West Coast Gazetteer & Directory ~ Portland, Oregon

Portland P O
Multnomah County an incorporated city and county seat, and the chief commercial metropolis of the North-west or Columbian region, is beautifully located on the west side of the Willamette River, 12 miles from its confluence with the Columbia, in latitude 45° 30', longitude 122° 27' 30 ". The city is built on a plateau gradually rising southward and westward, and extends along the river for a distance of nearly two miles, and from one half to one and a half miles from the bank of the river to the mountains, which form the background to a charming picture. Standing upon an eminence west of the town, the view is at once picturesque and grand. From the bustle and confusion of the city spreading out immediately in front and below, the eye is relieved for a moment, as it were, by the placid waters of the beautiful Willamette, with the numerous small craft plying to and fro; and resuming its flight with a glance at busy little East Portland and across the majestic Columbia, wanders over the vast expanse of pine-covered Washington Territory, until arrested and held entranced by the mountain peaks of St. Helens, Adams, Rainier, and Jefferson, towering into eternal snow, like giant sentinels of nature guarding the great north-west.

In the winter of 1843 and 44, the sound of the axe first reverberated through the dense firs and echoed the key-note of progress which was to metamorphose the romantic wild of nature into the present bustling and thriving metropolis. At that time the first cabin, a rude log structure, was built, and in July. 1845, the town site was laid out. In January, 1851, it was incorporated as a city, the population having increased to about 1,000. During the last few years it has made giant strides, trade and population increasing with wonderful rapidity, and it now ranks among the leading cities of the Pacific Coast.

A large scope of country, including the fertile valley of the Willamette, and the vast wheat fields of eastern Washington Territory, at present contributes materially to the wealth and prosperity of the city, and upon the completion of the Northern Pacific and other contemplated roads, extending through rich agricultural and mining sections, the volume of trade will be largely increased. The population according to the census of 1880 was 21,600, and is now estimated to be 25,000.

The city is regularly laid out in blocks of 200 feet, with broad macadamized streets. The business portion contains many massive and handsome buildings and blocks, which, together with its elegant residences beautified with gardens, gives it a substantial and attractive appearance. A source of wealth and prosperity is indicated by the large excess of export over import values. During the year 1881 the imports amounted to $639,-316, and the exports to $6,387,385. The principal articles of export were wheat and flour (4,076,508 bushels of wheat and 337,395 barrels of flour), which amounted to $5,249,543.

The city boasts the finest customs and post-office building on the Pacific Coast, a handsome structure three stories high, 80 by 100 feet, surmounted with a cupola, constructed of Bellingham Bay freestone, and finished on the inside with native ash, erected at a cost of about $400,000. Among the various manufacturing establishments within the limits of the city are three steam sawmills, the largest of which has a daily capacity of 150,000 feet, six iron foundries and machine works, a stove foundry, planing mills, sash and door factories, and box factories, giving employment to a large number of men.

Excellent schools and well-attended churches contribute to the moral and intellectual advancement of the city. Five public schools are maintained, having an attendance of about 2,000 scholars. In addition to these, are several colleges and seminaries of a high character, including St. Hellen's Hall, Bishop Scott Grammar School, St. Michael's College, and St. Mary's Academy. There are also two commercial colleges, which are well attended. The churches are represented by nearly every creed and sect. The Portland Seamen's Friend Society have recently erected a commodious, four-story brick building, to be called the "Mariners Home of Portland," at a cost of 810,000. Of secret and benevolent societies, there are Masons, Odd Fellows, Knight of Pythias, Red Men, Ancient Order United Workmen, Ancient Order of Foresters, Good Templars, and Ancient Order of Hibernians. There is also a St. Andrews Society, Turn Verein, and Olympic Club. A library, containing about 11,000 volumes, is maintained by the Portland Library Association, which has a membership of about 300. There is also a Public School Library, the Odd Fellows' Library, and another maintained by the Catholic Library Association.

The sick are cared for at the St. Vincent de Paul's Hospital, conducted by the Sisters of the Mother House of Providence, and the Good Samaritan Hospital, under the auspices of the Episcopal Church.

Besides the organizations already enumerated, there IS a Board of Trade, Chamber of Commerce, and Merchants' Exchange. The fire department is a volunteer one, consisting of six companies, having steam engines and a hook and ladder company. There are fourteen hydrants for fire purposes, located principally in the business portion, and sixty cisterns of from 15,000 to 20,-000 gallons capacity. A telegraph fire alarm, with fourteen alarm boxes, is also maintained. The city is illuminated with gas, and the Portland Water Co. furnishes the necessary supply of water. A street railroad traverses the line of First Street, and others are projected. The climate is mild, there being no great extremes of heat or cold.

The winter or rainy season begins about the middle of October and ends about the first of May. The rains are most frequent and copious during the months of December, January and March. Snow falls at times during the winter months, but generally to a slight extent, and ice is formed in occasional years to a thickness of several inches. As recorded by the U. S. Signal Service Observer, the highest and lowest temperature during the year 1881 was 57 maximum, 24 minimum, in January; and 90.5 maximum, 46.3 minimum, in July. The total rainfall during the same year was 83.25 inches, distributed as follows: January, 8.57; February, 13.36; March, 2.83; April, 3.51; May, 1.38; June, 2.34; July, 1.16; August, 2.11; September, 2.64; October, 6.60; November, 6.91; December, 6.64.

Three well-conducted journals, the Oregonian Standard and Telegram are published daily, and a number of others weekly and monthly, including two published weekly in the German language.

Communication is maintained daily by trains of the Oregon and California R. R. Co., with Roseburg, Corvallis, Lebanon, and intermediate points, connecting with trains of the Oregon Railway and Navigation Co., for Brownsville, Sheridan, and Airlie, and also by steamers and trains of the latter company with The Dalles, Walla Walla, and other places in eastern Washington Territory, and points on the Willamette and Columbia Rivers, connecting at Kalama with trains of the Northern Pacific R. R. Co., for New Tacoma.

Communication is maintained with San Francisco every four days, by the steamers of the Oregon Railway and Navigation Co.

Officers, J A Chapman, Mayor; W L Chittenden, Henry Hewett, Charles Hoi man, W B Honeyman, J B Kellogg, J S Ralleigh, W A Scoggins, J E Smith and W H Adams. Councilmen; R L Durham, Auditor and Clerk; D C McKercher, Treasurer; S W Rice, Attorney; D W Taylor, Surveyor; William Braden, Superintendent of Streets; L B Stearns, Police Judge; James Lappeus, Chief of Police.

