Ninth
Edwards R W, watchmaker and jeweler, 961 Broadway
Eiben & Nor, groceries, 1654 Seventh
Ellis W G, manufacturing jeweler, 954 Broadway
Emlay O, harness and saddle maker, 1160 Broadway
Estey John C, wood and coal, 1318 San Pablo Avenue
Everson W & M, hardware, south west corner Broadway and Ninth
Ewen F & Co, carriage makers, 1814 Telegraph Avenue
Faessler W, watchmaker, 850 Broadway
Farwell F M, house painter, 875 Eighth
Fearn John, physician and druggist, 975 Washington
Fennessy John, liquor saloon, 463 Ninth
Fernald W H, express, 522 Fourteenth
Fiege J Henry, liquor saloon, 840 Broadway
Fields J B Mrs., dressmaker, 1003½ Broadway
Fine A, physician, 299 East Central Avenue
Finnigan M J, house painter, 1306 Telegraph Avenue
Fireman's Fund Insurance Co, (S F) F O Fuller agent, 912 Broadway
First National Gold Bank, V D Moody president, 969 Broadway
Fish & Co, groceries, 866 Market
Fisher B D. liquor saloon, 1052 Thirteenth Avenue
Fisher Michael, groceries, south west corner Fourth and Clay
Fisher & Mori son, cigars and tobacco, 1776 Seventh
Fisher & Taylor, wood, coal, hay, and grain, 1180 Broadway, and south west corner Franklin and First
Fisk Leander, groceries, 671 Adeline
Fittbogen P, cigars and tobacco, north west corner Fifteenth and San Pablo Avenue
Fitzell P M, wood and coal, north east corner Fifth and Jefferson
Fitzgerald E, shoe maker, 838 Market
Fitzpatrick E C, harness and saddle maker, 1306 Telegraph Avenue
Fitzpatrick Edward, harness and saddlery, 682 East Central Avenue
Fleck & Busse, barbers, 459 Twelfth
Fleming John & Co, wines and liquors, 625 East Central Avenue
Flint L, shoe maker, 1754 Seventh
Fogg George H, hay and grain, 1471 Broadway
Fogg James L, insurance agent, 950 Broadway
Follrath Adam, blacksmith, 1060 Thirteenth Avenue
Fones R A, dentist, 1156 Broadway
Fonte A, dry goods and groceries, 800 East Central Avenue
Foote W W, attorney at law, 1003½ Broadway
Forsyth F A, agent Wheeler & Wilson Manufacturing Co, 464 Twelfth
Foss Julius E, expressman, 855 Broadway
Foulkes James F, physician, 1068 Broadway
Francis S, merchant tailor, 1006 Broadway
Frank Andrew, butcher, 1465 Seventh
Franke A R, butter, cheese and produce. City Market
Frey John, watchmaker and jeweler, 1768 Seventh
Fritch J Homer, wood and coal, 418 Eleventh
Fuchs Philip, wood, coal, hay, and grain, 1169 Center
Fuller A L, superintendent of schools Alameda County Courthouse
Fuller F O, agent Fireman's' Fund Insurance Co, 912 Broadway
Furniss Miles, restaurant, 901 Washington
Furst Hermann, clothing, 901 Broadway
Galvin & Lebrecht, carriage makers, 1301 Telegraph Avenue
Gardiner J J, insurance agent, 464 Tenth
Gardiner J T, house painter, 1054 Franklin
Gariot August, wines and liquors, 551 Clay
Garon Louis G, liquor saloon, 553 Broadway
Gaskill R C, agent Wells, Fargo & Co, north west corner Twelfth and Washington
Gates Alvah, livery stable, 411 Thirteenth
Gandin John, wines, and liquors, 473 Ninth
Gay & Trenschel, butchers, 921 Seventh
Gentry M A Mrs., milliner, 517 Seventh
George J, boot maker, 1817 Seventh
Gerhardy Philip J. butcher, 829 Broadway
Gernreich & Thornburg, groceries, 1476 Eighth
Gibbons & Clonan, groceries, 1529 Seventh
Gibbs William T, blacksmith, 958 Franklin
Gibson Alexander, pictures and frames, 1551 Seventh
Gibson E. M., district attorney Alameda County Courthouse
Gibson Joseph, magnetic and steam baths, 1068 Broadway
Giese Louis, liquor saloon, 1751 Seventh
Gifford Charles, cigars and tobacco, 1052 Broadway
Gilardin Bros, butchers, 1121 Thirteenth Avenue
Gilcrest S E, attorney at law, 859 Broadway
Gill Edward, nursery, s s Twenty-eighth near Market
Gilman Samuel L, dentist, 1068 Broadway
Gilmore Robert, blacksmith, 268 12th
Gladding A I & Co, real estate agents, 483 Ninth
Glascock AY H & J R. attorneys at law, 481 Seventh
Glaze J W, butcher, 617 East Central Avenue
Glosser G W, candies and confectionery, 1754 Seventh
Goodrich & Co, stoves and tinware, 1261 San Pablo Avenue
Gowanlock James, carriage and wagon maker, 656 Broadway
Grabs August, butcher, 1783 Seventh
Granniss R W, carpenter and builder, 1701 Seventh
Grasso A & Co, liquor saloon, 1802 Seventh
Gray Polk, billiard saloon and cigars, 465 Ninth
Gray W G, upholsterer, 376 Twelfth
Greaves William, tailor, 766 Seventh
Greene W E, Superior Judge Department No. 2, Courthouse
Greenhood Bros, dry goods, 1017 Broadway
Greenhood & Moran, clothing, 1019 Broadway
Greenus & Cakes, sign and carriage painters, 366 Thirteenth
Grellman Cuno, cigars and tobacco, 825 Broadway
Grieser John, boots and shoes, 420 Eleventh
Griffin Henry, insurance agent, 958 Broadway
Griffin William, groceries, 1237 Broadway
Griffith A H, attorney at law, 456 Eighth
Groves & Buchanan, nurserymen, 352 Thirteenth
Grunewald Michael, liquor saloon, 858 Washington
Guernsey A A & Co, real estate agents, 468 Ninth
Haar Brothers, groceries. 1472 Seventh
