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Salmon Creek
Humboldt County, is situated 10 miles south of Eureka. Communication is maintained with Eureka and Cloverdale by stage.

McNally Paul, hotel and livery stable
Miller H S, butcher
Millford Land and Lumber Co, William Carson manager, lumber manufacturers and general merchandise
Vance H G, manufacture shingles

San Buenaventura P O
Ventura Co, an incorporated town of about 2,300 inhabitants, and county seat, is situated on the sea-coast at the mouth of the Ventura River, 811 miles by water south-east of San Francisco. It has no harbor, the water front being simply an open roadstead, from the shore of which extends a hundred origin of good wharf fifteen feet in length. The the town dates from March 31st, 1782, when Fathers Junipero Serra, and Pedro Benito Cambon founded the Mission of San Buenaventura. The record of this event, in the handwriting of the former, is still to be found among the archives in the present Mission church. From a small Spanish village the place has developed into a busy, enterprising, American town; but the old church edifice and adobe houses yet to be seen reminds one of its Castilian origin.

The place contains quite a number of substantial buildings, the most prominent of which are the court-house and schoolhouse, both remarkably fine structures built of brick and stone. Among the institutions maintained are three public schools, having an average attendance of two hundred and eighty scholars, and a public library well supplied with books and papers. There are four churches: the Methodist, Presbyterian, Congregational, and Roman Catholic. The secret and benevolent societies represented are the Masons, Odd Fellows, Ancient Order United Workmen, Knights of Honor, and Good Templars. The fire department consists of a hook-and-ladder and hose company.

A good supply of water for drinking and other purposes is obtained from the Ventura River, and conducted into a reservoir located about two hundred feet above the town level. Two weekly journals, the Ventura Signal and the Ventura Free Press ably advocate the interests of the section, and furnish the current news. The climate is mild, but the town being situated immediately on the sea-coast is subject at times to fogs and winds from the ocean.

The resources of the surrounding country are both agricultural and mineral. Although the county is very mountainous, it contains many small valleys which are exceedingly fertile, yielding large crops of corn, barley, wheat, and other produce. Stock raising and wool-growing are also carried on to a considerable extent. Coal oil is found in the vicinity in large quantities, thousands of barrels being shipped monthly to San Francisco. Stages leave daily for Soledad and Newhall, connecting at both points with the trains of the Southern Pacific R. R. Communication is also maintained with San Francisco, San Diego, and way ports, by the steamers of the Pacific Coast S. S. Co.

Officers, T. H. Daly, J. A. Corey. J. A. Barry, Oscar Todd, and A. C Escandon, Councilmen; J. F. Newby, Clerk and Assessor; B. T. Williams, Attorney: Mrs. H. R. McDonnell, Treasurer; E. T. Hare, Surveyor; S. Sheridan, Sr., Marshal.

