Missoula County (Washington Territory) Winter 1862-3

A list of all persons (except Indians) who were in what is now Montana during the winter of 1862-3, which was the first winter after the gold mines of this region had become known abroad. (This list is not entirely complete. We ask information enabling us to make it perfect.)

Asline, Joseph, Frenchtown.

Babcock, Wm. H., B. R. Valley.
Badger, Dr. Wm., Agency.
Bantee, William, and wife, B. R. Valley.
Barnes, O. S., Agency.
Batchelder, Albert, Hell Gate.
Beaupre, George, Frenchtown.
Bills, Worthington, Grass Valley.
Bison, Frank, St. Ignatius Mission,
Blake, L. L., Ft. Owen.
Blodgett, Joseph, Bitter Root Valley.
Botte, Peter J., Hell Gate.
Brooks, David M., Two-Creeks.
Brooks, E., B. R. Valley.
Brooks, Henry R.1, Grass Valley.
Brown, Louis, Frenchtown.
Burk, Edward, B. R. Valley.

Caldwell, John S., Missoula Ferry.
Caliphonio, Father, Mission.
Calkins, Daniel S., Hell Gate.
Carnana, Father Joseph, Mission.
Carr, Philip, Frenchtown.
Carron, Edward, B. R. Valley.
Chatfield, John, B. R. Valley.
Claessens, William, Mission.
Clairmont, Louis, B. R. Valley.
Cone, Henry M., and Cone, Elva (first white couple married in Bitter Root Valley), B. R. Valley.
Corville, Louis, Mission.
Coture, Joseph, Mission.
Craudall, Benjamin, B. R. Valley.

De Lacey, Capt. W. W., Ft. Owen.
Dillingham2, John, Agency.
Doan, Marcus, Hell Gate.
Dobbins, George W., Ft. Owen.
Dobbins, Louisa, Ft. Owen.
Dubreuil, Adolphe ("Tin-Cup Joe"), Frenchtown.
Dumontie, Napoleon, B. R. Valley.
Dusharme, Baptiste, Frenchtown.

Frazier, John, Hell Gate.
Frewen, Thomas, B. R. Valley.
Frush, Charles, Agency.

Giorda, Father Joseph, Mission.
Gird, A. K., B. R. Valley.
Goodrich, Mrs. Wm., Ft. Owen.
Grant, Adeline, Hell Gate
Grant, Julia P., Hell Gate.
Grant, Mrs. Helen, Hell Gate.
Grassi, Father Urbanus, Mission.

Harris, Thomas W., B. E. Valley.
Henderson, A. B., Agency.
Higgins, Capt. C. P., Hell Gate.
Higgins, W. B. S.3, Hell Gate.
Holman, George, Hell Gate.
Holmes, William, Agency.
Hurst, George, B. R. Valley.
Hutchins, Maj. Charles (Indian agent), Agency.

Irvine, Capt. C. E., Ft. Owen.
Irvine, Peter, Mission.

Johnson, E. B., and children, B. R. Valley.
Johnson, W. W., mail-carrier on Walla Walla road.

Kitson, David, Frenchtown.

Lafontain, P. M., B. R. Valley.
Lambert, Edward, Frenchtown.
Larkin, Michael, Agency.
Larose, Joseph, Frenchtown.
Lavallie, J. B., Two Creeks.
Ledoux, Damien, Frenchtown.
Little, John, Two Creeks.
Lompre, Joseph, B. R. Valley.
Lowre, John, Hell Gate.

Magri, Father, Mission.
Martineau, Antoine, B. R. Valley.
McDonald, Peter, Hell Gate.
McIver, James, H. B. Post.
McLaurin, Lochlin, H. B. Post.
McLeod, Angus, H. B. Post.
McWhirk, Cyrus, Ft. Owen.
Mènètrey, Father Joseph, Mission.
Meridith, William, and wife, B. R. Valley.
Miller, Caroline, Frenchtown.
Miller, Henry W., Frenchtown.
Miller, Lucretia (now Worden), Frenchtown.
Miller, Mary C. (now Lent), Frenchtown.
Mineinger, Thomas, Hell Gate.
Montgomery, _____, H, B. Post.

Neron, Eustah ("La Shaw"), Frenchtown,
Nichols, Daniel P. ("Big Mck"), Two Creeks.
Nolan, James, Two Creeks.

O'Keeffe, C. C. ("Baron O'Keeffe of Castle O'Keeffe"), Koriaken Defile.
O'Keeffe, D. C, Koriaken Defile.
Overlander, Amos, Two Creeks.
Owen, Maj. John, Ft. Owen.

Parker, C. J., B. R. Valley.
Patter, David, Hell Gate.
Pelky, Adeline, Hell Gate.
Pelky, Jefi" Henry4, Hell Gate.
Pelky, Robert A., Hell Gate.
Pelon, Louis, Mission.
Peters, John, and wife, B. R. Valley.
Pion, Joseph, Hell Gate.
Poutrè, Joseph, Frenchtown.

Reeves, Moise, Frenchtown.
Reidt, Charles, Mission.
Richards, Luther, Frenchtown.
Rouse, H. E., and wife, Hell Gate.

Schaftt, Charles, Mission.
Scott, Wm., Hell Gate.
Sellers, James, Hell Gate.
Sellers, Susan, Hell Gate.
Sherwood, Fred, Agency.
Silverthorne, John, B. R. Valley.
Sinclair, Colin, Hell Gate.
Sinclair, James, Hell Gate.
Sinclair, Jeremiah L., Hell Gate.
Sinclair, Mary, Hell Gate.
Sinclair, Wm., Hell Gate.
Sinnett, James, Agency.
Slack, John, B. R, Valley.
Smith, Richard ("Beaver Dick"), Hell Gate.
Specht, Joseph, Mission.
Stinson, I. N. ("Buck" hanged at Bannack by the "Vigilantes," in January, 1864), Hell-Gate.
Sullivan, Daniel, Agency.

Tallman, W. A., B. R. Valley.
Taylor, Wm., Jocko Valley.
Terry, Dr., Agency.
Thompson, _____, Frenchtown.
Tipton, M. T., Frenchtown.
Tuleau, Emil, Frenchtown.

Van Dorn, Hezekiah, Grass Valley.
Vanzini, Father Aloysius, Mission.
Vercruyssen, Father Louis, Mission.

White George P.5 Hell Gate.
White, Josephine,5 Hell Gate.
Williams, Henry, Hell Gate.
Windes, George M., B. R. Valley
Worden, Frank L., Hell Gate.

Young, George, Frenchtown.

1. Henry R. Brooks was the first justice elected, or appointed, who held a court or tried a cause within the limits of our present Territory. The cause was tried in the spring of 1862 "Tin-Cup Joe vs. O'Keeffe."
2. Killed by Haze Lyons, Buck Stinson, and Charley Fubs, in July, 1863. This is the first man killed at Alder Gulch.
3. See Bannack City.
4. Jeff. Henry Pelky, son of E. A. and Adeline Pelky, was born at Grass Valley, three miles below Hell Gate, January 13, 1862, and is beyond doubt the first white child born within the limits of the present Territory of Montana.
5. This couple were married March 5, 1862, at Hell Gate, and were the first white couple ever married within the present limits of Montana.

Source: Montana Historical Society Contributions, Vol. I., 1876

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