West Coast Gazetteer & Directory ~ Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Victoria District, the capital and metropolis of British Columbia, is situated at the southeastern extremity of Vancouver Island, 65 miles in an easterly direction from the Pacific Ocean, in latitude 48° 25' 20", longitude 123° 22' 24".

The town occupies a pleasant site on nearly level or easy rolling ground, with an occasional eminence, affording a tine view of the surrounding country. It has a land-locked harbor nearly circular in form, which can only be entered by vessels of light draft; but ships of the largest class can find safe anchorage at Esquimault, three miles' distant. From an obscure trading post, established by the Hudson Bay Company in 1837, Victoria has rapidly risen to her present important commercial position, her growth being considerably accelerated by the discovery of the gold fields of Fraser River and Caribou.

The varied resources of this section, including excellent farming, grazing, and timber lands, extensive coal beds and salmon fisheries, assure the continued growth and prosperity of the place. The city is well laid out with wide streets crossing each other at right angles, and contains many substantial brick and stone stores, and several handsome public buildings, including the Post office, Custom House and City Hall. Among the manufacturing establishments in successful operation are three iron foundries and machine shops, a stove foundry, boiler works, sash and door factory, furniture factory, a steam saw-mill, two boot and shoe factories; also four ship yards, which in the aggregate give employment to a large number of men.

An excellent public school is maintained, having an average attendance of about four hundred and fifty scholars, the number enrolled being about eight hundred. The building, a handsome brick edifice, three stories high, with a mansard roof and cupola, was erected at a cost of $35,000. In addition to this institution there are a number of seminaries and private schools of a high character. The city is well supplied with churches, a number of which are large and handsome edifices. The denominations represented are the Episcopal, Presbyterian, Reformed Episcopal, Baptist, Methodist, Hebrew, and Roman Catholic.

Among the secret and benevolent organizations are lodges of Masons, Odd Fellows, Ancient Order of Foresters, Ancient Order United Workmen, and the British Columbia Benevolent, St. Andrews, and Caledonian Societies. The Mechanics' Literary Institute, which is in flourishing condition, have commodious reading rooms well supplied with papers, and a library of 4,500 volumes. Another library maintained by the Odd Fellows contains 1,500 volumes. The Protestant Orphans' Home, a worthy institution, sustained by contributions, provides for the care and education of the fatherless and motherless. In addition to the societies already enumerated there is a Board of Trade and the British Columbia Trades Protection Society, The Dominion Government Telegraph and Victoria and Esquimault Telephone Co, afford the inhabitants facilities for rapid communication with various points.

An abundant supply of good water is brought from a lake seven miles distant. The water works, as well as the gas works, are under the control of the city authorities, and both water and gas are furnished to the inhabitants at actual cost. For protection against the ravages of the fire fiend is a volunteer fire department and telephone fire alarm. The apparatus consists of two steam engines drawn by horses, two hand engines, and a hook and ladder truck. Two ably conducted and enterprising journals. The British Colonist and Victoria Standard are published daily and weekly. The climate of this section is mild and exceedingly healthful. The maximum temperature during the summer months is from 80° to 90°. In the winter ice forms at times of sufficient thickness for skating purposes and snow falls to the depth of a few inches. Rains are frequent during the fall, winter and summer months.

Communication is maintained by steamer with New Westminster and Nanaimo bi-weekly; with Port Townsend tri-weekly; with San Francisco tri-monthly, and with ports in Alaska monthly.

Officers, Noah Shakespeare, Mayor ; John Boyd, John Kinsman, J. Wrigglersworth, E. C. Baker, Walter Shears, Douglas Warren, and Alexander Wilson, Councilmen; Thomas Russell, Assessor and Collector; William Leigh, Clerk; J. D. Robinson, Auditor; D. M. Harris, Surveyor; A. F. Pemberton. Police Magistrate: William Jackson, M. D., Health Officer.

