West Coast Gazetteer & Directory ~ San Luis Rey ~ San Simeon, California

San Luis Rey P O
San Diego County, is situated 40 miles north of San Diego City, in a beautiful and fertile valley through which flows the San Luis Rey River. Communication is maintained with San Diego and Santa Ana by stage, connecting at the latter place with the trains of the Southern Pacific R. R.

Cronch Herbert, wool raiser
Fischer Henry, liquor saloon
Freeman A A, blacksmith
Goldbaum Simon, general merchandise, hotel, livery stable, and postmaster
Hayes Chauncey, attorney at law
Kurtz D B, carpenter
Wells, Fargo, & Co, W Goldbaum agent
Western Union Telegraph Co, W Goldbaum operator
Whaley Francis H, publisher San Luis Rey Star, and justice of the peace

San Quentin P O
Marin County, is situated on San Quentin Point, 12 miles by water from San Francisco, and 3 miles by rail from San Rafael. It is principally noted as the seat of the State Penitentiary, which is a substantial brick edifice 240 by 134 feet in dimensions. It contains within its walls at the present date 1,194 prisoners. Of this number 238, or about one-fifth, are Chinese, and 10 are females. The labor of the convicts is utilized in several branches of industry, the most prominent of which is the manufacture of jute bagging. The factory recently erected for this purpose contains one hundred looms, gives employment to four hundred convicts, and turns out 8,000 sacks per day. The place maintains a public school, which has an attendance of about seventy-five scholars. The village and prison are supplied with gas and water brought in pipes from San Rafael. Communication is maintained with San Francisco by water, and San Rafael by rail, four times, a day.

Campion Thomas, liquor saloon
Farrell John D, proprietor Point House
McRae John, proprietor Sheppard Hotel
Schumann Joseph, feed stable
Stegman C H, postmaster
Wells, Fargo, & Co, C H Stegman agent
Western Union Telegraph Co, J H Ames manager

San Rafael P O
Marin County an incorporated town and county seat, is situated in a small valley of the same name on the line of the North Pacific Coast Railroad, 15 miles north-west of San Francisco. It is a beautiful and picturesque spot, surrounded by an amphitheater of hills, except at the foot of the valley, where it opens to the bay. It is nicely laid out with streets lined with shade trees, and the many fine residences are adorned with delightful and tastily laid-out grounds. Being so completely sheltered, it is free from wind, dust, and fog, and has an almost semi-tropical climate. It is but a short and pleasant ride from San Francisco, and the rare advantages it offers for a suburban home have been availed of by many of the business men of that city. Its healthful climate also makes it an excellent resort for invalids, and its park, gardens, and romantic nooks and retreats make it an attractive place for the pleasure-seeker.

Farming and dairying are carried on in the vicinity, but not extensively. The town has a population of about 2,500 inhabitants. Three public schools are maintained, having an attendance of about 300 scholars. The secret and benevolent societies are the Masons, Odd Fellows, United Workmen, Legion of Honor, and Good Templars. The religious denominations represented are the Episcopal, Presbyterian, Methodist Episcopal, and Roman Catholic.

The town contains a handsome court-house, erected at a cost of $70,000. It is surrounded with grounds tastily laid out with trees, shrubbery, lawns, and tropical plants. The fire department consists in apparatus of one hand engine, a hook and ladder truck, and two hose carts. The San Rafael Gas Co. supplies the town with light, and excellent water is distributed by the Marin County Water Co.

Communication is maintained with San Francisco four times a day, and with Duncan's Mills daily by the trains of the North Pacific Coast R. R., and twice a day with Cloverdale and intermediate points by the trains of the San Francisco and North Pacific R. R.

Officers, C L Weller, President; H P Wood, Thomas B Morris, M Murray, John H Saunders, Trustees; R K Weston, Treasurer; George M Dodge, Clerk and Superintendent of Streets; Thomas C King, Assessor; James H Wilkins, Collector; George W Towle, Attorney; W F Waite, Marshal.

