West Coast Gazetteer & Directory ~ Vallejo, California

Solano County an incorporated city containing, according to the census of 1880, 6,500 inhabitants, is situated on Vallejo Bay near its junction with the straits of Carquinez, 24 miles north-eastward from San Francisco.

It occupies an advantageous site for commercial purposes, the water m the bay being of sufficient depth to allow vessels of a large class to receive and discharge cargo at its wharves. One of the principal supports of the town is Mare Island Navy Yard, situated one-quarter of a mile distant, where at times a large number of men are employed, many of whom reside in Vallejo.

The town is well laid out, with streets of good width crossing each other at right angles, and contains many substantial brick edifices. Two public schools are maintained, having an attendance of about twelve hundred pupils. There are six churches including two Baptist, and an Episcopal, Methodist, Presbyterian, and Roman Catholic. The societies represented are the Masons, Odd Fellows, Chosen Friends, Good Templars, and Ancient Order United Workmen. The Good Templars' Home, located about two miles from the city, is a well-conducted and praiseworthy institution. Although under the control of the Grand Lodge of the Independent Order of Good Templars, yet its doors are open to homeless orphans of every class.

The city is supplied with gas of good quality, and the Vallejo City Water Co. furnish the inhabitants with an abundant supply of water, brought from Lake Chabot, three and a-half miles distant. Two well-conducted journals, the Solano Times and Vallejo Chronicle, are published daily and weekly. The fire department consists of three engine companies, having one steam and two hand engines, three hose companies, and one hook and ladder company. The country surrounding Vallejo is a good agricultural as well as grazing section, and farming, wine and fruit growing, and dairying are extensively carried on. Communication is maintained with San Francisco by steamer and rail, twice a day and also with Calistoga, Suisun, and other points, by the trains of the California Pacific R. R.

Officers, E. J. Wilson, A. Powell, C. Widenman, AY. W. Skinner, R. J. R. Aden, J. A. Lamont, and O. L. Henderson, Trustees; W. A. Brace, Clerk; Frank T. Winchell, Assessor; J. R. English, Treasurer; David Rutherford, Superintendent of Schools; J. H. Ford, Marshall.