Hall F T, house and carriage painter, 365 Thirteenth
Hall J T & Co, druggists, 1451 San Pablo Avenue
Hall of Records, south east corner Fifth and Broadway
Hall S P, deputy district attorney, 924 Broadway
Hall T W, dentist, 1104 Broadway
Hallahan Andrew, barber, 844 Broadway
Hallahan F, tailor, 620 East Central Avenue
Hallahan Thomas, restaurant, 968 Broadway
Haller & Nolan, blacksmiths north east Sixth near Broadway
Halloran M, boots and shoes, 1697 Seventh
Halsey I S, dentist, 869 Washington
Halsted K K Mrs., millinery, 1011 Broadway
Hamilton Noble Superior Judge, Department No 3, Courthouse
Hamilton William T, undertaker, 1112 Broadway
Hammers D, carriage trimmer 623 East Central Avenue
Hammon W P, attorney at law, 866 Broadway
Hampel Andrew, groceries, 775 East Central Avenue
Hampel C F, bakery, 761 East Central Avenue
Hampel H F, carriage maker, 1414 Broadway
Hampton J & Co, wood, coal, hay, and grain, 1600 Telegraph Avenue
Hanifin Jeremiah J, liquor saloons, 851 Broadway and 1173 Fourteenth
Hanley Michael, liquor saloon, 1507 Seventh
Hanley William, harness and saddle maker, 1082 Fourteenth Avenue
Hannan James J, house and sign painter, 1078 Fourteenth Avenue
Hansen A, watchmaker and jeweler, 622 East Central Avenue
Hansen H M, livery stable, 1070 Thirteenth Avenue
Hansen Theodore, liquor saloon, 380 Tenth
Harden F B, druggist, 1760 Seventh
Harding Frank, cigars and stationery, 1164 Broadway
Hardy N O, produce commission, 469 Eleventh
Hardy W B, books and stationery, 961 Broadway
Harrington & Slattery, liquor saloon, 859 Washington
Harris Brothers, clothing 915 Broadway
Hart Daniel, liquor saloon, Broadway
Haskell R K, planing mills, corner East Central and Fourteenth avenues
Hauschild Henry, boots and shoes, 1173 Broadway
Hayes, Carrick & Co, wholesale butchers, 655 East Central Avenue
Hays Michael, groceries 769 Market
Head E A, wines and liquors, 477 Eleventh
Healy M J, tailor, 1056 Broadway
Heckman F G, shoe maker, 857 Wood
Heflin H M, furniture and crockery, 754 Seventh
Heinold J, liquor saloon, 1426 San Pablo Avenue
Held Ernest, barber and baths, 407 Eighth
Held George, barber, 1162 Broadway
Held John, liquor saloon, 1226 Broadway
Helmke & Brunje, groceries, 1551 Broadway
Hemphill Uriah, bakery, 707 Broadway
Henderson H B, carriage maker, 1724 Seventh
Henninger F, shoe maker, 1309 San Pablo Avenue
Henry A C, president Union National Gold Bank, 924 Broadway
Henry George S, wood and coal, 970 Washington
Herget E W, bell hanger and locksmith, 419 Tenth
Heron E A, real estate agent, 422 Twelfth
Hershberg Leon Sd Co, wines and liquors, 853 Washington
Herten Frank, cigars and tobacco, 850 Broadway
Hewitt A L, boarding, 1202 Broadway
Hewlett Lewis, hay and grain, 1222 Broadway
Hickethier H, confectionery, 416 Twelfth
Hickey & Dowling, carpet beating machine, 363 Thirteenth
Hickok B E & Son, proprietors Oakland City Flouring Mills, 417 Third
Higgs Edwin, bakery, 1319 San Pablo Avenue
Hill Samuel, general dealer sewing machines, 472 Twelfth
Hirshberg D S & Co, detectives and collectors, 859 Broadway
Hodgkins AY L Mrs., dressmaker, 468 Tenth
Hogarty J B, veterinary surgeon, 276 Twelfth
Hollabaugh A M, boots and shoes, 1109 Broadway
Honer Joseph, boots and shoes, 1508 Seventh
Hood G J, wood, coal, hay and grain, 418 East Central Avenue
Hook E, furniture, carpets and window-shades, 1108 Broadway
Hopkins Academy, H. E. Jewett principal, Plymouth Avenue between Broadway and Telegraph Avenue
Hors will D J, house painter, 362 Thirteenth
Houghton M K, leather and shoe findings, 470 Eighth
Hughes D P, teacher music, 577 Eighth
Humraeltenberg William, groceries, 602 Franklin
Hunt George, livery stable, 514 Fourteenth
Hurley Daniel, blacksmith, 414 Eleventh
Husing D, wines and liquors, 879 Twelfth
Husson Charles, restaurant, 867 Washington
Hutchison James, nursery-man and florist, s e cor Washington and Fourteenth
Hyde W B, civil engineer and surveyor
Hyman Joseph, cigars and tobacco, 1233 Broadway
Illustrated Mirror, Mirror Publishing Co, proprietors, 921 Broadway
Ingersoll William B, photographer, 1069 Broadway
Inwall Harry, liquor saloon, 463 Seventh
Irwin Harry, liquor saloon, 849 Broadway
Jackson C M, merchant tailor, 466 Eighth
Jacob Bros, boots and shoes, 845 Broadway
Jacobs M, plumber and gasfitter, 808 Broadway
Jacobs P, stoves and crockery, 871 Washington
Jaffe L & Co, wood and coal, 855 Broadway
Jaffe Louis, wood and coal, 812 Franklin
Jagels Diedrich, groceries, south west corner Fifth and Lewis
Jahn Henry, machinist and gunsmith, 412 Tenth
Jarvis Thomas, groceries, 1523 Fifth
Jenks Charles C, justice of the peace, south west corner Broadway and Eighth
Jennig Gotthold, tailor, 1759 Seventh
Jewett H E, principal Hopkins Academy, Plymouth Avenue between Broadway and Telegraph Avenue
Johnson J A, attorney at law, 921 Broadway
Johnson John, real estate agent, 962 Broadway
Johnson William, shoemaker, 1381 Telegraph Avenue
