West Coast Gazetteer & Directory ~ Salinas, California

Salinas P O
Monterey County an incorporated city, and county seat, of about 2,000 inhabitants, is situated in Salinas Valley., on the line of the Southern Pacific Railroad, 118 miles south of San Francisco. It occupies a pleasant site, and is surrounded by rich agricultural lands, which are extensively cultivated, producing large crops of grain and other produce. Wool growing, dairying and bee culture are also carried on to a considerable extent. The city is well laid out, and contains a fine brick courthouse and city hall. Three public schools are maintained, having an average attendance of three hundred and twenty-five scholars, and several churches, including two Presbyterian, two Methodist, an Episcopal. Baptist, Lutheran, and Roman Catholic. Two papers, the Monterey Democrat and Salinas Index, are published weekly. The societies organized are the Masons, Odd Fellows, Ancient Order United Workmen, Good Templars, Legion of Honor, and Patriotic Order Sons of America. A fire department has also been organized, the apparatus consisting of one hand engine, a hook and ladder truck, and hose cart. Daily communication is maintained with San Francisco and other points by the Southern Pacific Railroad. Officers, K S Ball, Mayor; W H Clark, J P Raymond, W F Ramsey, A W Mayburg, W R Conner, and H C Tattle, Councilmen; John J Kelly, Assessor and Clerk; W P Nichols, Treasurer and Tax Collector; A F Tynan, Marshal.

Abbott E K druggist
Abbott H E, barber
Abbott House, H J Lind proprietor
Adame C, groceries
Alexander J K, superior judge
Allen Charles, blacksmith
American House, A H Metcalf proprietor
Ball H S, grain dealer and warehouse
Barlogio Victor, & Co, hotel
Bartley F H, photographer
Beeman T, attorney at law
Birlem J F, liquor and billiard saloon
Brown H P, merchant tailor
Burke B Mrs., proprietress Monterey House
Carpenter W L, assessor Monterey Co
Carter S P, groceries
Central Hotel, James Jeffery proprietor
City Stables, M Withers proprietor
Clark William, plumber and gas fitter
Cohen Lyon, books and stationery
Congdon G W, groceries
Conklin & Samuels, general merchandise
Conners' Livery Stable, M J Lewis proprietor
Conrads W G, shoe-maker
Cronin Thomas, liquor saloon
Cutter Samuel L, attorney at law
Cutter & Soto, attorneys at law
Dayton C A, groceries and provisions
De Fraga M L, hotel
Dean S L, billiard and liquor saloon
Dexter M L, clerk Monterey Co
Diamond Hotel, M Tynan proprietor
Dorn N A, attorney at law and district attorney Monterey Co
Eitzert P, stoves, tin, and hardware
Empire Mill, Tobey, Hudson & Downie proprietors
Farmers' Hotel, P J Ryan proprietor
Fashion Stable, Franks & Lean proprietors
Ferini B, liquor saloon
Foster John H, agent S P E R
Francee Charles, sign and carriage painter
Franks C, sheriff Monterey Co
Franks & Lean, proprietors Fashion Stable
Garrigus L H, grain broker
Gates Frederick, gunsmith
Gill E J, harness and saddle maker
Hale & Co, dry goods, clothing, boots, and shoes
Harris J H, groceries and provisions
Harris T G, commission and auction house
Hartnell M, treasurer and tax collector Monterey Co
Hay John F, groceries and provisions
Heerdt H, watch maker and jeweler
Hessel M E Mrs., millinery and fancy goods
Hill W J, publisher Salinas Index
Hitz F, house and sign painter
Hobson H B, commission merchant and grain buyer
Holzberger William, barber
Hudson & Holloway, flour and feed
Hughes D P, merchant tailor
Hughes M, harness and saddle maker
Husson Frank, liquor saloon
Hutton George, barber i
Iverson Brothers, manufacturers wagons, blacksmiths, and machinists
Jeffery James, proprietor Central Hotel
Johnson Joseph, liquor saloon
Johnson W S, cashier Salinas City Bank
Jory J G, auditor Monterey County
Kalar Lizzie Mrs. millinery goods
Kerns P, billiard and liquor saloon
Knapp George A. barber
Lacy J V. blacksmith and machinist
Landes F L. furniture and undertaker
Lapierre & Delpont, restaurant
Larkin Joseph, painter
Leigh J W, publisher Monterey Democrat
Lemon G B, dentist
Leonard John, liquor saloon
Lewis M J, livery stable
Lind H J, proprietor Abbott House
Lloyd D W, varieties
Lurz & Mencke, proprietors Salinas Brewery
Mautner A, cigars and tobacco
McDougall M C, postmaster and groceries and stationery
McGrath M J. merchant tailor
Metcalf A H, proprietor American House
Meyer & Friedlander, general merchandise
Miller George S, agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Monterey Democrat, J W Leigh publisher
Monterey House, Mrs. B Burke proprietress
Myers Joseph, butcher
Nance C P, general merchandise
Orum Hamlet, dry goods and clothing
Palmtag George, liquor saloon
Parker J W R, groceries and provisions
Parker W M R, notary public and attorney at law
Putnam B L, liquor saloon
Raymond J P. grain dealer
Reinhardt E, bakery
Richardson A E Mrs., varieties
Richardson Wm R, groceries
Roadhouse G TT, notary public and insurance agent
Robbins R S. insurance agent
Rossi Edward, proprietor Ross House
Ryan P J, proprietor Farmers Hotel
Salinas Brewery, Lurz & Mencke proprietors
Salinas City Bank, TV S Johnson cashier
Salinas Gas and Water Co
Salinas Hotel, F H Trope proprietor
Salinas Index, W J Hill publisher
Schuchaid E G, cigars and tobacco
Scott J B, druggist and groceries
Shearer S M, insurance and grain agent, and superintendent schools Monterey Co
Sherwood F, attorney at law and notary public
Shipsey William, attorney at law
Sieghold C. watchmaker and jeweler
Soto R M F, attorney at law
Spregle M M, recorder Monterey Co
St John Bros, butchers
St John Walter, druggist
Standard Mill, Hudson & Halloway proprietors
Stokes J, merchant tailor
Strellnauer R Mrs., stationery, cigars, etc
Suesser J A, shoemaker
Svending John P, liquor saloon
Swinnerton S M, attorney at law
Tobey, Hudson, & Downie, proprietors Empire Mill
Tolman G A, manufacturer boots and shoes
Tompkins Joseph, billiard and liquor saloon
Trimmer O S, physician and coroner Monterey Co
Trope F H, proprietor Salinas Hotel
Tynan M, proprietor Diamond Hotel
Uncapher Joseph, livery stable
Van Diveer W J, photographer
Vanderhurst, Sanborn & Co, general merchandise
Wahrlich W, groceries, provisions, and crockery
Wall J A, notary public
Wallace Martin, liquor saloon
Warren George, groceries
Watson D, liquor saloon
Webb & Wall, attorneys at law
Webster J A, stoves, tin, and hardware
Wells, Fargo & Co, George S Miller agent
Western Union Telegraph Co, T H Martin manager
Wetzel P, barber
Weibeke H, shoemaker
Winham W P L, insurance and real estate agent
Withers M, livery stable  

West Coast Gazetteer

Source: Disturnell's Business Directory and Gazetteer, of the West Coast of North America, W. C. Disturnell, Publisher, San Francisco, California, 1882


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