West Coast Gazetteer & Directory ~ Cambria ~ Cuffey's Cove, California

Cambria P O
San Luis Obispo County, is a flourishing town of about 500 inhabitants, situated 1½ miles from the sea-coast, in a hilly but productive section.

The chief industries are dairying and farming. During the dairy season, there is shipped about two hundred boxes of butter per week, besides cheese and other produce.

In the vicinity are several quicksilver mines, some of which have been developed to a considerable extent. The place contains several stores, which carry on quite an extensive trade. Also a public school, churches, and other institutions that characterize a busy and enterprising American town. The secret societies organized are the Masons, Odd Fellows, Good Templars, and Legion of Honor.

Communication is maintained by stage, with the Southern Pacific R. R.
Baker J C, lumber and agricultural implements
Campbell J D, livery stable

Citron A, general merchandise
Cole George M, harness and saddle maker
Davis George S, hotel
Fischer Max, druggist

Franklin B H, postmaster
Gans & Co, general merchandise

Grant, Lull & Co, general merchandise
Grisingher L, liquor saloon
Gross S, general merchandise
Janssen J H, manufacturer furniture and feed mills

Johnson Jeremiah, livery stable
Lynn E, butcher
Manderscheid Bros, druggists
Ott Fred, shoemaker
Ramage G W, general merchandise

Rizzo B, fruits and restaurant
Sherman, Peterson & Co, wagon makers and blacksmiths

Sittenfeld & Turner, liquor saloon
Stiles J W, watchmaker and jeweler
Summers, Eubank & Kaetzel, wagon makers and blacksmiths
Turner J N, attorney at law and notary public
Utley M, Justice of the Peace
Wells, Fargo & Co, G W Ramage, agent

Werner George, liquor saloon
Western Union Telegraph Co. R A Minor agent
Whitney B C, liquor saloon

Humboldt County, situated on Bear River ¾ of a mile from the sea-coast.

Fox B F, cooper and postmaster
Stewart Thomas, hotel

Capistrano P O
Los Angeles County, generally known as San Juan Capistrano, is situated 60 miles south-east of the city of Los Angeles, in a small but fertile valley, through which runs the San Juan River, affording an abundant supply of good water. This section is particularly noted for its excellent grazing lands, although fruits of all kinds and grain can be grown in abundance.

About twelve miles from the town are several hot and cold sulphur and iron springs, which are highly praised for the medicinal qualities of their waters.

Communication is maintained with San Diego, 75 miles south, and Santa Ana, 25 miles north, by a line of stages connecting at the latter place with trains for Los Angeles and other points.

Garcia Dolores, liquor saloon
Mendelson M, postmaster and general merchandise

Salaberri Juan & Co, general merchandise
Wells, Fargo & Co, M Mendelson agent

Carpenteria P O
Santa Barbara County, is situated on the sea-coast about twelve miles east of the town of Santa Barbara.

The valley in which it is located is exceedingly fertile. Barley, corn, potatoes, and beans are extensively raised, also semi-tropical fruits of every kind.

The steamers of the Pacific Coast S. S. Co afford facilities for the shipment of produce to San Francisco and other points.

Anderson William, liquor saloon
Cauch Robert, physician
McKay John, blacksmith
Smith J M, agent Pacific Coast S. S. Co
Sprague B L, wagon maker and blacksmith
Thurman G E, general merchandise and postmaster
Whitney E, restaurant and boarding

Caspar P O
Mendocino Co, is situated on the sea-coast at the mouth of the Caspar River. The principal industries of this section are the manufacture of lumber, posts, and ties. The town maintains a public school, which is well attended, and also a church. An organization of Good Templars advocates the cause of temperance.

Communication is maintained with San Francisco by stage to Duncan's Mills, connecting with the trains of the North Pacific Coast Railroad.