Jonas A & Bro, clothing, 843 Broadway
Jones C H, butcher, 1561 San Pablo Avenue
Jones Robert, dry goods, 907 Broadway
Jordan Bros, carpenters, 360 Twelfth
Judell Bonifred, bakery, 833 Castro
Jurgens Charles, liquor and billiard saloon, 409 Twelfth
Justin Oliver, baths
Kaese O, bakery, 1271 San Pablo Avenue
Kahn & Sons, dry goods, 1101 Broadway
Kathan Alois, liquor saloon, 1091 East Central Avenue
Kay Samuel, house and sign painter, north west corner Goss and Fine
Kehoe Luke, sewer contractor, north west corner Thirteenth and Franklin
Keller M J, men's furnishing goods, 1007 Broadway
Keller P J & Co, nurserymen and florists, 511 Seventh
Kellett Samuel, plaster decorator, 470 Twelfth
Kellogg Sheldon I, Jr, proprietor Tubb's Hotel, East Central Avenue between Fourth and Fifth Avenue s
Kelly E J & Co, real estate agents 414 Seventh
Kelly J F, marble works, 763 Seventh
Kelly L E, physician, 1385 Telegraph Avenue
Kelsey & Flint, druggists, 1073 Broadway
Kendall A & Co, planing-mills, south west corner Second and Grove
Kendrick Julien C, physician, 1069 Broadway
Kent William, proprietor Newland House, north east corner Seventh and Washington
Ketterer Andrew, proprietor Hansa Hotel, 1727 Seventh
Kimball James H, restaurant, 1053 Thirteenth Avenue
King Edward, cigars and tobacco, 1054 Thirteenth Avenue
King & Mount, produce commission, 415 Twelfth
Kirchheiner H, candy manufacturer, 1253 Telegraph Avenue
Kirchheiner J H & Co, candy manufacturers, 629 East Central Avenue
Kirk O C, stoves and tinware, 305 East Central Avenue
Kirkland & Trowbridge, druggists, 971 Broadway
Kline A, dry goods, 1111 Broadway
Klinger A W, restaurant, 668 Broadway
Klumpp & Allard, carriage makers, 421 Third
Knowles F E & Co, granite works, south west corner Seventh and Castro
Knowles & Weilbye, carpenters and builders, 364 Thirteenth
Koenig Adolph, notary public, 958 Broadway
Koenig L A, commissioner of deeds, 968 Broadway
Kohler E P, liquor saloon, 1502 Seventh
Kohler William, liquor saloon, 459 Seventh
Kohler & Chase, music and musical instruments, 951 Washington
Konecke Henry, boots and shoes, 914 Broadway
Kornahrens J, groceries, 1602 San Pablo Avenue
Kosta & Co, restaurant, 469 Seventh
Koster Henry, Webster groceries, 719
Kraft Adam, cigar manufacturer, 1458 Seventh
Kraft George, liquor saloon, 719 Broadway
Kramm & Dieves, proprietors, Oakland Brewery, corner Telegraph Avenue and Durant
Krepper Nicolas, lock and gunsmith, 420 Eleventh
Krepper P H, gun and locksmith, 904 Washington
Kriechbaum J G, physician, 875 Washington
Kuerzel Robert, cigars and tobacco, 869 Broadway
La Brie E, physician, 1156 Broadway
Lachman & Jacobi, wines and liquors, 474 Eighth
Lackenbach Charles, fruits and produce, 915 Seventh
Lafferty Owen, butcher, 667-669 Broadway
Lafleche George T, proprietor, Capital House, 552 Broadway
Lahr Peter, shoemaker, 1787 Seventh
Laidlaw Walter, lumber, south east corner Seventh and Brush
Lamb William, fish, 689 East Central Avenue
Lamping P A, constable, 476 Eighth
Lane C S, dentist, 1207 Broadway
Lapham Grant, insurance agent, 483 Ninth
Larkin & Harrington, wholesale butchers, Butchertown
Lathrop Samuel, watchmaker and jeweler, 1059 Broadway
Laton B B, agent Liverpool & London and Globe Insurance Co, 468 Ninth
Lauden M K, proprietor Oakland Business College, 1069 Broadway
Laursen Michael, windmill manufacturer, 701 Adeline
Lawrence Brothers, groceries, 612 East Central Avenue
Lawrence De Witt C, publisher, Oakland Press, Seventh near Willow
Lawrie A G, searcher records, 812 Broadway
Lawton Israel, attorney at law, 957 Broadway
Layton H J Mrs., proprietress, Star House, 1803 Seventh
Leake LI A, attorney at law and notary public, 957 Broadway
Learn R B, dentist, 618 East Central Avenue
Leavitt A Mrs., photographer, 911 Broadway
Lee P W & Co., butchers, 1321 San Pablo Avenue
Leffingwell James S, physician, 1113 Broadway
Legler Henry T, physician, 1104 Broadway
Lehmann H G, bootmaker, 1174 Broadway
Lehrbass Richard, liquor saloon, 919 Seventh
Leise Henry, butcher, 765 East Central Avenue
Lentell James, harness and saddle maker, 469 Fourteenth
Letter Jacob, clothing, 1001 Broadway
Levy Henry, constable, 859 Broadway
Levy M & Co, pawnbrokers, 906 Broadway
Levy Wolf, tailor, 850 Broadway
Lewis C R & Co, produce, 467 Eleventh
Lewis G W, attorney at law, 921 Broadway
Lewis S, watchmaker and jeweler, 841 Broadway
Lindenbaum Meyer, furniture, 816 and 830 Broadway
Lindenbaum & Barnett, furniture and crockery, 800-802 Broadway
Lindsey J W, house painter, 1564 Seventh
Lippmann A, dry goods, boots, and shoes, 903 Broadway
Liverpool & London & Globe Insurance Co, B B Laton agent, 468 Ninth
Logan & Gallatin, real estate and loan agents, 467 Ninth
Long William, butcher, 1753 Seventh
Longe Marcel, bakery, 617 Broadway
Lorch Matthew, boots and shoes, 1453 Seventh
Loscomb Eugene, basket maker, 877 Washington