Adams W G & Co, refiners oil
Ayers A, proprietor Ayers' Hotel, and treasurer Ventura Co
Baker F W Jr, stoves, tinware, and hardware
Bank of Ventura, Thomas R Bard president, Henry Clay cashier
Bard C L, physician
Bard Thomas R, president
Bank of Ventura
Barlow Charles E, harness and saddle maker
Barnard A D, real estate agent
Barnard I. proprietor Ventura planing-mill
Bartlett Bros, jewelry, stationery, and musical instruments
Bennett Peter, butcher
Beronio G. groceries, liquors, and cigars
Bledsoe & McKeeby, attorneys at law
Brewster J C. photographer
Brooks J Marion, attorney at law, and district attorney Ventura County
Buttner William, butcher
Cagiacci I, shoemaker
California Star Oil Works, D C Scott manager
Camp S, horse-shoer
Chaffee, Gilbert, & Bonestel, general merchandise, farming implements, lumber, etc
Clay Henry, cashier, Bank of Ventura
Cody N T, druggist
Cohn H Mrs., dry goods, clothing, etc
Conaway J A, assessor Ventura County
Conner H W, groceries and crockery
Corey J A, groceries and provisions
Daly T H, livery stable
DeNure D D, superintendent public schools Ventura County
Delmont F, physician and druggist
Detroy Joseph, sheriff Ventura County
Easten L F, clerk Ventura County
Eastwood George J, cabinet maker and upholsterer
Einstein & Bernheim, general merchandise and produce
Epstine & Jacob, merchant tailors
Franz E. general merchandise
Gandolfo Alex, groceries, liquors, cigars and tobacco
Glasgow G W, billiard and liquor saloon and restaurant
Good & Shepard, druggists
Goodwin Jennie Mrs., postmistress
Goodwin J W, clothing, boots and shoes, etc
Grabel S W, hardware and tinsmith
Grant K P, carriage and wagon maker
Greth John, barber and baths
Hall E S, attorney at law
Haralson J A, attorney at law
Hare E T, insurance agent and surveyor
Hartmann F, proprietor Ventura Brewery
Hatcher W F, livery stable
Hedrick L, dentist
Hill R W, physician and coroner Ventura Co
Hines J D, Superior Judge
Hirschfelder E, boots, shoes and gents' furnishing goods
Hobson I J Mrs., proprietress Occidental Hotel
Jessup John G, dentist
Jones E M, proprietor Santa Clara House
Kamp H L, billiard and liquor saloon
Kennedy J L, livery stable
Kuhlman J A, groceries, clothing, hats and cutlery
Ley H D, furniture, bedding and upholsterer
Logue O R, livery stable
Lyman C C, harness and saddle maker
Mahoney J J, architect and carpenter
McCarty P V, shoemaker
McClelland H K, physician
McDonald H R, millinery and fancy goods
McDonell Bros, blacksmiths
McKeeby L C, insurance agent and notary public
McLean H G, publisher Ventura Free Press
Mitchell E L, liquors, cigars and tobacco
Murray & Boeker, carriage painters
Murray & Sons, house painters
Occidental Hotel, Mrs. I. J. Hobson proprietress
Oliver C A, physician
Pacific Coast Steamship Co, Bartlett Bros agents
Pena R, carpenter
Public Library, Frank Newby librarian
Redwine L P, merchant tailor
Revere House, Wagner & Co proprietors
Richardson J, furniture manufacturer and undertaker
Righetti F, groceries
Roth I F, liquor saloon
Roth J, manufacturer boots and shoes
Ruland H A, candy manufacturer
Sanchez J V, barber
Santa Clara House, E M Jones proprietor
Shell H, horse-shoer
Shaw & Co, millinery
Shaw S L, carpenter
Shepherd W E, attorney at law
Sheppard S A, attorney at law
Sheridan E M, publisher Ventura Signal
Spear Henry, liquor saloon
Steepleton T B, carpenter
Stow S T, surveyor Ventura Co
Stuart S L, dentist
Stuart & Co, millinery and dress making
Thompson F A, notary public and searcher records
Todd & Morrison, groceries and crockery
Ventura Brewery, F Hartmann, proprietor
Ventura Free Press, H G McLean, publisher
Ventura Planing Mill, I Barnard, proprietor
Ventura Signal, E M Sheridan publisher
Vickers and Sheldon, wagon makers and blacksmiths
Wagner John B, cigars and tobacco, and agent Wells, Fargo, Co
Wagner & Co, proprietors Revere House
Walker & Healy, dry goods and clothing
Walton W J, lumber
Wason M, deputy collector Internal Revenue
Weed W W, superior court reporter
Wells B Miss, millinery and fancy goods
Wells, Fargo, & Co, John B Wagner agent
Wells William, shoemaker
Western Union Telegraph Co, A H Shepard, manager
Whitehouse William, restaurant
Williams Charles, wharf agent
Williams W T & B T, attorneys at law and notaries public
Winkler Jacob, bowling, billiard, and liquor saloon
Witherell E H, watches and jewelry 

West Coast Gazetteer

Source: Disturnell's Business Directory and Gazetteer, of the West Coast of North America, W. C. Disturnell, Publisher, San Francisco, California, 1882


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