West Coast Gazetteer & Directory ~ Bradbury ~ Eastport, Oregon

Bradbury P O
Columbia County 20 miles northwest of St. Helen.

McGraw A. general merchandise
Simmons William, general merchandise and postmaster

Chetco P O
Curry County is situated in a small and fertile valley in the extreme south-western portion of the State. The principal industries carried on in this section are farming and dairying.

Cooley Martha F Miss, postmistress

Clifton P O
Clatsop Co, is situated on the south side of the Columbia River, 22 miles above Astoria. Communication is maintained by steamer daily with Portland, Astoria, and intermediate points.

Cook J W & V, salmon cannery
Cook y, postmaster
Western Union Telegraph Co, J Spencer agent

Columbia City P O
Columbia County is situated on the south side of the Columbia River, 32 miles north-west of Portland. The surrounding country is principally timber land; a small portion only being adapted to farming. Daily communication is maintained by steamer with Portland and river ports.

Bush J & Son, general merchandise and wood contractors
Caples E, general merchandise, wood contractor, and postmaster

Coos City,
Coos County is situated 6 miles south of Marshfield, Daily communication is maintained with Empire City by steamer.

Arrington James M, postmaster
Harding John, hotel
Harding John, shoemaker
Haynes J C, cheese maker
Jarvis & Laird, livery stable
McLaughlin D J, general merchandise
Roberts D, liquor saloon and boarding house
South Port Coal Co, coal
Watson D L, attorney at law
Watson D L, liquor saloon

Coquille City P O
Coos County is situated on the Coquille River, 15 miles south of Marshfield.

Andrews C, general merchandise
Bundo, Bennett & Co, sawmill
Mehl G, brewer
Moulton J T, general merchandise

Curry County (P O address, Port Orford.

Lorentson N C, general merchandise

East Portland P O
Multnomah County an incorporated city, is pleasantly situated on the east side of the Willamette River, directly opposite the city of Portland. On the water front considerable of the land is low, subject to overflow, and a portion intersected with sloughs. Thence gradually rising and rolling for a short distance, it merges into an alternately level and undulating country, affording excellent advantages for building purposes. The city presents a thriving aspect, and its advantageous location, together with the fertility of the surrounding country, insures its future prosperity. It is nicely laid out with streets of good width, and contains some substantial brick buildings and fine residences.

The population, according to the census of 1880, was 3918, and is now estimated at 5,000. It is the terminus of the east side division of the Oregon and California Railroad, and upon completion of the Oregon Railway and Navigation Co.'s road from Walla Walla to this point, will be virtually, for a time at least, a terminus of the Northern Pacific. Two excellent public schools are maintained, having an attendance of six hundred and eighty scholars. The churches organized are the Baptist, Methodist Episcopal, Congregational, Episcopal, Scandinavian, German Lutheran, Catholic, and United Brethren. Of secret and benevolent societies there are Masons, Odd Fellows, Ancient Order United Workmen, Chosen Friends, and Patriotic Order Sons of America. A hook and ladder company constitutes the full force of the fire department. An excellent supply of water is distributed through the city, from a spring which is said to be the largest in the State, pouring forth a volume of about 400,000 gallons in twenty-four hours.

The Hospital for the Insane, located here, is a well-conducted institution, and contains at the present time three hundred and forty patients. Upon the completion of the new State Asylum at Salem, it is to be changed into a Reform School. The East Portland Vindicator, a well-conducted paper, published weekly, advocates the interests of the section. Communication is maintained daily by rail with Roseburg, Lebanon, and Brownsville, and twice a day with Albany. Three steam ferries connect it with Portland.

Officers, R. C. Myers, J. E. Mayo, B. Crane, M. T. Cunningham, J. M. Sliker, E. J. Sprague, Trustees; J. T. Stewart, Recorder and Auditor; W. B. Welch, Treasurer; A. H. McEwan, Assessor; S. R. Harrington, Attorney; John Campbell, Surveyor; George Linville, Marshal; Wash Jones, Street Commissioner.

