West Coast Gazetteer & Directory ~ San Diego, California

San Diego County an incorporated city and county seat, is situated on the bay of San Diego, 482 miles by water south-east of San Francisco. The harbor, one of the best on the Pacific Coast, is completely land-locked, and can be entered by vessels of the largest class, the water on the bar being 23½ feet in depth at the lowest tide. Upon entering the bay the town of old San Diego, with its crumbling adobes, commingled with buildings of modern architecture, is the first object that strikes the eye. This place occupies the site of the Presidio established by the Franciscan Fathers in 1769. Six miles above, in the valley of the San Diego River, is the old Mission church, erected in 1774, its fallen roof and tottering walls giving evidence of its antiquity. The San Diego of today, a thriving city of over 4,000 inhabitants, occupies a beautiful site about four miles distant from the old town. Its advantageous location on one of the finest bays on the coast, affording facilities for communication by sea with the different ports of the world, together with the construction of the California Southern and other railroads which when completed will afford rapid communication with all parts of the Union, insures its future prosperity, and it will no doubt ere long rank in commercial importance with the leading cities of the Pacific Coast. The town is well laid out, and contains many substantial brick buildings and handsome residences, that would be a credit to any place.

Among the public institutions maintained are nine schools, having an average attendance of 250 boys and 275 girls. A new and handsome school edifice, to be known as the Russ school, is now in course of erection, at a cost of $15,000. The religious denominations so far organized are the Episcopal, Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodist, Unitarian, Swedenborgian and Roman Catholic societies there are Masons, Odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias, Ancient Order United Workmen, Good Templars, San Diego Lyceum of Natural Sciences, San Diego Society of Natural History, and National Ranch Grange.

As a protection against fire, there is a hook and ladder company and hose carts, together with two hundred hydrants furnishing a good supply of water, with pressure sufficient to throw it over the highest buildings. Water for all purposes is brought from the San Diego River. It is pumped by steam from the river into a large reservoir about three hundred feet above the level of the town, and from this point is distributed to all parts of the city. By this means an amount sufficient to supply about fifty thousand inhabitants can be readily obtained.

Besides the organizations already enumerated, there is a Chamber of Commerce, which zealously labors to advance the commercial interests of the city, a gas company which furnishes the necessary light, and a telephone company which affords facilities for rapid communication. Two well-conducted journals, the Union and the Sun furnish the inhabitants the foreign and local news of the day.

The climate of San Diego is unsurpassed, the temperature being remarkably even the year round. As a resort for invalids, it is not excelled by any locality on the Coast. In the surrounding country are many exceedingly fertile valleys, and also a large extent of low rolling hill lands, which are very productive. Wheat, barley, flax, etc., of an excellent quality, and also fruits of almost every are kind grown in abundance. It is also a land of honey, the export of this article in favorable seasons reaching as high as 1,500,000 pounds. Stages leave daily for Julian City, Temecula, and Santa Ana, connecting at the latter point with the trains of the Southern Pacific R. R. Communication is also maintained with San Francisco and intermediate ports by the steamers of the Pacific Coast S. S. Co.

Officers, James McCoy, Samuel Slade, Arnold Schneider, John H. Snyder, and S. P. Jones, Trustees; A. Pauly, Tax Collector; M. D. Hamilton, Assessor.

