West Coast Gazetteer & Directory ~ Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz County, county seat and incorporated city of about 4,000 inhabitants, is situated on the north side of the bay of Monterey, 70 miles by water and 80 miles by land south-east of San Francisco. The town is built on the site of the old mission established in 1791, from which it derives its name. The view from the high ground overlooking the city is romantic and picturesque, on one side is seen the mountains towering in scenic grandeur, while on the other is seen the sandy beach stretching out and meeting in easy slope the waves rolling in from the watery expanse which reflects in shimmering silver the beaming rays of the sun. The city is well laid out with wide streets, and the neat and attractive residences, with gardens filled with flowers of various hues, give it an attractive appearance. In the business portion of the city about one-half of the buildings are of brick, a number of which are substantial and handsome edifices. It is a favorite watering place and summer resort. The beach is one of the finest on the coast, and in the summer season presents an animated appearance with its hundreds of bathers sporting in the foamy surf. The climate is mild, and the atmosphere is of that balmy softness experienced only by the admixture of sea and mountain air.

As a manufacturing place it is considered one of the most important in the State. The principal industries in this line are the manufacture of lumber, lime, leather, and powder. Farming and dairying are also carried on to a considerable extent in the surrounding country. Four public schools arc maintained, having an average attendance of about five hundred scholars. The secret and benevolent societies organized are Masons, Odd Fellows, United Workmen, Knights of Honor, American Legion of Honor, Chosen Friends, Red Men, Good Templars, Sons of Temperance, and Ancient Order of Druids.

The churches represented are the Baptist, Episcopal, Methodist, Congregational, Christian, Latter Day Saints, and Roman Catholic. The current news is chronicled by three weekly newspapers, the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Courier Item, and California Transcript. The Santa Cruz Gas Co. furnishes the city with gaslight, and the Santa Cruz Water Co. supplies the thirst-quenching fluid of nature. The fire department consists of a Hook and Ladder Co. and two Hose Cos.

Communication is maintained with San Francisco by the South Pacific Coast R. R., also by rail to Pajaro, and stage to Santa Clara, connecting with the trains of the Southern Pacific, and weekly by steamers of the Pacific Coast Steamship Co.

Officers, J. D. Chace, Mayor; F. D. Scott, L. Schwartz, L. W. Scott, Wallace Dyer, Councilmen; William H. Bliss, Clerk and Assessor; P. R. Hinds, Treasurer and Tax Collector.

