West Coast Gazetteer & Directory ~ Seattle, Washington Territory

King County, an incorporated city and county seat, and the chief commercial town of western Washington Territory, is advantageously situated on Elliott Bay, an arm of Puget Sound, 167 miles north of Portland.

The city, which is built at the base and on the sides of a hill, commanding a fine view of the sound and surrounding pine-covered hills, presents an animated and thriving appearance, and is rapidly increasing in population and trade. The number of inhabitants, according to the census of 1880, was 3,661, and is now estimated at about 5,000. The harbor is an excellent one, free from obstructions, and with sufficient depth of water at the wharves for vessels of the largest class.

When, by means of contemplated roads, Seattle is brought in direct communication with the vast and fertile fields of eastern Washington, and other rich agricultural and mineral sections, the sanguine hopes of its citizens that it will yet become the chief commercial metropolis of the North-west may be realized.

The principal resources of this section are its extensive timber lands and coalfields, the manufacture of lumber and coal-mining being the principal industries carried on. During the year 1881, there was shipped from this point 150,000 tons of coal brought from the mines of Newcastle and Renton, with which Seattle is connected by rail. As a manufacturing locality, the city has attained an advanced position, there being in operation at the present time three saw-mills, four sash and door factories, four iron foundries, three boilers works, a barrel manufactory, an establishment for the manufacture of agricultural implements, and two ship-yards.

In the business portion there are a number of large and substantial brick buildings, and many of the residences are well constructed, and present an attractive appearance. Five public schools are maintained, having an attendance of about five hundred and forty scholars. The accommodations, however, are inadequate for the number of children enrolled, some two hundred being unprovided for. The building of a new schoolhouse is contemplated, to cost about $25,000. The Territorial University, a public institution maintained by appropriations, has twelve professors and teachers, and an attendance of one hundred students. This university recently received from Henry Villard a donation of $1,000, the last Legislature refusing to appropriate the necessary money for its maintenance. In addition to these institutions of learning is a parish school, under the auspices of the Episcopal Church and the Academy of Holy Names. A library is maintained at the University, consisting of books belonging to the institution and those of the Seattle Library Association.

The secret and benevolent societies represented are the Masons, Odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias, Ancient Order United Workmen, Grand Army of the Republic, and Good Templars. The religious denominations are the Episcopal, Congregational, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, and Roman Catholic.

The Seattle Gas Light Company furnishes the city with light, and water is supplied by several individuals from springs in the hills back of the city. The fire department is a volunteer one, having one steam-engine, drawn by horses, and a hand engine. Seven cisterns are located in convenient places, having a capacity of 90,000 gallons; but water from the sound is the main dependence in case of fire.

Two well-conducted papers, the Post-Intelligencer and the, Chronicle are published daily and weekly. The climate is mild. Considerable rain falls during the autumn, winter, and spring months; but the summers are very pleasant. Excessive cold is not experienced in the winter, but snow falls at times to the depth of a few inches. Communication is maintained by steamer daily with Port Townsend, Port Blakely, Olympia, Steilacoom, and New Tacoma, connecting at latter place with the trains of the Northern Pacific Railroad, also tri-weekly with Victoria, and tri-monthly with San Francisco. The trains of the Columbia and Puget Sound Railroad run daily to Renton and Newcastle.

Officers, H. G. Struve, Mayor; U. M. Rasin, C. F. Clancy, Charles McDonald, John Collins, Frederick Gasch, O. F. Casher, and G. L. Manning, Councilmen; E. S. Osborne, Clerk; L. S. McLure, Treasurer; I. M. Hall, Attorney; J. H. Woolery, Marshal; Samuel Coombs, Justice of the Peace; E. L. Smith, M. D., Health Officer; R. H. Calligan, Street Commissioner.