Loud Warren, liquor saloon, 476 Ninth and 1736 Seventh
Lough & Wilkinson, butchers, 817 Broadway
Lowden Samuel, superintendent California Fire and Waterproof Paint Co, 555 Broadway
Luce & Robinson, dentists, 514 Tenth
Lumsden Samuel, boot maker, 353 Seventh
Lunt O A, teacher dancing, 1069 Broadway
Lusk Cannery Co (The J), manufacturers hermetically sealed goods, Temescal
Lutte Mathias, liquor saloon, 423 Tenth
Lutz & Berg, mirrors and pictures, 1058 Broadway
Lynch John, liquor saloon, 1455 Seventh
Lynch John, wood and coal, corner Eleventh and Harrison
Lynch, Maloney & Co, wood and coal, n w cor Fifth and Washington
Lyon & Kinsey, furniture auctioneers, 912 Washington
MacDonald James, books and stationery, 1179 Fourteenth
MacDonald J A C, plumber and gas fitter, 1365 Broadway
Macdougall W J, professor music, 1254 San Pablo Avenue
Mackenzie T P, agent the Singer Manufacturing Co, Ninth
Maclean D, physician, 1015 Clay
Maddern Henry, plumber, 765 Seventh
Madsen & Batchelder, groceries, 1277 San Pablo Avenue
Magill R M, manager Alameda County Branch Home Mutual Insurance Co, 924 Broadway
Magner Michael, boarding, 375 Eleventh
Magnes David, manufacturer corsets and ladies underwear, 873 Broadway
Maher John, liquor saloon, 1303 San Pablo Avenue
Maleton Edward, barber, 460 Tenth
Maleton H, liquor saloon, 1574 San Pablo Avenue
Manefeld George, liquor saloon, 1055 Thirteenth Avenue
Marcuse Julius, wholesale groceries, 472 Eleventh
Marks Aaron, glazier and doors, sashes and blinds, 424 Eighth
Marlett James, bakery, 964 Seventh
Marquardsen & Becker, butchers, 715 Seventh
Marsellus E P, postmaster, junction San Pablo Avenue and Broadway
Marsh C C, attorney at law, 628 East Central Avenue
Marston Frank A, harness and saddle maker, 1050 Broadway
Martens Christian, liquor saloon, 1840 Seventh
Martin C, restaurant, 1115 Broadway
Martin J C, attorney at law, 921 Broadway
Martin Joseph restaurant, 472 Seventh
Martin J West, president, Union Savings Bank, 924 Broadway
Martin & Kroll, fruits etc, 464 Seventh
Mason A J, wood and coal, 808 Eighth
Mason W C, groceries, 301 East Central Avenue
Massie John A, druggist, 1325 San Pablo Avenue
Mathews E G, real estate agent and justice of the peace, 628 East Central Avenue
Mathias Charles, wood and coal, 518 Third
Mattern Henry, liquor saloon, 850 Broadway
Matthews J C & Son, architects, 1004 Broadway
Matthiesen Dennis, laundry, 823 Twenty-second
Mau Charles, architect, 957 Broadway.
Maud Jacob, boots and shoes, 468 Eighth
Mauvais Zeno, music and musical instruments, 420 Twelfth
May A W, livery stable, 607 East Eleventh
May Henry, butcher, 1001 Seventh
May J L, butcher, 1503 Seventh
May Ludwig, confectionery, 908 Broadway
Mayer Adolph, upholsterer, 619 East Central Avenue
Maynard Harry, liquor saloon, 845 Franklin
McAvoy H B & Co, undertakers, 873 Washington
McCabe M Mrs., groceries, 753 Seventh
McCallum John G, attorney at law, 850 Broadway
McCarthy Charles, liquor saloon, 836 Broadway
McCleverty & Noblett, livery stable, 860 Broadway
McCloud Charles A, livery stable, 852 Ninth
McClure David Rev, principal California Military Academy, Telegraph Avenue near Plymouth Avenue
McConnell J D, harness and saddle maker, 805 Broadway
McDaniel T J, collector, 859 Broadway
McElroy James, groceries, 528 Seventh
McFadden B, attorney at law, 456 Eighth
McFadden M C, liquor saloon, 913 Seventh
McGarry Andrew liquor saloon, 423 Eighth
McGattigan, liquor saloon, 1811 Seventh
McGivney James, plumber and gas-fitter, 965 Franklin
McGovern & Cahill, carpets and paper hangings, 1060 Broadway
McGregor D Mrs., millinery, 911 Broadway
McGrew P H, carriage maker, 1056 Thirteenth Avenue
McIntire, Abbey & Co, box manufacturers. Grove near Second
McKeand G W, searcher records, south east corner Fourth and Broadway
McKee Robert L, attorney at law, 456 Eighth
McKenzie W W, undertaker, 868 Broadway
McKenzie & Co, bakery, 910 Broadway
McKinstry & Chapman, attorneys at law, 924 Broadway
McLaughlin & Mac-Donald, real estate agents, 470 Ninth
McMahan M S, physician, 1113 Broadway
McMillan & Cox, groceries, south west corner Seventh and Market
McNair Jacob, bakery, 1516 Broadway
Mead & Co, horse radish, City Market
Meder L M & Co, groceries, 339 East Central Avenue
Melvin S H, notary public, 299 East Central Avenue
Melvin & Co, druggists, 299 East Central Avenue
Menke D, groceries, 827 Broadway
Merriman A F & Son, dentists, 1003½ Broadway
Merriam & Co, groceries, 1229 Broadway
Merslich Dominic, restaurant, 1454 Seventh
Metcalf George D, attorney at law and notary public, 957 Broadway
Metcalf & Metcalf, attorneys at law, 957 Broadway
Meyer Adolph, hatter, 1013 Broadway
Meyer F H Mrs, druggist, 1450 Seventh
Meyer H H, proprietor Eureka Hotel, 501 Seventh
Meyer Leopold, cigars and tobacco, 871 Broadway
Milbury Samuel, real estate agent, 958 Broadway
Miller Charles, liquor saloon, 612 Broadway