Barman L & D, general merchandise, corner Fourth and I
Beard E C, job printer, Fourth
Beebe & Beebe, proprietors Golden Rule Hotel, L
Beck & Logan, livery and feed stable, corner First and L
Bode Frank, groceries and bakery. Fourth
Brigham E C, watchmaker, Fourth
Brohaska G, liquor saloon and lodgings, corner Water and L
Burdin E, carpenter, I
Burney W T, attorney at law, Fourth
Byrnes & Payne, fish, game, poultry, and groceries, Fourth
Cameron W P & Co, general merchandise. Fourth
Campbell John, city surveyor, Third
Charlton C Mrs., physician, J
Clarke & Burdin, undertakers, I
Coffin Henry L, dentist, J
Coley H C, physician, L
Cougil W F Mrs., general merchandise. Fourth
Coulter J M, groceries, cigars, and tobacco, corner First and L
Dalton William, hardware, paints, oils, doors, sashes, and blinds. Fourth
DeBoest John, liquor saloon, Fourth
Delor & Schrader, liquor saloon, corner First and L
Doud & Sliker, wholesale flour and feed and commission merchants, corner Water and J
East Portland Foundry, Frank Payne proprietor, J
East Portland Steam Sawmill, H A Hogue proprietor, Water
East Portland Vindicator, E L Thorp publisher. Fourth
East Portland Water Co, G E Nottage, president
Freeman Thomas B, carriage maker, L
Garrison C G, general merchandise, corner Fifth and L
Gibson L C, billiard hall, cigars, tobacco, confectionery, etc, Fourth
Gloss Frank, shoemaker, Fifth
Golden Rule Hotel, Beebe & Beebe, proprietors, L
Gordon W S, stoves, tinware, and hardware, Fourth
Grady James, liquor saloon, corner Water and L
Hahn William, barber, Fourth
Hall & Stott, hardware, paints, oils, etc, cor Fourth and J
Harrington S E, attorney at law and city attorney, corner Fourth and J
Heintz E, barber. Fifth
Hendee D H, photographer, I
Hill C H, constable and collector, Fourth
Hill, McGuire & Co, real estate, insurance and general brokers, Fourth
Hill & Powell, harness and saddlery. Fourth
Hogue H A proprietor East Portland Steam Sawmill, Water
Holmes R H & Son, general merchandise, corner Fourth and G
Home Hotel, S M Keenan proprietor. Fourth
Hospital for the Insane, Dr. S E Josephi superintendent
Humboldt Brewery, John Kroetz & Co proprietors, corner Fourth and M
Josephi S E Dr. superintendent Hospital for the Insane
Kadderly J J, stoves, tinware, and sewing machines. Fourth
Keenan S M, proprietor Home Hotel, Fourth
Kellogg & Long, wood yard, corner Third and H
Kerns L B, millinery and fancy goods, Fourth
Kerns W G, books and stationery, and insurance agent, J
Kiessling H H, boots and shoes, Fourth
Kitterman H & Son, general merchandise. Fifth
Knott Bros, proprietors Stark St Ferry, foot L
Kroetz John & Co, proprietors Humboldt Brewery, corner Fourth and M
Listmann & Muller, manufactures furniture and bedding, Fourth
Logan & Irwin, druggists, Fourth
Logus Charles, pork packer, L
Lope Adam, liquor saloon. Fourth
Lowengardt S, general merchandise, L
Lyons & McKenzie, livery and feed stable, corner Fifth and L
Marker George H, dentist, corner Fourth and L
Matlock, Kirk & Co, real estate and insurance agents, Fourth
McGuire W W, justice of the peace. Fourth
Meyers Henry, liquor saloon, corner Fourth and L
Myers H Clay, butcher. Fourth
Newell J A, general merchandise, corner J and Fourth
Nottage G E, assistant physician Hospital for the Insane
Orr J W, wheelwright, Fourth
Parelius M W, picture frames and engravings, Fourth
Parker J B & Son, blacksmiths and wagon makers, Fourth
Payne Frank, proprietor East Portland Foundry, J
Perry George, agent Wells, Fargo & Co, and real estate and insurance agent, Fourth
Pittenger John M, notary public, Fourth
Powell & New, livery and feed stable, L
Prettyman, Creitz & Co, real estate and insurance agents, I
Quinn M S Mrs., restaurant, L
Raffety Bros, druggists, J
Raffety C H, physician, J
Riley M, boots and shoes, corner Fourth and I
Robertson Thomas, druggist, L
Rodgers J H, painter, I
Ross G J, general merchandise, Fourth
Royal W W, physician, corner Fourth and L
Schmeer S, oyster saloon, confectionery, candies, etc, Fourth
Smith Albert B, livery and feed stable, I
Smith C B, physician, Fourth
Smith S, physician. Fourth
Sorensen E, shipyard, foot U
Strube G & Co, butchers, corner Fourth and I
Sylvester B, wagon maker and blacksmith, L
Thorp E L, publisher The East Portland Vindicator, Fourth
Underbill & Neppach, flour, hay lime, cement, groceries, etc, Fourth
Walders U, bakery, I
Webber J W, civil engineer and surveyor, corner Seventh and I
Welch Bros, druggists, corner Fourth and I
Wells, Fargo & Co, George Perry agent. Fourth
Went John, liquor saloon, corner Fourth and L
West T B, general merchandise, corner Fourth and L
Wheeler C II, groceries, provisions, etc. Fourth
Whittenburg & McMillen, general merchandise, Holliday's Addition

Coos Co (P. O. address, Marshfield).

Eastport Coal Co, coal mine.  

West Coast Gazetteer

Source: Disturnell's Business Directory and Gazetteer, of the West Coast of North America, W. C. Disturnell, Publisher, San Francisco, California, 1882


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