West Coast Gazetteer & Directory ~ Watsonville, California

Santa Cruz County, an incorporated town of about 2,000 inhabitants, is situated in Pajaro Valley on the river of the same name, 99 miles by rail south of San Francisco, and 20 miles south-east of the town of Santa Cruz. It is well laid out, with streets sixty feet in width, shaded by trees on either side, and contains many fine brick buildings and handsome residences.

The place maintains three excellent public schools, with an average attendance of five hundred and fifty scholars, and also several churches, including an Episcopalian, Methodist, Presbyterian, Christian, Roman Catholic, and Latter Day Saints. The secret and benevolent societies are well represented by the Masons, Odd Fellows, Ancient Order United Workmen, Knights of Honor, and Patriotic Order Sons of America. Two papers, The Pajaronian and Watsonville Transcript, are published weekly.

The valley in which the town is situated is exceedingly fertile, producing large crops of wheat and vegetables. Fruits of different kinds are also grown in abundance. Communication is maintained with San Francisco and other points, via the Santa Cruz and Southern Pacific Railroads.

Officers, George A. Trafton, H. P. Brassel, W. E. Peck, L. V. Willets, and J. S. Yoacham, Trustees; G. W. Peckham, Clerk; W. S. Keal, Marshal.

Aldridge, Connell, & West, proprietors Golden Sheaf Flouring Mills
Alexander A, clothing
Alexander D, general merchandise
Anderson William, cabinet maker
Aston Frank, undertaker
Attridge & Sheehy, general merchandise
Bank of Watsonville, J N Besse cashier
Benjamin C W, agent Wells, Fargo, & Co
Besse J N, cashier Bank of Watsonville
Bowie Adam, bakery
Boyter Thomas, proprietor Farmers' Mill
Brassel H P, blacksmith
Breen Edward, liquors
Brown A V, dentist
Byrd William, liquor saloon
Chapman J C, watchmaker
Christiansen P, billiard and liquor saloon
Churchill C C, blacksmith and wagon maker
Cook C A, harness and saddle maker
Cooper Thomas S, varieties
Corralitos Water Co
Cox C J, stoves and tinware
Crowner W E, watchmaker and jeweler
De Martini P B, general merchandise
De St. Paul G, liquors
Dougherty J F, hats and caps
Downing J, liquor saloon
Drussel D, butcher
Eaton R W, wagon maker
Estrada M, liquors and cigars
Farmers' Mill, Thomas Boyter proprietor
Fell A W. photographer
Fletcher H S, postmaster
Folger P, proprietor Watsonville Theater
Ford Charles & Co, general merchandise and lumber
Friermuth G A, stoves, tin, and hardware
Golden Sheaf Flouring Mills, Aldridge, Connell, and West proprietors
Green Leo, butcher
Hamilton G S, harness and saddle maker
Harris I W, saddle and harness maker
Hetherington H, manufacturer boots and shoes
Holbrook L D, notary public and insurance agent
Hopkins Henry, carriage painter
Hopkins James, Jr, saddle and harness maker
Ingham James, wagon maker and blacksmith
Jessen Conrad, proprietor Scandinavian House
Jessen J. merchant tailor
Joseph H M, bill poster
Jury G, billiard and liquor saloon
Keith W A, hay and feed yard
Kennedy& Allison, livery stable
Kerns John, station agent
Kidder & McEwen, livery stable
Koehncke A, barber and baths
Lee Julius, attorney at law
Lewis A, proprietor Lewis House
Lewis A & Co, general merchandise
Libby J L, dentist
Lopes M S, groceries, cigars, and tobacco
Lorentzen L, proprietor Western Hotel
Lynam J, boots and shoes
Malbech S, shoemaker
Mansion House, Jerome Porter manager
Mardocco P, restaurant
Martin Edward, books and stationery
Martin E J, physician
Mattos A J, groceries
Maxim Gas Co
McAdams A, wagon maker and blacksmith
McKeon B, wagon maker and blacksmith
McLean N, wagon maker and blacksmith
Mooney James, proprietor Washington House
Morehead G A, druggist
Morris M, clothing
Noble F W, druggist
Ottenberg J, barber and baths
Padrazzi S, billiard and liquor saloon
Pajaro Brewery, C Pahmtag proprietor
Pajaronian, W R Radcliff publisher
Palmtag C, proprietor Pajaro Brewery
Peck & Harrison, dry goods and groceries
Peckham George W, publisher Watsonville Transcript
Peckham H F, house and sign painter
Peckham P A, paints and oils
Pratt Ethel Miss, manager, Western Union Telegraph Co
Porter Jerome, manager Mansion House
Porter John T, real estate and commission merchant
Radcliff W R, publisher The Pajaronian
Reynolds J W, carriage maker and painter
Richards W S, general merchandise
Rodgers W D, physician
Rogge William, shoemaker
Scandinavian House, C Jessen proprietor
Schmidt J H, billiard and liquor saloon
Seevers C W, dry goods, boots and shoes, etc
Simmons S S, physician and druggist
Slights E T, candy manufacturer
Smidt Carl, cigars and tobacco
Snodgrass T, harness and saddle maker
Snyder K, liquor saloon and restaurant
Steen A, barber
Stewart J W, cigars and tobacco
Stoesser Otto, groceries and hardware
Strebost William, shoemaker
Swain H P, dentist
Taylor C E, wagon maker and blacksmith
Trafton & Jennings, groceries and hardware
Tuck I A, groceries
Washington House, James Mooney proprietor
Watsonville Transcript, George W Peckham, puhlisher
Wells, Fargo, & Co, C W Benjamin agent
Werner F, shoemaker
Westerfield J C, harness and saddle maker
Western Hotel, L Lorentzen proprietor
Western Union Telegraph Co,
Miss E Pratt manager
Wiener Albert, general merchandise
Williams J C, horse-shoer
Wright & Sewall, millinery and fancy goods
Yoacham & Tuttle, butchers 

West Coast Gazetteer

Source: Disturnell's Business Directory and Gazetteer, of the West Coast of North America, W. C. Disturnell, Publisher, San Francisco, California, 1882


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