Aichbarg C, photographer, Pacific Avenue
Alexander W C, contractor and builder, Maple
Allan J D, groceries, Pacific Avenue
Amner Thomas, proprietor Santa Cruz Foundry, River
Anderson C L, physician
Armstrong Thomas, liquor saloon, Pacific Avenue
Aston Frank, assessor Santa Cruz Co, Court-house
Augstein Henry, barber, Pacific Avenue
Austin L B, fruits and groceries, Pacific Avenue
Bailey F E, physician, Front
Bailey J H agent Western Union Telegraph Co, Pacific Avenue
Bailey S H, watchmaker and jeweler, Pacific Avenue
Baldwin A, boots and shoes. Pacific Avenue
Bank Exchange, Merrill & Wright proprietors, Pacific Avenue
Bank of Santa Cruz County, E J Cox cashier, Pacific Avenue
Barnet S, clothing. Pacific Avenue
Bay and Coast Telegraph, J R Chace operator, Pacific Avenue
Bell W A, photographer. Pacific Avenue
Benedict N, proprietor Santa Cruz House, Lower Plaza
Bernheim J & Co, general merchandise, Pacific Avenue
Bird Samuel, shoemaker. Vine
Birkenser George, bill poster, Pacific Avenue
Bliss F W, dentist, Pacific Avenue
Bolton A E, attorney at law and notary public, Pacific Avenue
Bowman Edward, carriage and wagon maker, Front
Bowman G, stoves and crockery. Pacific Avenue
Bradley O I, wagon maker and blacksmith. Water
Brazer J, postmaster and books and stationery. Pacific Avenue
Briody E, liquor saloon. Pacific Avenue
Bueb Landel, liquor saloon, Front
Butterfield C H, groceries and provisions. Pacific Avenue
California Transcript, G. W. Peckham publisher. Pacific Avenue
Cappelmann C, liquor saloon, Pacific Avenue
Carro E C, shoemaker, Mission
Chace J D, butcher, Pacific Avenue
Chace J R, operator Bay and Coast Telegraph, Pacific Avenue
Chester George A, restaurant, Pacific Avenue
Christal J F, druggist, Pacific Avenue
Christy Robert, proprietor The Tivoli, Pacific Avenue
Clark Henry, marble works, Pacific Avenue
Cohen Emanuel, cigars and tobacco, Pacific Avenue
Cohen and Fibush, cigar manufacturers and tobacco, Pacific Avenue
Conant Roger, attorney at law, Pacific Avenue
Cope Jesse, clothing, Pacific Avenue
Cope W T, hardware, Pacific Avenue
Cox E J, cashier Bank of Santa
Cruz County, Pacific Avenue
Cristofanini A & Co, importers wines and liquors, Lower Plaza
Currier, F R, plumber and gasfitter. Pacific Avenue
Daken Elmer, sheriff Santa Cruz County Courthouse
Daniels L A, Transfer Express Co, Pacific Avenue
Davenport J P, notary public. Pacific Avenue
Davis C W, contractor and builder
Davis & Cowell, lime manufactures
De Lamater G B V, general merchandise. Pacific Avenue
De Wolfe E D Mrs., stationery and fancy goods, Pacific Avenue
Diesing Otto, beer saloon, Pacific Avenue
Drennan S, real estate and insurance agent, 5 Pacific Avenue
Effey William, watchmaker and jeweler, Pacific Avenue
Ely F W, furniture. Pacific Avenue
Fagen P B, physician, Pacific Avenue
Farnham E G, hay and grain. Water
Fay P & Co, druggists. Pacific Avenue
Felker William, undertaker, Water
Field & Son, general merchandise, Pacific Avenue
Fisher A, tannery
Fitch A H & Co, butchers, Pacific Avenue
Fitzgibbons M, butcher, Pacific Avenue
Flagg D S, marble works. Pacific Avenue
Flintoff Joseph, horse-shoer. Front
Foster E, blacksmith. Front
Franklin House, Mrs. S Harris proprietress, Lower Plaza
Gadsby B C, paints, oils, and glass, Pacific Avenue
Germania Hotel, J P Krieg proprietor, corner Vine and Locust
Ginnochio L, liquor saloon, Mission
Goldsby & Jeter, attorneys at law, Pacific Avenue
Gordon O L, dentist, Pacific Avenue
Groom T B, liquor saloon. Pacific Avenue
Grover & Co, lumber and planing mills. Pacific Avenue
Hagerty J C, sewing machines. Pacific Avenue
Hamlin C L, manufacturer boots and shoes, Pacific Avenue
