West Coast Gazetteer & Directory ~ Davenport ~ Eureka Caifornia

Davenport P O
Or Davenport's Landing, Santa Cruz County, is situated on the sea coast about 13 miles north-west of the town of Santa Cruz. It has an excellent roadstead, and is the shipping point for a large quantity of lumber and posts. In the vicinity are good grazing and agricultural lands.

The steamers of the Pacific Coast S S Co., maintain communication with San Francisco.

Gates George, manufacturer, split timber
Pinkham W R, hotel
Randall H, liquor saloon, boots and shoes
Thompson S, general merchandise and split timber

Del Norte
Del Norte County, P. O. address Smith River, is situated 14 miles north of Crescent City in Smith River Valley, a fine farming and dairying section.

Anthony E. flour manufacturer
Brooking James, hotel and postmaster
Finch Daniel, general merchandise
Haight Daniel, general merchandise
Haines Z, blacksmith
Lake J L, general merchandise
McVay James, butcher
Mooney Thomas, blacksmith
Newton T M, shoemaker
Otto William, livery stable and stage proprietor
Simons Henry, harness and saddle maker
Smith James, toys, notions, etc
Stevens & Holliday, salmon cannery (mouth of Smith's River)
Tack & Crook, liquor saloon
Thorwarth J F, physician
Ward C G, shoemaker
Wentz James P, liquor saloon

Duncan's Mills P O
Sonoma County, is situated near the mouth of Russian River, a distance of 80 miles by rail from San Francisco. It is the present terminus of the North Pacific Coast R. R., which connects with stages for different points on the northern coast of California. The principal industry carried on in this section is the manufacture of lumber. The scenery in the vicinity is picturesque and romantic, which, together with the abundance of game and fish, makes it a favorite resort for sportsmen and camping parties.

Communication is maintained with San Francisco and intermediate stations by rail twice a day.

Duncan Samuel Jr, general merchandise
Duncan's Mill, Land and Lumber
Co, lumber manufacturers
Good J F, restaurant
Johnson John, shoemaker
Moore T, blacksmith
Orr John, liquor saloon
Queen & Allman, livery stable
Wells, Fargo & Co, C Queen agent
Western Union Telegraph Co, C E Field agent
Wood W B, hotel

Eureka P O
Humboldt County, county seat and incorporated city, situated on Humboldt Bay, about five miles from the entrance, and 230 miles from San Francisco, is the principal seaport town of Northern California. The Bay on which it is located is a fine body of water, about 18 miles long and from 1 to 4 miles wide, affording perfect shelter for vessels at all times of the year; but unfortunately has a shoal bar, which is at times a serious impediment to navigation. The town was located about the 20th of April, 1850. It is on slightly rolling ground, and well laid out, the streets being of good width. The residences, some of which are handsome edifices, are built of wood, but the business portion of the town contains several substantial brick buildings. The commerce of the port is rapidly increasing. Among the exports during the rear 1881, were about 20,000,000 feet of lumber, 900,000 pounds of wool and 500,000 pounds of butter. Like many other places on the coast north of San Francisco, the manufacture of lumber is the principal industry, but farming, dairying and stock raising are also extensively carried on in the neighboring districts. The place contains six steam saw mills, having an aggregate daily capacity of about 400,000 feet; also a door and molding factory, and an iron foundry. Four shipyards employ about seventy-five men. Five vessels were built at these yards during the year 1881, and four more are under way. The Chamber of Commerce established during the present year is expected to promote materially the interests of the city and county.

A United States Land Office affords the inhabitants of the surrounding country facilities for the entry of public lands. There are six excellent public schools, having an attendance of about 550 scholars, the number enrolled being about 700. The Humboldt Seminary, a boarding and day school for boys and girls, has an attendance of thirty scholars. The St Joseph's Institute, under the direction of the Sisters of Mercy, has 90 pupils. In addition to these institutions the city is provided with a free library, containing about 1050 volumes, with comfortable reading rooms connected.