Miller F W, fancy goods, 1065 Broadway
Miller Henry, attorney at law, 476 Eighth
Miller R W, groceries, 413 Twelfth
Miller & Winsor, pottery, East Oakland
Millosiavich Louis, restaurant, 459 Seventh
Mills Seminary, Rev C T Mills, principal. Fruit Vale
Mitchell John H, groceries, 801 Castro
Mitchels V P, sign painter, 406 Eighth
Mix & Smith, searchers records, 924 Broadway
Montague W W & Co, stoves, tin, and ironware, 1152 Broadway
Mooar George Rev, principal, Pacific Theological Seminary, Plymouth Avenue bet Broadway and Telegraph Avenue
Moody Y D, president First National Gold Bank, 969 Broadway
Moore A A, attorney at law, 924 Broadway
Moore Albert, tinsmith, 685 East Central Avenue
Moore J A, house painter, 401 Tenth
Moran & Galavan, plumbers and gas-fitters, 1512 Seventh
Moreton Henry, tailor, 505 Seventh
Morgan, Bart & Co, druggists, cor Seventh and Market
Morgan George L, attorney at law, 957 Broadway
Morgan Thomas W, civil engineer and surveyor. 957 Broadway
Morris J F, proprietor Galindo Hotel, south west corner Eighth and Franklin
Morris Mary, confectionery, 865 Washington
Morton W & Son, carpenters and builders, 830 Webster
Mueller Ernest, watch maker and jeweler, 923 Broadway
Mueller Jacob, saddlery and harness, 1259 San Pablo Avenue
Mueller J C, upholsterer, 1171 Washington
Muhlethaler John, liquor saloon, 871 Wood
Müller H E, physician, 856 Market
Miller & Lauber, liquor saloon, 358 Twelfth
Murphy Daniel, liquor saloon, 1851 Seventh
Murphy D J, liquor saloon, 422 Eighth
Murphy J H. manufacturer plaster decorations, 1228 Broadway
Murphy Michael, liquor saloon, 674 Broadway
Murphy Thomas, groceries, 1016 Fifth
Myers F F, lime dealer, 480 Third
Naismith G, dry goods, 1764 Seventh
Naismith J S Miss, ribbons and fancy goods, 1157 Broadway
Nash, Brown, & Co, groceries, 509 Eleventh
Nedderman Bernard, shoemaker, 705 East Central Avenue
Nelle William, butcher, 371 Twelfth
Keller L & Co, liquor saloon, north west corner Fifteenth and San Pablo Avenue
Newcum J W architect, 957 Broadway
Newland & Pamyea, livery stable, 462 Seventh
Newman Thomas, liquor saloon, 1791 Seventh
Newsom L M, nursery, 151 East Central Avenue
Noisat Peter, wines and liquors, 580 Fourth
Nolan James, liquor saloon. 417 Seventh
Nolan H & Co, boots and shoes, 1071 Broadway
Nor C H. livery stable, 1565 Seventh
Nordhausen C & A, clothing, 839 Broadway
Norman Ellen, groceries, 579 Third
Northey & Wagar, carriage makers, 803 East Central Avenue
Nugent James, liquor saloon, 879 Washington
Nusbaumer George L, surveyor Alameda County Courthouse
Nye E, groceries, 850 Webster
Nye S G, attorney at law and notary public, 456 Eighth
O'Connell P J, dry goods, 460 Ninth
O'Keefe Daniel, shoemaker, 601 East Central Avenue
O'Sullivan James, liquor saloon, 471 Sixth
O'Toole J P & Co, dry goods, 953 Washington
Oakland Bank of Savings, Edward C Sessions president, north east corner Broadway and Twelfth
Oakland Daily Times, Times Publishing Co., proprietors, 950 Broadway
Oakland Gas Light Co, corner Second Clay
Oakland Home Insurance Co, G M Fisher president, William F Blood secretary, 469 Ninth
Oakland Ice Works, W S Thompson manager, 365 Tenth
Oakland Independent, Independent Publishing Co proprietors, 459 Ninth
Oakland Journal, Journal Publishing Co proprietors, Webster near Seventh
Oakland Press, De Witt C, Lawrence publisher, Seventh near Willow
Oakland Sentinel, Booth & Fonda publishers, 1708 Seventh
Oakland Transfer Co, 962 Broadway, and south east corner Sixth and East Central Avenue
Oakland Tribune, Tribune Publishing Co proprietors, 417 Eighth
Ogden F B, attorney at law, 859 Broadway
Olcese Frank, liquor saloon, 1815 Seventh
Ormsby E D, photographer, 1055 Broadway
Ormsby E S, watchmaker, 1162 Broadway
Orteig John, restaurant, 858 Broadway
Orth E & Co, butchers, 867 Wood
Osborn J W, searcher records, 957 Broadway
Osborne James & Co, livery stable, 372 Eighth
Ossenbruggen John, liquor saloon, 370 Eighth
Ough Joseph, fruits and vegetables, 600 East Central Avenue
Outram D J, boots and shoes, 1205 Broadway
Pacific Jute Manufacturing Co, Joseph Brandenstein president, corner Second Avenue and East Tenth
Pacific Press Publishing Association, printers, bookbinders, type founders, and engravers, 1059 Castro
Pacific Theological Seminary, Revs George Mooar and A. J. Benton principals, Plymouth Avenue between Broadway and Telegraph Avenue
Page Alfred, restaurant, 1184 Broadway
Page, Lake & Co, groceries, 464 Eleventh
Pagge & Co, restaurant, 846 Broadway
Palm Cyrus, cigars and tobacco, 849 Broadway
Palmer A W, harness and saddle maker, 1008 Broadway
Palmer H & Co, native wines and liquors, 474 Eleventh
Pantoskey R, stoves and furniture, 717 Broadway
Parker O W, music and musical instruments, 1168 Broadway
Paul P L, bakery, 815 Broadway
Pearson John, bakery, 960 Washington
Pelton L D, dentist, 1105 Broadway
Perdue Thomas, boots and shoes, 1469 Seventh
