West Coast Gazetteer & Directory ~ Mad River ~ Noyo, California

Mad River P O
Humboldt County, is situated 15 miles north-east of Eureka. The principal industry in this section is the manufacture of lumber. Daily communication is maintained with Eureka and Arcata.

Chartin C, hotel and postmaster
Holsworth Thomas, liquor saloon
Minor, Kirk & Co, lumber manufacturers
Scott W M, hotel
Vance John, lumber and shingle manufacturer and general merchandise

Manchester P O
Mendocino County, is situated 5 miles north of Punta Arenas, on the stage road to Mendocino City. The principal pursuits carried on are the manufacture of lumber and dairying.

Manchester Mill Co, lumber manufacturers
Taylor S H, blacksmith
Savage & Co, general merchandise

Mendocino P O
Mendocino County, is situated on the sea-coast about 175 miles north-west of San Francisco. The town occupies a pleasant site on a point of land gradually rising from the water, affording a fine view of the ocean. It contains several stores, which carry on a good trade, two banks, four hotels, and other business places. One paper, the Mendocino Beacon, is published weekly. In the surrounding country are excellent timber lands, which constitute the main resource of this section. Stages leave daily, connecting at Duncan's Mills with the North Pacific Coast and at Cloverdale with the San Francisco and North Pacific Railroad. Communication is also maintained with San Francisco weekly by the Pacific Coast Steamship Co.

Armbruster W, watch maker and jeweler
Bank of Mendocino
Bever Bros, hotel
Brown Eugene, general merchandise
Carlson J E, hotel
Everson O W, varieties
Ferral Walter, attorney at law
Flanagan John, liquor saloon
Galbraith C, liquor saloon and restaurant
Goodsir T H, physician
Hall George, blacksmith
Hanson Peter shoe maker
Heeser A, justice of the peace
Heeser William, publisher The Mendocino Beacon, notary public, and insurance agent
Jansen J P L, shoe maker
Jarvis H H, postmaster
Jarvis & Nichols, general merchandise
Kelly & McCallum, general merchandise
Kent W H, butcher
Lynch P, shoe maker
Marks & Cohen, general merchandise
McClelland P H, merchant tailor
McCornack W A, physician
Mendocino Beacon, William Heeser publisher
Mendocino Discount Bank
Milliken & Potter, tinsmiths and hardware
Mosher M E, physician
Murray J D, druggist
Norton W H, hotel
Packard C O, druggist
Packard J E, watchmaker an jeweler
Pascoe T, hotel
Rogers A T, blacksmith
Smith G Canning, attorney at law and notary public
Switzer & Boyd, livery stable
Thomas Manuel, hotel
Wells, Fargo & Co. E Brown agent
Wilson W T, liquor saloon and restaurant

Monterey P O
Monterey County, situated on Monterey Bay 85 miles by water and 125 miles by rail southeast of San Francisco, contains about 1,400 inhabitants. The bay is a magnificent body of water twenty-eight miles in extent, and the harbor one of the best on the coast, having a secure anchorage, and being amply protected from gales. It has a beautiful beach unsurpassed for bathing purposes, where may be found shells, agates, and sea mosses in great variety.

The majority of the buildings in the town are adobe, there being but one built of brick, which is said to be the first of the kind erected in California. The first billiard table and first piano ever brought to California are also to be found here, both of which are in a good state of preservation. The place is one of the few in California where the customs of the Spanish race are still retained to any great extent. One of the most noted among the objects of interest is the ruins of San Carlos, or Carmel Mission, situated about four miles from town. The building, originally a noble looking edifice, is fast falling into decay. In the church yard of the mission lie the remains of fifteen governors of this province and State, and here is the tomb of Junipero Serra, a noted founder of missions on this coast, who died in 1781. Another place of interest, especially during the summer months, is the Pacific Grove Retreat, situated about one mile west of the town. Cypress Point is also a beautiful spot well worthy of notice. The Hotel del Monte is one of the most magnificent seaside establishments in the United States. It is surrounded by extensive grounds exquisitely laid out, and the bathing pavilion connected with the hotel is said to be the largest and most complete in the world.

