West Coast Gazetteer & Directory ~ Fairhaven ~ Fort Ross, California

Humboldt County, P. O. address Eureka, situated on Humboldt Bay, 3 miles south-west of Eureka.

Bendixsen H D, shipbuilder
Fay Bros, manufacturing shingles

Felton P O
Santa Cruz County, is a small, but thriving town, situated on the San Lorenzo River, six miles north of the town of Santa Cruz. The principal industries are the manufacture of lumber and lime. The place is somewhat noted for the "big trees" in the vicinity, which attract numbers of people to view their majestic proportions.

Communication is maintained with San Francisco twice a day by the South Pacific Coast R. R., and also by the Southern Pacific R. R. via Santa Cruz, Watsonville and Pajaro. The steamers of the Pacific Coast S. S. Co., which touch weekly afford facilities for the shipment of freight.

Ball Joseph, hotel
Beauregard & Mette, blacksmiths
Blochman & Cerf, lime manufacturers
Chace J D & Co, butchers
Cunningham J F, hotel
Day George M, liquor saloon
Drew W B & Co, livery stable
Holmes H T, Lime Co, lime manufacturers
Kent D L, general merchandise
McKoy & Duffy, saw mill
Santa Cruz Lumber Co
Saulsbury James, shoemaker
Talbot W H & Co, fuse factory
Union Mill and Lumber Co
Wells, Fargo & Co, C H Winter agent
Winter C H, general merchandise

Ferguson's Cove Mendocino Co, P. O. address Punta Arenas.

Nickerson & Co, lumber manufacturers

Ferndale P O
Humboldt Co, situated in Eel River Valley, 20 miles south of Eureka, is a flourishing town of about 600 inhabitants. In this section are excellent agricultural and grazing lands. One paper, the Ferndale Enterprise and published weekly.

Daily communication is maintained with Eureka by stage.

Alford F A, publisher Ferndale Enterprise
Alford F A, physician and dentist
Alford W B, druggist, books, stationery, cigars, etc., and justice of the peace
Anderson E G, attorney at law
Barton & Varien, butchers
Berding A, general merchandise
Bonetti B, watchmaker and jeweler
Price &j Robarts, livery stable
Brien Joseph A, stoves and tinware
Brown C, justice of the peace
Brown R, justice of the peace
Brown & Galloway, blacksmiths
Carter L W, house, sign and carriage painter
Cummings E C, manufacturer furniture and bedding, undertaker, and notary public
Dexter G M, pastor Congregational Church
Dougherty James E, carriage maker
Duchesneau J C, wagon maker
Dyer D A, hardware, stoves, tinware, etc
Dyer D A Mrs., millinery and fancy goods
Ferndale Enterprise, F A
Alford publisher
Ferndale Grange Business Association, D Vervalin manager, general merchandise
Francis Thomas P, plumber and painter
Frost & Kingel, manufacturers doors, sashes, etc, and carpenters
Geisselman John, shoemaker
Glasscock A A, physician
Gordon E H, laundry
Grinsell W F, blacksmith
Grinsell & Dunn, blacksmiths and wagon makers
Grinsell & Whitman, carpenters and undertakers
Hall H H, blacksmith
Hart C B, hair dresser
Hart P F, attorney at law
Hart & Matthews house and sign painters
Johnston & Hall, blacksmiths
Kerr Robert, tailor
King & Adams, livery stable
McCollum James, proprietor Ferndale Hotel
McGregor D, harness and saddle maker
Muller H H, varieties
Nichols B B, jewelry
Nichols Bros, barbers
Paine O B, physician
Pearsall John, liquor saloon
Phelps O S physician
Raebiger A, liquor saloon
Robarts P insurance agent
Rosen F, restaurant
Russ & Robarts, butchers
Russ, Searles & Putnam, general merchandise
Simpson O S, physician
Smith A T, surveyor, collector, and insurance agent
Stein Herman A, shoemaker
Trost John H, stationery, fruits, cigars, etc. and postmaster
Vervalin D, manager Ferndale
Grange Business Association
Ward S A, harness and saddlery
Wells, Fargo & Co, Alford Bros, agents
Western Union Telegraph Co, John H Trost, agent
Wilkinson Charles, blacksmith
Wittman A N, carpenter

Fisk's Mill P O

Sonoma County, situated on Horseshoe Bay, a few miles north of Timber Cove. The principal resources of this section are the timber and grazing lands.

Foster H, general merchandise, dairy, and postmaster
Luttringer J, hotel
Schweitzer A E, harness and saddle maker
Stevenson A C, hotel
Stury D A, butcher
Wells, Fargo & Co, H Foster agent

Fort Ross P O
Sonoma Co, is situated on the sea-coast, a few miles south of Timber Cove.

Anderson John, blacksmith and saloon
Lewis Eugene, hotel
Morgan W C, general merchandise
Schofield F, blacksmith 

West Coast Gazetteer

Source: Disturnell's Business Directory and Gazetteer, of the West Coast of North America, W. C. Disturnell, Publisher, San Francisco, California, 1882


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