Perry S A & Co, books and stationery, 1154 Broadway
Peru William, liquor saloon, 473 Eighth
Petar & Dresco, wines and liquors, 1072 Broadway
Peters J A, dentist, 1068 Broadway
Peterson Hans, groceries, 1700 Eighth
Peterson and Meyer, liquor saloon, 415 Seventh
Pettis W H, insurance agent 470 Ninth
Pflager Fred, fancy goods, 803 Broadway
Phelan & Fish, groceries, 470 Eleventh
Piepenburg August, liquor saloon, 1161 Seventh
Pierce & Co, hardware 955 and 1209 Broadway
Pinkerton T H, physician, 418 Twelfth
Pitts James M, wholesale butcher, City Market
Plomteaux H J, dentist, 408 Thirteenth
Poglianich Martin, restaurant, 457 Seventh
Pollard Nettie Mrs., proprietress, Kohler-Chase House, 9532 Washington
Pomroy H B, real estate agent, 958 Broadway
Porch H H, livery stable, 1734 Seventh
Porter Brothers & Co, produce commission, 462 Eleventh
Post-office, E. P. Marsellus postmaster, junction San Pablo Avenue and Broadway Branch offices, Brooklyn, T. F. Steere superintendent; West Oakland, H. Y. Baker superintendent
Boston J M, attorney at law and notary public, 921 Broadway
Pounstone A L, publisher The Mirror, 921 Broadway
Powers & Ryan, wood and coal, north east corner Sixth and Washington
Prather W L, notary and insurance Ninth
Pratt A H, physician, 1104 Broadway
Pratt H C, wood and coal, corner Twenty-sixth and Telegraph Avenue
Presho Robert, produce commission, 473 Eleventh
Pryal TV A, attorney at law, 456 Eighth
Pulcifer A W, blacksmith, 1362 San Pablo Avenue
Pumyea N D, cigars and tobacco, 468 Seventh
Purington & Reed, wood and coal, 610 East Central Avenue
Rabe John, dentist, 1055 Broadway
Raffo Brothers, groceries, 671 and 673 Broadway
Ranc Jean P, gun maker and machinist, 474 Thirteenth
Raphael Marks, stoves and tinware, 711 Broadway
Rathjen Diedrich, groceries, 801 Jefferson
Rawlins B T, attorney at law, 456 Eighth
Read W S & Co, collectors, 853 Broadway
Reader E B, liquor saloon, south east corner Fourth and Franklin
Reading Joseph, watchmaker and jeweler, 1009 Broadway
Redman R A, attorney at law, 921 Broadway
Reed George W, attorney at law, 924 Broadway
Reed Robert, manufacturer artificial limbs, 954 Broadway
Reek William, liquor saloon, 1466 Seventh
Reichert L F, liquor saloon, 951 Webster
Reilay & Bradway, physicians, 1003½ Broadway
Reilly P J, druggist, 847 Broadway
Reinhart G W, groceries, 900 Broadway
Reinhart J F & Co, groceries, 381 Twelfth
Remillard Bros, brick makers and contractors, foot Webster
Renken Henry, medicated baths, 461 Ninth
Renton Coal Co, T H Henderson agent, 413 Tenth
Renton H T & Co, upholsterers, 508 Fifteenth
Renter Charles, dyer, 833 Washington
Reynders John, groceries, 1151 Seventh
Reynolds L D, groceries, 1473 San Pablo Avenue
Rice C B, printer, jeweler, gun and lock smith, 1073 Thirteenth Avenue
Rice & White, butchers. City Market
Richardson J B, attorney at law, 456 Eighth
Ries Samuel, lamps and oils, 507 Seventh
Ringgenberg R & Co, proprietors, East Oakland Brewery, 401 East Central Avenue
Roberts Henry, butcher, 466 Eleventh
Robinson Aaron, carpet-beating machine, 519 Second
Robinson Charles F, livery stable, 353 Eighth
Robinson Jesse, assessor Oakland Township, Courthouse
Roccas Joseph, liquor saloon, 710 Broadway
Rode Christian, locksmith, 869 Center
Rodolph S F & Co, music and stationery, 969 Washington
Rodrigues Joseph C, restaurant, 677 East Central Avenue
Rogers James, sewer contractor, north west corner Thirteenth and Franklin
Rooney J W, plumber and gasfitter, 960 Seventh
Rosenberg H L, job printer, 963 Broadway
Rosenberg L, cigars and tobacco, 909 Broadway
Rosenberg Nathan, cigars and tobacco, 963 Broadway
Rosenk Gustave, physician, 458 Seventh
Rosenthal A, dry goods, 1204 Broadway
Rosenthal Augusta, clothing, boots, and shoes, 819 Broadway
Rossi Peter, fruits, etc., 472 Seventh
Rouse W A & Co, produce commission, 476 Eleventh
Rowell William K, notary public, 458 Ninth
Ruprich August, liquor saloon, 382 East Central Avenue
Rutherford C B, house and sign painter, 1014 Broadway
Ryan Daniel, druggist, 1170 Broadway
Ryan Martin, horseshoer, 865 Clay
Ryan & Mellor, furniture auctioneers, 1158 Broadway
Ryder Andrew, clerk and auditor Alameda County, Hall of Records
Sage P, physician, 508½ Fifteenth
Sagehorn W T, hay and grain, 475 Sixth
Salinger Brothers, dry goods, 1051 Broadway
Samm & Parsons, flour mill, north west corner First and Clay
Samson Martin M, butcher, 966 Broadway
Samuels Barnett, musical instruments, 821 Broadway
Samuels Julius, tailor, 455 Ninth
Samuels Samuel, watchmaker and jeweler, 867 Broadway
San Francisco Laundry Association, 862 Broadway
San Francisco Sewer Pipe Association, Seril Winsor manager, 1172 Broadway
Sand & Co, wood and coal, south east corner Seventh and Wood
Sandelin Frederick, druggist, 1702 Seventh
Sanderson W P, barber, 958 Seventh
Sanner F A, liquor saloon, 1752 Seventh
Schaefer John, liquor saloon, 1517 San Pablo Avenue