Aaronson A A, pawnbroker, Johnson
Adams W H, sewing machines, Government
Aikman H B W, registrar-general of titles Province of British Columbia, James Bay
Albion Iron and Stove Works, Joseph Spratt proprietor. Store
Allen Francis, consul United States of America, Yates
Allen W, fish, poultry, game, fruits, etc, Government
Allsop & Mason, real estate agents and conveyancers, Government
American Hotel, J T Burns proprietor, Yates
Anderson A C, Dominion Inspector of Fisheries, Custom House
Anderson D W, groceries, Fort
Angel Hotel, F Carne proprietor, Langley
Ash John, physician, Fort
Astrico A Mrs., proprietress Pacific Telegraph Hotel, Store
Atlas Iron Works, John Dougall, proprietor, corner Government and Pembroke
Austin J J, clerk of records Province of British Columbia, James Bay
Australian Hotel, W C S Seeley, proprietor, James Bay Bridge
Bagnall & Co, music and musical instruments, Government-
Baker E C, notary public, conveyancer, marine surveyor, and real estate agent, Langley
Baker R & Son, hay, grain, flour, feed, fruits, etc, Yates
Bales J C, public accountant, Langley
Ball Charles, wagon maker and blacksmith, Johnson
Bank of British Columbia, W C Ward manager, Government
Bank of British North America, K Burn manager, Yates
Barlow E Mrs., dressmaker, Fort
Barnard F S, manager British Columbia Express Co, Yates
Baumann F, candy manufactory, Yates
Bavaria Brewery, H Walther & Co proprietors. Fort
Beaven Robert, minister of finance and agriculture Province of British Columbia, James Bay
Beavin C F, carriage maker, Pandora
Bechtel A J, proprietor Terminus Hotel, Johnson
Bechtel M, proprietor Colonial Hotel, Johnson
Bee Hive Hotel, Philip J Hall proprietor, corner Fort and Broad
Begbie M B, chief justice Supreme Court of British Columbia, James Bay
Blackall George, liquor saloon, Yates
Bland J W, varieties, Johnson
Blaquire M, second-hand goods, Store
Bolton William B, ship and boat builder, James Bay Bridge
Boomerang Hotel, John Humphreys, proprietor. Government
Borde & Morley, blacksmiths and horseshoer, Government
Bornstein H, hides, wool, and tallow. Wharf
Boskowitz J & A, furs and skins, Johnson
Bossi G, groceries and liquors, Johnson
Bowman W G, livery and hack stable. Broad
Boyd J, groceries and liquors, Johnson
British Columbia Board of Trade, E C Baker secretary. Langley
British Columbia Express Co, F S Barnard manager, Yates
British Columbia Soap Works, Pendray & Co proprietors, Humboldt
British Columbia Trades Protection Society, E M Johnson secretary. Bastion
Brown & White, dry goods, Government
Bryant W C, blacksmith and horseshoer, Douglas
Bull AY K, agent and collector. Broad
Burgess J P, carpenter and contractor, Fort
Burn R, manager Bank of British North America, Yates
Burns J T. proprietor American Hotel, Yates
Burns & Co, hardware, agricultural implements, crockery, etc, corner Broad and Yates
Burt S S, bakery and groceries, Government
Calder J, dentist, Fort Campbell D E, druggist, corner Douglas and Fort
Campbell Frank, cigars and tobacco, corner Government and Yates
Carne F, proprietor Angel Hotel, Langey
Carr Richard, wholesale groceries and liquors, and commission merchant. Wharf
Carrington Thomas, crockery, fancy goods, etc, Government
Casamayou A & Co, wholesale groceries, provisions, wines, and liquors, Yates
Chadwick Thomas, liquor saloon, Yates
Clark W R, auction house, and harbor master and port warden, Yates
Clay S, groceries and liquors, corner Douglas and Johnson
Coleman G, liquor saloon, corner Government and Cormorant
Collins George, liquor saloon, Store
