West Coast Gazetteer & Directory ~ Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles P O
Los Angeles County, county seat and incorporated city, is the metropolis of Southern California, and, next to San Francisco, is one of the leading commercial cities of the State. It occupies a picturesque site, in a valley between the Sierra Madre range of mountains and the sea-coast, 460 miles south of San Francisco, and 21 miles north of Wilmington, its seaport.

The city is well laid out, and with its handsome residences, delightful orange groves and fine drives, presents a very attractive appearance. In that business portion are many large and substantial stone and brick buildings, which would be a credit to larger cities. As a railroad center the place is assuming considerable importance, the bustle and excite ment caused by the various coming and outgoing trains giving it a very lively appearance. It is the business center of the section in which it is situated, and in accordance assume far greater prominence. In the surrounding country the raising of citrus fruits and grapes is the principal industry. Sheep raising and wool growing are also extensively carried on, and cereals of various kinds produced in abundance. The faculties afforded for the raisins, of raw material in this section will no doubt soon lead to the establishment of various manufacturing enterprises, which will add materially to the wealth and prosperity of the city.

Many institutions of a high character are maintained by public and private appropriations and donations. Excellent public schools are a feature of the city. Twelve have already been established, which in the aggregate have an attendance of about fourteen hundred scholars. In addition to these institutions of learning the University of Southern California, and a Branch Normal School. The Los Angeles Public Library, containing about 2.600 volumes, is maintained by a direct levy on the taxable property of the city, and by monthly subscriptions of twenty-five cents, paid by persons drawing books for home reading. An Orphans, Home provides for the care and maintenance of fatherless and motherless children, and a good hospital and infirmary provide accommodations for the sick.

The religious denominations are represented by the Episcopalians, Methodists, Southern Methodists, Presbyterians, Congregationalists, Baptists, Adventists and Roman Catholics, several of which have handsome church edifices.

The secret and benevolent orders are the Masons, Odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias, Ancient Order United Workmen, Chosen Friends, Legion of Honor, and Good Templars.

The city is well protected from the ravages of the fire fiend, by a good volunteer fire department; the apparatus in use consists of two steam engines, one hose cart, and a hook and ladder truck; and fifty-nine hydrants afford a good supply of water. Gas and water works, street railroads, telegraph and telephone lines, are also among the institutions maintained for the convenience and comfort of the inhabitants, and a U. S. Land Office affords facilities for the entry of public lands.

The climate is mild and of an even temperature, the distance from the coast being sufficient to escape the high winds which at times prevail there, yet close enough to receive the moistening and cooling influence of the sea air. According to the census of 1880 the population of the city was 11,000. It is now estimated at 16,000.

Several well conducted journals advocate the interests of the section. Of these the Express, Herald, Times, and Commercial are published daily; and the Mirror, Semi-Tropic California, Sued Californische Post (German), L'Union Nouvelle (French), weekly; and La Cronica (Spanish) semi-weekly.

Communication is maintained with San Francisco, and other points in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas by the Southern Pacific R, P., connecting at Deming, New Mexico with the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe R. E. Other roads diverging from the city maintain daily communication with Anaheim, Downey, Santa Ana, Wilmington, Santa Monica, etc, connecting with stages for San Diego and other points. Communication is also maintained with San Francisco, San Diego, and intermediate ports by the steamers of the Pacific Coast S. S. Co.

Officers, J. R. Toberman, Mayor; J. G. Bower, J. Mullaly, C. Scheiffelin, J. Kuhrts, J. Mascarel, M. Teed, J. S. O'Neil, A. W. Ryan, R. Steere, B. Chandler, B. Cohn, G. Kerckhoff, W. S. Moore, J. P. Moran, O. G. Weyse, Councilmen; H. T. Hazard, City Attorney; W. W. Robinson, Auditor; J. C. Kays, Treasurer; R. Bilderrain, Assessor; J. E. Jackson, Surveyor; H. King, Chief of Police; C. M. Jenkins, Zanjero; J. B. Winston, Health Officer.

Adam F, merchant tailor, 13 Spring
Adams D M, attorney at law, 101 Main
Allen C M, harness and saddle maker, 81 Spring
Allen H W, druggist, 54 Spring
Allen James, cabinet maker, 10 Temple
Aockerblum Fr, druggist, 163 Main

Ardi Luigi & Co, Italian Paste Manufactory, 36 Aliso
Ayers James J, manager and editor Evening Express, 23 Spring