Schaffer Louis, butcher, 828 Broadway
Schander Sadie R Mrs., milliner, 965 Broadway
Scharman Morris, cigars and tobacco, 1067 Broadway
Scheiding Thomas H, liquor saloon, 1816 Seventh
Schellhaas H, furniture, carpets, and crockery, 404-412 Eleventh
Schimmelpfennig F, dry goods, 762 East Central Avenue
Schirrer John, boots and shoes, 1689 Seventh
Schley C & Brother, bakery, 770 East Central Avenue
Schmidt G L, dentist, 1113 Broadway
Schmidt & Fieberling, liquor saloon, 842 Broadway
Schmitt Charles, liquor saloon, 466 Seventh
Schneider Louis, liquor saloon, 901 Webster
Scholl C F, gunsmith, 517 Seventh
Scholtzhauer Paul, liquor saloon, 482 Eighth
Schreiber Christian, furniture and carpets, 1062 Broadway
Schuler Ernest, stoves and tinware, 1720 Seventh
Schuler Jacob, groceries, 842 Webster
Schulz C F, butcher, 819 Castro
Schunhoff B F, druggist, 462 Seventh
Schwab N, cabinet and billiard table maker, 907 Webster
Schwagermann Frederick, groceries, 963 Franklin
Scott George, plumber and gasfitter, 1249 Telegraph Avenue
Scoville Ives, proprietor Oakland Iron Works, 511 Second
Scranton Theodore E. school books and stationary, 861 Broadway
Scribner G W, butcher, 1239 Broadway
Seattle Coal and Transportation Co, C A Sessions agent, foot Franklin
Seegritz Albert, barber, 867 Broadway
Selfridge James M, physician, 1068 Broadway
Selna L & Co, liquor saloon, 1024 Broadway
Selzer Edward, druggist, 1510 Seventh
Semon Ferdinand, liquor saloon, 1050 Franklin
Senram F, boots and shoes, 1005 Broadway
Seris J. M., upholsterer, 1310 San Pablo Avenue
Sessions E C, president Oakland Bank of Savings and capitalist, 422 Twelfth
Seymour F A, physician, 1069 Broadway
Seymour, Sabin & Co, manufacturer's threshers, 460 First
Shattuck F K & Co, real estate agents, 467 Ninth
Shay John, official reporter superior court, 859 Broadway
Sheehan J H. liquor saloon, 817 East Central Avenue
Sherman Charles, attorney at law, 957 Broadway
Sherrott E, boots and shoes, 1453 San Pablo Avenue
Short & Darrell, milliners, 1114 Broadway
Sicotte F & Son, carriage makers, 862 Wood
Siesbuttel Daniel, machinist, 364 Ninth
Siesbuttel 31 C, sign painter, 304 Ninth
Simmons & Smith, carriage makers, cor Sixth and East Central Avenues
Simon Joseph, butcher, 1553 Broadway
Simonds Joseph, liquor saloon, 826 Broadway
Simonetti Gabriel, proprietor, C P R R House, south east corner Bay and Seventh
Simonton W B. physician, 1470 Eighth
Simpson E F, livery stable, 1352 San Pablo Avenue
Singer Manufacturing Co, T P Mackenzie agent, 479 Ninth
Signs of the Times, Pacific Press Publishing Association proprietors, 1059 Castro
Skilling David, physician, 1116 Broadway
Sloan Brothers, cabinet makers, 371 Thirteenth
Sloanaker I N, tailor, 1247 Broadway
Smallman J K & Co, groceries, 551 East Central Avenue
Smith C H, men's furnishing goods, 953 Broadway
Smith Daniel, fruits and vegetables, 1814 Seventh
Smith F H So Co, hay and grain, 423 Eleventh
Smith Jacob, furniture, 460 Sixth
Smith James H, attorney at law, 866 Broadway
Smith John W, barber, 1206 Broadway
Smith J O X, carriage painter, 520 Seventh
Snell R R, principal Snells' Seminary, 568 Central Avenue
Snow John F, dyer, 1063 Broadway
Snyder A J, real estate agent, 467 Ninth
Snyder B G, house and carriage painter, 1310 San Pablo Avenue
Sohst Brothers, carriage and wagon makers, 902 Franklin
Spiars & Welti, restaurant, 1022 Broadway
Springstein W S, physician, 1116 Broadway
Sproule Sisters, dry goods, 1214 Broadway
St Joseph's Academy (Christian Brothers), corner Jackson and Fifth
St Mary's Academy (Sisters of Mercy), corner Grove and Eighth
Stahlecker J, blacksmith, 1220 Broadway
Starr Gustave, groceries, 1461 Seventh
Starr & Co, flour depot, foot Franklin
Steere & Colby, groceries, 651 East Central Avenue
Steffanoni A, watch maker and jeweler, 1073 Broadway
Stein Adolph, tailor, 916 Broadway
Stein A R, furniture, 701 Broadway
Stevenson F R & Co, china and glassware, 1062 Broadway
Stockham G H, physician, 1207 Broadway
Stokes William, architect, 1207 Broadway
Stowell & Smith, groceries, 1650 Seventh
Strickland Sidney L, books and stationery, 1119 Broadway
Stuart David, boots and shoes, 1053 Broadway
Stulz & Schnelle, barbers, 1762 Seventh
Sullivan James, marble works, 1178 Broadway
Sullivan Michael, blacksmith, 1086 Fourteenth Avenue
Sullivan William, shoemaker, 911 Seventh
Supple Thomas H, liquor saloon, 870 Washington
Swale H L, general engraver, 958 Broadway
Taft & Pennoyer, dry goods, 1163 Broadway
Taggart Grant I, notary public, 460 Eighth
Taggart & Dingee, real estate agents and general auctioneers, 460 Eighth
Tate S P, druggist, 954 Seventh
Taylor Charles L, carpets and furniture, 1015 Broadway
Taylor D C, proprietor Taylor's Institute, 921 Broadway
Taylor Edward P, books and stationery, 857 Broadway
Taylor E P, cigars and tobacco, 1201 Broadway
Taylor W, physician, 1105½ Broadway