Collins & Cook, ship builders, Indian Reservation
Colonial Hotel, M Bechtel proprietor, Johnson
Commercial Hotel, David Ellis proprietor, corner Douglas and Cormorant
Cornwall Clement F, Lieutenant-Governor Province of British Columbia, James Bay
Coughlan J, plasterer, brick and stone mason, corner Broughton and Government
Couves & Bartlett, liquor saloon, Government
Cranoelli P, general merchandise, Johnson
Crease H P P, puisne judge Supreme Court of British Columbia, James Bay
Crowther R A, painter, glazier, and stencil cutter, Broad
Czarske H A, boarding and lodgings, and liquor saloon, Johnson
Dalby William, manufacturer boots and shoes. Government
Dassonville J, goldsmith and jeweler, Fort
Davie J C physician, Langley
Davie Theodore, attorney at law and notary public, corner Fort and Langley
Davie & Pooley, barristers at law and notaries public, Langley
Davies J P & Co, auctioneers. Wharf
De Wiederhold & Co, wood and coal, St James Bridge
Denny William, dry goods, Government
Dillon B F, proprietor St Nicholas Hotel, Government
Dobinson J. taxidermist. Fort
Dobinson J Mrs., fancy goods, Fort
Dominion Government Savings Bank, John Graham manager, Government
Dominion Government Telegraphs, Miss S E Maclure manager. Government
I Dominion Hotel, Stephen Jones proprietor, Yates
Donohue & McAllister, proprietors Tam O'Shanter Hotel, corner Wharf and Johnson

Dougall John, proprietor Atlas Iron Works, corner Government and Pembroke
Doughty George, brush manufacturer, and lamps, tinware, etc, Fort
Drake & Jackson, barristers at law and notaries public, corner Bastion and Langley
Driard House, Redon & Hartnagel proprietors, View
Drummond J S, stoves and tinware, Yates
Duck S, carriage painter, Johnson
Dupont C T, Dominion Inspector Inland Revenue, Custom House
Earle Thomas, wholesale groceries, Wharf
East Coast Mail Line, Joseph Spratt proprietor, Wharf
Eberts D M, solicitor, notary public, etc, Langley
Ellis David, proprietor Commercial Hotel, corner Douglas and Cormorant
Evans Samuel, proprietor Park Hotel, Beacon Hill
Pardon G R, agent and collector, Langley
Fawcett R W, upholsterer and paper hanger. Government
Fell Thornton, solicitor. Government
Fell & Co, groceries, wines, and liquors. Fort
Fellows & Prior, hardware, agricultural implements, wagon materials, etc. Government
Findlay, Durham & Brodie, wholesale general merchandise and shipping and commission merchants, Wharf
Finlayson J, groceries, Government
Fletcher T W, sewing and knitting machines, Fort
Flett J & J, groceries, corner Fort and Douglass
Fox M & H A, cutlery and fancy goods, Government
Francis George, livery stable, Trounce Alley
Garesche, Green & Co, bankers, Government
Geiger L, boot and shoe maker, Yates
Geiger & Becker, barbers and baths. Government
Gerritsen John, bakery and groceries, Humboldt
Gilmore A, clothing, and merchant tailor, Johnson
Godfrey Joseph Mrs., proprietress Royal Hotel, corner Fort and Douglas
Good H B, Dominion Collector Inland Revenue, and inspector weights and measures, Langley
Goodacre & Dooley, butchers, Government
Gordon William, bakery and groceries, Johnson
Gore W S, surveyor general Province of British Columbia. James Bay
Gorrie T, toys and varieties, Fort
Gosnell J, groceries, corner Douglas and Cormorant
Gowen C, proprietor Phoenix Brewery, corner Blanch and Yates
Gowen T, machinist. Wharf
Graham John, manager Dominion Government Savings Bank, Government
Gray A B & Co, dry goods and gents' furnishing goods, Government
Gray Andrew, consulting engineer and draftsman, Herald