Handley Kate Miss, millinery and fancy goods. Pacific Avenue
Harris S Mrs., proprietress Franklin House, Lower Plaza
Haug C, liquor saloon, River
Heath & Byrne, stoves, tinware, and hardware, Pacific Avenue
Heitman H, merchant tailor, Lower Plaza
Heyler C J, boots and shoes, Pacific Avenue
Hicks A S, harness and saddle maker, Pacific Avenue
Hinds A J, real estate and insurance agent, Pacific Avenue
Hobbs W H, books and stationery, and superintendent public schools Santa Cruz Co, Pacific Avenue
Hoffmann C, notary public and insurance agent, Pacific Avenue
Hoffmann F J, station agent South Pacific Coast R R,
Hug John J, druggist, Pacific Avenue
Hunter W T, carriage maker and blacksmith, Vine
Jarvis George M, groceries, Pacific Avenue
Jenkins J G, attorney at law and notary public, Pacific Avenue
Kelly J, beer saloon, Front
Kirby R C, tannery
Knight B Jr, physician, Locust
Koehn F, beer saloon, Mission
Kooser B Mrs., millinery and fancy goods, Pacific Avenue
Koper F, shoemaker, Pacific Avenue
Krieg J P, proprietor Germania Hotel, corner Vine and Locust
Kron H F, tannery
Lake G P, wagon maker. Front
Langenbeck John F, shoemaker. Front
Leibrandt Bros, proprietors
Leibrandt's Bath House, Santa Cruz Beach
Leibrandt's Bath House, Leibrandt Bros proprietors, Santa Cruz Beach
Lenhart J L, carpenter. Pacific Avenue
Lesser J M, notary public and attorney at law, Pacific Avenue
Levy Charles S & Co, dry goods, clothing, etc. Pacific Avenue
Ley George, liquor saloon, Pacific Avenue
Liddell William, proprietor
Liddell House, Santa Cruz beach
Lincoln O J, proprietor San
Lorenzo Livery Stable, Pacific Avenue
Lindsey D M, carriage maker, Front
Lintner H, shoemaker, Front
Littlefield L C & Co, cigars and tobacco, Pacific Avenue
Littlefield & Underhill, proprietors
Littlefield's Express Co, Pacific Avenue
Logan J H, superior judge, Courthouse
Longley O A, painter. Pacific Avenue
Lukes L, flour and feed mill, Pacific Avenue
Lynam W E, manufacturer boots and shoes. Pacific Avenue
Makinney H E, clerk, auditor and recorder Santa Cruz County Courthouse
Manor J H, groceries and provisions, Pacific Avenue
Mansion House, N Manson, proprietor, Mission
Manson N, proprietor Mansion House, Mission
March W F, lumber, Pacific Avenue
Martin W H, proprietor Martin's Foundry, River
McCann F J, attorney at law, Pacific Avenue
McMahan J B, physician, Church
McMenomy J J, liquor saloon, Locust
McPherson & Waldron, publishers Santa Cruz Sentinel, Pacific Avenue
Merrill & Wright, billiard and liquor saloon, Pacific Avenue
Meyer John, beer saloon, Pacific Avenue
Myrick & Co, real estate Exchange and Mart, Pacific Avenue
Miller W H, teamster. Pacific Avenue o
Miramontez D, varieties. Pacific Avenue
Mitchell George, billiard and liquor saloon. Pacific Avenue
Mitchell I, barber. Pacific Avenue
Morgan F E, physician, Pacific Avenue
Morris Ella M Mrs., photographer. Pacific Avenue
Moris S L upholsterer and picture frames, Pacific Avenue
Mozzini Paolo, proprietor Swiss Hotel. Water
Neary K M. millinery and fancy goods. Pacific Avenue
Neary P, groceries and liquors. Mission
Neff J B, fancy and furnishing goods, Pacific Avenue
Nolan E, restaurant, Mission
Ocean View House, Main
Olive George, lumber. Pacific Avenue
Ord W M, justice of the peace. Pacific Avenue
Ortiz L, sign and carriage painter
Osterhus J A, cigars and tobacco, Pacific Avenue
Pacific Ocean House, E J Swift proprietor, Pacific Avenue
Pacific Ocean House Billiard and Liquor Saloon. Pacific Avenue
Peckham B A, Station agent S P R R
Peckham G W., California Transport, Pacific Avenue
Peterson A M, harness saddle maker. Pacific Avenue
Pierrugue Joseph, varieties, corner Pacific Avenue and Mission