Bacon E E, groceries, 165 Main
Baker, W R, fruit packer, 4 Los Angeles
Ballade Pascal, commission merchant, groceries, liquors, etc, corner Aliso and Alameda
Banch L, barber and baths, 50 Main
Barclay & Wilson, attorneys at law, 1½ Spring
Barrows J A, stoves, hardware, etc., 19 Los Angeles
Barton C C, physician, 64 Main
Bath A L, manufacturer agricultural implements, 108 Spring
Baxter Edwin, attorney at law, 101 Main
Bayle C, billiard and liquor saloon, 67 Spring
Beach G H, physician, 82 Main
Beaudry P, real estate, 81 New High
Beaudry Victor, capitalist, 81 New High
Beaudry Water Works, Alameda
Bell A T, harness and saddle maker, corner Court and Main
Begue B, butcher, 46 Commercial
Benjamin N, boots and shoes, 67 Main
Benner John, butcher, 45 Spring
Beringer F, watchmaker, 3½ Spring
Bernal A, barber, 2 Aliso
Bernero G, groceries, San Fernando
Bicknell F T, physician, 17 Spring
Bicknell J D, attorney at law, 101 Main
Bills R, freight and truck line, 7 Market
Binder F, proprietor United States Brewery, 26 Banning
Bishop John, harness and saddle maker. First
Blanchard J H, attorney at law, 52 Main
Boeson A, laundry, 83 New High
Boetcher F, beer garden. First
Boggs & Ripley, carpenters, 173 Main
Boisenier J, billiard and liquor saloon, cor Alameda and Aliso
Bollinger Hannah Mrs., dress patterns and knife pleating, 6 Temple
Bower & Baker, proprietors City Foundry and Machine Shop, 179 Main
Boyd E H, proprietor Pacific Hotel, San Fernando near Union Depot
Boyd George T, confectionery, 50 Spring
Bradshaw T, hardware and furniture, 86 Spring
Brand William, butcher, corner First and Main
Bright J C, dry goods, clothing, etc., 53 Main
Brode Charles, groceries and provisions, 119 Spring
Brodrick William J, insurance agent, 3 Commercial
Brophy K, boarding and lodgings, corner First and Wilmington
Brousseau J, attorney at law, 26 Main
Brown H R, auction store, 44 Spring
Brown J A, Occidental Restaurant, 116 Main
Brown T B, district attorney Los Angeles County, Courthouse
Brown Vanderbilt Mrs., proprietor Vanderbilt House, corner Turner and Main
Brown & Mathews, builders, hardware and agricultural implements, 55 Spring
Brown & Smith, attorneys at law, 101 Main
Browne F E, tin and sheet iron worker, 61 Spring
Brunges John, liquor saloon, 123 Main
Brunson & Wells, attorneys at law, 26 Main
Bryant, Howard & Co, hardware, paints, oils, etc., 128 Main
Burgiss Robert, furniture, 11 Aliso
Burks J H, dentist, 17 Spring
Burns John, sewing machines, 148 Main
Burton C Mrs., hair worker, 137 Main
Bush C H, watches and jewelry, 44 Main
Butler George R, proprietor Fashion Stables, 29 Main
Butler J H, watchmaker, 139 Main

Cabot C, land agent, 131 Main
Cagel A, barber, 67 Spring
Camillo & Olivas, barbers and baths, Requena
Campbell D, livery stable, 47 Aliso
Campbell Hugh, tin and sheet iron worker, San Fernando
Canepa N & Co, groceries, fruits, etc, north east corner First and Spring
Carllis S, fruits and 157 Main
Casteret J. saw filing and cutlery, 42 Los Angeles
Castruccio Brothers, groceries and liquors, 124 Main
Cezar G G, barber 150 Main
Chapman Robert H, attorney at law and notary public, 3 Commercial
Chapman & Paul, stoves, tinware, hardware and crockery, 9 Commercial
Chard Charles, candy manufacturer, 36 Main
Charvoz A, barber, 15 Main
Chauvin A C, groceries, 70 Main
Cheesebrough Charles C, cigar manufacturer, 29 Spring, and cigars and tobacco, 50 Spring
Childs M W, stoves, tinware and pumps, 21 Los Angeles
Clapp Charles H, shooting gallery, 39 Spring
Clarke George J, notary public, corner Temple and Spring
Clos & Celestin, livery stable, 15 Aliso
Cochran W G, physician, 64 Main
Cohen H, dry goods and clothing, 79 Main
Cohen & Reich, butchers, San Fernando
Cohn Adolph, dry goods and clothing, 9 Commercial
Cohn J B, dry goods, clothing, etc, corner Los Angeles and Commercial
Collins M T, billiard and liquor saloon, corner Commercial and Alameda
Colson J B, blacksmith and wagon maker, 68 Aliso
Comeres F, hotel and liquor saloon, cor Aliso and Alameda
Compton & Kerr, real estate, 24 Spring
Congress Hall, oyster and liquor saloon, corner Main and Requena
Cordiner C L, merchant tailor, First near Main
Cosgrove James, billiard and liquor saloon and restaurant, 53 and 55 Los Angeles
Cosmopolitan Hotel, Hammel & Denker proprietors. Main
Cotton & Baxter, real estate agents and searchers records, 101 Main
Coulter B F, dry goods etc, 30 Main, and proprietor Los Angeles Woolen Mills, Pearl and Fifth
Court-house, corner Main and Court
Covarrubias N A, livery stable, 18 Main
Cowper I, veterinary surgeon, 31 Main
Crawford J S, dentist, 77 Main
Crimmins John, plumber, 77 Spring
Crump & Young, bakery, Upper Main
Cullen W B, tax collector Los Angeles County, Court-house
Cummings & Haskell, proprietors St Julian Stable, 37 Los Angeles
Cunningham R G, dentist, 74 Main