Gray J H, puisne judge Supreme Court of British Columbia, James Bay
Gray Samuel, stair builder, elevator manufacturer, and contractor. Government
Green A A, agent Wells, Fargo & Co and Inman Steamship Line, Government
Green D, clothing. Government
Gribble Henry, fancy goods, stationery, jewelry, toys, etc. Government
Grimm William, carriage maker, Johnson
Gutmann J, general merchandise, Johnson
Hall Philip J, proprietor Bee Hive Hotel, corner Fort and Broad
Hamley W O, collector Customs. Custom House
Handeau William, general merchandise. Government
Hargrave G, civil engineer and surveyor, Langley
Harris D R, city surveyor and engineer, City Hall Building
Harris T, Sheriff District of Victoria. James Bay
Harrison Eli, painter and paper hanger, Yates
Harrison William, liquor saloon, corner Douglas and Pandora
Hart John J. furs, robes, Indian curios, guns, ammunition, jewelry, etc, Johnson
Hastings Saw Mill Co, J A Raymur manager. Store
Hawkins J. groceries and provisions, corner Douglas and Fort
Haymes A C, watchmaker, Government
Hayward C, manufacturer doors, sashes, and blinds, contractor, builder, and undertaker. Langley
Heal David C, tinsmith, Johnson
Heathorn W, boot and shoe manufacturer and tanner, Government
Heisterman & Co, real estate and insurance agents, Langley
Hendry Alexander, water works engineer. City Hall
Hett J Roland, barrister at law and notary public, Langley
Hibben T N & Co, books and stationery. Government
Higgins D W, publisher The Colonist, stationer and job printer. Government
Hilliard Joseph, groceries, fruits, etc, Store
Hooper & Borde, shoemakers, Johnson
Hopkins A D, farrier. Broad
Hopkins A D Mrs., dressmaker, Broad
Hudson Bay Co, William Charles inspecting chief factor, general merchandise, and furs. Wharf
Humber Morris, brickmaker, Saanich
Humphreys John, proprietor Boomerang Hotel, Government
Humphreys T B secretary Province of British Columbia, and minister of mines, James Bay
Hutcheson Young & Co, dry goods. Government
Huxstable W H, groceries. Fort
Inman S S Line, A A Green agent. Government
Jackson James, liquor saloon, Yates
Jackson W, Jr, druggist. Government
Jackson William, surgeon and health officer. Government
Jameson M M Mrs., dressmaker and fancy goods. Fort
Janion R C, wholesale general merchandise and liquors, shipping and commission merchant. Store
Jaques George, watchmaker and jeweler. Fort
Jay & Co, nursery and seeds, Yates
Jeffree W J, clothing, corner Government and Yates
Jensen William, proprietor Occidental Hotel, wharf
Jewel Henry, furniture, crockery, etc, Yates
Johns James, cigars, tobacco, fruits, candies, etc, Johnson
Johnson Edwin, barrister at law and notary public, corner Government and Bastion
Johnson E M, notary public and conveyancer, and secretary British Columbia
Trades Protection Society, Bastion
Johnston P T & Co, nursery and seeds, Fort
Jones Stephen, proprietor Dominion Hotel, Yates
Jones T C, boat builder, Wharf
Keays G C, stoves, tinware, etc, Yates
Kelly S L & Co, stoves and tinware, Yates
Knight H, general merchandise, Store
Kurtz & Co, cigar manufacturers, and tobacco. Government
Lafond Thomas, California Saloon, corner Johnson and Warden Alley
Laing Robert, ship builder, Dallas Road
Lange G W A & Son, watchmakers and jewelers. Government
Langley & Co, wholesale and retail druggists, and paints, oils, glass, lamps, etc, Yates
Lawson A W, liquor saloon. Government
Leiser Simon, wholesale general merchandise, fruits, etc, and commission merchant, Johnson
Lenevue D, produce, hay, grain, and feed, Wharf
