West Coast Gazetteer & Directory ~ Pajaro ~ Rohnerville, California

Pajaro P O
Monterey Co, is situated 18 miles north-west of Salinas, and 99 miles by rail south-east of San Francisco, in the midst of an excellent agricultural and grazing section. Daily communication is maintained with San Francisco and other points, by the Southern Pacific Rail Road.

Bakker J R, proprietor Exchange saloon
Balden Thomas, hotel
Baldwin Mrs., boarding
Baldwin, J M, liquor saloon
Carey D, proprietor Pajaro Hotel
Chalmers A, planing mill
Ford Charles & Co, lumber
Payne J C, general merchandise
Short George, box manufacturer

Pescadero P O
San Mateo Co, is situated 52 miles south of San Francisco in a beautiful little valley surrounded by good agricultural and grazing lands. The number of cows dairyed in the immediate vicinity is nearly fifteen hundred. As a summer resort it has many attractions, the most notable being the famous pebble beach, the mountain streams well stocked with trout, and the forests in the neighborhood abounding in game.

Communication is maintained with San Francisco by stage to San Mateo, a distance of 32 miles, thence by the Southern Pacific R. R.

Beatty B F, physician
Cereghino & Debenedetti, general merchandise
Garretson John, general merchandise and notary public
Goulson John, blacksmith
Hamilton & Co, fast freight line
Hayward B, lumber and shingles
Hughes J H, general merchandise
Koster Fred, blacksmith
Marston E W, livery stable
McKinley James, lumber manufacturer
Roe & Petterson, butchers
Stryker P G, postmaster
Swanton C W, hotel and livery stable
Tafley John, flour and feed mill
Thompson A P, general merchandise
Van Allen I A, shoemaker
Wells, Fargo, & Co, John Garretson agent
Williamson J C, insurance agent
Wonfor James, shoemaker
Wurr Henry, manufacturer shingles

Petrolia P O
Humboldt Co, is situated in the Mattole Valley, about 50 miles south of Eureka, and 2 miles from the sea-coast. Daily communication is maintained with Eureka by stage.

Ball Joseph, butcher
Conkling W J, notary public
Dougherty I, flour manufacturer
Dudley J manufacturer lumber and justice of the peace
Eby S, druggist and physician
Ensign H B, liquor saloon
Godwin A, livery stable
Hunter Walker S, general merchandise
Johnston F C, blacksmith
Knapp A J, hotel
Mackey John A, general merchandise and postmaster
Marshall D B, harness and saddle maker
Mason Herbert E, stoves and tinware
O'Leary P, blacksmith
Ramsdell ____, photographer
Schucherd P, shoemaker
Simpson ____ , carpenter
Stone Granville, cooper
Western Union Telegraph Co, John A Mackey agent

Port Harford
San Luis Obispo Co, situated 8 miles south of the city of San Luis Obispo, is the seaport for the latter place, with which it is connected by rail. Communication is maintained with San Francisco by the steamers of the Pacific Coast S. S. Co.

Coreia A, hotel
Haskins C A, superintendent Pacific Coast S S Co
Manderscheid George, operator Western Union Telegraph Co

Port Kenyon,
Humboldt Co, is situated 6 miles north of Ferndale, near the mouth of Eel River.

Casterison & Co, general merchandise
Weaver E, liquor saloon

Punta Arenas P O
Mendocino Co, is situated on the sea-coast, 40 miles south of Mendocino City, on a point of land making out from the Coast Range Mountains. The principal pursuits carried on in this section are the manufacture of lumber, farming, and dairying. Daily communication is maintained with Duncan's Mills by stage, connecting with the trains of the North Pacific Coast R. R. for San Francisco. Communication is also maintained with San Francisco by the Pacific Coast S. S. Co.

Arthur C R, general merchandise
Bourns R, shoemaker
Cohn J, tailor
Davidson William, hotel
Diamond _____, varieties
Fowler W, harness and saddle maker
Grey N E, varieties
Haight Harry, livery stable
Hanson P Mrs., milliner
Holliday & Spaulding, blacksmith
Iverson Samuel, blacksmith
Lancaster & Davidson, shoemakers
Linderoos G, notary public and postmaster
McMullen S W, liquor saloon
McMullen & Grey, hotel
Morse L G, drugs, etc
Nobles J D, liquor saloon
Peters P, general merchandise
Rosenberg & Tindall, general merchandise
Steinberg Mrs., milliner
Symonds H S, watchmaker, jeweler and tinsmith
Taylor S H, blacksmith
Tomlinson W T, livery stable
Warren J B & Co, butchers and liquor saloon
Wells, Fargo & Co, G Linderoos agent
Western Union Telegraph Co, G Linderoos manager

Rohnerville P O
Humboldt Co, is situated 22 miles south of Eureka, in the midst of a good timber and agricultural section. Daily communication is maintained with Eureka and Cloverdale by stage, connecting at the latter place with the San Francisco and North Pacific R. R.

Barnum W S, insurance agent and attorney at law
Bowman Daniel, blacksmith
Brewer C H, blacksmith
Bridges H J, boots and shoes, and barber
Coates John P, proprietor water works
Crabtree S H, furniture and bedding, undertaker and postmaster
Davis HA P. watchmaker, jeweler, and justice of the peace
Davis & Walker, groceries, confectionery, cigars, etc
Eby David, undertaker
Favorite I E. photographer
Feigenbaum J & Bro, general merchandise
Feldt T, livery stable and physician
Finch John, liquor saloon
Frank A, liquor saloon
Gill A M, general merchandise
Gordon C E, publisher Rohnerville Herald
Hamill O. carriage maker
Keyser R, proprietor Rhonerville Hotel
Kimball J H, lumber and liquor manufacturer
Lamb Brothers, butchers
Middleton Thomas, liquor saloon
Miller Jacob, cooper
Moore Charles, livery stable
Perrott Matthew, livery stable
Perry A M Mrs., milliner
Perry P, carriage-maker
Rae Thomas, cigars, confectionery, etc
Reynolds James, shoe-maker
Rohnerville Herald, C E Gordon publisher
Shibbles N. attorney at law
Simpson George, harness and saddle maker
Smith A D, blacksmith
Tyrrell A J, drugs, jewelry, stationery, etc
Van Sickle, Thomas, liquor saloon
Weeks Elijah, liquor saloon
Wells, Fargo & Co. A J Tyrrel agent
Western Union Telegraph Co, M Levinger agent
White Emery, shoe-maker 

West Coast Gazetteer

Source: Disturnell's Business Directory and Gazetteer, of the West Coast of North America, W. C. Disturnell, Publisher, San Francisco, California, 1882


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