West Coast Gazetteer & Directory ~ Port Angeles ~ Port Townsend, Washington Territory

Port Angeles P O
Clallam County, is situated on the southern shore of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, about 14 miles west of New Dungeness. The town is prettily located, has a deep harbor, and was formerly the port of entry for Puget Sound District. In the vicinity are a number of good farms, but it is not an extensive farming district. Communication is maintained with Port Townsend weekly by steamer.

Meagher N, postmaster and general merchandise
Smith N K, general merchandise

Port Blakely P O
Kitsap County is situated on Bainbridge Island, 9 miles west of Seattle. The manufacture of lumber is extensively carried on by the Port Blakely Mill Co., who have a first-class mill with a daily capacity of about 135,000 feet. Another important industry carried on is shipbuilding, the principal ship yard on the Sound being located at this point. The town contains a good public school, a church, and lodges of Masons and United Workmen. It is connected with Seattle and other points by steamer.

Hall Bros, ship builders
Hayes J M, postmaster
Nugent James, steamship proprietor
Port Blakely Mill Co, William Renton manager, lumber manufacturers and general merchandise
Sackman D J & Co, hotel
Western Union Telegraph Co, J W Edwards agent

Port Discovery P O
Jefferson Co, 10 miles southwest of Port Townsend, is pleasantly situated on Port Discovery Bay, a fine body of water 8 miles long and from 1 to 1½ miles wide. The manufacture of lumber is the principal industry. Farming is also carried on in the vicinity, but not extensively. Communication is maintained with Port Townsend daily by stage and steamer.

Ackerson, Moore & Co, lumber manufacturers and general merchandise
Downes George W, postmaster
Pugh John, hotel

Port Gamble P O
Kitsap County a town of about 400 inhabitants, is located on an arm of Puget Sound, about 20 miles south-east of Port Townsend. The place contains one of the largest saw-mills on Puget Sound, it having a daily capacity of about 200,000 feet. Communication is maintained with Seattle and other points by steamer.

Condon John S, hotel
Jackson D L, postmaster, and agent Puget Sound Telegraph Co
Puget Mill Co., Cyrus Walker manager, lumber manufacturers and general merchandise

Port Ludlow PO
Jefferson Co, is situated on Puget Sound, 13 miles southeast of Port Townsend. The manufacture of lumber and ship building are the principal industries.

Attridge R D, hotel
Puget Mill Co., Cyrus Walker manager, lumber manufacturers and general merchandise

Port Madison P O
Kitsap Co, the county seat, is located on Bainbridge Island, about 12 miles northwest of Seattle. It is connected with Seattle and other points on the sound by steamer.

Meigs G A, general merchandise
Meigs' Lumber and Ship Building Co, G A Meigs president
Primrose P J, postmaster

Port Townsend P O
Jefferson County county seat, incorporated city, and Port of Entry for Puget Sound District, about 40 miles north-west of Seattle, occupies one of the most beautiful and charming sites on the sound. The location is on Port Townsend Bay, at the junction of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Admiralty Inlet. The business portion of the city is built upon the beach, at the base of a bluff rising nearly perpendicular to a height of about seventy-five feet. The bay, which is about seven miles long and three miles wide, is a beautiful sheet of water, and one of the best harbors on the sound, affording safe anchorage at all times.

Although exhibiting: in a less degree than some other places on the sound the business "boom" of the Northwest, there is an air of prosperity here indicating a basis of permanence and solidity which augurs well for its future. The population, according to the census of 1880, was 917, and is now estimated to be about 1,100. It is in contemplation to construct a railroad from this point to Olympia, a company having been organized for this purpose.

In the vicinity are good agricultural and grazing lands and a vast extent of choice timber lands. At Irondale, six miles distant, are extensive iron beds of brown hematite, or bog-ore, covering an area of about two miles square. A large saw-mill is to be erected during the present year, which will contribute materially to the prosperity of the town. An excellent paper, the Puget Sound Argus, is published weekly. A public school is maintained, having an attendance of about 130 scholars. There are organized lodges of Masons, Odd Fellows, Red Men, Ancient Order United Workmen, and Good Templars. There are several churches, including the Presbyterian, Episcopal, Methodist, and Roman Catholic.

The fire department consists of one company, having a hand engine. The water for domestic purposes is obtained from private wells, there being no water company. The climate is mild and exceedingly healthful. Communication is maintained by steamer daily with Seattle, New Tacoma, and other points on the sound; triweekly with Victoria, B. C.; weekly with Neah Bay, San Juan, Friday Harbor, East Sound, Semiahmoo, etc.; also tri-monthly with San Francisco, and monthly with Alaska. Stage connection is maintained daily with Port Discovery.

