West Coast Gazetteer & Directory ~ Gualala ~ Los Alamos, California

Gualala P O
Mendocino County, is situated on the sea-coast, about 20 miles south of Punta Arenas. The principal industry carried on is the manufacture of lumber.

Bourn M, liquor saloon
Gualala Mill Co, lumber manufacturers
Minor B M, liquor saloon
Robinson C D, hotel
Wells, Fargo & Co, C D Robinson agent

Half Moon Bay P O
San Mateo County, generally known as Spanishtown, is situated about 30 miles south of San Francisco, in an excellent agricultural section. It is the shipping point for grain and other produce raised in the vicinity. The town is flourishing, and contains several mercantile establishments which carry on quite an extensive business.

Communication is maintained with San Francisco by stage, to San Mateo, and from thence by the Southern Pacific R. R.

Almeda Felipe, groceries
Bennet J C, carpenter
Boitano & Bros, general merchandise
Borden & Hatch, lumber
Campbell Robert J, butcher
Cereghino & Debenedette, general merchandise
Church W D, physician
Colby, E B Mrs., dressmaker
Davids & Gonzales, wagon makers and blacksmiths
Dolloff J B, engineer
Dunn Fred J, liquor saloon
Flemming J A, liquor saloon
Freitas J B, barber
Garcia S, liquor saloon
Graves H B, carpenter
Hamilton J, fast freight line
Hatch R H, blacksmith
Johnston Thomas, groceries
Knapp E I, plow manufacturer
Levy Bros, general merchandise
Luce Douglas, physician
Nelson William, livery stable
Pringle S J, postmistress
Pringle William, stationer
Pringle William, justice of the peace and notary public
Quinlan P P, liquor saloon
Rogell Frank, watchmaker
Rosenblum J, general merchandise
Schubert Edward, liquor saloon and brewery
Schuyler & Lawrence, butchers
Schuyler James, hotel
Simmons W A, undertaker
Souther J W, fast freight line
Taft & Garritson, stage proprietor
Theilan H, harness and saddle maker
Valladoa Bros, general merchandise
Vargas Jose, groceries
Vidal E, bakery
Walker C C, druggist
Wells, Fargo & Oo, C C Walker agent
Whooten & Creed, millers
White Frank & Co, whalers
Wiley J D, painter
Wiley James S, boarding and lodging

Humboldt County, P. O. address Table Bluff, situated on Humboldt Bay, 8 miles south of Eureka.

Holt J W & Son, wharf and warehouse

Hueneme P O
Ventura County, is situated on the sea-coast near the mouth of the Santa Clara River, 321 miles south-east of San Francisco. It has an excellent wharf and extensive warehouses, and is the shipping point for a large quantity of grain and other produce raised in the surrounding country.

Communication is maintained with San Francisco by the steamers of the Pacific Coast S. S. Co.

Bard Thomas R, real estate and warehouse
Dodge George, blacksmith
Hueneme Wharf & Lighter Co
Korts B H, liquor saloon
Livingston R G, general merchandise and postmaster
McCoy J J, hotel
Salisbury A J & Co, lumber
Sanchez Peter, liquor saloon
Wolff & Levy, general merchandise

Hydesville P O
Humboldt Co, situated on the Cloverdale stage road, 24 miles south of Eureka, is a thriving town of about 200 inhabitants. The surrounding country is high table land, and an excellent agricultural section.

Communication is maintained with Eureka, and also with Cloverdale by stage, connecting at the latter place with the trains of the San Francisco and North Pacific E. R.