Caspar Lumber Co, lumber manufactures and general merchandise
De Camp C E, superintend Caspar Lumber Co, and postmaster
Gregor James, blacksmith
Heldt Daniel, liquor saloon
Heldt George, livery stable
Jones Thomas, general merchandise
Kelly Frank, general merchandise
King John, liquor saloon
McDonald George, liquor saloon
McDonald John, hotel

Castroville P O
Monterey County, is situated on the line of the Southern Pacific Railroad, 109 miles south-east of San Francisco, and 9 miles north-west of Salinas. The town contains several mercantile establishments, a grist mill, express and telegraph offices, etc. In the vicinity are excellent agricultural lands, which are extensively cultivated, producing good crops of wheat, barley, and other produce. The Southern Pacific Railroad maintains daily communication with San Francisco and intermediate points.

Black & Son, proprietors Castroville Mill
Casey P, billiard and liquor saloon
Conrads C, shoemaker
Fanuaf E R, blacksmith
Gibson William H, postmaster
Gramprie H, harness and saddle maker
Henry W, liquor saloon
Jordan P, general merchandise
Keating L B, general merchandise
King M, proprietor Overland House
Knoch V, butcher
Longley A H, stoves and tinware
Meyer G, liquor saloon
Mills John, proprietor Plaza Hotel
Mitchell J W, varieties
Parker John, physician and druggist
Pomber J M, livery stable
Rairdon John, harness and saddle maker
Walsh M F, wines, liquors, cigars, and tobacco
Watson J E, groceries and cigars
Wells, Fargo & Co, W H Gibson, agent
Western Union Telegraph Co, T Wood, manager
Whitcher C R, blacksmith
Wood, Dutcher & Co, general merchandise and grain warehouse
Zanolene B, liquor saloon

Cayucos P O
San Luis Obispo Co, is situated on Estero Bay, 180 miles south of San Francisco, and 14 miles south-east of Cambria. The principal resource of this section is dairying. Communication is maintained with San Francisco and intermediate ports by the steamers of the Pacific Coast S. S. Company.

Bidamon B R, harness and saddle maker
Briggs William, liquor saloon
Brignola L Mrs., hotel
Brocksieb Charles, carpenter
Burroughs A L, postmaster
Carey L, livery stable
Cass James & Co, general merchandise
Cooley William, livery stable
De Rome Albert, blacksmith
Ellis Perry, physician
Grant, Lull & Co, general merchandise
Grisinger A, liquor saloon
Levi H, general merchandise
Mandersheid Brothers, druggists
McMillan D C & Co, general merchandise
Riordan D, shoemaker
Sims I, blacksmith
Stone George, hotel
Wells, Fargo & Co, E M Cofer agent

Humboldt County, P. O. address Ferndale, 27 miles south of Eureka, on the stage road to Petrolia.

Sweet Simon, hotel

Chualar P O
Monterey County, situated on the line of the Southern Pacific R. R., 10 miles south-east of Salinas, contains a population of about 100. The lands in the vicinity are fertile, yielding good crops of grain and other produce. Daily communication is maintained by rail with San Francisco and intermediate points.

Douglas John A, capitalist
Droge John C, postmaster
Droge John C & Co, general merchandise
Faro & Edwards, grain dealers and warehouse
Parsons Washington, hotel
Peel C, hotel
Petersen M, carpenter
Petersen Peter, blacksmith
Ray John, shoemaker
Thompson C, blacksmith
Wells, Fargo & Co, J C Droge agent
Western Union Telegraph Co, Charles Whisman manager

Crescent City P O
County seat of Del Norte Co, is a flourishing town of about 400 inhabitants. It is situated 90 miles north of Eureka, on the southerly side of a low promontory, extending from the Coast Range Mountains. At the site of the town it is low timber land, scarcely elevated above the possible reach of running tides. The harbor is an open roadsted, affording good shelter in summer, but unprotected against the southerly winds which prevail during the winter months. The town is well laid out and compactly built. It contains a good public school, the number of scholars enrolled numbering about one hundred and fifty. There are two churches, a Methodist and Roman Catholic.

Of societies there are organized lodges of Masons, Odd Fellows, United Workmen, and Good Templars. Two weekly papers are published, the Crescent City Courier and the Del Norte Record.

