West Coast Gazetteer & Directory ~ Ellensburg ~ Port Orford, Oregon

Ellensburg P O
Curry County a thriving town and county seat, is situated at the mouth of Rogue River, a short distance from the sea coast. The principal industries of this section are salmon fishing, stock raising, and dairying; mining is also carried on in the vicinity to some extent. Communication is maintained with San Francisco by steamer every ten days during the summer and once a month in winter.

Geisel Annie, milliner
Gibson, M B, shoemaker
Gillespie A M, hotel
Hume R D, general merchandise, salmon cannery, and sawmill
Riley M, liquor saloon
Stone C W, postmaster
Von der Green F O, physician
Walker & Vail, liquor saloon
Woodruff D, hotel

Empire City P O
The county seat of Coos County is eligibly located on Coos Bay, a few miles from the sea coast. The principal industry carried on is the manufacture of lumber and staves. Communication is maintained with San Francisco by steamer.

Campbell John, hotel
Cook J G, shoemaker
Koster & Pendergrass, staves
Luse H H, general merchandise and sawmill
Luse W A, general merchandise and sawmill
Morse David, Jr, general merchandise
Scott Thomas, blacksmith
Stauff Alex, postmaster
Wells, Fargo Co, H Sengstacken agent
Whitney H P, butcher

Kilchis P O
Tillamook County is situated on Tillamook Bay, 44 miles south of the Columbia River. The manufacture of lumber, salmon fishing, and dairying are the principal industries carried on in this section.

Badollet & Co, salmon cannery
Coleman E, rigger
Dawson, J J, farmer and carpenter owns S, stock dealer
Elliott J S, machinist
Elliott W J, carpenter
Fairbairn A, blacksmith
Freeman J, lumberman
Haskins J W, blacksmith and cooper
Hathaway, B H, dairyman
Jennings J, dairyman
Miller G W, sawmill
Morgan P, postmaster and dairyman
Sullivan M, dairyman
Thomas O S, sawmill

Knappa P O
Clatsop County is situated on the south side of the Columbia River, about 10 miles above Astoria. Daily communication is maintained by steamer with Portland, Astoria, and other river points.

Crow J W, watchmaker and jeweler, dentist, and photographer
Knapp A, general merchandise and postmaster
Western Union Telegraph Co, J W Crow agent

Clatsop County is situated on the Columbia River, 1 mile north-west of Clifton.

Brennan & Watson, salmon cannery

Marshfield P O
Coos County, situated on the southern shore of Coos Bay, is a thriving town of about 800 inhabitants. This portion of the State is noted for its excellent timber lands and vast coal deposits, the industries of lumber manufacturing and coal mining being extensively carried on. Another important industry of this section is ship building; there being in the vicinity of the bay an almost inexhaustible supply of timber admirably adapted for that purpose. It is in contemplation to continue the improvements to the harbor already commenced, so as to assure an ample depth of water at its entrance, and also make it available to a certain extent as a harbor of refuge. Another important measure in view is the construction of a railroad to Roseburg, or some other point in the grain-producing section of the State. These improvements, when carried out, will make Coos Bay one of the most important commercial centers on the coast. Two papers, the Coos Bay News and Coast Mail are published weekly.

Agers J, blacksmith
Anderson E A, livery stable
Bear John, liquor saloon
Coast Mail, John Church publisher
Coos Bay News, Bennett Bros publishers
Crawford S R, furniture
Dean E B & Co, general merchandise and sawmill
Deubner & Hogglestein, blacksmiths
Devine Ph, boots and shoes
Easterbrook Charles, liquor saloon
Ferry & Holland, hotel
Golden C B, druggist and physician
Kenyon John, varieties
Kerrigan M, hotel
Kronholm John, hotel
Landers C, blacksmith
Lang Alexander, livery stable
Lobree Abraham, general merchandise and sawmill
Luse C F, milliner
Mackey T C, physician
Mains R, tailor
Marks F, furniture
Marks Mary, milliner
Mularkey M, candies, cigars, and tobacco
Nasburg & Hirst, general merchandise
Norman John, blacksmith
Norman John, liquor saloon
O'Connell Eugene, hardware and tinware
Reed H R, ship builder
Reichart William, brewery and saloon
Ross & Pimmermann, butchers
Semerau A, druggist
Sengstacken Henry, druggist
Shingle Charles, liquor saloon
Sprague & Knowles, liquor saloon
Teagle K, bakery
Tower C W, physician
Vosburg John, liquor saloon
Webster W G. boots and shoes
Wells, Fargo & Co, H Sengstacken agent
Whitney H P, butcher
Wilkins Thomas, gunsmith

Myrtle Point, Coos County

Hermann B, general merchandise

Newport P O
Benton County is a flourishing seaport town situated on Yaquina Bay, about 50 miles north-west of Corvallis.

Abby P M, hotel
Baldwin Thomas, butcher
Ball J W, liquor saloon
Bensell R A, real estate agent
Bloomer _____, watchmaker
Brosfield & Bayley, general merchandise
Case A, general merchandise
Gardner B E & Co, liquor saloon
Garner H R, physician
Hammond William, liquor saloon
Irvin J R K, hotel
Kerndret P, shoemaker
Lynch T, barber
Smith C & Co. liquor saloon
Stevens George, hotel
Stevens W, boat builder
Thompson & Kinne, druggists
Walling George, tinsmith
Williams C H, general merchandise and postmaster
Williams Eugene, liquor saloon

Coos County (P O address, Marshfield), 4 miles south-east of Empire City.

Flanagan & Mann, coal mining

North Bend,
Coos County (P O address. Marshfield).

Kruse & Demmick, tanners
Simpson A M & Bro, sawmill and general merchandise.

Norway P O
Coos County

Overholtzer P, sawmill
Reed & Nelson, general merchandise

Parkersburg P O
Coos County

Coquille Mill Co, sawmill
Grube G, sawmill

Port Orford P O,
Curry County situated on the sea coast a few miles south of Cape Orford.

Carmen Asa, liquor saloon
Knapp Louis, hotel
Port Orford Mill Co, lumber
Port Orford Post, J H Upton publisher
Winsor William, hotel
Wolcott Allen D, general merchandise

West Coast Gazetteer

Source: Disturnell's Business Directory and Gazetteer, of the West Coast of North America, W. C. Disturnell, Publisher, San Francisco, California, 1882


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