West Coast Gazetteer & Directory ~ New Tacoma, Washington Territory

New Tacoma P O
Pierce County county seat and incorporated city, is pleasantly situated on an arm of Puget Sound, 143 miles north of Portland, and 24 miles south of Seattle. It is the terminus of the Western Division of the Northern Pacific R. R., a branch of which extends up the Puyallup Valley to the coal fields at Carbonado.

The city presents a flourishing appearance, and is rapidly growing in business and population. Having a fine harbor, and being the most available shipping point for a large scope of country containing excellent agricultural and timber lands and extensive deposits of coal,

New Tacoma will, no doubt, continue to maintain a prominent position among the leading business localities of the north-west. The number of inhabitants, according to the census of 1880, was 648, which has since increased to over 2,000. A steam saw-mill, having a daily capacity of 40,000 feet, an iron foundry, and the car shops of the Northern Pacific Railroad give employment to quite a number of men. No county buildings have as yet been erected, the county seat having but recently been removed from Steilacoom.

Two public schools are maintained, having an attendance of about one hundred and ninety scholars. The secret and benevolent societies organized are the Masons, Odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias, Ancient Order of United Workmen, and Good Templars. The churches represented are the Methodist, Congregational, Presbyterian, Episcopal, and Roman Catholic.

The New Tacoma Water Company furnishes a supply of pure water, obtained from springs on the hillside. Two newspapers, the Weekly Ledger and Pierce County News, are published weekly. Daily communication is maintained by steamer with Seattle, Port Townsend, and way ports, tri-weekly with Victoria, B. C, and tri-monthly with San Francisco.

The trains of the Northern Pacific run daily to Kalama, and up the Puyallup Valley to Carbonado.

Officers, David Lister, Mayor; T. H. Hosmer, M. J. Cogswell, J. H. Houghton, S. S. Sahm, G. F. Orchard, Councilmen; H. C. Davis, Treasurer; J. H. Wilt, Clerk; A. Campbell, Attorney; C. D. Young, Police Judge; A. H. Lowe, Marshal.

Anderson I W, proprietor Tacoma Lime Works
Armstrong T, boots and shoes
Armstrong T Mrs., fancy goods, stationery, cigars, tobacco, etc
Ashmore Edgar J, physician
Ballard A M, physician
Bank of New Tacoma, Bostwick & Baker proprietors
Baurle & Brady, manufacturers furniture, doors, sashes, etc, and wood turners
Bidekoff A, barber
Blackwell W B, proprietor
Blackwell's Hotel
Bostwick & Baker, proprietors
Bank of New Tacoma
Bostwick & Davis, druggists
Brown Thomas R, stoves, ranges, steam and water pipes, etc
Campbell, Bashford & Campbell, attorneys at law, notaries public, and insurance agents
Caufield R F, jeweler and watchmaker
Cheadle R, auctioneer and furniture
Chilberg J P, hardware, crockery, paints, oils, etc
Clancey Charles E, agent Oregon Railway and Navigation Co
Clark Frank, law, collection, and real estate office
Clendenin, Miller & Co, general merchandise
Columbia House, George Kuhn proprietor
Danforth C H, attorney at law, notary public, and insurance agent
Davis H C, physician and city treasurer
Desvoine Gideon, livery and feed stable
Dillon & Kinkaid, liquor saloon
Dobrin Morris, general merchandise
Eberspacher F, tailor
Evans Charles, postmaster
Evans Elwood, attorney at law, and prosecuting attorney Third Judicial District
Evine & Ellis, barbers
Fife W H, real estate agent and collector
Forbes George D, notary public
Fulmer & Marshall, butchers
Griffiths James, boots and shoes
Gross Bros, dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes, etc
Halstead House, J Halstead proprietor
Halstead J, proprietor Halstead House
Hatch M F & Co, manufacturers lumber and moldings
Hedges J B, groceries, fruit, etc
Henry James D, restaurant
Hensil R F, attorney at law
Herrington R D, furniture and bedding and undertaker
Hirschfeld L, clothing, boots, shoes, hats, etc
Holgate B F, harness and saddler
Hopfenzitz M, boot and shoe maker
Hopkins M J Mrs., proprietress Union House
Hosmer Theodore, manager Tacoma Land Co
Houghton J H, land agent Northern Pacific Railroad
Howell J S. real estate and insurance broker
Kaufman M, liquor saloon
Kelley M B, auditor Pierce Co
Kiev Julius, liquor saloon
Kuhn George, proprietor Columbia House
Lister David Co, proprietors New Tacoma Iron Works
Lowe T G, liquor saloon
Mason William, private boarding
Mattau R, proprietor St Charles Hotel
Mattice G W, publisher Pierce County News
McCarty C A Miss, Superintendent schools Pierce County
McCaskill Daniel, cigars and tobacco, cutlery, notions, etc
McCully A, dentist
Muntz John, blacksmith
Nelson E M Mrs., botanic physician
New Tacoma Iron Works, David Lister & Co proprietor
Northern Pacific Railroad Co, J W Sprague general superintendent, Otis Sprague superintendent
Norton J H, restaurant
Orchard, I N, groceries and feed
Orchard John, groceries, fruits, cigars, tobacco, etc
Oregon Railway and Navigation Co, Charles E Glance agent
Pacific Hotel, Mrs. E J Watson proprietress
Pagett C C, agent Western Union Telegraph Co
Parker N Mrs., milliner and dressmaker, and millinery goods
Perkins D W, wagon maker
Pierce County News, G W Mattice publisher
Plummer Bros, bakery, and groceries cigars, tobacco, etc
Quade Otto, groceries, crockery, etc
Radebaugh R F, publisher, The Weekly Ledger
Rebard & Campbell, groceries, provisions, etc
Reid A D, tinware
Rhodes & Sons, hardware, paints, oils, etc
Ross Bros, cigars, tobacco, fruits, notions, etc
Sampson & Bonney, druggists
Shields D J. blacksmith and wagon maker
Simpkins Charles, painter
Sinnock J, carpenter and builder
Smart A, butcher
Smith George E, New Tacoma House
Spooner T J, stoves, tinware, lamps, etc
Sprague J W, general superintendent Northern Pacific Railroad
Sprague Otis, superintendent Northern Pacific Railroad
St Charles Hotel, R Mattau proprietor
Tacoma Land Co, Theodore Hosmer manager
Tacoma Lime Works, I W Anderson proprietor
Talcott G N, watchmaker and jeweler
Thompson William, liquor saloon
Todd John, butcher, and dealer hides and furs
Tritschack G, shoemaker
Union House, Mrs. M J Hopkins proprietress
Walker J S, groceries and feed, and agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Wallace D P, liquor saloon
Walsh Richard, liquor saloon
Watson E J Mrs., proprietress Pacific Hotel
Weekly Ledger, R F Radebaugh publisher
Weisbach R J, general merchandise
Wells, Fargo & Co, J S Walker agent
Western Union Telegraph Co, C C Pagett agent
Wilkeson Samuel, Jr, real estate agent and notary public
Williams & Grainger, livery, feed, and sale stable, and Carbon Hill coal
Wilt J H, city clerk and clerk District Court
Windsor Henry, Sheriff Pierce County
Woolsey & Powley, groceries, furniture, bedding, etc
Yoder & Forbes, attorneys at law and insurance agents
Young C D, attorney at law and probate judge
Young & Potter, liquor saloon and lodgings

West Coast Gazetteer

Source: Disturnell's Business Directory and Gazetteer, of the West Coast of North America, W. C. Disturnell, Publisher, San Francisco, California, 1882


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