Abrams M. pawn broker, Mill
Abrams R, livery and feed stable, Washington
Ade Joseph, news depot, and varieties, corner Front and Pike
Anderson C M, civil and mining engineer, Mill
Anderson L C, painter and dealer paints, oils, and glass, Front
Andrews L B, notary public, James
Bagley H B. surgeon. Front
Baker John 0, physician, Commercial
Baxter S & Co, wholesale liquor, cigars, tobacco, furs, and hides. Front
Becker Charles, manufacturer furniture, and bedding. Commercial
Beede & Humphrey, butchers, Front
Beer & Kimic, liquor saloon, corner Mill and Second
Benjamin W B, fancy groceries, fruits, cigars, tobacco, etc, Front
Bersch J, liquor saloon, Mill
Blanchard & Co, wines a liquors, and insurance agents. Mill
Blomquist N F, boots and shoes. Front
Borren Joseph, furniture, bedding, and crockery. Commercial
Bow H. livery and feed stable, Commercial
Boyd & Poncin, dry goods, and clothing. Front
Brittain J C, manager Northern Transportation Co, Mill
Bryan Edgar, sewing-machines, real estate agent, notary public, and Assessor King County, Front
Burian Gottlieb, Harmonia Beer Hall. Front
Burke Henry, painter. Front
Burke & Rasin, attorneys at law. Commercial
Burroughs S L Mrs. millinery and fancy goods, Front
Caldwell R G, dentist. Commercial
Cann L A Mrs., milliner and dressmaker, and fancy goods, Front
Cann T H, attorney at law, justice of the peace, commissioner of deeds, notary public, real estate dealer and agent Salem Mill Company, Washington
Carkeek M J & Bro, marble works, Mill
Carr O J, postmaster, Mill
Case E G, dentist, Columbia
Chicago House, Mrs. M Sullivan proprietress. Mill
Chilberg Andrew, vice-consul Sweden, and Norway and Atlantic Steamship Agency, Front
Chilberg Bros, groceries, crockery, etc. Front
Choynske M. cabinet-maker, Washington
Clancy C F, Co, livery and feed stable, corner Second and Main
Clancy Tommy, liquor saloon, Mill
Clancy & Co, Bank Exchange Saloon, corner Commercial and Washington
Clarke, Anderson & Co, manufacturers furniture, upholstery, and bedding, Commercial
Clayton Bros, sewing machines, fancy and furnishing goods, notions etc, Front
Collins John, proprietor Occidental Hotel, Occidental Square
Colman J M, assistant superintendent Columbia and Puget Sound Railroad Co, corner Second and King
Columbia and Puget Sound Railroad Co, C H Prescott president, J N Dolph vice-president, John L Howard general superintendent, corner Second and King
Cook & Veser, druggists. Front
Coombs S F, police judge, shipping agent, and real estate dealer, Washington
Cosper O F, confectionery, cigars, tobacco, fruits, etc. Mill
Coulter & Sons, butchers. Commercial
Crater C, chop-house. Front
Crosson B, liquor saloon, Mill
Crow J W, superintendent North Pacific Iron Works, corner Front and Seneca
Davies & Woodruff, books and stationery, Front
Davis S, dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes, etc. Commercial
Dexter, Horton & Co, bankers, Commercial
Dickman & McMillan, butchers, Front
Diller L, liquor saloon, Commercial
Dixon & Dunger, barbers. Commercial
Dougan & Wright, furniture, bedding, and crockery, corner Mill and Second
Emery C D, attorney at law and notary public. Commercial
Esmonin CI, coffee and spice mills, and manufacturer yeast powders and flavoring extracts, Front
Evans & Anderson, butchers, corner Front and Cherry
Fink J M, superintendent Washington Iron Works, corner Second and Jackson
Flynn & Anderson, liquor saloon, Front
Foss& Borst, butchers, Commercial
Foster A, boiler maker, corner Front and Seneca
Foster George H, freight agent Pacific Coast Steamship Co, foot Mill
Frauenthal Bros, dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes, carpets, etc. Commercial
Freeman A P, boots and shoes, Front
Freeman T P, shoemaker, Mill
Fry George F, manager Seattle Co-operative Society, general merchandise. Front
Gasch Frederick, liquor saloon. Front
Gill R G, groceries, fruits, cigars, tobacco, etc, Front