Lettice & Sears, painters, and paints, oils, glass, etc. Broad
Levy E Mrs., candies, fruits, etc. Government
Levy Joe, restaurant, Government
Lewis L, clothing, Yates
Loewen J, liquor saloon, corner Government and Johnson
Loewen & Erb, proprietors Victoria Brewery, corner Government and Discovery
London Hotel, C J Phillips proprietor, corner Johnson and Broad
Longhurst J, liquor saloon, Government
Loshe W, liquor saloon, Yates
Lovett & Berry, liquor saloon. Government
Lowenberg L, real estate agent, Government
Lubbe T, furs and skins, Yates
Luker & Co, proprietors Victoria Flour Mill, Herald
Maclure S E Miss, manager Dominion Government Telegraphs, Government
Manetta P, groceries and liquor Store and Discovery
Mann & Heron, harness and saddlery, Fort
Mansell H, manufacturer boots and shoes. Government
Manson & Hendry, match manufactory, Rock Bay
Marshall W, liquor saloon, corner Wharf and Yates
Marvin E B, ship chandlery, Wharf
Marvin Edgar, wholesale and retail hardware and agricultural implements. Wharf
Mason George, brick maker, Saanich
Mason George Mrs., boarding and lodgings, Fort
Mason H S, barrister at law, Government
Masonic Temple, Douglas
Maynard R, boots and shoes, corner Douglas and Johnson
Maynard R Mrs., photographer, corner Douglas and Johnson
Maynard & Stubbs, boots and shoes. Fort
McCandlish James, liquor saloon, Fort
McCreight J F. puisne judge Supreme Court of British Columbia, James Bay
McDonald Peter, cigars and tobacco, Yates
McDonnell A J, tailor, Government
McInnis Alexander, liquor saloon, corner View and Douglas
McKenzie C C, superintendent of education Province of British Columbia, James Bay
McKenzie & Meston, carriage makers and blacksmiths. Government
McKeon William, proprietor Occidental Hotel. Yates
McKillican & Anderson, contractors and builders, Government
McKitrick W, carriage maker, Government
McKniff William, liquor saloon, Trounce Alley
McLean A & Co, clothing. Fort
McMackin P A, bay, grain, feed, and produce, Yates
McMicking P B, manager Victoria and Esquimault Telephone Co, Trounce Alley
McMillan J E, job printer, Fort
McQuade Peter & Son, ship chandlery. Wharf
McTeigh Edward, harness and saddlery and trunk maker, Yates
Miller J, wagon maker and blacksmith, Government
Miller J M, book and job printer, Johnson
Mitchell J G Mrs., milliner, Fort
Mitchell T E, painter and paper hanger, paints, oils, pictures, etc. Government
Moore J J, bakery, Fort Moore & Co, druggists, corner Yates and Langley
Morison George, druggist. Government
Morley C, soda water manufacturer, Yates
Moss Morris, mining agent, Langley
Muirhead & Mann, manufacturers doors, sashes, moldings, etc, Rock Bay Bridge
Murphy & Brown, liquor saloon, corner Yates and Government
Nesbitt & Co, cracker bakery, corner Yates and Broad
Neufelder & Ross, groceries, Government
Newbury William, harness, saddle, and trunk maker, Government
Nicholson T, groceries, corner Douglas and Johnson
Norris F, harness, saddlery, and trunk manufacturer, and carriage trimmer. Government
Norris W G, hardware, cutlery, crockery, etc, Johnson
Nuttall R, real estate and commission agent, and agent
Brush Electric Light Co, Government
Nuttall T C, insurance agent. Government
Oasterhout Peter, hardware crockery, lamps, tinware, mechanics' tools, etc, corner Johnson and Store
Occidental Hotel, William Jensen proprietor. Wharf
Occidental Hotel, William McKeon proprietor, Yates
Odd Fellows Temple, Douglas
Oppenheimer Bros, commission merchants and wholesale groceries and provisions. Wharf