Dahlem Charles, liquor saloon, corner Wilmington and Commercial
Daily Commercial, W. H. Gould publisher, 54 Spring
Daily Times, Yarnell, Caystile, & Mathes proprietors, 9 Temple
Daley S Mrs., millinery, 135 Main
Darling A F, oculist and anoint, 74 Main
Davis Charles W, architect 65 Main
Day Charles E, pianos and sheet music, 65 Spring
De Cardona S A, manager La Cronica
De Turk J G, livery and feed stable, First
Declez & Gilbert, proprietor, Los Angeles Marble Works 44 First
Del Valle R F, attorney at law, 17 Spring
Deleval C, merchant, Aliso and Alameda
Delpech Ferrie L, French dressmaker, 5 Spring
Deming, Palmer & Co, proprietors, Capitol Mills, junction Main and Alameda
Den C, physician, 36 Main
Denison E S, general news agent S P R R, San Fernand,
Desmond D, hats and cap 101 Main
Dillon & Kenealy, dry goods and gents furnishing good, corner Main and Requena
Dobinson G A, notary public and commissioner of deeds, 75 Main
Dockweiler Henry, liquor saloon, cor First and Main
Dohs Frederick, barber. 123½ Main
Dol V, restaurant, 65 Main
Domblades J, billiard and liquor saloon, corner Los Angeles and Requena
Dooner P W, attorney at law, 77 Main
Dotter & Bradley, furniture, carpets, etc, 80 Main and 61 Spring
Downey J G. capitalist, 77 Main
Dreyer & Wangeman, manufacturer's cigars, 46 Spring
Ducommun C, hardware and mechanics' tools, 54 Main
Dunham & Schiefelin, proprietors Fico House, 48 Main
Dunkelberger L E, postmaster, Spring near First
Dunlap J D, deputy U S marshal
Dunsmore I A, fancy goods, etc, 25 Spring
Dupuy J & Co, livery stable, 162 Main
Dupuy & Finney, proprietors Pioneer Livery Stable, 16 Requena

Eames & Levering, fruit trees, corner Fort and First
Eastman, Haley, & Roberts, attorneys at law, 40 Spring
Ebinger Louis, Spring St Bakery. 94 Spring
Eckert Robert, proprietor Congress Hall, corner Main and Requena
Edelman & Co. manufacturers cigars, 78½ Main
Edmonds Charles H, veterinary surgeon, 35 Spring
Edwards E A, oils and oil stoves. 20 Main
Edwards & Morgan, real estate agents 35 Spring
Ellis C J, attorney at law. 26 Main
Ellis & Son, photographers, 55 Main
Espitalier Joseph, liquor saloon, 12 First
Evening Express, Express Newspaper and Printing Co, publishers, 23 Spring

Farmers' and Merchants' Bank of Los Angeles, I W Hellman, president; John Milner, secretary, 51 Main
Fashion Stables, George R Butler proprietor, 29 Main
Fellows I S, physician, 50 Spring
Fennessy James, wagon maker, 145 Alameda
Ferguson Rose, livery stable, 31 Main
Ferner S, loan office, 4 Commercial
Fickett E, carpenter, 16 Requena
Fickett Horace, restaurant, corner Commercial and Alameda
First National Bank, E F Spence president, William Lacy cashier, 68 Main
Fish L W, electrician, 68 Main
Fisher C L. boots and shoes, 26 Spring
Fisher J A. justice of the peace, 101 Main
Fisher Joseph, liquor saloon, Requena
Fleischman J, billiard, liquor saloon, corner First Spring
Foch Charles, groceries liquors, corner Garcia and Aliso
For A V, liquor saloon, San Fernando
Forthmann & Bergin, soap manufacturers, and hides, pelts, skins and wool, 29 Banning
Fox Koster, dry goods and clothing, 42 Spring
Foy S C, manufacturer saddles and harness, 17 Los Angeles
Franck A, butcher. 144 Main
French L W, dentist, 82 Main
Froehlinger & Matthiesen, liquor saloon, 100 Main
Fuller & Day, chairs, and manufacturers wire mattresses, First
Furrey W C, stoves, hardware and agricultural implements, 33 Spring