Aillaud H, proprietor Paris Restaurant, Fifth
Allison Bros, butchers, Fifth
Antones Miguel, liquor saloon, Fifth
Arnold Bros, real estate and insurance agents, Fifth
Asher J M, nurseryman, Fifth
Bailey Robert, liquor saloon, 77 Fifth
Barnes C W, physician, corner Sixth and D
Barton P, proprietor Witherby House, corner Second and D
Bass John, blacksmith, corner Eighth and I
Baxter J W, liquor saloon, Fifth
Bay View Hotel, George Butchart proprietor, corner Twelfth and I
Beers W A, groceries, etc, Fifth
Begole WA, stoves and ranges, Fifth
Bidwell James, machine shop, L
Birdsall J D, proprietor Lyon House, corner Seventh and I
Birdsall M J Mrs., proprietress Commercial House, corner Third and D
Blackmer & Schneider, pianos, organs, etc, Fifth
Blochman & Smith, general merchandise, corner Fifth and I
Boston Furniture Store, Marcus Schiller manager, Fifth between I and J
Bouvier L, liquor saloon, Fifth
Bradt & Sons, general merchandise, corner Fifth and T
Brady Phil, boots and shoes, corner Fifth and H
Brooklyn Hotel, Mrs. Annie Stewart proprietress, corner Third and I
Brown H H, liquor saloon corner Eighth and L
Brown & Stevens, San Diego, Planing Mill, corner Ninth and G
Buell E J, secretary San Diego Water Co, corner D and Seventh
Burnes T A, liquor saloon and proprietor National City Stage Line, corner Fifth and K
Burns Michael, proprietor
Franklin House, corner Eighth and K
Burns P B Mrs., proprietress International Hotel, corner Sixth and H
Butchart George, proprietor Bay View Hotel, corner Twelfth and I
Butchart J B, groceries, tobacco, and cigars, Sixth
California Southern Railroad Co, Thomas L Rogers vice president, Frank H Pattee cashier and secretary. Sixth
Capron J G, wool and grain, Fifth
Caravia Gabriel, groceries, provisions, and liquors, corner K and Tenth
Carow Frank, notary public, corner Fifth and E
Carter John H, watch and chronometer maker. Fifth
Cave D, dentist, corner G and Fifth
Chamber of Commerce, Geo. W. Hazzard president; J. S. Gordon treasurer; S. Levi secretary
Chandler Henry L, restaurant. Fifth
Chase, Arnold & Hunsaker, attorneys at law. Plaza
Chase Charles A, druggist, corner Fifth and F
Chick M, poultry and fish, I
Choate D, real estate and insurance agent. Fifth
Church C C, manufacturer furniture and cabinet maker. Fifth
Clarke E A, physician, corner Sixth and D
Colin J A, boots and shoes. Fifth
Cole A A, candy manufacturer, Fifth
Combination Company, dry goods and clothing, Fifth
Commercial House, Mrs. M. J. Birdsall proprietress, corner Third and D
Conklin N H, attorney at law and court commissioner. Fifth
Consolidated Bank of San Diego, O. S. Wetherbee president, Bryant Howard cashier, corner Fifth and G
Copeland George D, postmaster. Sixth
Cornell J B, groceries. Sixth
Court House, corner Front and D
Coyne Joseph, sheriff San Diego Co Court-house
Craigue S W, wholesale wines, liquors and cigars, corner Fourth and K
Grain & Clark, livery stable, I
Gushing E B, attorney at law. Fifth
Desmond John, shell dealer, Third
Dillard William B, attorney at law, corner G and Fifth
Dold C, watchmaker and jeweler, Fifth
Donaldson W G, carpenter, Fifth
Dougherty Edward, liquor saloon, corner Front and Spring Avenue