The religious denominations organized are the Episcopal, Methodist, Congregational, United Brethren and Roman Catholic.

The secret and benevolent societies are well represented, there being lodges of Masons, Odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias, Ancient Order United Workmen, Good Templars, Champions of Friendship and Temperance, and Orangmen.

The fire department apparatus consists of two steam engines, drawn by horses, and one hand engine; eight large tanks and two cisterns afford a sufficient supply of water for any emergency. Two parties individually furnish the inhabitants with water from artesian wells.

Three papers, the Humboldt Times and Evening Telephone published daily and weekly, and the Democratic Standard issued weekly, supply the current news of the day.

The census of 1880 gives a population of 3,486; at present it is estimated at 4,500. The climate is mild and extremely healthful. At times fogs prevail, but the city is free from the high winds so prevalent in some seaport towns.

Stages leave daily for Cloverdale, connecting with the trains of the San Francisco and North Pacific E. R., also for Petrolia via Ferndale. Communication is maintained with Arcata by stage and steamer, and Mad River by steamer and rail twice a day. The Humboldt S. S. Co., also maintains weekly communication with San Francisco.

Officers, Thomas Walsh, Mayor; John Watson, David Kendall, A. Hitchings, A. Cottrell, and R. Sweasey, Councilmen; Harry Kingston, Treasurer; D. Sevier, Assessor; S. M. Buck, Attorney; A. G. Brown, Clerk; G. W. Tompkins, Police Judge; N. G. Lindsay, Marshal; Reuben Gross, M. D. Health Officer.