Gage H T, attorney at law, 77 Main
Ganee P, publisher L'Union, Nouvelle, 65 Main
Ganghofer J, physician, 43 First
Gantt J H, restaurant, Requena
Gardiner W P, attorney at law, 26 Main
Gardner T A, candy manufacturer, 16 J Main
Garibaldi Lorenzo, groceries and liquors, 51 Upper Main
Gauthier F, billiard and liquor saloon, 9 Main
Gee John, shoe maker, San Fernando
Geir & Bartholme, carpenters and cabinet makers, 156 Main
Gerkens Jacob F, liquor saloon, corner Sotella and San Fernando
Germain E, commission merchant and wholesale fruits and produce, 28 and 30 Main
Gibbs George C, attorney at law, 26 Main
Gibson C W, groceries and crockery, 48 Spring
Gicomo I, groceries, 130 New High
Giebel E F G W, groceries 80 First
Giegerich George, confectionery, 80 Spring
Giese F Jr, druggist, 60 Spring
Giese Henry, importer agricultural implements, 22 Aliso
Gilchrist J D, job printer, 77 Main
Gillmann H, barber, 96 Main
Glassell, Smith & Patton, attorneys at law, 101 Main
Glidden E C, sewing machines, 127 Main
Glover C J, Southern Pacific Transfer Co, corner Temple and Spring
Glover R C, blacksmith. First
Godfrey Bros, druggists, 91 Spring
Godfrey John F, attorney at law, 101 Main
Goff Isaac C, commission merchant and grocer, 118 Main
Goldman & Co, watchmakers and jewelers, 28 Spring
Goldstein S, poultry and fruit, 142 Main
Goodwin J, blacksmith, 107 Spring
Gould W D, attorney at law, 101 Main
Gould W H, publisher Daily Commercial, 54 Spring
Graham George, carriage painter, 45 Aliso
Grand Central Hotel, G L Schmidt proprietor, 40 Main
Graves J A, real estate agent, 26 Main
Graves & Chapman, attorneys at law, 26 Main
Gray W H, notary public, 131 Main
Grebe C, restaurant, 22 Main
Green E K, windmills and pumps, Temple
Greenbaum E, cigars and tobacco. 98 Main
Griffin Edward, shoe maker, 43 Spring
Griffin J E, attorney at law, 101 Main
Griffin John S, physician, 17 Spring
Griffin John W, collector and insurance agent, 12 Spring
Griffith J M & Co, planing mill and lumber, corner First and Alameda
Grimund J, liquor saloon, 5 Aliso
Grover N B, shoemaker, 132 Spring
Guercio C, barber and baths, 29 Spring
Guerrero J D, groceries and liquors, corner Upper Main and Marchessault
Guyas A, teacher languages, 24 Main

Haines J H, watchmaker and jeweler, 65 Spring
Haines R R, manager Western Union Telegraph Co, 20 Main
Hall Charles V, commission merchant and insurance agent, 3 Los Angeles
Hall T S, notary public, 13 Court
Hamburger A, dry goods, 84 Main
Hammel & Denker, proprietors Cosmopolitan Hotel,
Main and United States Hotel, corner Main and Requena
Hammond L J Miss, millinery, 30 Spring
Hannas L H, barber, 4 Temple
Hannon J, physician, 64 Main
Hansen & Solano, surveyors, 29 Spring
Harbeck A, liquor saloon, 48 Spring
Harbert B, restaurant 82 Spring
Hargitt G, carpenter, Temple
Harotcarena P, boarding and lodgings, 26 Commercial
Harper, Reynolds & Co, wholesale and retail hardware, stoves, tinware, and plumbers' goods, 108 and 110 Main
Harris E, detective agency, 77 Main
Harris L, clothing, 65 Main
Hartley J D, physician, 26 Main
Hastings C S, physician and electrician, 50 Spring
Haverstick J W, receiver U S Land Office, 131 Main
Hayes John, shoe maker, 121 Main
Hayman B, wagon maker, 38 Aliso
Hazard H T, attorney at law, 77 Main
Hazeltine W, dentist, 116 Main
Hechtman & Van Matre, proprietors Kansas City Hotel, San Fernando opposite railroad depot
Heinsch H, saddle and harness maker, corner Commercial and Los Angeles
Heinzeman C F, druggist, 72 Main
Hellman I W, president Farmers' and Merchants' Bank of Los Angeles, 51 Main
Hellman, Haas & Co, wholesale groceries, cigars, liquors, etc, 14 Los Angeles
Hellman S, wholesale and retail books, fancy goods, and stationery, 8 Spring and 95 Main
Henderson W H, fancy stationery, 54 Spring
Henderson & Marshall, hardware and wagon materials, 147 Main
Herrick John, livery stable, 109 Spring
Hinton, J TV, superintendent public schools Los Angeles County, Courthouse
Hirschfeld P, books and stationary, 71 Main
Hoche L H, restaurant Requena
Hodgkins & Moore, furniture, 148 Main
Hoff M, dry goods, etc, 49 Main
Holbrook J F, manufacturer well and water pipe, Requena
Holdersbach H, proprietor Los Angeles Wire Works, 46 First
Hollingsworth J W, dentist, 17 Spring
Holmes A C, notary public, 101 Main
Holmes Mary Mrs., corsets and ladies' suspenders, First near Los Angeles
Holmes & Scott, wood and coal, 110 Spring
Holton G M, attorney at law, 101 Main
Horne & Abel druggists, San Fernando opposite R R depot
Hossman & Ortega, barbers, 20 Spring
Hotelling & Fisher, poultry, fish, and oil, 79 Spring
Howard F H, attorney at law, 101 Main
Howard V E, superior judge. Courthouse
Howes F C & Co 36 Spring
Hoyt A E & Co, furniture and bedding, 70 Spring
Hubbell S C, attorney at law, 52 Main
Hughes R, Russian and electric baths, 16 Main
Hughes W R, dress making, 1 Main
Hughes W R & Co, hay, grain and feed, 97 Spring
Hutchings Joseph S, boarding and lodgings, Elmira

Illich A, restaurant, 117 Main

Jacoby Bros, clothing, hats, boots and shoes, etc, 93 Main
Jacoby Conrad, publisher Sued Californische Post, 74 Main
Jensen C, merchant tailor, 7 Spring
Johnson Charles R, register U S Land Office, 131 Main
Johnson P, fruits and confectionery, 20 Main
Judson A H, attorney at law, 131 Main
Judson, Gillette & Gibson, examiners titles, 131 Main