Abell Frank G, photographer, 169 First
Abendroth C, liquor saloon, 271 First
Abraham S, clothing and tailor, 73 Front
Acker & Leihy, importers and manufacturers carriages, buggies, harness, etc, and City Stables, 107 Second
Ackerman H & Co, crockery, glassware, fancy goods, etc, 87 First and 86 Second
Acton J H, editor the Polaris 231 First
Adams W H, attorney at law, 111½ First
Ainslee & Co, doors, sashes, blinds, and planing mills, corner Second and E
Akers W M, livery stable, 233 Front
Akin, Selling & Co, importers and manufacturers boots and shoes, 6 North Front
Alden H R, dentist, 91½ First
Alisky & Hegele, proprietors, Portland Steam Candy Factory, and refreshment saloon, 145 First
Allard J J. horseshoer, 101 G
Allen W, house mover, corner Sixth and Morrison
Allen Wiley B, music, books and stationery, 153 Third
Allen Lewis, wholesale groceries and commission merchants, 20-26 North Front
American Laundry, E E & H R Long proprietors, corner Tenth and F
Ames Annie Miss, liquor saloon, 46 Yamhill
Anderson & Co, book and job printers, 106 Front
Andritschke C R, liquor saloon, corner Tenth and Q
Anglo-German Institute, Rev. J Gantenbein principal, corner North Ninth and Stark
Arfeld A & Co, clothing, 29 North First
Arigoni E Mrs., lodgings, Third between Pine and Ash
Armstrong A M Mrs., dressmaker, 57 North Fourth
Armstrong A P, proprietor Portland Business College, 128 Front
Atkinson & Wakefield, real estate agents, 100 Front
Auer F X, gunsmith, fire-arms and sporting materials, 12 Stark
Austin R H, surveyor Multnomah County Courthouse
Baccus E R Mrs., manufacturer ladies' and children's underwear, and fancy goods
Bachman J & Bro, insurance agents and brokers, 122 First
Bacon C P, livery and sale stable, 93 Second
Bailey G O, groceries and ship chandlery, south east corner B and Second
Bailey J W, groceries, 85 Yamhill
Baker W W, publisher North Pacific Rural Spirit, 106 Front
Baldie Imogene Mrs., dry snoods and varieties, 91 Morrison
Balfour, Guthrie & Co, shipping and commission merchants, corner Front and Vine
Ball & Sears, attorneys at law, 162½ First
Balleray & Robinson, attorneys at law, 133½ First
Baucke J, carriage and wagon maker and blacksmith, corner Front and Main
Bank of British Columbia (branch), Frederick Townsend manager, corner First and Vine
Bank of British North America (branch), J Goodfellow agent, 50 First
Bank of Oregon, R Bell president, W Denholm cashier, 40 First
Barbare Joseph, restaurant, 13 Morrison
Barber Ellen Mrs., lodgings, corner Second and Morrison
Barber & Nicklin, dentists, 149 First
Barbey John, sewing machines and locksmith, 32 Yamhill
Barrett John, plumbers, gas and steam fitters, materials and pumps, 43 First
Barrol F H, cigars, tobacco, fruits, etc, 87 North First
Barry J, liquor saloon, corner Second and Washington
Barstow Joseph, feed and sale stable, corner Front and Market
Bartsch Albert, pianos and organs, 83 Yamhill
Bayer & Stanch, metal roofing and patent chimneys, 233 Second
Bays & Cook, contractors, 91½ First
Beach F E & Co, paints, oils, and glass, and manufacturers doors, sashes, and blinds, 103 Front
Beal & Ames, attorneys at law and notaries public, 162 First
Beary Samuel L, oyster and ice cream saloon, 174 Fourth
Beck John A, watchmaker and jeweler, 149½ Front
Beck William & Son, firearms, sporting materials, cutlery, etc, 165 Second
Beck & Waldman, clothing, 147 First
Beebe W 8, attorney at law, commissioner of deeds, and notary public, 91^ First
Beharrell Henry, bakery, Madison between First and Second 83
Belding W, watchmaker, 15 North First
Belisis John, restaurant, 30 Yamhill
Bell A J, restaurant, 86 First
Bell C A, proprietor White House, 46 B
Bell R, president Bank of Oregon, 40 First
Bellinger & Gearin, attorneys at law, 155 First
Bennett & Harvey, harness and saddlery, 105 Front
Berger W P, sign painter, 48 Morrison
Berger & Bock, painters, Alder
Berlin L B, liquor saloon First
Bernheim E, confectionery, 84 First
Bernstein J, tailor, 11 Alder
Berry M J Mrs., groceries, 361 First
Betts J P, shipping master, 2 North Front
Bickett W J, butcher, 408 First
Biehle Frank, groceries, 69 Yamhill
Bingham E W, attorney at law, 1271- First
Bingham H T, attorney at law and notary public, 147 First
Bingham & Gleason, attorneys at law, 147 First
Bird O B, physician, 167 First
Bird & Ross, groceries, corner Fourth and Yamhill
Birmingham J M, furniture, bedding, and carpets, 244 and 246 First
Bishop H O, stair builder, corner First and G
Bishop Scott Grammar School, J W Hill principal, junction Washington and B
Bissinger & Co, wholesale leather, hides, furs, skins and tallow, corner Front and Oak
Biven John F, fruits, wool, grain, etc, 4 North Front
Blackwell C B Miss, human hair, 87 Morrison
Blaney O C, physician, corner First and Main
Bleibtrey Charles, proprietor Oregon
Brush Factory, 290 First
Block & Ott, proprietors Hotel Zur Rheinpfalz, 232 Front
Blodgett G J, stationery, candies, cigars, and tobacco, etc, 183½ First
Blumauer L & Co, druggists, 165 First
Blumthal A, wholesale furnishing goods, notions, and trunks, 103 Front
Bond W & Co, match factory, north east corner Park and A
Bonney L W, carpenter and builder, 103 Morrison
Bontty Frank, carriage painter, corner Fourth and Ash
Boone W R, publisher Commercial Reporter and Journal of Commerce, 5 Wash
Born F, agricultural implements and machinery, 213 Front
Boston House, A Furlong proprietor, 50 North First
Boyd H C, agent Hamburg
Bremen Fire Insurance Co, 146 Front
Boyd J H, liquor saloon, 9 First
Brady John, boot and shoes, 227 First
Brandt J, general superintendent Oregon and California RR Co, corner Front and F
Brandt & Leek, galvanized iron cornices, 33 Madison
Brazee J W, boots and shoes, 171 Second
Breck J M, Jr, & Co. druggists, 101 Morrison
Brenan Paul M, physician, 132 Third
Brenckle L, liquor saloon, 31 First
Brenner J H, proprietor Esmond Hotel, corner Front and Morrison
Breyman E A, groceries, Oregon and California produce, fruits, etc, and commission merchant, 95 Front
Brigham P E, fancy dry goods, 103 First
Brigham & Weeks, stoves and tinware, 47 First
Brix W, liquor saloon. Third between Pine and Ash
Brown Charles, barber, 9 Alder
Brown L, physician, 133½ First
Brown S A, homeopathic physician, 167 First
Brown W B Mrs., varieties, 93 Third
Brown W F, manager New Zealand Fire & Marine Insurance Co, 7 First
Brown & Besselleu, boot and shoe makers, 5 Morrison
Browne James, physician, 153] Second
Browne T C Mrs., stationery and varieties, 226 First
Browning George, news depot and stationery, 52 Morrison
Brownsville Woolen Mills Co, D Dalgleish agent, 71 Front
Bryan T S, liquor saloon, corner First and D
Buchner D M, barber and baths, 8 Washington
Buck & Dreyer, liquor saloon, corner First and Pine and 104 First
Buckley Elison Y, physician, Thirteenth near S
Budget Annie Mrs., liquor saloon, 3 North Second
Bunting S G, carriage manufactory, corner Second and Salmon
Burchard A, furniture, 201 First
Burchardt C A, wholesale foreign and domestic wines, etc, Oregon cream and limburger cheese, and agent Jacob Strahle & Co's billiard tables, 44 Washington
Burckhardt Adolph, butcher, 13 Central Market
Burelbach M, groceries and liquors, north east corner Ninth and G
Burkhead & Spaulding, butchers, north east corner North Second and B
Burnside D W, proprietor Imperial Flour Mills (Oregon City), 10 North Front
Burrows Samuel J, English restaurant, south west corner Oak and Second
Burt & Brunger, proprietors Washington Hotel, 207 Third
Burton House, J Haas manager, corner Third and F
Bushwiler A, justice, of the peace, 44 North First
Buss George, liquor saloon, corner Fourth and Morrison
Butterfield Bros, watchmakers, and jewelers, 162 J First
Caesar C & Co, grain buyers and commission merchants, 30 North Front
Cahalin E, boots, and shoes, 92 First
Cain J M, druggist, 269 First
Cain John, varieties. Thirteenth near S
Caldwell W S, agent Union Insurance Co. of S F, 102 First
Caledonia Dye Works, William Steele proprietor, 47 Taylor
California Hotel, Charles Turk proprietor, 54 North First
California Spring Manufacturing Co, J C Kimball, manager, 224 First
Campbell Angus, proprietor Union Iron Works, corner Front and Main
Campbell J A, attorney at law, 91½ First
Canyon Creek Laundry, C M Patterson proprietor, corner Sixteenth and Jefferson
Capen G B & Co, manufacturers and jobbers boots and shoes, 75 Front
Caples J F, district attorney Multnomah County Courthouse
Caples & Mulkey, attorneys at law, 92½ First
Cardinell Charles B, cashier Oregon and Washington Savings Bank, 48 First
Cardwell, Bennett & Co, boots and shoes, 109 First
Cardwell J R, dentist, 48 First
Cardwell W B, physician, 169 First
Carmichael Charles, carpenter and contractor, 87 Alder
Carpenter H, physician, 153½ Second
Carroll N Mrs., groceries, etc, 85 North First
Carson J C, manufacturer doors, sashes, blinds, frames, etc, stair builder, and building materials. 111 Front
Carson S L, restaurant, 89 North First
Cartwright J C, collector U S Internal Revenue, Fifth between Morrison and Yamhill
Cartwright William Mrs., groceries and provisions, north east corner F and Eleventh
Casey & Blythe, publishers Northwestern Farmer and Dairyman, 122½ Front
Castendieck G, liquor and billiard saloon, 71 First
Catholic Sentinel, Joseph R Wiley publisher, 55 A
Catlin John, attorney at law, 91½ First
Caukin G E, agent Travelers Life and Accident Insurance Co of Hartford, Conn, 33 Stark
Central Market, New Market Theatre Building
