West Coast Gazetteer & Directory ~ Fort Tongass to St. Paul, Alaska Territory

Fort Tongass
Martin A, general merchandise

Fort Wrangel P O
Brown C, general merchandise
Costello M, general merchandise
Healy P, general merchandise
Lear W K, general merchandise
Ludecker E, bakery
Lew B. general merchandise
Lual I, fishing
McCully T, cooper
McKinnon D, general merchandise
Northrop O F, general merchandise
Oakford J S, US deputy collector customs
Reed W F, general merchandise
Woodcock W H, restaurant
Young S H Rev, in charge Presbyterian Mission
Young S K Mrs., postmistress

Juneau P O address, Harrisburgh, situated on the mainland opposite Douglas Island, is a flourishing town of about 300 inhabitants.

In the vicinity are gold quartz and placer mines, which are at present attracting considerable attention. Excellent prospects have been obtained, and machinery is being introduced to thoroughly test the extent and quality of the ore. In addition to mining, the principal pursuits carried on in this section are fishing and hunting. Communication is maintained with Victoria, Puget Sound, Portland, and San Francisco by steamer.

Alaska Trading and Lumber Co, lumber dealers
Cohen J, liquor saloon
Corcoran P, general merchandise
Curry J. liquor saloon
De Groff Edward, postmaster
Erussard & Rudkin, general merchandise
Mahony F, general merchandise
Martin I, general merchandise
Newcomer William, liquor saloon
Northwest Trading Co, general merchandise
Reed general merchandise
Schmeig F, druggist
Twan J, liquor saloon

Sisson, Crocker tic Co, salmon cannery

Alaska Commercial Co, furs
American-Russian Commercial Co, N Payoff agent, furs and ice
Barry _____, U S deputy collector customs
Fisher William J, tidal observer U S Coast Survey Service
Shirpser D & Co, general merchandise
Smith, Hirsch & Co, salmon cannery
Western Fur and Trading Co, furs

Alaska Commercial Co, furs
Applegate Samuel, observer US Signal Service
Smith Fred M Jr, US deputy collector customs
Western Fur and Trading Co, furs

Shican P O
Is situated on Prince of Wales Island. In the vicinity are good timber lands.

Alaska Trading and Lumber Co, general merchandise and manufacturers lumber
Sprague Ira B, postmaster

Sitka PO
The capital of the Territory, is situated on an island in the Bay of Sitka, about 1,500 miles north of San Francisco, with which it is connected by steamer. It is the largest town in Alaska and has a good and commodious harbor.

Burns F, liquor saloon
Caplan L, general merchandise
Corcoran F, general merchandise
Goldstein S, general merchandise
Haltern Thomas, general merchandise
Richter H W, groceries
Whitford A T & Co, general merchandise

St George Island
Alaska Commercial Co, furs
Moulton J H, U S special treasury agent
Wardman George, U S special treasury agent

St Michaels
Alaska Commercial Co, furs
Leavitt A P, observer U S Signal Service
Western Fur and Trading Co, furs

St Paul
Is a fishing station, situated on Kodiak Island

Alaska Commercial Co, furs
Glidden H A, U S special treasury agent, in charge
Kimmel Louis, US special treasury agent

West Coast Gazetteer

Source: Source: Disturnell's Business Directory and Gazetteer, of the West Coast of North America, W. C. Disturnell, Publisher, San Francisco, California, 1882


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