West Coast Gazetteer & Directory ~ Santa Dieguito ~ Springville, California

Santa Dieguito P O
San Diego County is situated near the sea-coast, about thirty miles north of the city of San Diego.

Adams T, general merchandise and postmaster
Crandall J, liquor saloon
Messenger J, general merchandise

Santa Monica P O
Los Angeles County, is situated on the sea-coast, sixteen miles from Los Angeles City, with which it is connected by rail. It occupies a picturesque site on a high plateau overlooking the ocean, and is a noted resort for invalids, tourists, and pleasure seekers. The beach is unsurpassed for surf-bathing, and the bath house for invalids is one of the best on the coast. Communication is maintained with Los Angeles twice a day.

Boyce M B, postmaster, justice of the peace, attorney at law and notary public
Bright Tony, liquor saloon
Chapin M E, books and stationery, groceries, etc
Collins K Mrs., restaurant
Cudehy John, liquor saloon
Donald John, agent Santa Monica Land Co
Elliott J S, physician
Giroux H & Bro, groceries and liquor saloon
Jeffries E P, physician
Mountain John, liquor and billiard saloon
Mountain W D, fruits and confectionery
Rapp William, liquor saloon
Sadlier F A, liquor saloon
Suits E D, hotel
Suits & Elliott, butchers
Twitchell C C, restaurant
Vawter E J, druggist
Vawter W D & E J, general merchandise
Waller C M Mrs., bath-house
Wells, Fargo & Co, E K Chapin agent

Santa Paula P O
Ventura County, is situated in Santa Clara valley, ten miles from the sea-coast and ten miles east of San Buenaventura, on the route of the Telegraph Coast Stage Line, in the midst of an excellent agricultural section. Stages leave daily for Newhall and Soledad, connecting with the trains of the Southern Pacific E. R.

Baker C N, hotel
Cohn Mauritz, general merchandise
Forbes Benjamin O, postmaster
Gordon William, liquor saloon
Perry William W, harness and saddle maker
Skinner L, general merchandise

Sausalito P O
Marin County, is situated on the bay of San Francisco, six miles distant from the city of San Francisco, with which it is connected by ferry. Previous to the discovery of gold it was frequented by whalers and other vessels that entered the harbor for supplies of water and fuel. Its picturesque situation and pleasant climate, it being free from the high winds which often prevail in the city, make it a favorite resort for picnic parties and other pleasure-seekers.

Amaral Antonio S, general merchandise
Barety Joseph B, butcher
Barrow George, restaurant
Bellrude T ST livery stable
Bettancourt Joseph S, restaurant
Brindeau Adrian, shoemaker
Broderick John, groceries
Brown Frank S, general merchandise
Charbonet Joseph, liquor saloon
Cramer John D, carpenter
Crane Peter, proprietor Sausalito Hotel
Dexter Charles, liquor saloon
Forrest Charles, boats and fishing tackle
Haultheisen John, restaurant
Johnson Louis, boats, baths, and oysters
Kuhn F M, blacksmith
Louano Joseph, liquor saloon
Mansebo M & Co, livery stable
Marie Joseph, shoemaker
McLeod Alexander, blacksmith
Rety Mme, restaurant and park
Ryan James H, liquor saloon
Sanchez Manuel, proprietor Lisbon House
Schnell Jacob, proprietor Schnell's Hotel
Schnell John, groceries and postmaster
Schultz Louisa Mrs., proprietress Branch Hotel
Seiz Nicholas, liquor saloon
Slinkey J E, proprietor El Monte Hotel
Smith George W, livery stable
Thomas Jacques, barber
Webber & Freedman, proprietors
Wildwood Glen Park

Shelter Cove,
Humboldt County, is situated on the sea-coast about 63 miles south of Eureka, and 1 67 miles north of San Francisco. Communication is maintained with San Francisco weekly by the steamers of the Pacific Coast Steamship Co.

Bay Bros, general merchandise

Slide P O
Humboldt County, generally known as Springville, is situated in Eel River valley 20 miles south of Eureka, on the Eureka and Cloverdale stage road. The principal industries carried on in this section are the manufacture of lumber and farming. Communication is maintained with Eureka daily by stage.

Greig Thomas G, hotel and livery stable
Hafner Joseph, blacksmith
Mason & Co, flour and lumber manufacturers
Robben Bernard, shoemaker
Swortzel W J, general merchandise and postmaster

Smith's Ranch P O
Sonoma County, generally known as Bodega, is situated on Bodega Bay, about 67 miles north of San Francisco. Dairying and farming are carried on in the vicinity to a considerable extent, it being an excellent agricultural and grazing section. Daily communication is maintained with San Francisco and other points by the North Pacific Coast R. R.

Adams A, shoemaker
Fav E C, hotel
Goodman & Co, general merchandise
Hamilton K, liquor saloon
McCaughey J, general merchandise
McNeil John, liquor saloon
McLaughlin R, shoemaker
Morris J C, hotel
Semsel N & Co, varieties
Wells, Fargo, & Co, J McCaughey agent

Soquel P O
Santa Cruz County, is situated on Monterey Bay, on the line of the Santa Cruz railroad, five miles east of Santa Cruz City. It is a thriving town, supported principally by several prominent industries, including the manufacture of lumber and leather, which are extensively carried on. Communication is maintained with San Francisco daily by rail, and weekly by the steamers of the Pacific Coast Steamship Co.

Bennett J F, liquor saloon
Bowman J, tinsmith
Brown J A, liquor saloon
Delehanty John, shoemaker
Evans & Smith, groceries
Fleisig I, general merchandise
Grover & Co. lumber manufacturers
Kropf TV G, barber
Meacham D J, blacksmith
Mills C A, butcher
Morgan John, hotel
Neilsen John, blacksmith
O'Neil Bros, paper mill
Porter B F & Co, tannery
Porter Edward, general merchandise and post master
Robertson S L, physician
Wells, Fargo, & Co, J E West agent

South Vallejo,
Solano County (See Vallejo P. O.)

San Mateo County (See Half Moon Bay P. O.)

Humboldt County (See Slide P. O.) 

West Coast Gazetteer

Source: Disturnell's Business Directory and Gazetteer, of the West Coast of North America, W. C. Disturnell, Publisher, San Francisco, California, 1882


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