Chalmers, Holmes & Ballentyne, proprietors Portland Marble Works, 24 B
Chance George H, dentist, 141 First
Chanhommr J, cigars, tobacco, etc, 74 First
Chapman George Mrs., restaurant, 86 Morrison
Chapman J A, physician, 1331 First
Chapman J G. attorney at law, 1621 First
Chapman W S, editor Sunday Mercury, 5 Washington
Chappell M A Mrs., dressmaker, 1291 Third
Chase H B, taxidermist, 911 First
Chenery A P, cigars and tobacco, 172 Front
Child John A, druggist, 161 Second
Chown F E, hardware and tinware, 243 First
Christy & Wise, wool commission, 34 Front
Church William k Bro, merchant tailors, 56 Morrison
City Brewery, Henry Weinhard proprietor, corner B and Eleventh
City Foundry and Machine Shop, J Honeyman & Co proprietors, corner Front and Columbia
City Hotel, Mrs. Catherine Strange proprietress, north east corner Fourth and F
Clabay A, shoemaker, 11 North Second
Clackamas Paper Co, manufacturers wrapping and printing papers, and wholesale dealers twines, paper bags, binders' boards, and printing materials, 102 Front
Clarendon Hotel, Zieber & McKinnen proprietors, north west corner North First and F
Clark J, manufacturer harness, saddles, etc, 104 and 106 Front
Clark J Fred & Co, real estate, 28 Washington
Clark John, harness and saddlery, 104 and 106 Front
Clark S A, editor Willamette Farmer, 5 Washington
Clark & Templeton, dentists, 1331 First
Clarke G H Mrs., millinery and fancy goods, corner Fourth and Columbia
Clarno F, attorney at law, 43½ First
Clay Bros, American Stable, corner Front and Jefferson
Clinton & Fagan, proprietors, Elite Theatre and Elite Saloon, 130 First
Closset Bros, coffee and spice mills, 7 North Second
Cofran J W G, agent Commercial Insurance Co of California and Hartford Insurance Co of Connecticut, 33 Stark
Cohen Benjamin, restaurant, 213 First
Cohen H M, liquor saloon. 66 First
Cohn Frank M & Co, cigars and tobacco, 140 First
Cohn G, produce, 170 Front
Cole David k Co, stoves and till ware, 192 First
Collier William, machinist and machinery, Madison between Third and Fourth
Collins Dan, shoemaker, 70 First
Columbia Commercial College, James Hawes proprietors, 122 2 Front
Columbia Soap Co, Wassman & Luckel proprietors, corner Seventh and Grant
Commercial Reporter and Journal of Commerce, W R Boone publisher, 5 Wash
Concordia Club, 491 First
Congle J, B & Co. manufacturer harness, saddles, whips, and trunks, 108 and 110 Front
Conrad Otto, dyer and scourer, 10 Salmon
Cook E, music teacher, corner Second and Washington
Cook M B Mrs., liquor saloon 185 Second, and proprietress "The Cottage," corner S and Fifteenth
Cook S S & Co, street contractors, 91½ First
Cooke Horatio, undertaker, and coroner Multnomah County, 111 Second
Corbett, Failing & Co, wholesale hardware, and agents, Dupont Powder Co, 81 and 83 Front
Corbitt & Macleay, wholesale grocers and commission merchants, 29 and 31 Front, and 28 and 30 First
Cornelius C W, pharmacist, 914 First
Cotter Jno, barber, 26 Morrison
Craige Sharp, manager Wheeler & Wilson Manufacturing Co, 88 Morrison
Cran John & Co, dry goods, 131 First
Crandall D W, contractor and builder, 93 Washington
Creighton & Philpot, liquor saloon, north west corner Second and B
Cronin P J, manufacturer harness and saddlery, 201 Front
Croxton W, cigars, tobacco, and notions, 263 Third
Crozier J L, blacksmith and wagon-maker, corner Sixteenth and S
Cuddy John G, tailor, 48 North First
Cunard Steamship Co, Ferry & White agents, 29 Stark
Currier & Co, merchant tailors, clothing, and hats, 91 First
Curry G L, notary public, 147 First
Curtis C J, notary public and commissioner of deeds
D'Lashmutt Yan B, broker, 94 P First
Daily Evening Telegram, Samuel Moreland editor, corner Front and Stark
Daily Standard, Sutherland & Christy-publishers, 5 Wash
Dalgleish D, agent Brownsville Woolen Mills, 71 Front
Daly James L, real estate and general agent, and notary public, corner First and Alder
Dangueuger Madame, laundry, 211 Third
Danziger H, cigars and tobacco, 207 First
Danziger Isidore, attorney at law, 91 J First
Davidson I G, photographer, 181 First
Davis H W, justice of the peace, 215 Fourth
Davis N, merchant tailor, 70 First
Dawson I R, notary public, and Secretary Merchants' Protective Union, corner Front and Vine
Dawson & Harvey, agents Commercial Union Assurance Co of London, 23 First
Dayton, Hall & Lamberson, shelf hardware, scroll saws, fishing tackle, and agents Warren Powder Co, 194 First
De Lin A P & Co, undertakers and undertakers' goods, 109 Second
Dell Sidney, attorney at law, 25 First
Delpi Augustus, liquor saloon, 69 North First
Demartini Angelo, shoemaker, 31 J North First
Denholm W, cashier Bank of Oregon, 40 First
Dennison & Watson, attorneys at law, 91½ First
Derdier Mdme, laces and ladies' and children's underwear, 155 Third
Deutsche Zeitung, C A Landenberger publisher, south west corner North Third and B
Dewell W H Mrs., dressmaker, 101^ Morrison
Dickel H R, shoemaker, 29 B
Dickson James, surgeon, 141½ First
Digges Henry, barber, corner First and Mill
Dilg & Gropper, safe makers, locksmiths, and bell hangers, 82 Front
Dittenhoeffer T, importer cigars, tobacco, stationery, fancy goods, etc, 61 Front
Dixon, Bernstein & Co, show case manufacturers, 102 Front
Dobinson Henry, manager The Fire Insurance Association (limited) of London, State Investment and Insurance Co, and Western Fire and Marine Insurance Co of Cal, 3 and 5 North First
Dodd Charles H & Co (successors to Hawley, Dodd &: Co), wholesale hardware, 21 Front and 20 First
Dodge L O, restaurant, 134 Front
Dolph; Bronough, Dolph & Simon, attorneys at law, corner First and Alder
Dolph J N, president Oregon Improvement Co, corner Front and D
Donaldson A, groceries, corner Eleventh and Jefferson
Donnerberg John, plumber and gas fitter, and pumps, 146 Third
Doscher John C, laundry, North Portland
Driscoll E, liquor saloon, 47 North Second
Drouilhat J, manufacturer billiard tables, and cabinetmaker, 31 Washington
Drugan W C, merchant tailor, 26 Morrison
Du Bois & King, wholesale groceries and commission merchants, 112 and 114 Front
Duesbury H, portrait painter, Morrison
Duffy Thomas, Empire Market, corner First and Jefferson
Dun R G & Co, The Mercantile Agency, H H Whitten, manager, 49½ First
Dunbar William, groceries, flour, produce, etc, and commission merchant, 87 and 89 Front
Duniway Publishing Co, publishers, The New Northwest, 5 Washington
Dunn J, brickyard, corner T and Fourteenth
Dunning O, physician, 73 First
Durkheimer K, cigars and tobacco, 187 First
Durner J G. candies, corner Fifth and Morrison
Dyer L M, blacksmith, corner Second and Main
Eagle Hotel, Thomas & Taylor proprietors, corner North Second and E
Eastham A B, dentist, 91½ First
Eaton E butcher, 82 South First
Eaton F B. oculist and aurist, corner First and Morrison
Eckford E, merchant tailor, Ash between Second and Third
Eddy & Pickard, groceries, north west corner Sixteenth and S
Edwards H E, furniture and carpets, 169 Second
Edwards J L, physician, 42 North First
Effinger & Bourne, attorneys at law, corner Third and Oak
Ehlen Henry, proprietor Pacific Nursery, 150 Morrison
Elfelt A B & Co, wholesale clothing, 3 and 5 North Front
Elkeles E, furniture, 133 Front
Elkins A M Mrs., lodgings, 83½ Second
Ellis B C, junk, corner Second and Taylor
Ellis M, barber, 34 Yamhill
Emerson & Smallbone, liquor saloon, 27 North Front
Engelke L, liquor saloon. 215 Front
Ensign M J Mrs., dressmaker and costumer, corner Fourth and Oak
Epperly John & Co, groceries and feed, 275 First
Eppinger Louis, "The Bureau" Saloon, corner First and Morrison
Equitable Life Assurance Society, 29 Stark
Esmond Hotel, J H Brenner proprietor, corner Front and Morrison
Espey WW, carriage and wagon manufacturer, 4 and 6 Salmon
Esser Peter, liquor saloon, 85 Second
Europe House, C Schlichting & Bro proprietors, 30 B
Evans Dudley, agent Wells, Fargo & Co, corner First and A
Everding Henry, commission merchant and wholesale hay grain, feed, and staple groceries, 47 Front
Everding & Farrell, shippers and jobbers produce, 140 Front
Evers John, liquor saloon, corner First and Columbia
Ewald Fernando J, consul Chili
Ewry & Garnold, undertakers, corner Second and Taylor
Fairfowl J G & Son, stevedores, 31 North First
Fay P, groceries, corner Thirteenth and H
Fellows E B, proprietor Richmond House, corner C and Second
Ferguson Alexander, barber, 30 Stark
Ferrera A, groceries, 45 First
Ferry & White, real estate, insurance and general brokers, and agents Cunard and National Steamship Cos, 29 Stark
Fety C B, seal engraver and stationery, 33 Oak
Feurer John, liquor saloon, corner Cornell and Barnes Road
Feurer Louis, proprietor Grambrinus Brewery, west end of B
Finnen John, cigars, tobacco, cutlery, etc, 134 First
First National Bank of Portland, James Steel cashier, corner First and Washington
Fitzsimons Annie Mrs., proprietress Long Island House, C between First and Second
Flanagan M, liquor saloon, north east corner North Second and C
Flanders George H, proprietor Greenwich Wharf and Warehouse, 16 North Front
Fleckenstein & Mayer, wholesale liquors, 24 and 26 Front
Fleischner, Mayer & Co, wholesale dry goods, hats and caps, 25 Front and 24 First
Fliedner C, barber and baths, 142 First
Flink & Limber, liquor saloon, 31 B
Foley William, collector and advertising agent, 92½ First
Folkman F Dr., publisher Oregon Staats Zeitung, 104 First
Forbes & Wheeler, frames, pictures, clocks, stationery, etc, 245 First
Foster & Robertson, wholesale hardware, 88 and 90 Front
Frank Bros, agricultural implements, 142 and 144 Front
