West Coast Gazetteer & Directory ~ Comox ~ New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

Comox P O, Vancouver District.

Brown Charles, carpenter
Fitzpatrick _____, hotel
Grant Robert, blacksmith
Pidcock R H. flour mill
Rodello Joseph, general merchandise
Rollins Edward, shoemaker

Esquimault P O
Esquimault district, occupies a pleasant site 3 miles west of Victoria. The harbor is an excellent one, and can be entered by vessels of the largest class with ease and. safety. It is the projected terminus of a railroad from Nanaimo, the completion of which will materially enhance its prosperity. Daily communication is maintained with Victoria by stage.

Authur & Williams, proprietors Ship Inn Hotel
Bunting Charles C, Dominion Inspector Customs
Doran John, liquor saloon
Everett P, liquor saloon
Howard John T, liquor saloon and postmaster
Howse A R, surveyor
Jones Stephen, boarding and lodgings
Lontet W W, general merchandise
Miller J, proprietor Esquimault House
Morris Thomas, hotel
Saunders Henry, general merchandise
Selleck William, proprietor Globe Hotel
Wilby Henry E, general merchandise

Granville P O
New Westminster district, is a prosperous little town, situated on Coal Harbor, Burrard's Inlet. Its principal source of support is the timber lands in the vicinity. A large quantity of lumber is shipped from this place to different points on the Pacific Coast. It is looked upon as a possible terminus of the Canadian Pacific R. R.

Black G, butcher
Blake _____, hotel
Donnelly P, liquor saloon
Manion James, hotel
Sullivan A. general merchandise
Wilson B, general merchandise

Hastings P O
New Westminster District, is situated on Burrard's Inlet, about one mile from Granville. The manufacture of lumber is extensively carried on, giving employment to a large number of men.

Hastings Saw Mill Co, A Raymur manager, lumber manufacturers
Parent O, hotel
Withrow D, hotel

Moodyville P O
New Westminster District, is situated on Burrard's Inlet, nearly opposite the town of Granville. It is the headquarters of the Moodyville Saw Mill Co, who manufacture and ship a large quantity of lumber.

Moodyville Saw Mill Co, H Nelson manager, lumber manufacturers

Nanaimo P O
Nanaimo District, occupies a pleasant site on the eastern shore of Vancouver Island, 70 miles north of Victoria. It was formerly a trading post of the Hudson Bay Co., from which it has merged into a town of considerable importance. The extensive coal mines and the rich agricultural lands in the neighborhood are its principal support. One paper, the Nanaimo Free Press, is published semi-weekly. Communication is maintained with Victoria, Comox, and other points by steamer.

Abrams J A, boots and shoes
Akenhead James, butcher
Barnston John G, barrister at law
Bate Mark, Sr, manager Vancouver Coal Co
Brown James, merchant tailor
Brunton J W, proprietor Black Diamond Hotel
Cluness Daniel, physician
Dunsmuir, Diggle & Co, colliery
Earl William, general merchandise
Gamble A W, physician
Glaholm T W, stage proprietor
Gordon David W, contractor
Harvey James general merchandise
Herre W F, accountant and collector
Hirst John general merchandise
Hirst Thomas, groceries
Hirst William, general merchandise
Holden John, blacksmith
Horn W A, blacksmith
Horne A G, general merchandise
Horth C, livery stable
Jenkins John, proprietor Old Flag Inn
Jones W H M, physician
Lindsay _____, agent Dominion Government Telegraph
Mahrer John, soda water manufacturer
Mayers & Wolff, general merchandise
McDonald D S, general merchandise
McLachlan R K, painter
McMillan A J, civil engineer
Nanaimo Free Press, George Norris publisher
Nightingale R, contractor
Norris George, publisher Nanaimo Free Press
O'Brien J T, stage proprietor
Parkin William, groceries
Raybould William, general merchandise
Renwick John, blacksmith
Rider Cora, contractor and builder
Sabiston & Wilcox, hotel
Smith Donald, hotel
Smith Henry, brewery
Smith John, watchmaker and jeweler
Tran field A I, butcher
Vancouver Coal Co, Mark
Bate, Sr, manager
Webb J, liquor saloon
Webb W E, bakery
Whitfield John, shoemaker
Whitfield Randolph, shoemaker
Wilson Walter, stores and tinware