Kansas City Hotel, Hechtman 6 Van Matre proprietors, San Fernando, opposite R R depot
Kerckhoff, Cuzner & Co, lumber and builders' materials, corner Alameda and Macy
Kiefer J & Co, wholesale liquors and cigars, 12 Main
Kiger T C, physician, 42 Main
King A I, notary public, 40 Spring
King & Villa, horse shoers, 20 Aliso
Kirkpatrick R C, physician, 116 Main
Knell J D, professor of music, 186 Main
Knox M M, physician, 116 Main
Kohler A, attorney at law, 101 Main
Kremer M, insurance agent, 4 Spring
Kuck & Ludemann, proprietors
The Fountain, 52 and 54 Spring
Kuhl & Rinkenbach, billiard and liquor saloon, 11 Spring
Kurtz Joseph, physician 26 Main
Kysor & Morgan, architects, 131 Main

L'Union Nouvelle, P Ganee publisher, 65 Main
La Cronica, La Cronica Publishing Co proprietors, Downey Block
La Esperanza Store, George A Vignolo proprietor, 112 Main
La Fetra C W, proprietor Los Angeles Business College, 50 Spring
Lacy William, cashier First National Bank, 68 Main
Lalande P, groceries and provisions, corner First and Alameda
Lamb C C, recorder Los Angeles County, Courthouse
Lambourn & Turner, groceries, liquors and provisions, 24 Aliso
Lamoree J P, carriage and wagon maker, First
Lankershim & Co, proprietors, Los Angeles Mills, 47 Commercial
Lathrop H B, physician, 116 Main
Lattin M, blacksmith, 167 Main
Lauth & Stecker, proprietors, New York Brewery, Third near Main
Lavaica Lonis, groceries, 131 New High
Lawrence A M, agent Telegraph Coast Line Stage Co, and cigars, 22 Spring
Lazarus P, books, stationery and fancy goods, 11 Spring
Lazenby & O'Neill, marble and granite works. First bet Main and Los Angeles
Leek L, groceries, 190 Main
Lee B W, attorney at law and notary public. 26 Main
Lee H T. attorney at law Main
Leiss Ernst, restaurant confectionery, 125 Main
Leon Ralph, cigars and tobacco, 62 Main
Levy Michel, wholesale wines, liquors and cigars,, 61 Main
Levy Simon, hides, wool, grain etc, 29 and 34 Aliso
Lewis Bros, boots and shoes, 57 Spring
Lichtenberger L, carriage wagon maker, 145 Main
Liever John, firearms cutlery, 11 Commercial
Linde Frederick, watchmaker and jeweler, 71 Main
Lindley Milton, treasurer Los Angeles County, Courthouse
Lindquist F, merchant tailor, 20 Spring
Littleboy William, druggist, 102 Main
Lloyd William, Main
Los Angeles Business College, C W La Fetra proprietor, 50 Spring
Los Angeles Cigar Factory, C C Cbeesebrough proprietor, 29 Spring
Los Angeles City Library, Miss Mary E Foy librarian, 65 Main
Los Angeles County Bank, J S Slauson president, H L Macneil cashier, junction Spring and Main
Los Angeles Gas Co, C H Simpson president, D Ullman, secretary, Turner
Los Angeles Herald, Joseph D Lynch publisher, 25 Spring
Los Angeles House, T N McCracken proprietor, 17 First
Los Angeles Ice Co. G E Milliken manager, Ann
Los Angeles Infirmary, San Fernando
Los Angeles Marble Works, Declez & Gilbert proprietors, 44 First
Los Angeles Mills, Lankershim & Co proprietors, 47 Commercial
Los Angeles Orphans' Home, W Lindley president. Fig
Los Angeles Pioneer Iron Works, P N O'Donnell proprietor, corner Aliso and Garcia
Los Angeles Soap Co, Forthmann & Bergin proprietors, 23-27 Banning
Los Angeles Telephone Co, John Lawrence, superintendent, 68 Main
Los Angeles Wine Works, H. Holdersbach proprietor, 46 First
Los Angeles Water Co. Main
Los Angeles Woolen Mills, B F Coulter proprietor. Pearl near Fifth
Loiseau & Brunett, shooting gallery and liquor saloon, 11 Commercial
Lowe James, butcher, 96 Spring
Lowry H N, attorney at law, 116 Main
Luitwieler S W, agent for Studebaker wagons, corner Los Angeles and Requena
Lynch Joseph D, publisher Los Angeles Herald, 25 Spring