Frank & Co, Portland Sign Advertising Co, 13 Washington
Franklin O, liquor saloon, corner First and C
Franz & Loretz, liquor saloon, 28 Yamhill
Eraser A, liquor saloon, 28 B
Fraser E P, physician. First
Freeman & Mason, livery stable, corner Second and Main
Friedlander W, watchmaker and jeweler, 65 First
Friedinan S, groceries, corner Eighth and Jefferson
Friedman S, auction house corner Pine and First
Fry John, Jr, shoemaker, 43 North Front
Fry Willis B, manager Singer Manufacturing Co, 92 Morrison
Furlong A, proprietor Boston House, 50 North First
Furry & Chambers, blacksmiths and wagon makers, 144 Third
Gallagher J J, ship and house smith, 26 North First
Galli L. cigars, tobacco, and fruits, 191 First
Gallick Hyman, boots and shoes, 193 First
Gallick William, produce commission, 202 First
Gammans Elbert H, shipping and commission merchant, 30 North Front
Gammans G G, attorney at law, 111½ First
Gantenbein J Rev, pastor German Evangelical Reformed Church, and principal Anglo-German Institute, corner North
Ninth and Stark
Gardner Charles, attorney at law, 25 First
Garretson N W, agent North Western Mutual Life Insurance Co, 93 Fifth
Garrison John B, general dealer all kinds sewing machines and sewing machine attachments, needles, oils, etc, 167 Third
Gaston J, attorney at law, 92½ First
Gatens Frank, pawnbroker and tailor, 14 Washington
George John L, cutlery, 230 First
Gerdes Jacob, liquor saloon, 26 D
Gerdes Richard, liquor saloon, 29 North Front
Gerdes & Botefuhr, wines and liquors, north east corner Third and Ash
Gerdes & Liebig, wines and liquors, corner Third and Alder
Gevürtz Isaac, general merchandise and furniture. 205 Front
Geyer Charles, liquor saloon, 46 S
Ghiselin J T, physician, corner Third and Oak
Gibbs A C, attorney at law, 1051 First
Gill J K & Co, booksellers and stationers, 93 First
Gilliland E P, barber, 206 First
Gilman & Co, auctioneers and commission, 42 First
Giltner J S, physician, 334 First
Girard E, boot and shoe maker, 207 Second
Girard & Hamel, liquor saloon, 314 Thirteenth
Gleason M, tailor, 9 Morrison
Gleason W A, City Market, corner Third and Ash
Glein M W Mrs., fancy oriental goods, 131 Third
Glenn & Cox, dentists, corner First and Yamhill
Globe Hotel, P Kleineik proprietor, corner Front and C
Glorieux A J Rev, principal St Michael's College, corner Fifth and Mill
Godard & Frazier, livery and sale stable. 154 Second
Goeres & Hashage, carriage and wagon makers, corner Front and Jefferson
Goldsmith & Loewenberg, stoves, ranges, metals, etc, 84 and 86 Front
Goodfellow J, agent Bank of British North America, 50 First
Goodnough A & Co, builder, hardware, mechanics' tools, and marbleized slate mantels, corner D and Second
Goodrich & Brown, barbers, 246½ First
Goodsell D, attorney at law, 105½ First
Gore & Hughes, liquor saloon, 61 Pine
Gorman J M, proprietor Norton House, corner North Front and C
Gorrill O H, president Pacific Bridge Co, 169 Second
Gossett Zella Miss, dressmaker, 224½ First
Gove C A & Co, jewelry, 163 First
Gradehand Frank, cigars and tobacco, 72 Morrison
Grant B Mrs., proprietress Grant House, 47 B
Grant Charles, constable, 29 Oak
Gratton & Coon, carriage manufactory, corner Fourth and Ash
Gray William and Sons, boot and shoes, 149 Front
Green O, livery stables, corner Second and Stark
Greene H D, president Portland Water Co, 26 Stark
Greene John, president Portland Gas Light Co, 26 Stark
Greene S H, attorney at law, 43 J First
Greenwich Wharf and Warehouse, George H Flanders proprietor, office 16 North Front
Gregory H P & Co, importers machinery and machinery supplies, 43 Front
Gregory & Williams, attorney at law, 91½ First
Greissen & Howell, candy factory, 203 First
Gross Alfred S, manager North Western Marriage Insurance Co, 91½ First
Guide and Shipping Register, Guide and Shipping Register Publishing Co proprietors, 5 Washington
Gumbert I, barber and cigars, 181 First
Gundell Bros, proprietors Northwestern Transfer Co, corner Front and Jefferson
Haas George A, umbrellas and parasols, 11 Oak
Haas J, manager Burton House, corner Third and F
Hacheney & Beno, groceries and seeds, 195 First
Haffenden Bros, groceries, 247 First
Haight E J & Co, real estate, loan and insurance, 52 Morrison
Halberstadt & Kann, novelties, embossed pictures, stationery, etc, 49 First
Halland Alice Mrs., lodgings, 63 First
Ham, Taylor & Co, lightering and towing office, foot Main
Hamilton E, attorney at law and notary public, corner Seventh and Washington
Hamilton & Co, ship chandlery, provisions, etc, corner First and B
Hanke Robert, carriage trimmer, corner Second and Salmon
Hanly John, proprietor Willamette Hotel, 227 Front
Hanover J Mrs., milliner, 123 Third
Hanson H, nursery and seeds, 82 Front
Harbaugh H J, manager People's Transfer Co, 5 Wash
Harkins and Paterson, marble works, 26 Salmon
Harlow John & Co, proprietors Portland Box Factory, North Portland
Harmon L, dry goods, boots and shoes, 125 First
Harrell M A Mrs., clairvoyant and ladies' steam baths, 28 Washington
Harrigan Charles, liquor saloon, 53 North First
Harrington F B. liquor saloon, 34 Morrison
Harris Simon, musical instruments and sheet music, 49 First
Harris & Lichensten, clothing, 63 First
Harris & Lichtenstein, dry goods, boots, shoes, etc, 164 First
Harris & Salmon Bros, proprietors Portland Ice Works, Second between Main and Madison
Hartman B & Co, ladies' furnishing goods. 165 Third
Hartmann John, machinist, model maker, and ivory turner, north west corner Fourth and E
Hatch Z J, proprietor Pacific Wharf and Warehouse and agent Independent Transportation Co, 220 Front
Hawkins L L, agent J C Ainsworth, R R Thompson, and E B Babbitt, 70 Oak
Healy William, coppersmith and sheet iron worker, 48 North Second
Hearne M L, observer and operator Signal Service U S A, 50 First
Hecht Bros & Co, wholesale boots and shoes, 1 and 3 North Front
Helbock Bros, house and sign painters and stucco work, 48 Alder
Hellering J, tailor, 29 B
Hendricks Hiram W, elastic truss manufacturer, 89 Morrison
Henley W, physician and patent medicines. 203 Third
Henrichsen & Greenberg, watches and jewelry, 149 First
Herrell & Zimmermann, proprietors United States Brewery and liquor saloon, corner Harrison and Water
Herrman S, general merchandise, 234 First
Hewett Henry, commission agent, and agent Royal, Norwich Union, Lancashire, London and Lancashire and Fireman's
Fund Insurance Cos, 30 North Front
Hexter & May, importers stoves and ranges, metals, tinware, etc, 124 and 126 Front
Hibbard George L & Co, wholesale boots and shoes, 65 Front
Higgins B Miss, proprietress Pacific House, corner North Third and A
Higgins J J", cigars, tobacco, fruits, etc, 83½ First
Higgins Michael, bakery, 363 First
Higley & Co, restaurant. Third between Pine and Ash
Hill J W, principal, Bishop Scott Grammar School, junction Washington and B
Hill A: Barr, books, 171 First
Himes George H, book and job printer, 5 Washington
Hines H K Rev, editor Pacific Christian Advocate, 207 Second
Hirst el Charles k, Co, books, stationery, tobacco, cigars, etc, 106 First
Hobin Frank, liquor saloon, corner First and C
Hodge, Davis & Co, wholesale druggist, paints, oils, and glass, and proprietors Oregon Kidney Tea, 92 and 94 Front
Hoey E, furniture manufacturer, 294 First
Hoff E, lodgings, 211 First
Hoffman C R, butcher, 26 Yamhill
Hoffman J J, attorney at law, 43½ First
Hogue H A, lumber manufacturer. 94 First
Holden S, horseshoer, 144 Third
Holman Fred V, attorney at law, 91½ First
Holmes J, furniture, upholstery, stoves, etc, 266 First
Holton Dan, proprietor Holton House, corner First and Alder
Holton House Restaurant, G C Rider, proprietor and manager, Alder between Front and First
Hommel O, liquor saloon and lodgings, 68 Second
Honeyman J & Co, proprietors City Foundry and Machine Shop, corner Front and Columbia
Hopkins J T, boarding and lodging, 129 Fourth
Hotaling A P & Co, wholesale liquors, 3 and 5 North First
Hotel Zur Rheinpfalz, Block & Ott proprietors, 232 Front
House E, restaurant, 40 Second
Houstin Charles, cigars, tobacco, candies, etc, 288 First
Howe M A, dentist, 20 First
Howe M A Mrs., dressmaker, 133½ First
Howe P M, bookbinder, 5 Wash
Howes E T, attorney at law, 91½ First
Hudson H T, fire-arms, sporting materials, cutlery, 33 First
Huerta Manuel, harness and saddle maker, 31 Salmon
Hueschuch & Schmidt, groceries and provisions, corner First and Main
Hughes Ellis G, attorney at law, 48 First
Hughes J S, liquor saloon, corner First and Alder
Hyde C H, attorney at law, 43 First
Independent German School, corner Ninth and Morrison
Independent Transportation Co, Z J Hatch agent, 220 Front
Ingersoll N, ship broker and marine surveyor, north east corner Front and Ash
Irving R & Co, proprietors Oregon Standard Soap Works, 262 F
Isaacs & Kane, barbers and baths, 248 First
Jackson W & Co, wholesale crockery, paints, oils, wooden and willow ware, etc, 54 Front
Jackson & Co, wood, foot Fourth
Jacobs Bros & Co, wholesale clothing, and agents Oregon City Woolen Mills, 30 and 32 Front
Jacobs L, stoves, tinware, and furniture, 284 and 286 First
James George V, president and manager Oregon Transfer Co, 31 Stark
James & Hawes, proprietors Columbia Commercial College, 122½ Front
Janion R C & Son, wholesale liquors, importers, and commission merchants, 30 North Front
Jaskola Joseph, proprietor Pacific Hotel, corner Ninth and Front
Jenne W G, assayer, 109 Front
Johnson A H, wholesale butcher and packer, 26 Central Market
Johnson C, liquor saloon, 25 North Front