Anderson Amund, carriage and wagon maker and blacksmith
Anderson William N, groceries and butcher
Armstrong William, dry goods and manufacturer ladies' and gents* underwear
Augustine S M, superintendent of schools Marin Co
Austin Hiram, civil engineer and surveyor
Barnard W L, proprietor Delmonico Hotel
Barney Charles S, real estate and insurance agent
Barstow S F, publisher Marin Co Journal, and postmaster
Bowers Thomas J, superior judge
Brown W & Co, dry goods and manufacturers ladies' and gents' underwear
Brown & Parsons, livery stable
Bullis Richard, hay, grain, feed, butter, etc
Burke N Mrs., dressmaker
Byrnes John, liquor saloon
Chamberlain H Mrs., proprietress Gilbert House
Cheda Gaudenzio, wood, coal, hay, grain, lime, and bricks
Chisholm A .J, house and sign painter
Claudianos Peter, groceries and liquors
Clausenius George, proprietor San Rafael Park
Constant John, tailor
Corti Joseph, marble works
Currey Thomas, harness and saddle maker
Davis F E Mrs., varieties
Davis George W, clerk, auditor and recorder Marin County
Day Timothy, liquor and billiard saloon
Devitt Joseph, shoemaker
Dodge George M, surveyor Marin County
Donnelly Hugh P, plumber, gas-fitter, bell-hanger, and metal-roofer
Dowten James I, junk
Duley M, restaurant
Dymot J B, architect and teacher vocal music
Eden Edward, undertaker and coroner Marin County
Eliaser I, watchmaker and jeweler
Fisher & Kellner, proprietors Parisian House
Fuller O, insurance agent
Gall Gottlieb, liquor saloon
Gardner E, justice of the peace
Gieske J C & Son, groceries and liquors
Gordon Lewis, carriage and wagon maker
Gordon U M & Co, bankers
Graham William G, proprietor Tamalpais Hotel
Green John, furniture and auctioneer
Grosjean C, groceries and liquors
Hanson Thomas, attorney at law and notary public
Harding George, blacksmith
Harding Joseph A, carriage and wagon maker and blacksmith
Howard Charles L, proprietor, San Rafael and San Francisco Express
Haskell & Co, groceries, crockery, tin-ware, liquors, etc
Hansen F O, proprietor Central Hotel
Heckheimer Lee, butcher
Herzog Maximillian, butcher
Hoxie Joseph, liquor saloon
Hughes William S, justice of the peace
Irwin Oliver, dry goods
Iverson Henry, wood, coal, lime, brick, hay, and grain
Jewell Bros, livery stables
Jewell William H, livery stable
Johnson & Kinsella, milliners and fancy snoods
Jordan John F Mrs., proprietress Albion House
Kappenman Attilan, liquor saloon
Kappenman Joseph, liquor and billiard saloon
Kiler Samuel H, contractor, insurance agent, and Althouse Windmill
King Thomas C, liquor saloon
Kinsella Richard, stoves, tinware, and plumber and gasfitter
Kirkup Edwin, physician
Kuittel H & Co, upholstery, carpets, etc, and mattress manufacturers
Le Cornec Mary, dressmaker
Leszinsky Isaac H, clothing, boots and shoes, etc
Lowenfeld Bernard, books, stationery, toys, etc
Lowenfeld William, barber and cigars and tobacco
Magnes Robert, boots and shoes
Mahon E B, attorney at law
Marchant George H, liquor saloon
Marin County Journal, S F Barstow publisher
Marin County Tocsin, James H Wilkins publisher
Marin County Water Co, David Nye Jr, secretary
Marti Jacob, liquor saloon
Martin George, confectionery, fruits, etc
Martinez Ladislao, harness and saddle maker
Mason George, sheriff and tax collector Marin County
Mayer L & Co, general merchandise
McDonald William, blacksmith
McGuire John, shoemaker
Miller Charles M, proprietor New England Home
Miller William J, real estate and insurance agent
Murray A, contractor
Nelson Edward, carriage and wagon maker and blacksmith
Nichols & Wellbrock, proprietors German Hotel
Olin Peter, carriage and wagon maker and blacksmith
Ourblin A I Mrs., cigars and tobacco
Peter Louis, tailor
Petersen J, contractor
Peterson Martin, groceries and liquors
Pioneer Planing Mill, Isaac Shaver proprietor
Ramos B, restaurant
Sale William, furniture, bedding, carpets, and paper hanger
San Rafael Gas Co, Allan Lee secretary
Saunders & Jacobs, plumbers and gas-fitters
Schneider John J, cigars, stationery, cutlery, etc, and barber
Schwiesau Ernest, groceries and liquors
Scott Henry, hardware, crockery, tin-ware, glass, etc
Shaver Isaac, proprietor Pioneer Planing Mill
Shobery C Mrs., proprietress Columbia House
Stevens H R, house and sign painter
Susenbeth J C, manager Central Hotel
Taliaferro Alfred W, physician
Thompson L H, druggist
Towle E W Jr, district attorney Marin County
Trennert Louis, barber, and cigars and tobacco
Vanderbilt W, assessor Marin County
Vogel Hans B, bakery
Walsh F S, liquor saloon
Walsh John R, liquor saloon
Ware Charles P, boots and shoes
Watson James, restaurant
Wells, Fargo, & Co, Thomas Bury agent
Western Union Telegraph Co, Miss Nellie Wells manager
Weston Ryland K, treasurer Marin Co
Wilkins Hepburn, attorney at law
Wilkins James H, publisher, Marin County Tocsin and job printer
Wolfe John, druggist
Zopf Hermann, proprietor, Zopfs Wine Gardens

San Simeon P O
San Luis Obispo County is situated on a bay of the same name, about forty miles in a northerly direction from the town of San Luis Obispo. Communication is maintained with San Francisco, San Diego and intermediate ports by the Pacific Coast S. S. Co.

Arsavias A S. batcher
Bay View Hotel, Louis Iori proprietor
Frankl L. general merchandise and postmaster
Iori Louis, proprietor Bay View Hotel
Lipman D. general merchandise 

West Coast Gazetteer

Source: Disturnell's Business Directory and Gazetteer, of the West Coast of North America, W. C. Disturnell, Publisher, San Francisco, California, 1882


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