Axe Fred, postmaster
Ayres William, publisher, The Democratic Standard
Baird Thomas, hay, grain, coal, salt, etc, and agent Humboldt Steamship Co
Baldwin & Mercer, harness and saddlery
Barman Henry, general merchandise
Barnum Gorham N, liquor saloon
Belcher Peter, insurance agent
Bell. Frederick W, notary public, commissioner of deeds, real estate and insurance agt
Berry James, liquor saloon
Bigelow Charles E, blacksmith
Bonstell E C, sewing machines
Bonstell Willis T, books, stationery, music, and musical instruments, etc, and manufacturer picture frames
Bowman D D Rev, pastor church of the United Brethren
Bradford William H, boarding and sale stable
Brett William, liquor saloon and lodgings
Brown Lot M, Bay Saloon and Billiard Parlor
Brown T M, sheriff Humboldt County
Brown & Broderick, shipsmiths
Brumfield W H, attorney at law
Buck Silas M, attorney at law and city attorney
Buhne H H & Co, hardware, ship chandlery etc
Bullard & Sweasey's Eureka and Cloverdale stage line, Fleming & Whitman, agents
Bullock Nathaniel, insurance agent and notary public
Burnett H M & Bro, gun makers and locksmiths
Capple William S, liquor saloon and shooting gallery
Chamberlain Joseph D H, attorney at law
Chellstrand Adolphus, merchant tailor
Chope A E & Bro, blacksmiths
Chope Alexander & Son, blacksmiths and carriage makers
Christensen Christen, cigars, tobacco, fruits, etc
Clark Jonathan, real estate dealer
Coleman James M, barber
Conner John, proprietor Sailor's Home
Cookson Alexander, shipbuilder
Coonan James F, agent Western Union Telegraph Co
Cooper Solomon, receiver United States Land Office
Cronen C Mrs., dressmaker
Cutler Thomas, wholesale groceries, commission and storage
Daby Stillman, soap manufacture
Daby & Howard, proprietors Bay Hotel
Davis S B, physician
Democratic Standard, William Ayres publisher
Dempster & Keys, James Randall, manager, manufacturers, doors and moldings
Denmon Andrew, cooper
Devlin Charles L, boot and shoe manufacturer and hats and caps
Devoy Henry M, livery stable
Dickson Robert B, attorney at law and Justice of the Peace
Dolbeer & Carson, manufacturers lumber
Dollison John K, real estate and general agent
Domingo Mark, cigars, tobacco, fruits, etc
Dwyer J W Mrs., millinery, dry goods, etc
Evening Telephone, Wiley Heney, publishers
Eureka City Free Library, Spencer Purser, librarian
Eureka Gas Company, C Rose manager
Fairfield C C, liquor saloon and race course
Ferrier D, carriage painter
Fischer John, restaurant
Fisher George L, liquor saloon
Fleming & Whitman, liquor saloon and stage agents
Foster S B, physician
Freese John W, dentist
Fruchtnicht John, liquor saloon
Gall John J, restaurant
Gallagher & Armann, liquor saloon and barbers
Gates O J Dr., dentist
Geandrot E M Miss, millinery, dry goods, etc
Gibson Timothy, tannery
Grant Martin H, photographer
Grieshammer J A, wood carver and turner
Gross Reuben, physician and health officer
Haensel Julius, bakery and restaurant
Haines Franklin M, barber
Haines John, Superior Judge
Haney John, cigars, fruit, etc
Hanna James, attorney at law
Hansen P Mrs., human hair and manufacturer hair jewelry
Heney George K, real estate and general agent
Hermance Peter, house and sign painter
Herrick R F, surveyor Humboldt County
Hilder Charles, cabinet maker
Holesworth & Fisher, liquor saloon
Howard Elias H, attorney at law
Huestis Wilber F, cigars and tobacco
Huk & McAleenan proprietors Eureka Brewery
Hulse & James, blacksmiths and wagon makers
Hult John, painter
Humboldt County Bank, J W Henderson president, W M Huntoon, cashier
Humboldt Seminary, Rev H D Lathrop principal
Humboldt Steamship Co, W J Sweasey manager, Thomas Baird agent
Humboldt Times, W H Wyman, publisher
Hunter George W, attorney at law
Huntington C A, Rev, pastor Congregational Church
Huntoon William M, cashier Humboldt County Bank
Hurlbutt & Co's stage line, Fleming & Whitman agents
Jacobson R Mrs, boots, shoes, hats and caps
Janssen E & Co, general merchandise
Johnston William H, hardware, stoves, tinware, agricultural implements, etc
Jones D R & Co, lumber manufacturers and ship builders
Jones Samuel, shoemaker
Jones Warren, candy manufacturer, fruit, etc
Kalischer N Co, dry goods and clothing
Keller Charles F, butcher
Kendall & Acheson, livery, feed and sale stables
Kimball George H, groceries and crockery
Kingston Harry, hay, grain and feed
Kinsey L T, treasurer Humboldt County
Klocker Peter, cigars, tobacco and billiard saloon