Osner A, groceries, provisions, cigars, tobacco, etc, Government
Pacific Coast S S Co, Welch, Rithet & Co agents, Wharf
Pacific Telegraph Hotel, Mrs. A Astrico proprietress, Store
Paine F, barber, Johnson
Papst J T, groceries, cigars, tobacco, notions, etc, corner Blanchard and Fort
Pardow C, gunsmith, Yates
Park Hotel, Samuel Evans proprietor, Beacon Hill
Parker John, butcher, Government
Pendray & Co, British Columbia
Soap Works, Humboldt
Phillips C J, proprietor London Hotel, corner Johnson and Broad
Phoenix Brewery, C Gowen proprietor, corner Blanchard and Yates
Piaggio J, general merchandise, Store
Pitts S J, wholesale groceries, Yates
Platz George, cooper, Wharf
Pointer N, clothing, Johnson
Pollard William, barrister at law and notary public, Langley
Porter Robert, butcher, corner Douglas and Johnson
Powell I W, physician, and superintendent Indian Affairs, Wharf
Price Thomas, merchant tailor, Government
Protestant Orphans' Home, J H Lawson secretary,
Rae Railroad Hotel, Williams & Bower proprietors, Johnson
Read J M, shoemaker, Johnson
Redfern Charles, watchmaker and jeweler
Redon & Hartnagel, proprietors Driard House, View
Reid S & Co, clothing, Fort
Reid William, groceries and liquors, Humboldt
Revely F, Dominion Agent Marine and Fisheries, Custom house
Rhode Joseph, bakery and general merchandise. Store
Richards F G, Sr, Uncle Frank's Saloon, Langley Alley
Roberts R, merchant tailor, Fort
Robertson John, boiler maker and blacksmith, Store
Rock Bay Tannery, W Heathorn, proprietor, Rock Bay
Royal Hotel, Mrs. Joseph Godfrey proprietress, corner Fort and Douglas
Ryan E, nursery, Humboldt
Salmon E J & Co, furniture, bedding, crockery, etc, and Indian curios, Johnson
Sargison G A, accountant and agent, Government
Saunders Henry, groceries and provisions, and agent Windsor Canning Co, Johnson
Sayward W P, lumber manufacturer, Rock Bay
Seeley W C S, proprietor Australian Hotel, and James
Bay Bath House, and organ builder, James Bay, Bridge
Sehl Frank, liquor saloon. Government
Sehl Jacob, furniture and bedding manufacture, and carpets, picture frames, etc, Government
Shakespeare N Mrs., fancy goods, Broad
Shakespeare Noah, real estate and general business agent, and labor exchange, Yates
Shaw & Kuna, proprietors Victoria Iron Works, Herald
Shears & Partridge, dry goods. Government
Shore S & Co, groceries, corner Douglas and Pandora
Short H, gun maker, and firearms, cutlery, etc, Fort
Shotbolt Thomas, druggist, and agent Rivers Inlet Canning Co, Johnson
Silva John, groceries, etc. Store
Simpson Donald, merchant tailor, Fort
Simpson S, carpenter, Wharf
Smith C McK, publisher Victoria Daily Standard, Government
Smith J McB, auditor Province of British Columbia
Smith M R, bakery, Fort
Smith R, employment office, and notary public, Johnson
Smith & Clark, contractors and builders, and planing mill, corner Fort and Langley
Spencer D, dry goods, Government
Spencer S A, photographer, Fort
Spencer W, watchmaker, Government
Spratt Joseph, proprietor Albion Iron and Stove Works and East Coast Mail Line, Store
St Charles Hotel, J J Wilcox proprietor, Yates
St Nicholas Hotel, B F Dillon proprietor. Government
Stahlschmidt & Ward, shipping and commission merchants and insurance agents. Wharf
Steitz Bros, bakery and coffee saloon, Yates
Stevens & Demore, liquor saloon, Government
Storey Thomas, undertaker, Government
Strouss C & Co, wholesale general merchandise, Wharf
Sylvester Frank, groceries, corner Douglas and Pandora
Tarn O'Shanter Hotel, Donohue & McAllister proprietors, corner Wharf and Johnson
Tapson William, carpenter, Humboldt