Macneil H L, cashier Los Angeles County Bank, junction Spring and Main
Mahlstedt D & Co proprietors Philadelphia Brewery, Aliso
Maier Joseph, billiard saloon, 31 Spring
Maier Simon, pork packer, 37 Spring
Maloney Richard, wagon maker, 18 Aliso
Manning Joseph, house and sign painter, 16 Court
Manning Thomas F, plumber, 169 Main
Maristich J & Co, restaurant 42 Main
Marshall C H, house and sign painter, 66 Spring
Marshall M A, carpenter 80 Spring
Marteen H, clothing, 8 Aliso
Martin E & Co, wholesale liquors and cigars, 24 Main
Maskell & Mercadanta, fruits and commission merchants, 151 Main
Massey Charles, billiard and bowling saloon, San Fernando opposite R R depot
Maxey Thomas, butcher, corner Sansevain and Alameda
Maxwell Walter S, grain dealer, 13 Court
May & Co, bakery and restaurant, 72 Spring
McAulay & Chisholm, carpenters, 42 First
McBride R Y, book and job printer, 65 Main
McCarr Thomas, liquor saloon, 10 Main
McCracken T proprietor Los Angeles House, 17 First
McDonald A S, boots and shoes, 34 Spring
McGarvin & White, carriage and wagon makers, 104 Spring
McGinnis E T, billiard and liquor saloon, 57 Main
McGurdy S, physician, 181 Main
McKenzie Alex, cigars and liquors, 129 Main
McLellan Bros, insurance agents, 5 Commercial
McLellan H, agent Pacific Coast Steamship Co, 5 Commercial
McLennon S D, groceries and liquors, 163 Alameda
McMahon P, proprietor Palace Saloon, 97 Main
McManis J R, manager Pacific Wagon Co, 27 Main
McMenomy J C, plumber and gas-fitter, First
McNelly Charles H, insurance agent, 1½ Spring
Mendioroz Aurelio, watchmaker and jeweler, cor Arcadia and Sanchez
Mendelssohn G, merchant tailor, 12 Spring
Merriam A & Co, candy manufacturers, 32 Spring
Merrill & Babcock, stoves, tin, and hardware, 27 Spring
Mesmer Joseph, boots and shoes, 104 Main
Meyberg Bros, crockery and tinware, 81 Main
Meyer Eugene & Co, dry goods, clothing, etc, 17 Spring
Meyer Samuel, crockery, 43 Main
Miles Bros, commission and produce merchants, 5 Los Angeles
Millard J E, windmills, tanks, contractor and builder. Second
Miller Jacob, marble works. First near Spring
Milliken G E, manager Los Angeles Ice Co, Ann
Milliken S J, wagon maker, 38 Los Angeles
Mirandette J S & Bro, butchers, 66 Aliso
Mitchell H M, attorney at law, 101 Main
Mitchell J B, real estate agent, 68 Main
Mohan G P jr, butcher, corner First and Alameda
Mohn G F, physician, 101 Main
Molle Vito, feed yard, 41 Aliso
Montijo M & Co, manufacturers saddle trees and handmade bits, 67 Aliso
Moody William, varieties, 62 Spring
Moore Walter S, deputy collector Internal Revenue, 13 Court
Moran Samuel & Co, house and sign painters, Temple
Moreno J F, saddle and harness maker, 13 Aliso
Morford & Son, real estate and commission agents, corner Temple and Spring
Morgan John C, attorney at law, 101 Main
Morsch F, poultry and fruit, 134 Main
Moya M, groceries and liquors, corner Upper Main and Short

Nadeau H, physician and coroner Los Angeles Co, 131 Main
Nathan B Mrs., fancy goods, 91 Spring
Naud's Warehouse, Alameda
Naud Weyse & Co, wholesale liquors, 29 Commercial
Neitzke E, undertaker 3 Spring
New York Brewery, Lauth & Stecker proprietors. Third near Main
Newmark H & Co, wholesale groceries, 11 Los Angeles
Nice C F, druggist, 52 Main
Niles William, raiser livestock, Washington near Main
Noel James, wholesale and retail liquors, 114 Main
Nolte T, merchant tailor, 34 Main
Norboe Henry, liquor saloon, 10 Commercial
Nordholt William H, groceries and liquors, 127 Los Angeles
Nordlinger S, watches and jewelry, 60 Main
Northcrafts & Clark, auction and commission merchants, 40 Los Angeles
Norton A, clothing, 13 Commercial
Norton M, dry goods and clothing, 126 Main
Norton S, dry goods and clothing, 22 Main
Norton W E, architect, 101 Main

O'Donnell, P N, proprietor Los Angeles Pioneer Iron Works, corner Aliso and Garcia
O'Melveny H K S, attorney at law, 68 Main
O'Melveny H W, attorney at law, 52 Main
Occidental Restaurant, J A Brown proprietor, 116 Main
Orme H S, physician, 74 Main
Osborn William 31, harness and saddle maker, 107 Spring
Osborne John & Son, bill posters and transfer Co, 3 Market
Overton S Mrs, boarding and lodgings, corner Third and Spring