Aden Brothers, ship builders, foot York
Anderson W D, physician, 142 Georgia
Aspenall William S, justice of the peace, north east corner Santa Clara and Virginia
Axelrod Simon, dry goods, 219 Santa Clara
Baker Frank, furniture, 191 Georgia
Barnes D G, planing-mills, South Vallejo
Benas Benjamin, clothing and dry goods, 134 Georgia
Beresford James, shoemaker, 210 Georgia
Berg August & Son, watch-makers and jewelers, 224 Georgia
Bergwall George, liquor saloon, south east corner Santa Clara and Virginia
Bergwall George Mrs., dry and fancy goods, south east corner Santa Clara and Virginia
Blank Mary Mrs., confectionery, 172 Georgia
Bliven & Co, groceries, 113 Georgia
Blogg Henry, shoemaker, 208 Santa Clara
Brennan D T, shoemaker, South Vallejo
Brown Daniel, bakery. Virginia
Brown Samuel, butcher. Virginia
Brown Thomas, liquor saloon, south west corner Virginia and Santa Clara
Brownlie James, groceries and liquors, 105 Georgia
Brownlie John, notary public and insurance agent, 174 Georgia
Brownlie John B, livery stable, 125 Virginia
Burtin & Nagle, liquor saloon, 190 Georgia
Callender James D, livery stable, 162 Virginia
Callender John, undertaker, 205 Virginia
Christie Henry, bakery, 40 Georgia
Chronicle Publishing Co, publishers Vallejo Evening Chronicle, south east corner Georgia and Santa Clara
Clarke Daniel, barber and baths, 127 Georgia
Clavo Nicholas, wood and coal, 131 Georgia
Coakley Timothy, proprietor, Half-Way House, South Vallejo
Cohen Rachel Mrs., dry goods and clothing, 126 Georgia
Coleman Richard, liquor saloon, south west corner Virginia and Sacramento
Connelly Henry, livery stable, undertaker and liquor saloon, north west corner Georgia and Santa Clara
Cox Elizabeth Mrs., dressmaker, 142 Georgia
Cox William R Jr, insurance agent, notary public, and commissioner deeds, 170 Georgia
Crellin James, painter
Crow Robert Mrs., proprietor Union House, north east corner Georgia and Sonoma
Crowley John, proprietor Caledonia House, South Vallejo
Cryan Thomas, liquor saloon, 82 Georgia
Dallyn Charles E, carriage manufacturer, south west corner York and Marin
Dannenbaum Solomon, dry goods, 167 Georgia
Davis Enoch, furniture, 203 Marin
Dawson John, tailor, 171 Santa Clara
Deerin J H, liquor saloon, 164 Georgia
Deininger Frederich, liquor saloon, 270 Marin, and brewery South Vallejo
Denio F M, blacksmith, 234 Virginia
Derwin M S, groceries and liquors, 75 Georgia
Dineen Patrick, liquor saloon, South Vallejo
Doan Emma Mrs., millinery, 208 Georgia
Doan Jasper S, proprietor Bernard House, 157 Georgia
Downey Alexander J, agent J F Snow & Co (dyers S F), 210 Santa Clara
Downs George W, physician, 102 Georgia
Doyle Brothers, marble and granite works, north east corner Sonoma and Florida
Duncan Samuel, agent Wells, Fargo, & Co, 142 Georgia
Edgar Charles, liquor saloon, 119 Georgia
Edgar George, furniture, 87 Georgia
Egery & Lamont, groceries South Vallejo
Elder T B Mrs., lodgings, 182 Georgia
Emerson J, sign and carriage painter, 207 Marin
English Joseph R, cashier Vallejo Savings and Commercial Bank, and notary public, north west corner Georgia and Sacramento
Farnham & Co, hats and furnishing goods, 169 Georgia
Farragut Hall, 132 Georgia
Faust John, bakery, Santa Clara near Virginia
Ferguson Joseph N, barber, 108 Georgia
Fitzerald Patrick, proprietor, Bay View House, South Vallejo
Flannigan Patrick, proprietor, Railroad House, South Vallejo
Forward Thomas, liquor saloon, South Vallejo
Francisco Daniel, liquor saloon, south east corner Branciforte and Virginia
Frey John, jewelry and fancy goods, 184 Georgia
Frost James, physician and druggist, 171 Georgia
Gaffney Bartholomew, liquor saloon, 69 Georgia
Gannon Thomas, boarding, 79 Georgia
Getchell & Thompson, groceries and liquors, 104 Georgia
Gillon E E, candy manufacturer, 160 Georgia
Good & Roney, groceries and liquors, 192 Georgia
Gorham Brothers, liquor saloon, 123 Georgia
Grimes Patrick, blacksmith, 206 Marin
Hall Thomas, shoemaker, 115 Georgia
Halsey Isaac S, dentist, 142 Georgia
Hampton John, proprietor, Frisbie House, South Vallejo
Hanly John, liquor saloon, South Vallejo
Hardy C L, watch maker and jeweler, 170 Georgia
Harrier Daniel W, groceries and liquors, 130 Georgia
Harrington Richard J, proprietor, Howard House, 116 Georgia
Hathaway Stephen F, agent, Eldredge sewing machines and Butterick patterns, 212 Santa Clara
Hayes J F, liquor saloon, 106 Georgia
Heald John L, proprietor Vallejo Foundry and Machine Works
Henderson O L, carriage manufacturer, 207 Marin
Hilborn Samuel G, attorney at law, 172 Georgia
Hirschfeld Simon, books and stationery, 178 Georgia
Hogan Thomas, liquor saloon, south west corner Georgia and Sacramento
Holland & Smith, junk, 265 Marin
Holleran Thomas, restaurant, south east corner Virginia and Sacramento
Houche & Foster, liquor saloon, north east corner Virginia and Sacramento
Hubbs Charles H, insurance agent, 160 Georgia
Johnson Louis, restaurant, 65 Georgia
Joslyn Louisa Mrs., milliner, 238 Virginia
Kahn Solomon, dry goods and clothing, 179 Georgia
Kelly Patrick, liquor saloon, South Vallejo
Kelly William S, cigar manufacturer, 237 Georgia
Kelly & McInnis, groceries and liquors, 122 Georgia
Kempinski John, barber and baths, 141 Georgia
Kennedy E J, groceries and liquors, 217 Virginia
Kennedy J E, dry goods, clothing, etc, 128 Georgia
Kennedy Michael, liquor saloon, 216 Santa Clara
Kennedy P J, boots and shoes, 161 Georgia
Lambert W R, attorney at law, 170 Georgia