The town contains a public school with an average attendance of 275 scholars, and three churches, an Episcopal, Methodist, and Roman Catholic. The latter, a white stone edifice, was erected in 1794. The altar is considered a fine piece of art, and upon the walls are to be seen many paintings of great age and beauty. The secret orders organized are the Masons, Odd Fellows, Ancient Order United Workmen, and Good Templars. A well conducted journal, the Monterey Argus, is published weekly. The climate of this section is unsurpassed, it being noted for its even temperature the year round. The principal industries are dairying and stock raising. Whale fishing is also carried on to some extent, the catch some seasons being very large.

Communication is maintained with San Francisco and other points by the Southern Pacific Railroad, and with San Francisco and way ports by the steamers of the Pacific Coast S. S. Co.

Abrego A & Co, general merchandise
Addison J H, house and sign painter
Alexander William, dry goods and clothing
Baccigalupi G B, fruits and vegetables
Bird C Mrs., proprietress Monterey House
Borden J, groceries
Bostrom John, shoemaker
Canet V, liquor saloon
Chaine A, carpenter and painter
Chaine C, restaurant and saloon
Davis liquor saloon
Diaz M, liquor saloon
Dodge W, blacksmith
Doud Frank, butcher
Escolle H, general merchandise
Gilman Joseph C, livery and feed stable
Goldstein A, dry goods
Gomez Felipe, postmaster and groceries
Hadsell & Reed, druggists
Hammond R P Jr, agent Pacific Improvement Co
Hampton O, proprietor Hampton House
Heintz J P E, druggist
Hotel Del Monte, George Schonewald manager
Hotel Del Monte Stables, Hiram Palmer superintendent
Hotel Del Monte Swimming, Baths, J O Hastings sup't
Houghton D, house and sign painter
Jackson J, boarding
Jackson & Burgess, fruits and furniture
James W W, stoves, tin, and hardware
Johnson J O, superintendent
Pacific Grove Retreat and livery stable
Johnson W W, photographer
Keating A C, physician and druggist
Koffle F, barber and liquor saloon
Lambert T G, lumber dealer justice of peace, and notary public
Lambert T G Mrs., sea-moss and shells
Laporte J M, general merchandise
Laporte William, proprietor Laporte's Hall
Levy M, dry goods
Little Nelson & Co, general merchandise
Long P, restaurant
Manuel Louis, billiard and liquor saloon
Marks J, physician
Masters Henry, and wagon maker
Mauck Frank, agent Southern Pacific R R Co
Maulden Bros, builders, contractors
McDougal John, saddle, harness maker
Michaelis E, barber
Miller John W, butcher
Monterey Argus, Rubell & Hedges publishers
Monterey House, Mrs. C Bird, proprietress
Monterey Livery Stable, Joseph C Gilman proprietor
Monterey Whaling Co
Norton J B, groceries
Pacific Coast Steamship Co, William Towle agent
Pacific Grove Retreat, J O Johnson superintendent
Pacific Improvement Co, R P Hammond Jr agent
Perrin A, general merchandise
Pietri A, bakery
Prinz H, lumber dealer, carpenter, and undertaker
Pyburn Henry, billiard and liquor saloon
Ray F H, hardware, stoves, etc.
Rodriguez A, groceries and dry goods
Rodriguez Charles, billiard and liquor saloon
Ruards John, attorney at law
Rubell & Hedges, publishers Monterey Argus
Sanchez A, blacksmith
Sanchez Bros, billiard and liquor saloon
Schmidt E H, groceries and provisions
Schonewald George, manager Hotel Del Monte
Snively James, groceries, and agent Wells, Fargo, & Co and Western Union Telegraph Co
Symes TT H & Co, Insurance and real estate agents
Tibbetts William, liquor saloon
Toothacker L S, carriage maker
Towle William, agent Pacific Coast Steamship Co
Wells, Fargo, & Co, James Snively agent
Western Union Telegraph Co, James Snively agent
Whitcomb Bros, carriage makers and blacksmiths
Wolter Manuel, livery stable
Wornes Charles, proprietor St Charles Hotel