Dougherty H H, real estate and insurance agent, Plaza
Dunnels S S, proprietor San Diego House, corner F and State
Edwards C J, harness and saddle maker, Fifth
Fairchild & Rainbolt, bankers and real estate brokers, corner Fifth and F
Faivre Joseph, real estate and insurance agent, corner Fifth and E
Fenn C M, physician, Fifth
Feveratti Y, bakery, corner Fifth and J
Fischer John, liquor saloon. Fifth
Fox Charles J, surveyor, San Diego County Courthouse
Fox W O & Co, proprietors Pioneer Dairy, Fifth
Fox & Willey, civil engineers and surveyors, corner Fifth and F
Francisco, Silliman & Co general merchandise, corner Sixth and H
Franklin House, M Burns proprietor, corner Eighth and K
Frary F P, proprietor San Diego and Julian Stage Line, corner Sixth and G
French Hotel, Joseph Jean proprietor, corner Fifth and I
Frick E W Mrs., coast shells and curiosities. Fifth
Frick W R & Son, marble workers. Fifth
Gass A M, watchmaker and jeweler, Fifth
Gatewood W J, attorney at law, near Courthouse
Gay T R, groceries and provisions. Fifth
Geddes George, real estate agent, D
Gilden B M, dentist, G
Gray John, furniture, bedding, and carpets. Fifth
Gregg Robert J, physician, Fifth
Gregory Edward, liquor saloon. Fifth
Gribenows J, restaurant. Fifth
Guillory A, carriage and wagon maker, corner Fifth and K
Gunn Douglas, publisher The San Diego Union, Sixth
Hackett S W, proprietor San Diego and Temecula Stage' Line, corner Sixth and G
Hadley W E, proprietor Horton House, Plaza
Hamilton M D, assessor San Diego Co, Courthouse
Hamilton & Co, general merchandise, Fifth
Harritt Frank, wagon maker and blacksmith, H
Hartley and Co, manufacturer harness, saddlery, boots, and shoes. Fifth
Hatleberg J O, carriage maker, corner Eighth and J
Hauch I, merchant tailor, Fifth
Hazzard George W, real estate agent, Fifth
Heerandner John, machinist and planing mill, corner Sixth and K
Heinrich L, gunsmith, corner Seventh and J
Helfenstein George, liquor saloon, Fifth
Henderson E F, physician, Sixth
Hendrick E W, attorney at law, Fifth
Herrmann D C, liquor saloon, Fifth
Higgins T J, real estate and insurance agent, corner Fifth and I
Hinton & Gordon, livery stable, corner Second and D
Hitchcock George N, attorney at law and notary public, corner Sixth and G
Hogue Thomas, liquor saloon. Fifth
Hotchkiss A B, attorney at law, Fourth
Hoyt & Bryant, real estate agents, Fifth
Holm & Surback, barbers, Fifth
Horton House, W E Hadley proprietor. Plaza
Horton Public Hall, J H Richardson manager, corner Sixth and F
Hudson E A Mrs., boarding. Plaza
Hunn Joseph, liquor saloon, corner Eighth and H
Hunsacker & Co, auction and commission merchants. Plaza
International Hotel, Mrs. P B Burns proprietress, corner Sixth and H
Jean Joseph, proprietor French Hotel, corner Fifth and I
Jewell & Wilson, paints, oils, glass, and doors, blinds, etc, Sixth
Johnson D A, physician, corner Fifth and E
Jones John R, attorney at law, corner G and Fifth
Jonson M, manufacturer of furniture, corner Sixth and G
Jorres William, treasurer San Diego Co, Court House
Josse L M, barber, Fifth
Journeay George, livery stable, corner Fourth and E
Julian A H, hardware, tinware, stoves, and pumps, Fifth
Julian J M, publisher San Diego News, corner Fifth and H ^
Kalmbach A, liquor saloon, corner Fifth and J
Kampling & Stoner, livery stable, corner Fourth and F
Kearney James A, groceries, corner Sixth and E
Keating M, notary public and real estate agent, Fifth
King & Daggett, liquor saloon, 49 Fifth
Koop J H, liquor saloon, corner Front and D
Koster P, wagon-maker and blacksmith, corner Fourth and F
Kramer A, merchant tailor. Plaza
Kramer C J. gunsmith, Fifth
Kraus E, general merchandise, corner K and Tenth