Leach Frank A, postmaster, 258 Sacramento
Leu Valerian, gunsmith and hardware, 181 Georgia
Lima Alipio T F, barber, South Vallejo
Lyford J S, brick-layer and plasterer, 116 Georgia
Lynch Edward, liquor saloon, 76 Georgia
Lynch P C, groceries and liquors, 241 Virginia
Lynch Peter B, groceries and liquors. 93 Georgia
McAuliffe John F, proprietor Mechanics' House, 107 Virginia
McCarthy A D Mrs., lodgings, 100 Georgia
McCudden James, wood and coal, foot Georgia
McDermott Robert, liquor saloon, south east corner Marin and Georgia
McElroy Patrick, bookseller and stationer, 140 Georgia
McGettigan Edward, proprietor Pioneer Brewery, south east corner Marin and Carolina
McGill, John F, butcher, 212 Georgia
McGill Thomas F, butcher, 262 Sacramento
McGill William, livery stable, 227 Georgia
McInerny Katie Miss, millinery, 252 Sacramento
McInnis J A, hardware, 180 Georgia
McNally Charles, liquor saloon, 129 Georgia
McPike A J, sup't Vallejo City Water Co, 142 Georgia
McSorley & Walsh, tailors, 165 Georgia
Mead F D, notary public and insurance agent, 101 Georgia
Meek B E, express, 160 Georgia
Megarry William, groceries, 206 Georgia
Meyer Charles, plumber, 117 Georgia
Michaelis Frederick liquor saloon, 105 Virginia
Miller Henry, restaurant, 190 Georgia
Miller & Hall, painters, 217 Sacramento
Minahan John, liquor saloon, south west corner Virginia and Marin
Molony Daniel, shoe-maker, South Vallejo
Moran James, groceries and liquors, 181 Virginia
Murray Bridget Mrs., proprietress Capitol Hotel north east corner Virginia and Branciforte
Newcomb A E, restaurant, 102 Georgia
Newcomb C A, cigars and tobacco, 190 Georgia
Nicholson John, liquor saloon, 61 Georgia
North John, groceries, 244 Georgia
O'Grady Frank, proprietor Empire Soda Water Works, north west corner Sonoma and Florida
O'Keefe John, barber South Vallejo
Passalaqua Bernadetto, fruits, 83 Georgia
Pelliam Alexander, shoemaker, 201 Marin
Pelham H J, musician, 190 Georgia
Pendleton B F, dentist, 1361 Georgia
Peyser Nicholas, tailor, 219 Sacramento
Plummer & Robinson, clothing and furnishing goods, 153 Georgia
Pope & Talbot, lumber. South Vallejo
Porter John, restaurant, 121 Georgia
Powell A, manager Puget Sound Lumber Co, South Vallejo
Priest George A, bill poster, 213 Sacramento
Puget Sound Lumber Co, A Powell manager. South Vallejo
Purington T C, carpenter and saw filer, 217 Sacramento
Radke Robert, boots and shoes, 183 Georgia
Ragsdale, J C, insurance agent, 100 Georgia
Raines Thomas, carriage painter, Marin near York
Reinquin P L, tailor, 217 Santa Clara
Rich art G B, saddle and harness maker, 174 Georgia
Riley Charles W, justice of the peace and notary public, 247 Virginia
Riley C W, liquor saloon, 188 Georgia
Roberts William, livery stable, 311 Georgia
Roe George, publisher Solano Daily Times, 177 Georgia
Ross Mary Mrs., boarding, South Vallejo
Sancts J N, wood and coal, foot Virginia
Schroth George, liquor saloon, 139 Georgia
Settle Thomas B, liquor saloon, 200 Georgia
Shea Maggie Miss, milliner, 261, Sacramento
Shields C F Mrs., lodgings, 188 Georgia
Short William, proprietor Astor House, north west corner Santa Clara and Sacramento
Skinner William W, butcher, 120 Georgia
Smith C F, barber and baths, 190 Georgia
Smith J G, photographer, 164 Georgia
Snow H H, dry goods, 100 Georgia
Solano Daily Times, George Roe publisher. 177 Georgia
Souther John S, expressman, 142 Georgia
Starr & Co, proprietor Starr Mills, South Vallejo
Steffen Brothers, butchers. South Vallejo
Steffen & Co, butchers, south west corner Georgia and Marin
Stege Henry, boarding, south west corner Capitol and Brancitorte
Streichen William, shoemaker, 96 Georgia
Taylor W E, physician, 142 Georgia
Thompson Brothers, express, 192 Georgia
Tobin J F, butcher, 73 Georgia
Topley James, druggist, 166 Georgia
Tormey William, proprietor Vallejo Soda Water Works, north east corner Carolina and Marin
Trahy William, liquor saloon, South Vallejo
Tucker J T, restaurant, 188 Georgia
Vallejo A A, teacher music, 119 Sacramento
Vallejo City Water Co, A J McPike sup't, 142 Georgia
Vallejo Evening Chronicle, Chronicle Publishing Co publishers, south east corner Georgia and Santa Clara
Vallejo Land and Improvement Co, Samuel (t Hilborn president, E G Wilson secretary, north west corner Georgia and Sacramento
Vallejo Savings and Commercial Bank, E J Wilson president, Joseph K English cashier, north west corner Georgia and
Vanderlip O W, watchmaker, 160 Georgia
Vogt William, liquor saloon, 70 Georgia
Walker William, wood and coal, foot Maine
Waltenbaugh J B, domestic carpet manufacturer, 412 Georgia
Ward & McDonald, liquor saloon, 155 Georgia
Weber A M, restaurant. 214 Sacramento
Weill Brothers, boots and shoes. 173 Georgia
Wells, Fargo, & Co, Samuel Duncan agent, 142 Georgia
Western Union Telegraph, Miss Etta Simmons manager, 185 Georgia
Widenmann Rothenbusch, proprietors Solano Brewery, 260 Marin
Wilson E J, president Vallejo Savings and Commercial Bank, north west corner Georgia and Sacramento
Wilson Harry, liquor saloon, north east corner Georgia and Sacramento
Wilzinski Abraham, dry goods and clothing, 106 Georgia
Wood George, gun and locksmith, 236 Sacramento
Wright M J, hardware, stoves, and tin-ware, 186 Georgia
Wright W F, notary public Watsonville P O. 

West Coast Gazetteer

Source: Disturnell's Business Directory and Gazetteer, of the West Coast of North America, W. C. Disturnell, Publisher, San Francisco, California, 1882


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