Knott George R. cigars, tobacco, fruits, etc
Lanigan Thomas J, proprietor City Foundry
Lathrop H D, Rev, principal Humboldt Seminary
Levar J Mrs., boarding and lodgings
Leventhal A, general auctioneer
Loewenthal Jacob, clothing
Long A L Mrs., fruits, cigars, etc
Loveien Stillman S, manufacturer circular saws and saw teeth
Luttridge Martin, restaurant and liquor saloon
Lynch C M, Rev, Pastor St Bernards Church
Mathews James E, books, stationery, newsagent, fancy goods, etc
Mathews Patrick W, barber
McCarthy Jeremiah, shoemaker
McGaraghan Patrick, liquor saloon
McGeorge Peter, proprietor Revere House
McGrath H J Mrs., dress maker
McKay & Co, manufacturers lumber
McLaren W J, shoemaker
McNally Lawrence, liquor saloon
McNamara William J, clothing
Mentz Charles, druggist
Miles & Ryan, dressmaking
Miller Charles, liquor saloon
Miller J K & R W, attorneys at law
Monroe Joseph P, manufacturer soda water, ginger ale, cider, etc
Montgomery James, wines and liquors
Murphy Daniel, proprietor Occidental Hotel
Nadro Moritz, dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes, etc
Occidental Hotel, Daniel Murphy proprietor
Ohman I, hardware, stoves, tinware, crockery, etc
Olmstead Charles H, shipsmith and edge tool manufacturer
Otto Joseph, shoemaker
Partridge George H, marble works
Pierce Walter, undertaker
Porter John S, dentist
Powell Robert B, druggist
Pratt B Mrs., human hair
Pratt William H, furniture, bedding, and crockery
Pringle & Seater, harness and saddlery
Prowse & Steele, liquor saloon
Quosig Herman, watchmaker and jeweler
Randall Alpheus W, notary public
Reilinger Henry, cigars, tobacco, notions, etc
Revoy John, general merchandise
Rhoads Samuel H, Rev, pastor Methodist Episcopal Church
Richardson & Armstrong, barbers
Ricks C S, proprietor water works
Ricks Thomas F, livery stable
Roberts C F, register United States Land Office
Rohner & Ellery, general merchandise
Roney & Prince, wholesale liquors
Rose C L, manager Eureka Gas Company
Rotermund Herman H Jr, carriage maker and blacksmith
Rouse Orton T, soda water manufacturer
Rowe & Holmes, blacksmiths and wagon makers
Rowell Ellen T Mrs., proprietress Finson House
Ruscue & Lundblade, furniture, bedding, and carpets
Russ Joseph, proprietor Eureka Market
Russ Joseph & Co, proprietors
Excelsior Saw Mill and ship builders
Ryan Josephine Miss, millinery and fancy goods
Sawtell Alfred L, liquor saloon
Schroder Christopher, liquor saloon
Shaw George H, assessor Humboldt Co
Simpson James, carpenter
Smiley James, painter and paper hanger
Snider V A Mrs., dressmaker
Snow & Co, dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes, etc
Spencer & Armstrong, groceries, crockery, etc
St Joseph's Institute for young ladies, under direction of the Sisters of Mercy
Stafford Cyrus G, attorney at law
Stern & Ryan, clothing
Storm Charles, harness and saddlery
Strong Nathan B, photographer
Sweasey W J, manager Humboldt Steamship Co
Sweasey W J & Son, groceries, hardware, crockery, building materials, etc
Taylor Charles G. groceries, crockery, cigars, etc
Taylor Dan S B. groceries, books, stationery, etc
Taylor Mark S, general merchandise
Taylor R B Mrs., proprietress
Russ Boarding House
Thompson John S, clerk, auditor, and recorder Humboldt County
Tobin Edwards, cigar, tobacco, candies, etc
Tompkins George W, attorney at law and police judge
Tupper R W, groceries
Vance John, proprietor Vance Hotel and Mad River and Humboldt Railroad, and lumber manufacturer
Wallace William, searcher records and collector
Walsh Thomas, general merchandise and Mayor Eureka City
Wansky Francis, manufacturing jeweler
Watson John A, agent Wells,
Fargo & Co and United States Deputy Collector
Watson & Randall, real estate, insurance, and general agents
Weaver Frederick A, laundry
Weaver & Melendey, attorneys at law
Week Frank A, druggist, books, stationery, pianos and organs
Week & Keleher, insurance agents
Welch R B, groceries
Wells, Fargo & Co, John A Watson agent
Western Union Telegraph Co, James F Coonan agent
Wiley & Heney, publishers Evening Telephone
Wilson Emmet AV, attorney at law and District Attorney Humboldt County
Wyman W H, publisher Humboldt Times, and job printer
Young Frederick, cigars, tobacco and gents' furnishing goods

West Coast Gazetteer

Source: Disturnell's Business Directory and Gazetteer, of the West Coast of North America, W. C. Disturnell, Publisher, San Francisco, California, 1882


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