Taylor Charles, tin and copper smith, Store
Teague John, architect, Government Terminus Hotel, A J Bechtel proprietor, Johnson
The British Colonist, D W Higgins publisher. Government
Thistle W H, liquor saloon, corner Government and Yates
Thompson George, liquor saloon. Fort
Thompson E B, dentist. Government
Thompson C W R, secretary
Victoria Gas Co, Langley
Tiedemann H O, architect, Langley
Tilbury George F, livery stable and veterinary surgeon, Broad
Tippins W J, candy manufacturer. Fort
Todd J H & Son, wholesale general merchandise, corner Wharf and Yates
Trout John Mrs., bakery and groceries, Johnson
Trutch J W, agent Dominion Government, corner Government and Fort
Turner, Beeton & Co, wholesale dry goods and liquors, and insurance agents, Wharf
Tye T H, hardware and agricultural implements, Yates
Union Club, A Rome secretary, Yates
Van Volkenburgh & Co, butchers, corner Government and Yates
Victoria and Esquimault Telephone Co, R B McMicking manager. Trounce Alley
Victoria Boot and Shoe Manufactory, W Heathorn proprietor, Government
Victoria Brewery, Loewen & Erb proprietors, corner Government and Discovery
Victoria Daily Standard, C
McK Smith publisher, Government
Victoria Flour Mill, Luker and Co proprietors, Herald
Victoria Gas Co, C W R Thomson secretary, Langley
Victoria Iron Works, Shaw & Kuna proprietors, Herald
Vienna G, poultry, game, fish, fruits, etc, Government
Vigelius Bros, barbers and baths, Government
Waitt M W & Co, booksellers and stationers, Government
Walkem G A, Chief Commissioner Lands and Works Department and Attorney General Province of British Columbia, James Bay
Walker Walter, coal and wood, Government
Wallace Robert, postmaster, Government
Waller Henry, candy manufacturer, Fort
Walls J P, barrister at law and notary public, Langley
Walther H & Co, proprietors Bavaria Brewery, Fort
Ward Robert, consul Sweden and Norway, Wharf
Ward W C, manager Bank of British Columbia, Government
Warren D, ship and steamboat builder, Rock Bay
Watson Alexander, ship builder, Montreal
Weedon Edward, livery stable. Broad
Weiler John, furniture, bedding, carpets, crockery, etc, Fort
Welch, Rithet & Co, wholesale groceries, liquors, canned salmon, coal, etc, commission merchants, and agents
Moodyville Saw Mill Co and Pacific Coast S S Co, Wharf
Wells, Fargo & Co, A A Green agent, Government
Welch & Sea, Ship Inn Saloon, Wharf
West C, liquor saloon, corner Fort and Wharf
Whitney Stephen, clothing, Fort
Whittaker William, barber and baths, Johnson
Wilcox J J, proprietor St Charles Hotel, Yates
Williams B, dry goods, clothing, etc, Johnson
Williams J W, livery stable, Johnson
Williams R T, bookbinder, Government
Williams & Bower, proprietors Railroad Hotel, Johnson
Wilson A & W, stoves and tinware, plumbers and gasfitters, Fort
Wilson H C, stoves and tinware, plumbing, gas fitting, etc. Government
Wilson John, liquor saloon, Bastion
Wilson W & J, clothing, Government
Wilson William & Co, dry goods. Government
Wilton L H, sail and tent maker, and junk, corner Wharf and Johnson
Wolfenden R, superintendent of printing Province of British Columbia, James Bay
Wrigglesworth J, groceries and liquors, corner Blanchard and Yates
Wright & Rudge, marble works, Douglas
York & Lenz, dry goods. Fort
Young Michael, bakery and restaurant, Government 

West Coast Gazetteer

Source: Disturnell's Business Directory and Gazetteer, of the West Coast of North America, W. C. Disturnell, Publisher, San Francisco, California, 1882


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