Taylor William, physician, 1059 Clay
Taylor & Co, lumber, foot Washington
Taylor & Lohse, soda-water manufacturers, 1152 Franklin
Tierney John, liquor saloon, 854 Broadway
Thacker T W, liquor saloon, 468 Eighth
Thayer Edward F, liquor saloon, 464 Eighth
The Homes of Oakland, J. DePue & Co publishers, 921 Broadway
Theis Anton, barber, 470 Seventh
Thomas F E & W R, livery stable, 370 Eleventh
Thompson & West, publishers, 1310 Telegraph Avenue
Thompson Brothers, bakery, 1218 Broadway
Thompson Samuel, agent Union Insurance Co, 458 Ninth
Thrailkill W O, dentist, 10032 Broadway
Tichnor Charles, barber, 838 Broadway
Tillmann John, provisions, 834 Broadway
Tillmann & Bendel, groceries, 471 Ninth
Tinkham M livery stable, 352 Twelfth
Tisch David, florist, 479 Seventh
Todd Thomas, cigars and tobacco, south east corner Eighth and Washington
Tonjes John, liquor saloon, 1255 Telegraph Avenue
Torrey, Whitman & Gardiner, groceries, 461 and 463 Eleventh
Townsend Timothy, boarding, 409 Seventh
Tov, Bixford & Co, J. B. Merritt manager, fuse manufacturers
Treadwell John B, civil engineer and surveyor, 1007 Broadway
Tubbs Hotel, Sheldon I Kellog, Jr. proprietor, north south East Central Avenue between Fourth and Fifth Avenue
Tucker S F, proprietor Oakland and S. F. express, 850 Broadway
Tumsuden H & Co, groceries, 697 East Central Avenue
Turnbull T P, sign painter, 1010 Franklin
Tuttle C A, attorney at law, 924 Broadway
Tyrrel Jeremiah, Sheriff Alameda County Courthouse
Tyrrell & Flynn, wood and coal, 1426 Tenth
Umlauf & Weis, bakery, 709 Broadway
Union Insurance Co (S F). Samuel Thomson agent, 458 Ninth
Union National Gold Bank, A C Henry president, 924 Broadway
Union Savings Bank, J West Martin president, 924 Broadway
Vance William M, bricklayer, north west corner Thirteenth and Franklin
Veitch W T, carpenter and builder, 1180 Broadway
Vogt David, liquor saloon, 422 Eleventh
Von Glahn J F, groceries, 1451 Seventh
Vonderhorst J H, wood and willow ware, 907 Washington
Vrooman Davis, attorneys at law, 957 Broadway
Wachs A N, dry goods, 1057 Broadway
Waite Cornelius, carpenter, 527 Eighth
Walker Charles H. photographer, 556 East Central Avenue
Wallace G & J, tea dealers, 833 Broadway
Walsh Thomas, liquor saloon, 468 Seventh
Walter Alois, tailor, 380 East Central Avenue
Warren O P, physician, 403 Fourteenth
Washington James, barber, 1275 San Pablo Avenue
Webb J P. physician, 1015 Clay
Weber C A, proprietor Capitol Hotel, south west corner Eleventh and Franklin
Webster A B, real estate agent and assessor Brooklyn Township, 624 East Central Avenue
Webster E J, attorney at law, 866 Broadway
Webster James A, treasurer and tax collector Alameda County Courthouse
Weilbye J L, architect, 921 Broadway
Weis Lorenz, restaurant, 653 Washington
Welch Charles J, flour and feed, 558 East Central Avenue
Wells, Fargo, & Co, R C Gaskill agent, north west corner Twelfth and Washington
Welsh Martin, liquor saloon, 471 Tenth
Wemmer David, liquor saloon, 416 Eighth
Western Union Telegraph Co, C P Hoag manager
Weston & Welch, proprietors Clinton Mills, 575 East Eleventh
Wetmore J L, real estate agent, 464 Tenth
Wetmore & Tobin, furniture and bedding, 1200 Broadway
Weymouth T D, blacksmith, 370 Twelfth
Wharton & Co., furniture auctioneers, 1118 Broadway
Wheeler C C, proprietor Winsor House, 915½ Washington
Wheeler E D, attorney at law, 1003½ Broadway
Wheeler P, physician, 418 Twelfth
Wheeler William P, groceries, 1211 Broadway
Wheeler & Wilson Manufacturing Co, F A Forsyth agent, 464 Twelfth
White F F, house painter, 1271 San Pablo Avenue
White & Waterman, stoves and tinware, 616 East Central Avenue
Whitehead R O, notary public, 458 Ninth
Whitney & Co, express, 855 Broadway
Whittier, Fuller, & Co, paints, oils, and glass, 412 Twelfth.
Whitton Charles F, reporter Superior Court, 911 Broadway
Wilkie David, butcher, 1359 Broadway
Williams John B, sewer pipe, stone-ware, and terra cotta goods, n w cor Franklin and Thirteenth
Williams Nicholas, restaurant, 465 Seventh
Wilson L, butcher, 311 East Central Avenue
Wilson William, watchmaker and jeweler, 952 Broadway
Wilson & Drake, horse-shoers, 512 Seventh
Wind M L R, cabinet-maker, 559 East Central Avenue
Winter John, proprietor Winter's Hotel, 1230 Broadway
Woerner Jacob, butcher, City Market
Wolter Reimer, liquor saloon 1125 Thirteenth Avenue
Woodward James, proprietor Union Hotel, 632 East Central Avenue
Woolsey E H, physician, 1104 Broadway
Wright James, veterinary surgeon, 1368 Broadway
Wulff John P, bakery, 1810 Seventh
Yates & Co, lamps and oils, 959 Washington
Yule John, attorney at law, 456 Eighth

Old San Diego,
San Diego Co. (See North San Diego P O) 

West Coast Gazetteer

Source: Disturnell's Business Directory and Gazetteer, of the West Coast of North America, W. C. Disturnell, Publisher, San Francisco, California, 1882


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