Pacific Coast Steamship Co, H McLellan agent, 5 Commercial
Pacific Hotel, E H Boyd proprietor, San Fernando near Union depot
Pacific Wagon Co, J R McManis manager, 27 Main
Palace Saloon, P McMahon, proprietor. 97 Main
Palmer F M, dentist, 64 Main
Park M E Mrs., millinery and fancy goods, 15 Spring
Payne, Staunton & Co, photographers, 65 and 101 Main
Peachy G W, harness and saddle maker, 76 Main
Peiser L & Co, ladies and gents furnishing goods, 38 Spring
Pelgrin G, billiard and liquor saloon, 12 Aliso
Pelletier & Co, bakery, Commercial
Perrits G, liquor saloon, corner Third and Spring
Perry, Woodworth & Co, proprietors Pioneer Mills, 45 Commercial
Perry &d Pollard, plumbers and tin smiths, 16 Main
Peschke, & Merz, groceries and provisions 76 Aliso
Peters & Wright, restaurant, San Fernando
Philadelphia Brewery, D Mahlstedt & Co proprietors, Aliso
Philip P & Co, insurance agents, 7 Commercial
Philippi J, proprietor Volks Hall, 4 Market
Philipson I, locksmith and machinist, 41 Spring
Phillips Simon, wool, hides and pelts, corner Aliso and Alameda
Pico House, Dunham and Schiefelin proprietors, 48 Main
Pioneer Livery Stable, Dupuy & Finney proprietors, 16 Requena
Pioneer Mills, Perry, Woodworth & Co proprietors, 45 Commercial
Piatt & Page, jewelers and opticians, 21 Spring
Polaski L & Son, dry goods and clothing, 58 Main
Pomeroy A E, real estate and loan agent, 24 Spring
Ponet V Mrs., millinery, 78 Main
Ponet &j Orr, undertakers, 66 Main
Post Office, Spring near First
Potts A W, clerk Los Angeles County, Courthouse
Potts J W, public administrator
Los Angeles Co, Courthouse
Pouyfourcat J, restaurant and liquor saloon, 8 Los Angeles
Pouyfourcat J M, billiard and liquor saloon, 9 Aliso
Prager C, dry goods etc, 64 Main
Prager Samuel, liquor saloon 69 Main
Pray & Son, blacksmiths, 34 Los Angeles
Preciado Hilario, restaurant, 13 Main
Preuss & Pironi, druggists, 21 Spring
Pridham W, agent Wells, Fargo & Co, corner Market and Main
Pritchard W B, real estate 17 Spring

Rampe F, merchant tailor, 127 Main
Raphael Bros, paints, oils, glass, windows, and blinds, 141 Main
Raynal A, wagon maker, Alameda
Raynes & Marleau, cigars and tobacco, 52 Spring
Rees & Wirsching, agricultural implements and manufactures wagons, 33 Los Angeles
Reid Edward, liquor salon 48 Main
Reinert Edward, cooper, 4 First
Renshaw Robert, ornamental glass stainer, 81 New High
Rhein James, horse shoer, 43 Los Angeles
Ridley J P, physician, 65 Main
Riley T, whitener and painter 1 First
Riley & Graham, real estate Agents, 1½ Spring
Riso Charles, fruits, corner Second and Spring
Roach E J, bowling alley and liquor saloon, 98 Main
Robbins G W & Co, upholsterers and manufacturers mattresses and lounges, First
Roeder Louis, carriage and wagon maker, 85 Spring
Rogers W E, feed yard, 80 Spring
Ross W W, physician, 26 Main
Roth E, agent Roth & Co (S F), 7 Commercial
Rougny L D & Co, groceries and provisions, cor Commercial and Los Angeles
Rowan T E, bakery, 153 Main
Rowan & Dobinson, real estate and insurance agents, 75 Main
Rowland William R, sheriff Los Angeles County, Courthouse
Rozsas H, physician, 48 Spring
Rudel & Sturm, coppersmiths, corner First and Wilmington
Russell W H H, attorney at law and searcher of records, l½ Spring
Russell & Castera, furniture, 28 Los Angeles

Salmon W B, barber and baths, San Fernando
Saulisbury J C, feed and wood, 167 Main
Scheuble J, billiard and liquor saloon, 155 Main
Schilling Paul, liquor saloon, 92 Spring
Schindler H, shoe maker, 35 Spring
Schmidt G L, proprietor Grand Central Hotel, 40 Main
Schmidt John, liquor saloon and boarding, corner Wilmington and Commercial
Schmidt & Haefner, carriage and wagon makers, 43 Los Angeles
Schofield C, boots and shoes, 91 Spring
Schroeder Bros, house and sign painters, 89 Spring
Schroeder Charles W, liquor saloon, San Fernando
Schubert A W, harness and saddle maker, 7 Aliso
Schumacher H, bakery and confectionery, 56 Spring
Schwenn Charles, liquor saloon, 136 Main
Sciscich L, groceries and liquor, corner San Pedro and First
Scott D C Mrs., dress maker, 78 Main
Scott J R, attorney at law, 101 Main
Scott Robert, pianos and organs, 8 Temple
Semi-Tropic California, Charles Coleman Jr., publisher
Senton M, billiard and liquor saloon, 6 Los Angeles
Sentous L & Co, butchers, 1 Aliso
Sepulveda Y, superior judge, Courthouse
Seymour F A, physician, 3 First
Seymour & Johnson, groceries, 133 Main
Shaffer John, tent and awning maker, 68 Alameda
Sharp, Bloeser & Ullman, carpets and furniture, 143 Main
Shorb A S, physician, 69 Spring
Siegel H, gents' furnishing goods, 56 Main
Singer Manufacturing Co, W H Tuthill manager, 28 Spring
Sisson, Crocker & Co, general merchandise, 820 San Fernando
Slaney William, boots and shoes, 161 Main
Slauson J S, president Los Angeles Co Bank, junction Spring and Main
Slotterbeck H, firearms and sporting goods, 77 Main
Smith H M, real estate and money broker, 12 Spring
Smith J W, hotel, corner Commercial and Los Angeles
Smith & Hupp, attorneys at law, 101 Main
Smurr C F, agent Southern Pacific Rail Road, San Fernando
Southern California Horticultural Society, 26 Main
Southern Pacific Transfer Co, C J Glover proprietor, corner Temple and Spring
Spence E F, president First National Bank, 68 Main
Springety Andrew, boarding and lodgings, 34 Commercial
Spring St Bakery, Louis Ebinger proprietor, 94 Spring
St Charles Hotel, T W Strobridge proprietor, 46 Main
St Julian Stable, Cummings & Haskell proprietors, 37 Los Angeles
Stephens D G, livery stable. Temple
Stephens W D, attorney at law, 101 Main
Stephenson W D, attorney at law, and notary public 101 Main
Stevens H R, manufacturer windmills, tanks, and pumps, 105 First
Stevenson H J, surveyor, 65 Main
Stewart H J, commission agency, 1 Los Angeles
Stewart J H & Co, jobbers tobacco and cigars, cor Commercial and Los Angeles
Stoll S, books and stationery, 9 Spring
Stovell Thomas, planing mills, 93 Spring
Stowell N W, manufacturer cement pipe, 68 Main
Strobridge T W, proprietor St Charles Hotel, 46 Main
Strohm Thomas, groceries and provisions, cor First and Vine
Stuar Henry, wine grower and distiller, Alameda
Sued Californische Post, Conrad Jacoby publisher, 74 Main
Susand O L, barber and baths, 55 Main
Susskind Henry, clothing, 120 Main