Pinana Bros, boarding, Front
Place G W. dry goods. Pacific Avenue
Pratschner Frank, billiards and liquor saloon, Pacific Avenue
Proctor F C, clothing. Mission
Pundt Peter, liquor saloon. Pacific Avenue
Paudall H, boots and shoes, Pacific Avenue
Richards Mrs., boarding. Santa Cruz Beach
Rhoades W H, gunsmith, Pacific Avenue
Robertson S L, corner and public administrator Santa Cruz County Courthouse
Rose & Whittle, fruits and groceries. Pacific Avenue
Sagar George H, agent Pacific Coast Steamship Co
San Lorenzo Livery Stable, O J Lincoln proprietor. Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz Feed Mill, James F Simpson proprietor. Vine
Santa Cruz Foundry, Thomas Amner proprietor, River
Santa Cruz Gas Co, Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz House. N Benedict. Lower Plaza
Santa Cruz Sentinel, McPherson & Waldron publishers. Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz Water Co, Pacific Avenue
Sarment M, liquor saloon. Mission.
Scott F D, groceries and provisions, Pacific Avenue
Scott J J, justice of the peace. Mission
Scott Jones, livery stable. Pacific Avenue
Simpson James F, proprietor, Santa Cruz Feed Mill, Vine
Stattier George, furniture and undertaker. Pacific Avenue
Steiger Robert, bakery, Bridge
Steiner A, boots and shoes, Pacific Avenue
Steiumete Charles, treasurer and tax collector Santa Cruz County Courthouse
Storey W D, district attorney, Santa Cruz County Courthouse
Street H W, barber, Pacific Avenue
Struckmeier L F, merchant tailor. Pacific Avenue
Swim A. bakery. Pacific Avenue
Swanton A P, livery stable, Lower Plaza
Swift E J, proprietor Pacific Ocean House, Pacific Avenue
Swiss Hotel, Paolo Mozzini proprietor, Water
Sylvia F, barber, Mission Tanner J G, druggist, Pacific Avenue
Taylor Arthur A, publisher, The Courier-Item, Pacific Avenue
Terry H M, flour and grain Pacific Avenue
The Courier-Item, Arthur A Taylor publisher. Pacific Avenue
Thompson R, agent Wells, Fargo & Co, Pacific Avenue
Thurber I L, stone cutter and mason. Pacific Avenue
Tivoli (The), Robert Christy proprietor. Pacific Avenue
Towle T S, groceries and provisions. Pacific Avenue
Transfer Express Co, L. A. Daniels proprietor Pacific Avenue
Van Alstine G B, candy manufacturer, Pacific Avenue
Varozza M, shoemaker. Water
Vaux E P, physician, Pacific Avenue
Veatch H C, billiard and liquor saloon. Pacific Avenue
Walker Thomas, constable and collector. Front
Waterman W F, blacksmith, Pacific Avenue
Weber H, liquor saloon. Lower Plaza
Wells, Fargo & Co, R. Thompson, agent. Pacific Avenue
Werner C F, billiard and liquor saloon, Front
Werner John, saddle and harness maker, Pacific Avenue
Western Union Telegraph Co, J. H. Bailey agent, Pacific Avenue
Wheeler TA, sewing machines, Pacific Avenue
Whidden R K, sewing machines, 7 Locust
Wilkin & Co, news agency and stationery, Pacific Avenue
Wilkins House, P. V. Wilkins proprietor, Pacific Avenue
Wilkins P V, proprietor Wilkins House, Pacific Avenue
Willey H, crockery, hardware, paints and oils, corner Pacific Avenue and Locust
Williams John H, carpenter,
Williamson H T, barber. Mission
Williamson & Garrett, groceries and provisions, Pacific Avenue
Wilson D, clothing, Pacific Avenue
Wright Thomas W, surveyor Santa Cruz County Courthouse
Young M, candy manufacturer. Pacific Avenue
Young W P, butcher, Pacific Avenue
Younger Charles B, attorney at law. Pacific Avenue
Zaro M, restaurant. Pacific Avenue  

West Coast Gazetteer

Source: Disturnell's Business Directory and Gazetteer, of the West Coast of North America, W. C. Disturnell, Publisher, San Francisco, California, 1882


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