Anderson blacksmith
Brush & Bro, wagon makers
Bullard & Sweasey, stage line
Campton Thomas J. harness and saddle maker
Coyle J A, stoves, tinware and hardware
Dexter G M, pastor Congregational Church
Eby M. druggist
Gibson & Co, general merchandise
Hendee Caleb H, surveyor
Newman J, livery stable and boarding
Porter Robert, general merchandise and notary public
Smith A T, surveyor
Smith Joseph, stationery, cigars. etc. and postmaster
Sweasey T, hotel
Wells, Fargo & Co, Robert Porter agent
Winfield, Lamb & Co, butchers

Kibesillah P O
Mendocino Co. is situated on the sea-coast about 20 miles north of Mendocino City. Communication is maintained by stage with Duncan's Mills and intermediate points, connecting with the trains of the North Pacific Coast R. R., for San Francisco.

Banker J H, hotel
Barrett J liquor saloon
Hatch S B., blacksmith
Hunter Stewart, lumber manufacturers and general merchandise
Smith R J Mrs., hotel
Whipple & Son, general merchandise

Little River P O

Mendocino County, is situated about 15 miles south of Mendocino Mendocino City. It has a small and safe harbor, where vessels can take refuge in case of storm. Considerable lumber and also railroad ties are shipped from this point.

Daily communication is maintained by stage and rail with San Francisco, via; Duncans Mills, and weekly by the steamers of the Pacific Coast S. S. Co.

Coombs & Perkins, manufactures lumber and general merchandise
Coombs R G, carpenter
Corrigan J S., general merchandise and railroad ties
Gowell Alfred, carpenter
Kent TV H, butcher
Mahlmann A F, hotel
Marsan John P, blacksmith
Murray T, hotel
Peterson Thomas H, ship carpenter
Sampson E G, bookseller
Stevens Isaiah, postmaster

Lompoc P O
Santa Barbara County, is situated; near the coast, about 40 miles from the town of Santa Barbara, in a north-westerly direction. It was founded by a temperance colony, the sale of intoxications: liquors of any kind being strictly prohibited. The town is a prosperous one, the surrounding country being exceedingly fertile, and under a high state of cultivation. A good public school is among the institutions established. One paper, the Lompoc Record, is published weekly. Communication is maintained with San Francisco and other points by stages to Soled ad and Newhall, connecting with trains of the Southern Pacific R. R. Weekly communication is also maintained with San Francisco by stage to Gaviota, connecting with the steamers of the Pacific Coast S. S. Co.

Anthony Bros, blacksmiths
Axtell J D, hotel
Brown J A, proprietor Lompoc Hotel
Chamberlain W W, watchmaker and jeweler
Dimock H C, physician and druggist
Dinwiddle J F, varieties
Doak W S, groceries
Elkins & Ivory, blacksmiths
Gregg E A, cooper
Heacock E H, attorney at law
Henning D C, flour mill
Kelley E C, wagon maker
Lambert H H, dry goods, boots and shoes
Lukins J H, physician
Peck O & Son, stoves, tinware, hardware and agricultural implements
Presley F, livery stable
Roberts George, real estate agent
Rudolph J & H S, general merchandise
Saunders C L, general merchandise
Sloane & Stewart, butchers
Tucker B F, insurance agent, stationer and postmaster
Tucker Phil, publisher Lompoc Record
Weill I, general merchandise
Wells, Fargo & Co, B F Tucker agent

Los Alamos P O
Santa Barbara County, situated about 15 miles from the coast, on the line of the San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria Valley R. R, is a village of five years growth. The valley in which it is situated is one mile wide and sixteen miles long, and is considered the best wheat-growing section in the county.

It is connected by stage with the Southern Pacific R. R., and also with San Francisco by steamer from Port Harford.

Hesser P J, butcher
Kahn L, liquor saloon
Laughlin Bros, general merchandise
Leslie A, general merchandise
Martinez A, liquor saloon
Patterson C D, livery stable
Purkis John, flour manufacture
Snyder J D, hotel
Weill A & Co, general merchandise
Wells, Fargo & Co, J D Snyder agent 

West Coast Gazetteer

Source: Disturnell's Business Directory and Gazetteer, of the West Coast of North America, W. C. Disturnell, Publisher, San Francisco, California, 1882


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