Tarand J, butcher, 53 Upper Main
Teed M, carpenter, 12 Sainsevain
Telegraph Coast Line Stage Co, A M Lawrence agent, 22 Spring
Thayer & Graham, real estate brokers, 29 Spring
The Fountain, Kuck & Ludemann proprietors, 52 and 54 Spring
Thom & Ross, attorneys at law, 101 Main
Thomas W H, employment office, 2 Temple
Tilley J, barber. Court
Tipton & Co, livery stable, 14 Aliso
Toal Frank, blacksmith, 95 Spring
Toberman J R, Mayor City of Los Angeles, 29 Spring
Trafford J, attorney at law, 101 Main
Troconiz J, dry goods, 73 Spring
Tullis W B, watch maker and jeweler, 10 Spring
Turn Verein Hall, 125 Spring
Tuthill W H, manager The Singer Manufacturing Co, 28 Spring

Ulrich George, billiard and liquor saloon, corner First and Los Angeles
United States Brewery, F Binder proprietor, 26 Banning
United States Hotel, Hammel & Denker proprietors, corner Main and Requena
United States Land Office, Charles R Johnson register, J W Haverstick receiver, 131 Main

Vaché, Freres & Co., manufacturers native wines, brandies, syrups, etc., corner Los Angeles and Commercial
Valser J A, pictures, frames and artists materials, 42 Spring
Valdez Julian, groceries and feed, 37 Upper Main
Van Briesen Victor, liquor saloon, junction Main and Alameda
Vanderbilt House, Mrs. Vanderbilt Brown proprietor, corner Turner and Main
Venable & Hinds, butchers, 122 Main
Victor John, carpenter and stair builder, 65 Aliso
Vidal & Castillon, watch maker and jewelers, 8 Commercial
Villa & Chamberlain, butchers, corner First and Spring

Warner J J, notary public, 101 Main
Weekly Mirror, Yarnell Caystile & Mathes proprietors, 9 Temple
Weihs A, shoe maker, 6 Commercial
Weihs D. S Corona de Mrs., pianos, organs and millinery gods, 45 Main
Weiner Henry C, clothing, 73 Main
Weinhold Rudolph, florist and nurserymen, 9 Wilmington
Wells Fargo & Co, W. Pridham, agent, corner Market and Main
Western Union Telegraph Co, R R haines manager, 20 Main
Wetterauer P, liquor saloon, corner San Fernando and Elmira
White C, attorney at law, 101 Main
White Seth, blacksmith, Temple
White S M, attorney at law, 101 Main
White & Curley, metal roofers and plumbers, 99 Spring
Wickersham I, livery stable, wood and hay, 83 Spring
Wicks M L, attorney at Law, 101 Main
Widney R M, attorney at law, 64 Main
Widney W W & S A, varieties, 132 Main
Wiebecke E, varieties, 45 First
Williams G A, hair worker, 48 Spring
Williams & Patterson, liquor saloon, corner Main and Commercial
Wilson John, blacksmith, 160 Main
Winston J B, Physician and health officer, 77 Main
Wise Martin, billiard and liquor saloon, Court
Woere C, barber, 47 Main
Wollweber Theo, druggist, 59 Main
Woodhead & Gay, commission merchants, fruit, trees and seeds, 46 Spring
Woodworth J J, groceries and provisions, 14 Main
Woollacott H J, wines and liquors, 40 Spring
Wright E T, civil engineer and surveyor, Los Angeles County, 65 Main

Yarnell Caystile & Mathes, proprietors Daily Times and Weekly Mirror and book and job printers, 9 Temple
Yorba B A, auditor, Los Angeles County Courthouse
Youngelaus J D, shoe maker, San Fernando

Zens John, livery stable, 136 Main 

West Coast Gazetteer

Source: Disturnell's Business Directory and Gazetteer, of the West Coast of North America, W. C. Disturnell, Publisher, San Francisco, California, 1882


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