Johnson, McCown & Macrum, attorneys at law, 169 First
Jones E A, physician, 10 Stark
Jones H E, physician, 49½ First
Jones J F & Son, coffee and spice mills, 230 Front
Jones J H & Co, lumber manufacturers, 200 Front
Jones William, physician, 49½ First
Jorgensen A S Miss, millinery, 103 First
Jubitz & Saling, barbers and baths, 51 First
Kafka S, stoves, tinware, and hardware, 234 Front
Kahn Bros, hides, furs, wool, and leather, 93 Front
Kaiser Charles, liquor saloon, 69 First
Kalish Peter, liquor salon and restaurant. 41 Stark
Kallich J M G, ice manufacturer, 53 Oak
Kauce Francis, bakery 115 Third
Keck J, physician, 133½ First
Keegan Bros, liquor saloon, 83 north First
Keeth & Hale, fish, poultry and game, 210 Jefferson
Keil & Wagner, hardware and groceries, 81 Washington
Keith 31 & Son, liquor saloon and oyster house, corner First and Oak
Keller J S, butcher, corner First and Madison
Kelley H M Mrs., cigars and tobacco, 15 north First
Kelly J A. fish, game, and poultry, 33 B
Kelly James K, attorney at law, 92½ First
Kelly & Dunne, oil dealers and commission merchants, 8 Front
Kennedy D P, attorney at law and counselor in patent causes, 111½ First
Kennedy John, shoemaker, 13 Alder
Kerron & Macbeth, general merchandise, 173 Second
Kessenich H. tailor and agent Sonoma and Marin Mutual Beneficial Association, 33 Clay
Kidd L, druggist, 134 Third
Kiesser W G, barber, 104 First
Kilborn Oscar, U S Ganger, and auctioneer, 62 First
Killeen James, cooper, 287 Front
Killin & Moreland, attorneys at law, 111½ First
Kimball J manager California Spring Manufacturing Co, 224 First
King Edward, contractor and builder, 211 Second
Kippe D, liquor saloon, 25 Oak
Kleineik P, proprietor Globe Hotel, corner Front and C
Klosterman August G, wholesale grocery and commission merchant, 52 Front
Klosterman k Co, wholesale groceries and provisions, 40 Front
Klumpp William, engraver and die-sinker, 153½ Second
Knapp, Burrell & Co, wholesale agricultural implements, wagons, and machinery, 33 Front and 32 First
Knapp J B & Co, commission and purchasing agents, 267 First
Knoll Richard, liquors, 132 Third
Koch John, shoemaker, 209 Second
Kocher & Freeman, plasterers and brick masons, 87 Alder
Koehler E, manager Oregon and California R R Co, corner Front and F
Koehler William, dentist, corner First and Main
Kohn J, clothing. 161 First
Korrell Charles, cigars, tobacco, and stationery, 41 north First
Koshland Bros, wool, hides, furs, grain bags, etc, 34 north Front
Krause M, dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes, 153 Second
Kringle Charles, butcher, Third
Krumbein J, architect. First
La Ransieur J C, fire-arms, sporting materials, cutlery, musical instruments, etc, and shooting gallery, 54 First
Labbe A, Consul France, corner Second and Washington
Labbe Bros, groceries, liquors, and provisions, 38 Wash
Labbe Freres, groceries, 114 Washington
Labowitch S M Mrs., dry goods, trimmings, and varieties, 102 Washington
Lachman L, cigars and tobacco, 203 First
Ladd & Tilton, bankers, corner First and Stark
Laidlaw James, vice-consul Great Britain, 16 North Front
Laidlaw James & Co, grain and ship brokers, commission merchants, and agents Giant Powder Co and Eagle Varnish Co, 16 North Front
Lamotte & Damin, liquor saloon, corner North Second and B
Lampert H Mrs., dressmaker, 107 Morrison
Landenberger C A, publisher Deutsche Zeitung, s w corner North Third and B
Lanken & Wildi, liquor saloon, 204 First
Larson A Mrs., human hair worker, 292 First
Lauer John S, liquor saloon, 45 north First
Lavin D D, liquor saloon, 77 north First
Lawlor J, carriage painter, 51 A
Laws on George W, attorney at law, 216 Fourth
Leach F, proprietor Oregon Iron Works, corner Fourth and Caruthers
Leahy F J, secretary Merchants Exchange, New Market Block
Lee Eva A Mrs., dressmaker, 28 Washington
Legal and Commercial Agency, W H Rattenbury manager, Ainsworth Building, corner Third and Oak
Legrand A, liquors and cigars, 44 First
Leinenweber & Co, manufacturers boots and shoes, 110½ Front
Lemline Louis, cigars and tobacco, corner First and Morrison
Lent & McGrew, real estate, loan agents, and brokers, 10 Stark
Leonard H D, secretary Portland Gas Light Co and Portland Water Co, 26 Stark
Levin J & Co, clothing, 172 First
Levy Julius, furniture and crockery, 46 First
Levy Ludwig, watchmaker and jeweler, 215 First
Levy Mark, green and dried fruits and produce, 122 Front
Lewis I W, stair builder, 49 A
Lewis & Strauss, dry goods and millinery, 123 First
Lewiston E, proprietor Minnesota House, corner Third and E
Ley J D, barber, 68 First
Liberty Joseph, blacksmith, Madison between Front and First
Lichtenthaler F M, constable, corner First and Morrison
Liebe & Hoelbing, proprietors Oregon Steam Bakery, 53 First
Lindeleaf G A, manufacturer boots and shoes, 73 Washington
Lindermann W, cigars, tobacco, and fruits, 110 First
Linnahan J W, proprietor Manhattan House, North Third, between B and C
Lipman S & Co, dry goods, corner First and Washington
Litt H B, cloaks and suits, 143 Third
Lobe A & Co, crockery and glassware, 169 First
London and San Francisco Bank (branch), W Mackintosh manager, Ainsworth Block
Long E E & H E, proprietors American Laundry, corner Tenth and F
Long Island House, Mrs. Annie Fitzsimons proprietress, C between First and Second
Lortcher & Miller, stoves and tinware, 252 First
Lowe E C Mrs., oyster saloon, 27 Oak
Lowenstein S. president Oregon Furniture Manufacturing Co, corner First and Yamhill
Lownsdale J P O, real estate and loan agent, 8 Morrison
Lued H, blacksmith and machinist, 30 Oak
Lundberg William Mrs., dressmaker, 164 Fourth
Lundberg & Dilg, telegraphic, electrical, and surveyors' instruments, etc, 164 Fourth
Lundblad R V, liquor saloon, north west corner First and E
Lundin P O, contractor and builder, 84 Second
Lutz M J, The Office Saloon, 113 Front
Luxish Jerry, restaurant, 82 Washington
Lyon G H, painter, 84 Second
MacDougall k Bower, attorneys at law, notaries public, and commissioners of deeds, 155 First
Madantz & Burton, stoves and tinware, 25 North First
Maher T J, butcher. 102 South First
Maher W L, groceries, corner South First and Sheridan
Mairet Alex, watchmaker and jeweler, 8 Morrison
Malarkey C A, fish, poultry, and game, corner Second and Oak
Malarkey D J & Co, general commission merchants and wholesale produce, provisions, feed, and groceries, 10 and 12 Front
Manciet & Bigne, proprietors St George Hotel, corner First and Columbia
Manhattan House, J W Linnahan proprietor, North Third between B and C
Manley & Truman, real estate and loan agents, 9 First
Marincoric P. restaurant, 146 First
Marks H. furniture, stoves, etc, 261 Second
Marks M, boots and shoes, 141 Front
Marquam P A, attorney at law and real estate agent, 24 Yamhill
Marr James, proprietor Virginia House, corner B and Third
Martin E & Co, wholesale liquors, 128 and 130 Front
Martin E & J A & Smith, stair builders, 86 North Third
Martin Henry, fish, poultry, and game, 10 Central Market
Martin R M Mrs., shirt manufacturer, 133½ First
Martin & Curry, liquor saloon, 93 north First
Marton C, barber, 49 North First
Marx & Jorgensen, wholesale liquors and cigars, 28 north Front
Mash M, groceries, 107 Wash
Mason O P, attorney at law, 141½ First
Masonic Temple, corner Third and Alder
Mathews S F Mrs., human hair, and dressmaker, 231 Second
Mathiot Bros, grain dealers, north east corner Front and Ash
McAllister T B, liquor saloon, 248 First
McArdle John, blacksmith, 44 North Third
McBride, Poindexter & Vincent carriage factory, corner Second and Salmon
McConnell Samuel, liquor saloon, 47 north First
McCormac C F, attorney at law, 91½ First
McCoy G W, book and job printer, corner First and Stark
McCraken J, Hawaiian Consul
McCraken J & Co, wholesale grocers, shipping and commission merchants, and agents Pacific Coast Steamship Co, 60-68 North Front
McEntee P, blacksmith and wagon maker, north west corner Ash and Third
McGill Dan, blacksmith, 250 First
McGinn C, bakery, 126 Wash
McGinn Henry E, attorney at law, 48 First
McIntosh J B, assayer 92½ First
McIntosh & Burke, North Pacific News Co, 147½ First
McKean & Campbell, wagon makers and blacksmiths, corner Second and Main
McKee Samuel, liquor saloon, 200 Taylor
McKercher & Thompson, booksellers and stationers, 105 First
McKinnell H, physician, corner Fourth and Main
McKinnie A, manager Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Co of California, 102 First
McLeran Bros, flour mills, corner Fourth and H
McLughlin H, liquor saloon, corner Second and Clay
McNear G W, grain shipper, 30 North Front
McPhelim James, groceries, 3 2 Stark
Mechanics' Hotel, Schultze & Mueller proprietors, Water near Harrison
Meier & Frank, dry goods, clothing, groceries, crockery, etc, 181 Front and 182 First
Mellis Bros & Co, dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes, etc, 127 Front
Mendenhall J C, poultry, fish, oysters, and game, 33 Yamhill
Mendenhall & Sleeves, attorneys and counselors at law, 149 First
Mendelson A L, clothing, boots, and shoes, 125 Front and 23 North First
Mendelson R, clothing, 168 First
Mercantile Agency (The), R G Dun & Co proprietors, H H Whitten manager, 49^ First
Merchants' Exchange, F J Leahy secretary, New Market Block
Merchants' Protective Union, I R Dawson secretary, corner Front and Vine
Mercury Publishing Co, publishers Sunday Mercury, 5 Washington
Merges & Vosper, marble works, 47 Stark
Meston John J, book binder and blank book manufacturer, 106 Front
Metropolis Hotel, John H Schade proprietor, corner First and Main