Officers, T. Minor, M. D., Mayor; J. J. Hunt, J. F. Sheehan, S. Waterman, A. Weymouth, D. H. Hill, J. A. Kuhn, H. L. Tibbals, Councilmen; W. P. Bell, Clerk and Attorney; D. H. Hill, Treasurer; F. W. James, Surveyor; J. F. Sheehan, Street Commissioner; T. T. Minor, M. D.; Health Officer; J. J. H. Van Bokkelen, Police Judge; Charles Jones, Harbor Master; Charles Finn, Marshal.

Bartlett C C, treasurer Jefferson Co
Bartlett C C & Co, shipping and commission merchants, general merchandise and coal
Bash A W, collector of customs
Bell WP, attorney at law
Blake George W, harness and saddlery
Central Hotel, Dodd & Pugh proprietors
Clinger J G, auction store, and Coroner Jefferson County
Cosmopolitan Hotel, J J Hunt proprietor
Dalgardno J Mrs., proprietress
Occidental Lodging House
De Lion R W & Co, stevedores
Dodd & Pugh, proprietors Central Hotel
Eisenbeis Charles, groceries, provisions, and feed, and proprietor Port Townsend Cracker Bakery and Washington Brewery
Enell Charles A, agent San Francisco and Philadelphia Marine Underwriters
Enell Charles A & Co, shipping and commission merchants, and steam tug agents
Fenchler John L, butcher
Fitzpatrick John, boots and shoes
Franklin Hotel, D Spoor proprietor
Freeman A M, proprietor Holly Tree Inn
Gerrish O F & Co, groceries, hardware, crockery, liquors, etc
Gross Bros, dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes, etc
Haller & Bell, attorneys at law and notaries public
Hammond T M, livery stable
Harned W M, deputy collector customs
Hernandez J M, boot and shoe maker
Hill N D & Son, drugs, paints, oils, books, stationery, etc
Holcomb O H, books, stationery, and varieties
Holly Tree Inn, A M Freeman proprietor
Hunt J J, proprietor Cosmopolitan Hotel
Jackman & Terry, butchers
James F W, general merchandise
Jones Charles, harbor master
Jones James, groceries, books, stationery, cigars, tobacco, fruits, etc
Kane & Berry, restaurant
Korter William, barber
Kuhn J A, attorney at law and notary public
Landes Henry, broker and general commission merchant, and furs, wool, and hides
Latimer & Co, drugs, and paints, oils, glassware, etc
Law John, watchmaker and jeweler
Learned W H H, auction and commission, and postmaster
Llewellyn W H, agent Wells, Fargo & Co and Puget Sound Telegraph Co
Maniouloux R Rev., pastor Our Lady Star of the Sea church
McCarthy James, contractor masonry
Mead F W, physician
Miller B S, Sheriff and Assessor Jefferson County
Minor Thomas T, physician and mayor Port Townsend
Morrison Andrew, proprietor Gold Room Saloon
Norris J T, stoves and tinware
Occidental Lodging House, Mrs. J Dalgardno proprietress
Ogilbee J W, groceries, cigars, tobacco, candies, etc
Peterson John P, tailor and sewing machines
Phillips Thomas, real estate, loan, and insurance agent
Port Townsend Cracker Bakery, Charles Eisenbeis proprietor
Port Townsend Saw Mill Co, lumber manufacturers
Puget Sound Telegraph Co, W H Llewellyn agent
Puget Sound Weekly Argus, Allen Weir publisher
Rice & Logan, proprietors Bank Exchange Saloon
Rothschild D C H, consul Costa Pica, consular agent France and Peru, and vice-consul Nicaragua, and Uruguay
Rothschild & Co, shipping and commission merchants custom house brokers, and agents steam tugs
Seavy James, auditor Jefferson Co, and Clerk District Court
Seavy William, proprietor Port Townsend and Port Discovery stage line
Sheehan J F, stoves and tinware
Smith D W, attorney at law, notary public, and probate judge Jefferson County
Spoor D, proprietor Franklin Hotel
Sterming J G, liquor saloon
Swan James G, attorney at law, proctor in admiralty, ship and custom-house broker, and notary public
Tibbals H L, agent Pacific Coast Steamship Co, and commissioner Jefferson County
Tilman H, painter
Tobey N D, ship and boat builder
Torjusen T, liquor saloon and wreck-master Jefferson Co
Van Bokkelen J J H, notary public, justice of the peace, and police judge
Washington Brewery, Charles Eisenbeis proprietor
Washington Hotel, J H Woodley proprietor
Waterman & Katz, general merchandise and lumber
Watkins H W, carpenter
Weir Allen, publisher Puget Sound Weekly Argus and justice of the peace
Wells, Fargo & Co, W H Llewellyn agent
Weymouth A, blacksmith
Willison H C, physician
WoodleyJ H, proprietor Washington Hotel

West Coast Gazetteer

Source: Disturnell's Business Directory and Gazetteer, of the West Coast of North America, W. C. Disturnell, Publisher, San Francisco, California, 1882


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