New Westminster P O
New Westminster District, an incorporated city of about 2,000 inhabitants, occupies a picturesque site on the north bank of the Fraser River, about 15 miles distant from its mouth, and 70 miles north-east of Victoria. The town is built on ground gradually rising from the water's edge, affording a magnificent view of the surrounding country, embracing the beautiful islands in the vicinity, clothed in evergreen garb, and the lofty and snowcapped peaks of the Olympic and Cascade ranges. As a business center, the place has assumed considerable importance, it being the distributing point for localities on the Fraser River, as well as other places in the interior. In the vicinity are excellent farming grazing, and timber lands, which, together with the salmon fisheries, are the principal resources of the section. The Canadian Pacific Railroad, now six miles distant, will, when completed, afford direct communication with a large scope of undeveloped country, and contribute materially to the prosperity of the place. The town contains several churches of different denominations, and a number of excellent schools, which are well attended. Two newspapers, the Mainland Guardian and British Columbian, furnish the inhabitants the news of the day. Communication is maintained with Victoria twice a week by steamer.

Armstrong C J, insurance agent
Armstrong W J, general merchandise
Blackie Walter, blacksmith and machinist
Bole W N, barrister at law and city magistrate
British Columbian, Robson Bros publishers
Brown E, general merchandise
Brown J C, postmaster
Carbould G E, attorney at law
Cash Stewart, liquor saloon
Chisholm D, wines and liquors
Chown F R, general merchandise
Churton Arthur, tannery
Clute J S, customs officer
Grossman R, liquor saloon
Cunningham James, general merchandise
Deane R W, dry goods
Dickinson R W, butcher
Edmonds Henry V, real estate agent
Eickhoff J, general merchandise and proprietor Union Hotel
Ewen A, salmon cannery
Ferris W D, real estate agent
Fraser James, watchmaker and jeweler
French William J, butcher
Graham T W, carpenter and builder
Grimmer L, painter
Hamilton W, liquor saloon
Harvey William, bakery
Henessey J, proprietor Holbrook House
Herring A druggist
Holbrook Henry, general merchandise
Howison J C, proprietor Occidental Hotel
Insley Bros, proprietors Colonial Hotel
Jaques John, liquor saloon
Johnstone W, shoemaker
Leggett C J, barrister at law
Major C G, general merchandise
Masters S H, physician
McColl William, general merchandise
McDonough C, general merchandise
McElmeu A T, barrister at law
McInnes L E, physician, and mayor New Westminster
McInnes T R, physician
McMahon P, hotel
Melody A, liquor saloon
Minke Edward, cigar manufacture
Pafford F W, general merchandise
Pearson T R, books, stationery, etc
Peele A, druggist
Powers William, boarding and lodgings
Robson Bros, publishers British Columbian
Rousseau J, boots and shoes
Ryan George A, florist
Scott John T, contractor
Scoullar Bros, stoves and tinware
Shiles B W, carpenter and builder
Sievright James A, physician
Spears James, blacksmith
Sutter J K, publisher the Mainland Guardian
The Mainland Guardian, J K Sutter proprietor
Thomas J, boots and shoes
Townsend W B, butcher
Webster Bros, manufactures lumber
Weilie W, general merchandise
Wise J, general merchandise
Wren John B, photographer 

West Coast Gazetteer

Source: Disturnell's Business Directory and Gazetteer, of the West Coast of North America, W. C. Disturnell, Publisher, San Francisco, California, 1882


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