Meussdorffer C H, hatter, 162 First
Meyer F, liquor saloon, 13 north First
Meyer F A, city physician, and editor Deutsche Zeitung, 24 North Fourth
Meyer H, liquor saloon, 40 Wash
Meyer J, manufacturer cider vinegar, 48 North First
Miller A E, liquor saloon, 75 Washington
Miller A S & Son, bridge contractors, 91 2 First
Miller J B, watchmaker and jeweler, 129 First
Minnesota House, E Lewiston proprietor, corner Third and E
Minville Nellie Mrs., dressmaker and suits, 151 Third
Misner Bros, livery, feed, and sale stable, 28 First
Mitchel Frank, shoemaker, oor Third and E
Mitchell G, groceries, provisions, fruits, etc, 50 Morrison
Mitchell J. groceries and fruits, 34 Yamhill
Mitchell k Dement, attorneys at law, corner First and Morrison
Moir John & Co, ship chandlery and provisions, corner First and E
Molony & Dugan, plumbers and gas fitters, 109 Morrison
Molson & Sons, brewery, corner D and Ninth, and cordage factory, corner Eighth and C
Monk A, fish, poultry, and game, 53 Washington
Monroe J, liquor saloon, 45 North Front
Montborne H P, physician, 95 Stark
Mooney & Valentine, wholesale dry goods. 28 Front
Moore D M, superintendent Oregon Brass Works. Second between C and D
Moore William, shoemaker, north west corner Second and B
Moores I R, attorney at law and notary public, 111½ First; and land commissioner Oregon and California Railroad Co, corner Front and D
Moreland J C, attorney at law, 169 First
Moreland Samuel, editor Daily Evening Telegraph, corner Front and Stark
Morgan P, grainer, 13 Wash
Morin Theodore, stoves and tinware, 193 Second
Morris Isador, groceries, north west corner Third and E
Morrison E W, attorney at law, 162|- First
Morse C C & Co, pictures, frames, artists' materials, pianos, and organs, 163 First
Morse & Miner, carpenters and painters, 111 Fourth
Muir John, general passenger accent Oregon Railway and Navigation Co, and sup't of traffic Northern Pacific Railroad Co, corner Front and D
Mullen H, cigars, tobacco, candies, etc, 27 North First
Munger William, druggist, north east corner Sixteenth and S
Murphy, Grant & Co, wholesale dry goods, 1 and 3 north First
Murtha & Papworth, butchers, 72 Washington
Murray A Miss, boarding and lodgings, 194 Fourth
Murray F M Mrs., physician, 162½ First
Murray J W, grainer, 26 Salmon
Myers Harris, pawn broker, 181 First
Naef A F, costumer, 24 Madison
Nathan N, Auction School, 225 Second
National Steamship Co, Ferry & White agents, 29 Stark
Neer D D, architect, 133½ First
Neimeyer G, merchant tailor, 162 First
Nelson A P, manager Portland Carriage Manufactory, 209 Fourth
Nelson Charles, barber. North First
Neppach S A, First and Oak
Neustadter Bros, manufacturers shirts and gents' furnishing goods, 43 and 45 Front
New Northwest, Duniway Publishing Co. publishers, 5 Washington
New York Hotel, H Rothfos & Co proprietors, corner Front and B
Newbury & Grant, attorneys at law, 91½ First
Newman S, tailor, 205 Second
Nicholas H B, attorney at law, 91 J First
Nichols A S & Z B, homeopathic physicians, 91½ First
Nicolai, Davidson & Co, lumber, corner North Second and E
Nicolai & Bro, proprietors, Central Planing Mill, corner North Second and E
Niederauer J, barber, 15 North First
Noltner A, publisher Weekly Standard, 5 Washington
Noon W C, manufacturer bags, awnings, tents, etc, 16 Front
Norden & Andrus, proprietors Occidental Hotel, corner First and Morrison
North Pacific Manufacturing Co, agricultural implements, North Portland
North Pacific Mutual Life Association of Portland, William Underhill manager, 100 Front
North Pacific Rural Spirit, W W Baker publisher, 106 Front
Northern Pacific R R Co, H Villard president, J W Sprague general superintendent, John Muir superintendent of traffic, corner Front and D
Northrup E J & Co, carriage and wagon materials, 236 and 238 First
Northup & Gilbert, attorneys at law, 91½ First
Northwestern Farmer and Dairyman, Casey & Blythe publishers, 122½ Front
Northwestern Marriage Insurance Co, Alfred S Gross manager, 91½ First
Northwestern Transfer Co, Gundell Bros proprietors, corner Front and Jefferson
Norton E O & Co, publishers, The Vidette, 5 Washington
Norton House, J M Gorman proprietor, corner North Front and C
Norton W S, barber, 7 Alder
Novelty Iron Works, Thomas Richard proprietor, corner Mill and Front
O'Brien Teresa Mrs., proprietress Narrow Gauge Hotel, corner First and Jefferson
O'Brien T J, cigars and tobacco, 88 First
O'Connor J, groceries, provisions, and produce, 120 Front
O'Connor T J, auction house, 64 First
O'Connor & Gleason, liquor saloon, 23 Oak
O'Shea Bros, butchers, 22 Central Market
O'Shea Walter, pawn broker, 26 Washington
Occidental Hotel, Norden & Andrus proprietors, corner First and Morrison
Ocobock A W, negotiator of mortgage loans, 151 First
Odd Fellows Temple, corner First and Alder
Ogden G W, groceries, corner South First and Caruthers
Oldendoff Harvey & Co, real estate and money brokers, insurance and European steamship agents, corner First and Washington
Olds & King, dry goods, 186 First
Olds & Summers, crockery and glassware, 183 First
Oliver J W, homeopathic physician, 75 Alder
Ordway J, manager Willamette Steam Mills Lumbering and Manufacturing Co, North Front
Oregon and California R R Co, H Villard president, J Brandt general sup't, E P Rogers general freight and passenger agent, E Koehler manager, P Schulze land agent, corner Front and D
Oregon and Washington Savings Bank, William Reed president, Charles B Cardinell cashier, 48 First
Oregon Brass Works, D M Moore superintendent. Second between C and D
Oregon Furniture Manufacturing Co, S Lowenstein president, W Kapus secretary, office and salesroom corner First and Yamhill, factory corner Front and Madison
Oregon Hotel, J Salzer & Bro proprietors, corner First and D
Oregon Improvement Co, J N Dolph, president ; C H Prescott, manager ; John L Howard, assistant manager; corner Front and D
Oregon Iron Works, F Leach proprietor, corner Fourth and Caruthers
Oregon Railway and Navigation Co, H Villard, president; C H Prescott, manager ; John Muir, general passenger agent; A L Maxwell, ticket agent; corner Front and D
Oregon Staats Zeitung, Dr. F Folkman publisher, 104 First
Oregon Standard Soap Works, R Irving & Co proprietors, 262 F
Oregon State Medical Society, Dr. E P Fraser secretary, 91½ First
Oregon Transfer Co, George V James, president and manager, 31 Stark
Osborne D M & Co, harvesting machinery, 204 and 206 Front
Osvold & Co, boot and shoe makers, 30 Stark
Owens B A Mrs., physician, corner First and Main
Owens J J, plumber and gasfitter, corner Third and Morrison
Owens P L, bakery, 51 North First
Pacific Bridge Co, C H Gorrill president, 169 Second
Pacific Christian Advocate, Rev H K Hines editor, 207 Second
Pacific Hotel, Joseph Jaskola proprietor, corner Ninth and Front
Pacific Wharf and Warehouse, Z J Hatch proprietor, 220 Front
Packard J A, groceries, corner Fifth and Morrison
Page F H, flour, grain, hay, fruit, and groceries, 132 Front
Paine C H & Son, feed and boarding stable, 34 Ash
Parrish J L Mrs., physician, 269 First
Parrish & Cornell, real estate, loan agents, and notaries public, 147* Third
Pater C, manufacturing jeweler, diamond setter, and general engraver, 167 Second
Patridge J D, house mover, 125 Washington
Pattee H E, wagon maker, 101 G
Patterson C M, proprietor Canyon Creek Laundry, corner Sixteenth and Jefferson
Patterson T, real estate broker, notary public, and commissioner of deeds, 92½ First
Paxton O F, Superintendent Public Instruction Multnomah County Courthouse
Penn & Maddux, stoves and tinware, 95 Washington
Penney, Joseph E, Gem Billiard Room, 88 First
Pennoyer S, manager Portland Lumbering and Manufacturing Co, foot Lincoln
People's Transfer Co, H J Harbaugh manager, 5 Wash
Percy G AV & Co, accountants, 91½ First
Permin Louis, liquor saloon, 29 E
Perry Joseph, liquor saloon, 34 First
Pfunder William, chemist and druggist, and proprietor Oregon Botanical Remedies and Oregon Blood
Purifier, corner First and Ash
Philips A G, dentist, 234 First
Phoenix Hotel, A G B Roelfs proprietor, corner Fourteenth and S
Phunder Louis G, florist, corner Washington and Ninth
Pilger L Mrs., dry goods, cloaks, and suits, 153 First
Pilkington J B, physician and oculist. 111 J First
Pilkington John B, M D, proprietor, Portland Eye and Ear Infirmary, Macadam Road between Porter and Wood
Pitt R D, notary public, commissioner of deeds, and real estate and money broker, 148½ First
Pitts H H, commission merchant and California fruits, 131 Front
Plummer C A & Co, wholesale druggists, 50 First
Plummer & Byerley, druggists, corner First and Main
Pohl A, homeopathic physician, 91½ First
Poldeman A, watchmaker and jeweler, 88 First
Polifky F, carriage painter, corner Second and Salmon
Poole J, painter and kalsominer, 87 Alder
Pope S L, manager Portland Telephone, Telegraph, and Electric Light Co, corner Second and A
Portland Box Factory, John Harlow & Co proprietors, North Portland
Portland Business College, A P Armstrong proprietor, 128 Front
Portland Carriage Manufactory, A P Nelson manager, 209 Fourth
Portland Eye and Ear Infirmary, Dr. John B Pilkington proprietor, Macadam Road between Porter and Wood
Portland Gas Light Co, John Greene president, H C Leonard secretary, 26 Stark
Portland Hotel, J Turk proprietor, C between Front and First
Portland Ice Works, Harris & Salmon Bros proprietors, Second between Main and Madison
Portland Lumbering and Manufacturing Co, lumber, doors, sashes, blinds, etc, foot Lincoln