Lankershim I & Co, proprietor San Diego Mills, corner Twelfth and K
Leach & Parker, attorneys at law. Plaza
Lehmann Theodore, merchant tailor, corner Fifth and G
Leonard Joseph, justice of the peace, G
Levet J B, carpenter, J
Lewis Isadore, cigars and tobacco. Fifth
Lockling L L, civil engineer, E
Lord A E, liquor saloon, corner J and Eighth
Louis Isidor, cigars, tobacco, etc. Fifth
Lowell Fred B, feed yard, corner Eighth and I
Lowenstein & Co, clothing, corner Fifth and F
Luce M A, attorney at law. Fifth
Lyon House, J D Birdsall proprietor, corner Seventh and I
Lyon J B, proprietor Ocean House, corner Seventh and K
Maclagan Henry, liquor saloon, corner F and Ocean
Mannasse J S, real estate agent, Fifth
Marston George AY, dry goods, carpets, etc, corner Fifth and F
Mason W H, agent J Russ & Co, corner First and I
May Charles E, harness and saddle maker, corner Fifth and H
McCarty M J, liquor saloon, Fifth
McCleary Hubbard, druggists. Fifth
McClure John E, jeweler. Fifth
McCoye Frank, real estate and insurance agent. Fifth
McDonald J W B, lumber, doors, sashes, and blinds, foot Fifth
McIntosh F J, boots and shoes. Fifth
McNealy W T, superior judge, Court-house
Mendelson M A, merchant tailor, Fifth
Meyer Albert, proprietor Russ House, corner Fourth and E
Millard F R, druggist, corner Fifth and I
Mills & Smith, house and sign painters. Fifth
Montijo R & Son, harness and saddle makers. Fifth
Morrison R R, watchmaker and jeweler, Fifth
Morse, Noell, & Whaley, real estate dealers, notaries public, and insurance agents. Plaza
National City Stage Line, T A Burnes proprietor, corner Fifth and K
Neale George, phonographic reporter. Courthouse
North James D, professor languages, 1 Kramer's Block, Plaza
O'Leary Edward, wood and coal, corner F and Ocean
Ocean House, J B Lyon proprietor, corner Seventh and K
Overshiner G J & Sons, carriage and wagon makers, corner Sixth and 1
Pacific Coast Immigrant Association, Fifth
Page James, restaurant. Fifth
Palmer Oscar, proprietor Palmer House, Fifth
Paris Restaurant, H Aillaud proprietor, Fifth
Parker J C, photographer. Sixth Pauly A & Co, real estate agents, Plaza
Payne J O W, attorney at law, corner Fifth and F
Pearson A B, sign and carriage painter, Sixth
Percovitch John, restaurant, Fifth
Perigo William, billiard and liquor saloon, Fifth
Perry H A, contractor and builder, corner Seventh and I
Peterson F, cigars and tobacco, Fifth
Petteys C V, physician, F
Pettit A, liquor saloon, corner Fifth and D
Peyser M, clothing. Fifth
Phillips R F, dentist, F
Phillips & Eisen, wholesale liquors, cigars and tobacco, Fifth
Pidgeon G S, groceries, corner Fifth and H
Pierce J M, capitalist, Fifth
Pierce W W, sign and carriage painter, corner Fourth and H
Pierini Antone, chop house and liquor saloon, corner Fifth and I
Pitcher J S, guns and fishing tackle, Fifth
Post-office, George Copeland postmaster, Sixth
Raffi G, general merchandise, Fifth
Reed D C, real estate and insurance agent, Fifth
Rennie Gilbert, recorder and auditor San Diego Co, Courthouse
Rehwoldt August & Co, confectioners and ice cream saloon, Fifth
Rice & Johnson, livery and feed stable, corner Seventh and H
Richardson John H, paints, oils and glass. Fifth
Riese Fred, upholsterer and furniture
Robinson W E, general brokerage, Fifth
Roller E & Co, crockery, Fifth
Root M S, watches and jewelry, Fifth
Russ House, Albert Meyer proprietor, corner Fourth and E
Russ J & Co, W H Mason agent, lumber and building material, corner First and I
Russell James, constable, Fifih
Russell Robert, barber, Fifth
San Diego and Julian Stage Line, F. P. Frary proprietor, corner Sixth and G