Moro P O
San Luis Obispo County, is situated on Moro Bay, 185 miles south of San Francisco. It has a natural land-locked harbor which vessels of light draft can enter at all times of the year without difficulty. The town occupies a pleasant site overlooking- the broad expanse of ocean to the westward, while to the eastward is a fine view of the coast range of mountains. Moro Rock, an immense pile of granite, its base covering about sixty-five acres, and rearing its head 580 feet above sea level, guards the entrance to the harbor. The surrounding country is mostly rich farming and grazing lands. In close proximity to the town are fifteen large dairies

Jones J B, physician
Jordan J M, warehouse proprietor, lumber and produce
Kirkland .James, general merchandise
Page E W, real estate agent
Shepard B .J, carpenter
Smiley H A, physician
Spooner D E, boat builder
Stocking E B, general merchandise and postmaster
Stocking J C, blacksmith and wagon-maker, and justice of the peace

Moss Landing,
Monterey County, is situated at the mouth of the Salinas River. It is a shipping point for a large quantity of grain and other produce. Communication is maintained with San Francisco by the steamers of the Pacific Coast S. S. Co.

Kelly P, proprietor Mountain View House
Laughlin S N, agent Pacific Coast S S Co

National City P O
San Diego County, situated on the Bay of San Diego, 4 miles south of San Diego City, contains a population of about 800. It is a growing and flourishing place, and is the terminus of the California Southern Railroad. There is at present one school, having an average attendance of one hundred scholars, and three churches, Episcopalian, Congregational, and Independent. The climate and soil of this section are well adapted for the cultivation of all kinds of tropical fruits. In the vicinity of the town are several expensive olive groves.

Adams A, proprietor Railroad House
Bennis Samuel, restaurant
Cooper Henry E, attorney at law
Ferish M, groceries
Grigsby M E, cigars and confectionery
Hardy Charles, butcher
Heffner George, liquor saloon
Irmscher H, shoe-maker
Kimball Frank A, real estate
Kimball Warren C, real estate
Kinsell D C & Son, stoves, tin and Hardware
Knevels H J, liquor saloon
Littleton C B Mrs., restaurant
Parsons George, postmaster
Priest R, merchant tailor
San Diego Land & Town Co,
Frank A Kimball agent
Sanders & Tower, general merchandise
Schmitt Otto, liquor saloon
Sleppy J, tinsmith and stoves
Thorn F W, liquor saloon

Navarro Ridge P O
Mendocino Co, is situated on the sea-coast about 15 miles south of Mendocino City. The principal industry in this section is the manufacture of lumber.

Cameron George A, shoe-maker
Furlong T P, harness and saddle maker
Severance H, hotel
Tichenor H B & Co, lumber manufacturers
Wells, Fargo, & Co, Charles Wintzer agent
Western Union Telegraph Co, F J Walton manager
Wintzer Charles, general merchandise

New Jerusalem
Ventura County

Cohn Simon, general merchandise
Herbst S, general merchandise

Mendocino Co, is situated on the sea coast, 1 mile south of Kibesillah.

Stewart & Hunter, general merchandise and lumber chute

North San Diego P O
San Diego County, is situated about 4 miles from San Diego City, on the site of the old mission established in 1769
Neale George, general merchandise
O'Neil P, hotel
Rose Louis, postmaster

Noyo P O
Mendocino County, is situated at the mouth of the Noyo River, 10 miles north of Mendocino City. The principal resource of this section is the timber lands, although farming and stock raising are carried on to some extent. Communication is maintained with San Francisco and other points by stages to Cloverdale and Duncan's Mills, connecting with the trains of the San Francisco and North Pacific and North Pacific Coast Railroads, also with San Francisco and way ports by the Pacific Coast S. S. Co.

Byrnes J C, hotel
Erickson John, liquor saloon
Macpherson T, general merchandise
Mortier F, hotel

Noyo Mill Co, lumber manufacturers
Smith Emma Mrs., liquor saloon
White & Plummer, general merchandise 

West Coast Gazetteer

Source: Disturnell's Business Directory and Gazetteer, of the West Coast of North America, W. C. Disturnell, Publisher, San Francisco, California, 1882


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