Portland Manufacturing Co, Isaac Sinsheimer manager, furniture, shelving, show cases, etc, 11 Washington
Portland Paving Co, A T Arrowsmith president, T P Wales secretary, 91½ First
Portland Savings Bank, D P Thompson president, W V Spencer cashier, corner Second and Stark
Portland Sign Advertising Co, Frank & Co, 13 Wash
Portland Steam Candy Factory, Alisky & Hegele proprietors, 145 First
Portland Telephone, Telegraph, and Electric Light Co, S L Pope manager, corner Second and A
Portland Transfer Co, general forwarding and commission, J W Souther manager, 10½ Morrison
Portland Water Co, H D Greene president, H C Leonard secretary, 26 Stark
Post E A, proprietor Portland Soda Works, 146 Front
Post-office, George A Steel postmaster, Fifth between Morrison and Yamhill
Potter H X, cigars and tobacco, 120 First
Potts L A Mrs., laces, embroideries, etc, 232 First
Powell Charles F, U S engineer, 127 J First
Powers Ira F, furniture manufacturer, and crockery, glassware, etc, 185 and 188 First
Prag R, hides, wool, and furs, 131 Front
Prager L, clothing. 184 First
Prehn F W & C T, physicians, 91½ First
Prentice D W & Co, music and musical instruments, 107 First
Prescott C H, manager Oregon Railway and Navigation Co; corner Front and D
Preyman & Brown, cigars, tobacco, fruits, etc, 61 First
Prideaux J, blacksmith 101 G
Prideaus S S, blacksmith and wagon maker. Second between Stark and Oak
Proctor J B, furniture manufacturer, 74 Stark
Protzman & De France, boots and shoes, corner Third and Alder
Quinn W J, merchant tailor, 28 Stark
Rachenberger & Mattes, Pioneer Schooner Saloon, and agents S F National Brewery, corner First and Madison
Randall E G, contractor and builder, corner Third and Main
Rankin M B, real estate and exchange, 91½ First
Rattenbury W H, manager Legal and Commercial Agency, Ainsworth Building, corner Third and Oak
Reed E L, notary public, 122 First
Reed William, president Oregon and Washington Savings Bank, 48 First
Rei chert Paul, Chicago Exchange Saloon, 2 1 1 First
Reid George T, liquor saloon, corner Front and X
Reiter George C, light-house inspector, 191 Sixth
Resources of Oregon and Washington, C B Watson editor and manager, 31 Union Block
Reynolds George N, butcher, 36.5' First
Reynolds S E Mrs., lodgings, 28 Washington
Rex R G, physician, 163 First
Richard Thomas, proprietor Novelty Iron Works, corner Mill and Front
Richards Edwin, fish, poultry, and game, 74 Washington
Richet F & Co, groceries and provisions, 121 Third
Richmond House, E B Fellows proprietor, corner C and Second
Rider G C, proprietor and manager Holton House Restaurant, Alder between Front and-First
Riegelmann Robert, groceries and liquors, 412 First
Rieger John, shoemaker, 48 North First
Rines John & Co, wood yard, foot Oak
Ripperton S E Mrs., millinery and fancy goods, 149 Third
Roberts A, merchant tailor and clothing, north west corner First and Alder
Roberts A E Mrs., dressmaker. 111 First
Rodgers H, boot, shoe, and gaiter upper manufacturer, 231 First
Rodgers, Meyer & Co, importers and commission merchants, and ship brokers, 16 North Front
Rodgers T, boots and shoes, 129 Third
Rodney Mary B Miss, principal St Mary's Hall, corner Fourth and Jefferson
Roelfs Alfred G B, proprietor Phoenix Hotel, groceries, market, and feed stable, corner Fourteenth and S
Roenicke Otto, paper box factory, 92½ First
Rogers E P, general freight and passenger agent Oregon and California Railroad Co, corner Front and F
Rohr C M, butcher, 215 Second
Rosenblatt M, clothing, 147 Front
Rosenfeld H & Co, wholesale cigars and tobacco, fancy goods, etc, 41 Front
Rosenfeld J L, commission merchant, produce, hides furs, etc, 171 Front
Rothe Henry, liquor saloon, 106 South First
Rothfos H & Co, proprietors Kew York Hotel, corner Front and B
Rottner John, Fountain Saloon, corner Front and Madison
Royal L B, watchmaker and jeweler, 163 Third
Ruconich Joseph, restaurant, 15 Washington
Rummelin & Gutmann, fancy furs and robes, 82 First
Russ H M, dentist. Fifth opposite Post-office
Russ Ira & Co, groceries and provisions, 161 Third
Salmon Albert, fancy goods and trimmings, 165 First
Salzer J & Bro, proprietors Oregon Hotel, corner First and D
Samuel L, publisher West Shore, 5 Washington
Sandeen C W Mrs., human hair, 83 Yamhill
Sanders I N, Assessor Multnomah County Courthouse
Sattler K, bakery, 240 Second
Saylor W H, physician, 91 First
Sayres George W, liquor saloon, 32 Washington
Schade John H, proprietor Metropolis Hotel, corner First and Main
Schade & Co, dyers and scourers, 209 Third
Schemer H J, butcher, 68 Alder
Schlichting C & Bro, proprietor Europe House, 30 B
Schloth Chris, butcher, corner First and Clay
Schmid Charles, groceries and liquors, corner B and Fourteenth
Schmidt M, liquor saloon, 187 First
Schmidtenstein H, liquor saloon, 191 First
Schmitz W, liquor saloon, 55 First
Schneider H, liquor saloon, 205 First
Schultze & Mueller, proprietors Mechanics' Hotel, Water near Harrison
Schulze P, land agent Oregon and California R R Co, corner Front and F
Schuyler Philip C, insurance agent, 5 First
Schwartz J, groceries and liquors, s w corner G and Thirteenth
Scott L, attorney at law, 147 First
Sealy, Mason & Co, groceries, 167 First
Sears George C, Sheriff Multnomah County Courthouse
Season & Hill, wine and billiard rooms, 31 North Front
Seavier H M Mme, drees maker, 133½ First
Sechtem Louis, liquor saloon, corner Second and Stark
Seelig K & Co, wholesale liquors, 163 Second
Seller M k Co. wholesale crockery and glassware, 13 and 15 north Front
Selling Phillip, general merchandise, 180 First
Seymour, Sabin & Co (E W Allen manager), wagons, plows, etc, and manufacturers threshers and portable engines, corner First and Madison
Sewall W R, clerk Multnomah County Courthouse
Shanahan W T, pictures, frames, pianos, and organs, 46 Morrison
Shane S G; liquor saloon, 73 First
Shane T A, dry goods, 147 Third
Shaperer N, shoemaker. 16 Washington
Sharp Ross, cigar manufacturer, 227 First
Shaw J, barber, 27 Oak
Shea J F, plumber and gasfitter, and manufacturer steam heating apparatus, and plumbing, and sanitary goods, 121 Washington
Sheehy W, painter and paperhanger, 32 North Second
Sherlock J P, butcher, 28 Oak
Sherlock P, wholesale saddlery and harness, 74 Front
Sherwin Joseph, architect, 91½ First
Shields M J Mrs., lodgings, 153½ Third
Shindler G & Co, furniture and carpets, 166 First and 167 Front
Shipper & Rybke, merchant tailors, 11 Oak
Showers William, Treasurer Multnomah County Courthouse
Shurtleff F N, collector customs, Fifth between Morrison and Yamhill
Sibson, Church & Co, commission merchants, and exporters wheat and flour, north east corner Front and Ash
Sibson William S, agent Salem Flouring Mills Co, north east corner Front and Ash
Siebuld A, bakery, corner A and North Ninth
Signal Service U S A, M L Hearne observer, 50 First
Simmons E S, restaurant, 52 First
Simmons Samuel, constable, 215 Fourth
Simpson Bros, carriages, and carriage and sign painters. 208 Second
Singer Manufacturing Co, Willis B Fry manager, 92 Morrison
Sinnott & Leonard, liquor saloon, 148 First
Sinsheimer A, pianos and organs, 129 First
Sinsheimer Isaac, manager Portland Manufacturing Co, 11 Washington
Skidmore S G & Co, druggists, 151 First
Slavich John, proprietor Louisville restaurant, 170 First
Smith A M, proprietor Buena Vista Pottery, 269 Front
Smith Bros & Co, manufacturers lumber and laths, corner Water and Clay
Smith Bros & Watson, iron works, Front between Harrison and Hall
Smith E 0, dentist, 167 First
Smith Harmon, liquor saloon, 107 North Front
Smith L K G, wholesale tobacco and cigars, corner Front and Stark
Smith Max, coffee saloon. 45 Washington and 26 Pine
Smith Milton W, attorney at law, 91½ First
Smith T J, attorney at law, 167 First
Soderback Oscar T, cigars and tobacco, 90 Morrison
Sohm & Co, proprietors St Louis Hotel, 207 First
Solomon S A, restaurant, 67 First
Sorensen J, wood yard, foot Morrison
Souther J W, manager Portland Transfer Co, 10^ Morrison
Spangle Mme, dressmaker, 30 Madison
Spaulding W W, pork packer, G between Tenth and Eleventh
Spencer W V, cashier Portland Savings Bank, corner Second and Stark
Springmeyer & Co, stoves, tinware, etc, 10 Jefferson
St George Hotel, Manciet & Bigne proprietors, corner First and Columbia
St Helen's Hall, Miss Mary B Rodney principal, corner Fourth and Jefferson
St Louis Hotel, Sohm & Co proprietors, 207 First
St Mary's Academy, Fourth between Market and Mill
St Michael's College, Rev A J Glorieux principal, corner Fifth and Mill
St Vincent de Paul's Hospital, North Portland
Staender Adam, liquor saloon. Front between Madison and Jefferson
Starkie Peter, cigars, tobacco, fruits, candies, etc, 263 First
Staver & Walker, agents for Oregon and Washington Territory for J I Case's threshing machines, plows, and Studebaker wagons, foot Morrison
Stearns GM, cigars and tobacco, 65 First
Stearns L B, Probate Judge Multnomah County Courthouse
Steel George A, postmaster, Fifth between Morrison and Yamhill
Steel James, cashier First National Bank of Portland, corner First and Washington
Steele William, proprietor Caledonia Dye Works, 47 Taylor
Steffen John F, ship builder. North Portland
Steinheiser S, groceries, 129 Stark
Steuart J E, crayon and oil portrait painter, 91½ First
Stewart C F, watchmaker and optician, 112 First
Stewart E C, horseshoer, 212 Second
Stewart J, groceries, corner Park and B
Stinson J A Mrs., dress and cloak maker, 50 Washington
Stitt J C, groceries, 69 E
Stoddard J R, attorney at law, 1451 First
