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Santa Ana P O
Los Angeles County, is situated 35 miles south-east of the city of Los Angeles, and is a terminus of the Wilmington and San Diego Division oi the Southern Pacific Railroad. It is a very flourishing town of about 1,500 inhabitants, pleasantly located in the midst of a rich agricultural and fruit-growing section. The town occupies a level site, is nicely laid out with, broad streets, and contains a number of substantial brick buildings in the business portion.

Many improvements are in progress, and the people feel elated over its bright prospects. An excellent public school is maintained having five teachers, and a daily attendance of about 212 scholars. The churches represented are the Baptist, Methodist Episcopal. Methodist South, Presbyterian, Episcopal, and German Evangelical Association. The secret and benevolent societies organized are the Masons, Odd Fellows, United Order of Workmen, Good Templars, American Legion of Honor, and a post of the Grand Army of the Republic. A public library is maintained, and a free reading room has recently been opened for the public benefit. Two well-conducted papers are published weekly, the Standard and Santa Ana Herald. Daily communication is maintained with Los Angeles by rail, and with San Francisco weekly, via Newport, by the steamers of the Pacific Coast Steamship Co.

Abbott Hisom, proprietors Santa Ana Mill
Bailey J G, physician
Bundy & McFadden, hardware, tin-ware, and wagon material
Chandler Ira, general merchandise
Clayton W D, saddle and harness maker
Clayton W T, carriage and sign painter
Cobler & Maddox, groceries
Cohn Joseph, general merchandise
Comandich & Pavicich, restaurant
Crane J A, physician
Crossley & Sitler, wagon makers and blacksmiths
Dawson & Powell, butchers
Davis H B. millinery goods
Dibble R H, hardware, stoves, and tin-ware
Duncanson E E. general merchandise
Edgerly A D, house and sign painter
Edwards E E, real estate agent
Edwards W R, druggist
Faulkner & Cummings, butchers
Fint R, gunsmith, and sewing machines
Ford George, fruit and ornamental trees
Forster Adam, barber and baths
Freeman G E, real estate and insurance agent, notary public, and justice of the peace
French C E, postmaster
Gildmacher L & D, general merchandise
Goldsmith Bros, general merchandise
Griffith J M & Co, lumber
Grossmayer H H, general merchandise
Hall CAB, photograph studio
Harlin T J, general merchandise
Harris T S, publisher Weekly Standard
Hayward J S & Co, stoves, tin and hardware
Heathman W F, attorney at law
Hickey & Smithwick, livery and feed stable
Hollingswith H T, watchmaker and jeweler
Holzgrafe F, carriage and wagon maker
Humphrey C W, justice of the peace and notary public
Humphreys Frank, books, stationary, cigars, etc
Jessen Henry, blacksmith
Jones M S, physician
Kirkpatrick & Garnsey, millinery and dressmakers
Lacy J M, physician
Layman J W, proprietor Santa Ana Hotel, and stage agent
Lowe John, agricultural implements and insurance agent
Magoon A E Mrs., millinery
Magoon H K, boots and shoes
Melchert A, shoemaker
Miller Charles H, tailor
Montgomery Victor, attorney at law
Mosher C A, druggist
Neill H, livery stable
Newman H A, harness and saddle maker
Nichols & White, furniture
Olivier R, manager Western Union Telegraph Co
Opp George, carpenter and builder
Paul John R, furniture and undertaker
Peterson M E Mrs., dressmaker
Phillips J G, general merchandise
Reuter & Goldkofer, proprietors Sycamore Brewery of Santa Ana
Reynerson Jacob, blacksmith
Rohrer J A, painter
Rowe B N, books, stationery, and notions
Rubottom C E, watchmaker and jeweler
Ryel P G, wood and coal
Sackman J, blacksmith
Salisbury B J, real estate
Santa Ana and San Diego
Stage Line, J W Layman agent
Santa Ana Herald, A Waite publisher
Santa Ana Hotel, J W Layman proprietor
Santa Ana Mill, Abbott & Hisom proprietors
Santa Ana Valley Bank, B F Siebert banker
Schirm George, bakery and confectioner
Siebert B F, banker Santa Ana Valley Bank
Souther A F, shoemaker
Spurgeon Bros, general merchandise
Spurgeon W H, agent Wells, Fargo, & Co
Stackpole J E, billiard and liquor saloon
Sycamore Brewery of Santa Ana, Reuter and Goldkofer proprietors
Sycamore Hall and Saloon, Reuter and Goldkofer proprietors
Taylor J O, proprietor Union House
Thompson J, guns and sporting materials
Tucker W A, billiard and liquor saloon
Turner E, groceries
Ullmann & Miller, billiard and liquor saloon
Union House, J O Taylor proprietor
Waite A, publisher Santa Ana Herald
Walker Jacob, liquor saloon
Warner J, dentist
Watson P, barber
Weekly Standard, T S Harris publisher
Wells, Fargo & Co, W H Spurgeon agent
Western Union Telegraph Co, R Olivier manager
Williamson J D, painter
Yost Charles, blacksmith
Young J E, dentist 

West Coast Gazetteer

Source: Disturnell's Business Directory and Gazetteer, of the West Coast of North America, W. C. Disturnell, Publisher, San Francisco, California, 1882


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