Goldberg J & Co, importers cigars and tobacco, cutlery, etc, Commercial
Goodman E, gents' furnishing and fancy goods, Mill
Gove & Wilson, wholesale produce and commission, Mill St Wharf
Grasse J C, dentist. Front
Graves R C, pictures, picture frames, sewing machines, etc. Front
Graves R C Mrs., milliner, Front
Greene R S, chief justice Supreme Court, James
Griswold I H, architect and builder. Commercial
Gross William, restaurant, Mill
Haines J C, notary public. Mill
Hall Isaac M, attorney at law, notary public, and probate judge King County, James
Hall W B, real estate agent and notary public. Mill
Hall & Paulson Furniture Co, manufacturers furniture, upholstery goods, etc, Commercial
Haller & Engel, attorneys at law and notaries public, corner Commercial and Mill
Hammond William, ship and boat builder, foot Cherry
Hanford C, job printer, Post Building
Hanford C H. attorney at law and assistant U. S. Attorney, corner Commercial and Mill
Hanford T, real estate
Harmon L C Mrs. proprietress New England House Commercial
Harrington & Smith, groceries, hardware, crockery, etc. Commercial
Harris George W, agent Wells, Fargo & Co, Mill
Harris George W & Co. bankers, Mill
Harris Henry, tailor. Mill
Harris S C, Auditor King County Courthouse
Harrison & Keil, proprietors Saddle Rock Restaurant, Commercial
Hathaway & Pearce, attorneys at law, Commercial
Hess August, liquor saloon, junction West, Front and Pike
Hill A F, liquor saloon. Commercial
Hill George D. Treasurer King County Courthouse
Holyoke A B, watchmaker and jeweler. Commercial
Howard W H, barber, Front
Hull B, proprietor Minnesota House, corner Commercial and Main
Hunt J W, carriage and wagon maker and horseshoer, Second
Ingram E S, Superintendent Schools King County
Jacobs & Jenner, attorneys at law, James
Jamieson A Mrs., fancy goods, Columbia
Jennings D A (W. A. Jennings manager), groceries, crockery, glass ware, and liquors. Commercial
Jonasson A M, carpenter and cabinet-maker, Front
Jones A W Mrs., dressmaker, Front
Jones Bros, groceries, North Seattle
Jones H, boots and shoes, Mill
Jones & McComb, proprietors Starr Flouring Mills, corner Seneca and Front
Kaufman D, boots and shoes, and tailor, Front
Keating M M, paints, oils, glass, and wall paper. Commercial
Keene F A, barber, Commercial
Keenen John. Seattle Marble Works, Washington
Keil Charles, lodgings. Front
Kellogg& Anderson, druggists, corner Commercial and Mill
Kellogg & Snyder, produce and groceries, Front
Kelly M A, druggist. Mill
Kendrick B F. physician. Front
Kennedy John, liquor saloon. Mill
Kennett Charles, boot and shoe maker. Front
Kenney John, boots and shoes. Commercial
Kenney S, merchant tailor, clothing, and gents' furnishing goods. Commercial
Knipe Robert, agent Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Co, corner Commercial and Mill
Kollock J M, physician, and corner King County Mill
Lair P J, manager Seattle
Lumber and Commercial Co, foot Madison
Leary John, notary public, Mill
Levy H E, fancy goods, notions, etc, Commercial
Levy Jacob, tailor, Commercial
Lewis J R, attorney at law, James Ludlow James P, Clerk King County, and District Court, and U S Commissioner, Courthouse
Luff C M Mrs., fancy goods and underwear, corner Second and Cherry
Lyle T, groceries, crockery, etc, Front
Lyons J M, agent Western Union Telegraph Co, and Puget Sound Telegraph Co, Front
Macbeth J A, horseshoer, Second
Mackintosh & Reeves, bankers, corner Commercial and Mill
Maddocks M R, druggist. Front
Marsh Frank, proprietor Seattle Boiler Works, Yesler's Wharf
Marsh & Cowles, flour, provisions, fruits, oysters, etc. Mill
Mattullath Manufacturing Co., Louis Sohns manager, barrel manufacturers, North Seattle
McDonald C, ship and machine blacksmith, Mill
McDonald J F, varieties, Commercial
McElroy E Mrs., boarding and lodgings, Columbia
McGee John W, blacksmith and wagon maker. Commercial