Stone B L, jewelry, corner First and Morrison
Stone E, restaurant, 9 Washington
Stone S L, cigars, tobacco, fruits, etc, 41 First
Story George L, manager Home Mutual Insurance Co of California, corner First and and Stark
Strange Catharine Mrs., proprietress City Hotel, north east corner Fourth and F
Straus George M, manufacturer boots and shoes, 234 First
Strode & Beach, attorneys at law, 91 J First
Strong William & Sons, attorneys at law, 111½ First
Strowbridge J A, leather and shoe findings, 189 Front
Sturges, Larsen & Co, shipping and commission merchants, and wholesale groceries and teas, 34 Front
Sturrock & McGilvrey, boots and shoes, 43 North First
Summerfield E, merchant tailor and clothing, 189 First
Sunday Mercury, Mercury Publishing Co publishers, 5 Washington
Sundstrom G, Shade Saloon, 153 Front
Sutcliffe H, painter and paper hanger, 72 Fourth
Sutherland & Christy, publishers The Daily Standard, 5 Washington
Swope Edward A & Co, steam book and job printers and book binders, 109 Front
Talbot C B, architect, 6½ Washington
Tanner A H, attorney at law, 167 First
Tatum & Bowen (A F Hildreth manager), saws, sawmill machinery, printing presses, printers' materials, etc, 187 Front
Taylor George W, news depot stationery, cigars and tobacco, etc, 73 North First
Taylor Joe, liquor and billiard saloon, 135 Front
Taylor, Young & Co, commission merchants and ship brokers, 16 North Front
Terry Oliver, groceries, corner First and Columbia
Thannhauser & Frohman, wholesale hats and caps. 8 north Front
Thatcher J H, manager Western Union Telegraph Co, 3 First
Thayer & Williams, attorneys at law, corner Stark and Front
The Archangel, D J Zan editor, corner Fifth and Mill
The Polaris, J H Acton editor, 231 First
The Vidette, E O Norton & Co publishers, 5 Washington
Thomas & Taylor, proprietors Eagle Hotel, corner north Second and E
Thompson, DeHart& Co, importers hardware and carriage and wagon materials, 174 First and 175 Front
Thompson D P, president Portland Sayings Bank, corner Second and Stark
Thwaites Joseph, photographer, 87 Yamhill
Tice John, wood yard, corner Water and Columbia
Tingry C G, manufacturing jeweler and diamond setter, 1531^ Second
Titman P, liquor saloon, 31 Madison
Tone Charles, cigars, tobacco, candies, etc, 96 Washington
Towne W H, photographer, corner First and Morrison
Trenkman & Wolff, machinery, patent models, and tools, north east corner Third and F
Trickle E C, poultry, fish, and game, 31 Yamhill
Trimble W F, attorney at law, 921 First
Troeger Henry, liquor saloon, corner Front and Columbia
Truesdell A P, physician, 133½ First
Tufts A D, cooper, 28 north First
Turk Charles, proprietor California Hotel, 54 North First
Turk J, proprietor Portland Hotel, C between Front and First
Turk James, clothing, boots and shoes, 42 North First
Tustin & Merton, millinery and fancy goods, and dressmakers, 89 Morrison
Underbill William, manager North Pacific Mutual Life Association of Portland, 100 Front
Union Iron Campbell proprietor, Front and Main
United States Brewery, Herrell & Zimmermann proprietors, corner Harrison and Water
United States Custom House, F N Shurtleff collector. Fifth between Morrison and Yamhill
United States Internal Revenue, J C Cartwright collector. Fifth between Morrison and Yamhill
Universal Benevolent Association of California (for unmarried persons), W Whitwell general agent, 911 First
Valois F A, cigars and tobacco, 268 First
Yan Beurden J, jewelry, 107 First
Yan Fridagh P, dry goods, millinery, and notions. 111 First
Yan Schuyver W J & Co, wholesale wines and spirits, 63 Front and 62 First
Yan Winkle J Mrs., dressmaker, 171 Fourth
Varwig H, liquor saloon, 231 Front
Varwig Thomas, plumbing, gas and steam fitting, lead and iron pipes, etc, 71 Washington
Verdier Bernard, coffee and spice mills, 33 Washington.
Versteegs IST, brickyard, corner Twentieth and W
Vigelius Bros, barbers, 27 North First
Von Borstel E Mrs., groceries, cigars, tobacco, etc, 83 Second
Voss & Fuhr, bakery, 42 Wash Wadhams & Elliott, wholesale groceries and forwarding and commission merchants, 46 and 48 Front
Wager George, liquor saloon, 314 First
Wagner J, groceries and commission merchant, 195 Front
Wagner John, barber and baths, 148 Front
Wales T P, Secretary Portland Paving Co, 91½ First
Walker N, hats and caps, 64 Washington
Wallace W N & Co, druggists, 33 North First
Walling A G, lithographer, engraver, printer, and bookbinder, corner First and Ash
Walter Bros, carpets, paper hangings, and upholstery goods, 85 First
Warren Ford Mrs., physician, 167 First
Washington Hotel, Burt & Brunger proprietor, 207 Third
Wass E S Mrs., Butterick patterns, 64 Morrison
Wasserman & Co, wholesale cigars and tobacco, fancy goods, etc, 7 North Front
Wassman & Luckel, proprietors Columbia Soap Works, corner Seventh and Grant
Watkinds D M, liquor saloon, 11 Morrison
Watkinds W H, harness and saddlery, 171 Front
Watkins Henry, butcher, 54 Morrison
Watkins W H, surgeon, 141 J First
Watson C B, editor and manager Resources of Oregon and Washington, 31 Union Block
Watson Thomas, liquor saloon, north east corner North First and F
Waud John Mrs., lodgings, 246 J Front
Weber - Henry, liquor saloon, 225 First
Weekly Standard, A Noltner publisher, 5 Washington
Weeks A, architect, 111½ First
Weeks & Morgan, wholesale groceries, provisions and feed, 247-251 Front
Weinhard Henry, proprietor City Brewery, corner B and Eleventh
Weis L, carpenter and cabinet-maker, 329 First
Welch J, dentist, 91½ First
Wells, Fargo & Co, Dudley Evans agent, corner First and A
Wells G M, physician; 91½ First
Wells J T, physician, 91½ First
Welty D W, attorney at law, 111½ First
Wertheimer G, groceries, 35 Yamhill
Wertheimer & Bollack, dry goods, boots, shoes, etc, 190 First
West A E Mrs., millinery goods, and agent Bazaar glove-fitting patterns, 27 Washington
West Shore, L Samuel publisher, 5 Washington
Western Union Telegraph Co, J H Thatcher manager, 3 First
Whalley, Fechheimer & Ach, attorneys at law, 43½ First
Wheeler C H, physician, corner First & Ash
Wheeler & Wilson Manufacturing Co, Craige Sharp manager, 88 Morrison
White, Goldsmith & Co, wholesale dry goods, 9 and 11
North Front and 10 and 12 north First
White J W, stencil cutter and rubber stamp manufacturer, m First
White S S, justice of the peace, corner First and Columbia
Whitney & Olcott, metal and general merchandise brokers and agents Vigorit Powder Co, 29 Stark
Whitwell W, general agent Universal Benevolent Association of California (for unmarried persons, 91½ First
Wiberg & Kiernan, boots and shoes, 145 Front
Wienke C, cigars, and tobacco, 25½ North Front
Wilbur R M, livery stable, North Second between C and D
Wilcox J D & Co, real estate agents, 102 First
Wiley Joseph R, publisher Catholic Sentinel, 55 A
Wilhelm H, barber, 103 North First
Wilhelm J, liquor saloon, 47 Washington
Wilhelm Peter, liquor saloon, corner Front and F
Willamette Farmer, Willamette Farmer Co, publishers Publishing Washington
Willamette Hotel, John Hanly proprietor, 227 Front
Willamette Iron Works, W Henderson president, Front between D and E
Willamette Steam Mills, Lumbering, and Manufacturing Co, J Orwday manager, fir and spruce lumber, laths, etc, North Front
Willamette University (medical department), Dr. E P Fraser dean, corner Jefferson and East Park
Williams, Hill, Durham, Thompson, & Mays, attorneys and counselors at law, 147 First
Williams W H, architect, 11½ First
Willis k Smith, attorneys at law, 145½ First
Wills L H Mrs., lodgings, corner Alder and Front
Wilson Arthur, vice-consul Sweden and Norway, corner First and Stark
Wilson Charles, liquor saloon, 109 North Front
Wilson Holt C, physician, 40½ Second
Wintzingerode C V, school books, stationery, notions, etc, 231 First
Wise H, tailor and dyer, south east corner North First and B
Wise Henry J, cigars and tobacco, 211 First
Wiser Edwin, cigars and tobacco, 49½ North First
Wiser G H, butcher, corner B and Stark
Witherell J R, real estate agent and collector, 72 First Withycombe _____, veterinary surgeon, 93 Second
Wohlers G H, liquor saloon, corner Front and Oak
Wolf E Mrs., clothing, 115 Front
Wolf H & Bro, wholesale gents' furnishing goods, 121 Front
Wolf R, dry goods and clothing, 223 First
Wood T A & Co, real estate and general business agency, 141½ First
Woodard, Clarke & Co, wholesale and retail druggists, 141 First
Woods J S, hats and caps, 143 First
Woodward & Magoon, livery stable, north east corner Second and Taylor
Woodward & Woodward, attorneys at law, 91½ First
Wright W W Mrs., cigars and tobacco, 93 North First
Wrinkle J F D & Co, dry goods, 221 First
Wynn Samuel, boarding, 63 First
Yocum A M Mrs., dress and cloak maker, 183 First
Yocum G W, attorney at law, 43½ First
Young James, groceries, 267 Third
Young William, marble works, A near Second
Zan Bros, manufacturers and importers wooden and willow ware, brooms, broom-brushes, etc, 12 and 14 North Front
Zan D J, editor The Archangel, corner Fifth and Mill
Zeitfuchs Ulrich, liquor saloon, 71 Second
Zeller Mike, liquor saloon, 265 First
Zeltner Ferdinand, Pacific Nursery, 151 Morrison
Zieber & McKinnen, proprietors Clarendon Hotel, north west corner North First and F
Zimmerman F, wines and liquors, 233 First
Zorn Adam, Web Foot Saloon, corner Second and Salmon

West Coast Gazetteer

Source: Disturnell's Business Directory and Gazetteer, of the West Coast of North America, W. C. Disturnell, Publisher, San Francisco, California, 1882


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