San Diego and Temecula Stage Line, S. Hackett proprietor, corner Sixth and G
San Diego Gas Co, O. S. Wetherbee president, J. I. Gordon, secretary Fifth
San Diego House, S. S. Dunnells proprietor, State
San Diego Mills, I & Co proprietors and K
San Diego News, J M Julian publisher, corner Fifth and H
San Diego Planing Mill, Brown & Stevens proprietors, corner Ninth and G
San Diego Telephone Co, J W Thompson president and manager, corner Sixth and G
San Diego Union, Douglas Gunn publisher; Sixth
San Diego Water Co, Jacob Van Dyke president, E J Buell secretary, corner D and Seventh
Schiller Marcus, manager Boston Furniture Store, Fifth
Schiller R, bookbinder. Fifth
Schiller & Murtha, dry goods and clothing. Fifth
Schmid F J, liquor saloon and soda-water works. Thirteenth
Schmitt G H, physician, Plaza
Schneider A, books, stationery, etc, Fifth
Schuette H C, liquor saloon, corner Thirteenth and K
Schwerer Fred, barber. Fifth
Selwyn, Saunders & Co, butchers. Fifth
Shepard C H, books and stationery, Fifth
Sherriff J A, photographer, corner Fifth and E
Simpson J H, local agent Pacific Coast Steamship Co, foot Fifth
Sines Domingo, liquor saloon. Fifth
Smitt C F, liquor saloon, corner Eighth and J
Smith Will M, district attorney
San Diego Co, Court-house
Snider Charles, barber. Fifth
Stallman E H, carriage maker. Sixth
Stanoyich & Bennis, chop house, corner Fifth and J
Statler S, clerk San Diego Co, Courthouse
Steele H R, attorney at law, corner Fifth and G
Steiner, Klauber & Co. general merchandise, corner Fifth and H
Stevens Horace, publisher The Sun. corner Fourth and D
Stevens J. carriage and wagon maker. Sixth
Stewart Annie Mrs., proprietress Brooklyn Hotel, corner Third and I
Stewart Brothers, architects, Fifth
Stewart E, stoves, tinware, and hardware. Fifth
Stewart W W & Co, commission merchants, grain, and wool, K
Stockton T C, physician and coroner and public administrator
San Diego Co, corner Fifth and E
Stow & Scranton, billiard and liquor saloon, 157 Fifth
Sullivan N Y Mrs., fancy snoods and millinery, Fifth
The Sun, Horace Stevens publisher, corner Fourth and D
Thompson J W, agent Wells, Fargo & Co and Western Union Telegraph Co, corner Sixth and G
Tighe Thomas, liquor saloon, Sixth
Trask P H, hair dressing saloon and hair worker. Fifth
Tremaine A M, millinery goods. Fifth
Turner T M, real estate agent. Fifth
Underwood T E, physician. Fifth
Van Zandt J M, manufacturer boots and shoes, Fifth
Walker W J, attorney at law, Fifth
Wallach D, general merchandise. Fifth
Walter Otto, liquor saloon, corner Fifth and B
Washburn Calvin, liquor saloon. Fifth
Weegar E H, groceries, Fifth
Wells, Fargo, & Co, J W Thompson agent, corner Sixth and G
Wentscher A, general commission, forwarding and shipping merchants, corner D and Fifth
Wentscher Warehouse, corner F and Ocean
Wescott J Wy carriage and wagon maker, corner Eighth and I
Western Union Telegraph Co, J W Thompson manager, corner Sixth and G
Weymouth M C Mrs., millinery and fancy goods, 163 Fifth
Williams W E, stoves, gas pipe, etc. Fifth
Williamson S A Mrs., millinery goods, Fifth
Winder W A, physician. Plaza
Winter L & Bro, cracker bakery, corner Fourth and H
Winters William, butcher, Fifth
Witherby House, P Barton, proprietor, corner Second and D
Wolfsheimer C, cigars, confectionery, etc, Fifth
Wyman F C, painter, G
Young James M, furniture and mattress manufacturer, corner G and Third
Young John N, undertaker, Fifth
Young & Breed, liquor saloon, corner Fifth and J 

West Coast Gazetteer

Source: Disturnell's Business Directory and Gazetteer, of the West Coast of North America, W. C. Disturnell, Publisher, San Francisco, California, 1882


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