McGilvra John J, attorney at law. Commercial
McGraw J H, Sheriff King Co, and city marshal, Courthouse
McLure & Taylor, insurance agents, James
McMackin E, groceries, corner Front and Pike
McNaught, Ferry, McNaught, and Mitchell, attorneys at law. Squires' Opera House
McPhee J A, gents' furnishing goods, cigars, tobacco, etc. Commercial
Mehlhorn A, proprietor North Pacific Brewery, Front
Merrick C H, physician, Front Meyer E, hats, caps, and gents' furnishing goods, Front
Michel John, boot and shoe maker. Mill
Miller Charles L, physician. Cherry
Mills L H, dressmaker. Mill
Mills M V, constable, Washington
Minnesota House, B Hull proprietor, corner Commercial and Main
Mitchell C L, harness and saddlery. Mill
Mitchell J F T & Co, ship and boat builders, spar makers, etc. Mill
Montgomery W, cigars and tobacco, Commercial
Moore George N, photographer, Front
Morgareidge S, barber. Commercial
Morgareidge S Mrs., dressmaker. Cherry
Murphy B, liquor saloon, corner Commercial and Main
Murray A Mrs., human hair, Commercial
Naher Charles, watchmaker and jeweler. Mill
Nelson & Phinney, attorneys at law, real estate brokers, and insurance agents. Mill
Neuman L, gunsmith and locksmith, Commercial
New England House, Mrs. L C Harmon proprietress, Commercial
Nixon J C, liquor saloon, Mill
North Pacific Brewery, A Mehlhorn proprietor, Front
North Pacific Iron Works, J W Crow superintendent, corner Front and Seneca
Northern Transportation Co, J C Brittain manager, Yesler's Wharf
Oakley & Hall, real estate and loan agents, Front
Occidental Hotel, John Collins proprietor, Occidental Square
Ohlfelder H, groceries, crockery, glassware, etc. Front
Onsum & Olstad, butchers, Front
Orth Adam, boots and shoes. Front
Osborn Richard, attorney at law, Squires' Opera House
Osborne E S, attorney at law, James
Osborne John, liquor saloon, Commercial
Osgood Thomas, liquor saloon, Washington
Pacific Coast Steamship Co, W H Pumphrey ticket agent, Mill
Parker L B, proprietor Parker House, North Seattle
Peters Frank, liquor saloon, Washington
Petersen Bros, photographers. Front
Pettengill & Ackely, Bon Ton Saloon, Washington
Pfieffer Daniel A, Seattle Restaurant, Mill
Philpott William, house and sign painter, paper hanger, and dealer paints, oils, glass, etc. Front
Pinkham A S, real estate agent, Commercial
Piper A W, bakery and confectionery, and candy factory. Front
Pontius F A, druggist. Front
Prichard & Lester, liquor saloon, Washington
Prosch Thomas W, editor and manager The Post-Intelligencer, Mill
Puget Foundry, Williamson & Kellogg proprietors, corner Front and Spring
Puget Sound Telegraph Co, J M Lyons agent, Front
Pumphrey W H, ticket agent Pacific Coast Steamship Co, Mill
Pumphrey & Lowman, books, stationery, fancy goods, etc. Mill
Rasin U M, notary public, Commercial
Reinig L, groceries, provisions, etc, corner Front and Marion
Requa H J, watchmaker, Commercial
Rickards William, chop-house, Commercial
Root O G, physician. Mill
Ross Robert, groceries, cigars, and tobacco, Washington
Rosten L, dry goods and millinery goods, Front
Rowe L S, groceries, fruits, etc, Front
Sander F E, notary public, collector, and real estate agent, corner Commercial and Mill
Sander P L, candies, fruits, cigars, etc. Front
Sanderson J H, groceries and crockery. Mill
Schmidt V, liquor saloon, Mill
Schram J & Co, stoves, tinware and gas fixtures, gasfitters and plumbers. Commercial
Schwabacher Bros & Co, general merchandise and wholesale liquors. Commercial
Scott R, real estate agent, notary public, and conveyancer. Mill
Scott W A, barber. Mill
Seattle Boiler Works, Frank
Marsh proprietor, Yesler's Wharf
Seattle Brewery, A Slorah proprietor, corner Fourth and Mill
Seattle Co-operative Society, George F Fry manager, general merchandise, Front
Seattle Daily Chronicle, Chronicle Publishing Co proprietors, James
Seattle Gas Light Co, Commercial