The principal industry is the manufacture of lumber, although it has a large mineral and agricultural country properly tributary to it. Gold, iron, and chrome mines, are found within 12 miles of the town. The latter have been worked at intervals since 1869, and considerable ore shipped. The gold mines consist of quartz, placer, and beach, which have been worked to some extent. The iron mines have not been developed, although efforts have been made to secure the necessary capital for that purpose. Several copper mines are located about 30 miles distant, one of which is said to yield very rich ore.

Communication is maintained with San Francisco by steamer.

Achy G M & Co, druggists
Aherns A J, cabinet maker
Burtschell Frank, proprietor
Bay Hotel
Burtschell & Cuddyhire, milliners and dressmakers
Burtschell & Tucker, groceries
Chilson & Wife, jewelers
Clark Daniel, liquor saloon
Cleveland A, surveyor Del Norte Co
Cooper L F, civil engineer and attorney at law
Crescent City Courier, Silas White, publisher
Cresent City Wharf and Lighter Co, Johnson & Malone, proprietors
Crusius F, butcher
Curran F, ship builder
Darby & Donovan, liquor saloon
Del Norte Record, J E Eldridge, publisher
Duffy James, liquor saloon
Duffy Thomas, liquor saloon
Eldridge J E, publisher Del Norte Record, photographer and undertaker
Emery E W, hardware
Endert & Caprise, liquor saloon
Fischerman & Swords liquor saloon
Frantz J F, livery stable, blacksmith, and coronor Del Norte Co
Hobbs, Wall & Co, lumber manufactures and general merchandise
Howell H Miss, varieties
Hughes Charles, sheriff Del Norte Co
Hughes R, druggist
Johnson & Malone, proprietors
Crescent City Wharf and Lighter Co
Keller H, shoemaker
Knox A, attorney at law
Knox Frank, physician
Lach Charles, tailor
Larsen Charles, shoemaker
Liddle & Clark, liquor saloon
Marhoffer J, brewery
Mason Edgar, dentist and attorney at law
Mayer it Ferguson, stoves and tinware
McCresh & Bomhoff, butchers
McLaren L. boots and shoes
McLaughlin John, liquor saloon
McLellan & White, livery stable
McNamara & Emmetsbergh, butchers
Miller John, blacksmith
Moody C D Mrs. bakery
Moody Charles D, tinware
Morris Wolff & Co, general merchandise
Murphy James. Superior Judge
Overmeir E P Mrs., restaurant
Patterson Charles, contractor and builder
Peever Peter, clerk Del Norte Co
Pfeifer Charles, clothing
Robertson J W. physician
Sartwell D S, watchmaker and jeweler and justice of the peace
Savell William, treasurer Del Norte Co
Shipman D E, liquor saloon
Steele M Mrs. fancy goods
Straub C Mrs., fancy goods and dressmaker
Straub E, barber
Theilauker F Mrs., bakery
Volander Ewald, tannery
Wells, Fargo & Co, Joseph G Wall, agent
Wenger J & Co, lumber manufacturers and general merchandise
West B, liquor saloon
White Silas, publisher Crescent City Courier
Woodbury William H, books, stationery, cigars, etc., assessor Del Norte Co, and postmaster
Yates E, proprietor Del Norte Hotel

Cuffey's Cove P O
Mendocino County, is situated on the sea coast about half way between Punta Arenas and Mendocino City. The principal industry is the manufacture of lumber and ties, although potatoes of excellent quality are raised to a considerable extent.

A steamer maintains weekly communication with San Francisco, and several schooners regularly ply between the two ports.

Aylward James, liquor saloon
Buchanan C J, livery stable
Hoffman John, restaurant
Kehoe William, hotel
Kimball Charles, hotel
Kimball J S, general merchandise and postmaster
Lynch Thomas, liquor saloon
Peterson & Hurd, butchers
Thompson Jacob, hotel
Thurston R Mrs., general merchandise
Schmidt Peter, blacksmith
Wells, Fargo & Co, J S Kimball, agent

West Coast Gazetteer

Source: Disturnell's Business Directory and Gazetteer, of the West Coast of North America, W. C. Disturnell, Publisher, San Francisco, California, 1882


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