Seattle Lumber and Commercial Co, P J Lair manager, manufacturers lumber, doors, sashes, blinds, etc, foot Madison
Seattle Marble Works, John Keenen proprietor, Washington
Seattle Saw Mill and Machine Shop, Columbia and Puget
Sound Railroad Co proprietors, manufacturers lumber, doors, blinds, etc, and machinery, corner Second and King
Shaw M Mrs., proprietress Windsor House, Columbia
Shaw & Algar, liquor saloon, Commercial
Shephard J J, contractor and builder, corner Third and Marion
Shillestad O, cabinet-maker and undertaker, Cherry
Shorey O C, undertaker, Front
Shoudy W H, harness and saddlery, Front
Silvain Louis, liquor saloon, Mill
Slorah A, proprietor Seattle Brewery, corner Fourth and Mill
Smith E L, physician and health officer, Mill
Smith James, liquor saloon, corner Washington and Third
Smith L P & Son, watches, jewelry, silverware, clocks, optical goods, etc. Front
Smith Thomas, liquor saloon, Mill
Smith Thomas, liquor saloon, Washington
Smith W Parry, constable and real estate agent, Washington
Smith & Farrar, proprietors The Arlington, corner Main and Commercial
Smith & Willard, physicians, Mill
Snyder A M, attorney at law, broker, and real estate agent Commercial
Sohns Louis R, manufacturer tubs, barrels, buckets, etc, corner Second and Main
Squires' Opera House, Commercial Starkey David W, physician, Front
Starr Flouring Mills, Jones & McComb proprietors, corner Seneca and Front
Stetson & Post, manufacturers lumber, doors, sashes and blinds, corner Commercial and King
Stevens H, photographer, Front
Stewart & Ebersol, job printers, Front
Stone C P & Co, groceries. Front
Stranz M, barber and baths. Front
Struve, Haines & Leary, attorneys at law. Mill
Sullivan John, cigars, tobacco, confectionery, etc. Commercial
Sullivan M Mrs., proprietress Chicago House, Mill
Swayzee F C, inspector of customs, corner Commercial and Mill
Thatcher J L, groceries, Mill
The Arlington, Smith & Farrar proprietors, corner Main and Commercial
The Post-Intelligencer, The Post-Intelligencer Publishing Co. proprietors. Mill
Thurlow A, boat builder, corner Seneca and Front
Tibbits J H, watchmaker and jeweler, Front
Tibbits L M Mrs., millinery and fancy goods. Front
Toklas & Singerman, dry goods, clothing, carpets, etc, Commercial
Treen & Raymond, boots and shoes. Front
Turner E A, real estate agent and notary public, Mill
Ulin E, ship carpenter, foot Washington
Vrooman S B, attorney and counselor at law, notary public, and real estate agent, Commercial
Waddell & Miles, hardware, stoves and tinware. Mill
Wald & Campbell, hardware and agricultural implements, wagons, etc, Front
Walsh Geo W, liquor saloon, Mill
Walton & Wertheimer, cigars, tobacco, cutlery, etc, Mill
Ward Kirk C, editor Seattle Daily Chronicle, James
Washington Iron Works, J M Fink superintendent, corner Second and Jackson
Weed G A, physician, Front
Wells, Fargo & Co, George W Harris agent, Mill
Wenzler John, cigars and tobacco, Mill
Western Union Telegraph Co, J M Lyons agent. Front
White, Boman & Munday, attorneys at law, and real estate agents, Front
Whitworth Bros, civil and mining engineers, Main
Whitworth F H, surveyor King Co, Main
Wiegand M Mrs., lodgings. Front
Wikstrong P, proprietor Wisconsin House, Mill
Williamson J H, manufacturer engines, machinery, etc, corner Front and Spring
Williamson & Kellogg, proprietors Puget Foundry, corner Front and S] ring
Windsor House, Mrs. M Shaw proprietress, Columbia
Wisconsin House, P Wickstrong proprietor, Mill
Wolff A, liquor saloon. Mill
Wright M J Mrs., bakery and restaurant, corner Columbia and Front
Wustholf F W, hardware, and manufacturer agricultural implements. Front
Young Men's Christian Association, Commercial

West Coast Gazetteer

Source: Disturnell's Business Directory and Gazetteer, of the West Coast of North America, W. C. Disturnell, Publisher, San Francisco, California, 1882


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