West Coast Gazetteer & Directory ~ Benicia ~ Bridgeport, California

Benicia P O
Solano County, is an incorporated city situated on the north side of the Straits of Carquinez, about 33 miles north-east of San Francisco. At this point the overland trains of the Central Pacific Railroad cross the straits of Carquinez on the mammoth steam ferry-boat of the world, which is 425 feet in length, with a capacity for fall trains at one trip. It is the contemplated' terminus of several railroads, and, being the tide water outlet for the north-western portion of the State, with the commercial advantages afforded by an ample water front, its future has a bright outlook. The climate is mild, and the location is an exceedingly healthful one.

The population, according to the census of 1880, was 2,146, and is now estimated at 2,800. A public school is maintained, having an attendance of about 350 scholars. Its private institutions of learning rank with the best in the State. The St. Augustine College, a boarding and day school for boys, Rt. Rev. J. H. D. Wingfield, president, is an excellent institution, founded in 1867. It occupies an elevated site, the commodious college buildings being surrounded by sixty acres of land, tastefully laid out with trees, gardens, and shrubbery. St. Mary's Hall, Rev. L. D. Mansfield, rector, Mrs. Mansfield, principal, a boarding and day school for girls, is an institution of great merit. The building is a large, handsome structure, specially designed for school purposes, prettily located in fine view of the surrounding country, and has large area of grounds beautifully laid out. St. Catherine's Academy is a boarding and day school for girls, under the supervision of the Sisters of St. Dominic. This is also an excellently conducted institution, finely appointed in all its departments. The buildings are surrounded by grounds tastily laid out and attractive. The Young Ladies' Seminary is also a boarding and day school for girls, with commodious buildings and handsome surrounding grounds. In manufacturing industries the city is attaining considerable importance. The Benicia Agricultural Works, located here, are the most extensive of the kind in the State, and employ over 200 men. Several other manufacturing establishments employ in the aggregate about 250 men. The Benicia cannery, which has recently commenced operations, employs 150 persons, including a number of boys and girls.

The secret and benevolent societies are represented by the Masons, Odd Fellows, United Workmen, Legion of Honor, Chosen Friends, Good Templars, Land League, and St. Dominic's Benevolent Society. The churches are the Congregational, Episcopal, and Roman Catholic.

An excellent paper, The New Era, published weekly, advocates with zeal the interests of the community. A gas company furnishes light, and good water is distributed through the city by the Benicia Water Co and an individual party. The fire department consists of two hand engines and a hook and ladder truck.

Communication is maintained by the Central Pacific Railroad with San Francisco and other points twice a day, by steamer daily with San Francisco and river points, and three times a day by ferry with Martinez.

Officers. James Clyne, Archie McDonell and J E Crooks, Trustees; E A McDoneil, Clerk; A M Stoddard, Marshal.

Altmark Solomon, furnishing goods, cigars, tobacco, etc.
Balfour, Guthrie & Co, proprietors wharf and warehouse

Bank of Benicia, W F Goad, president; Albert P Redding, cashier
Barry James, general merchandise, justice of the peace, and notary public
Beane J R & Son, proprietors
Benicia Planing Mills
Benicia Agricultural Works, F A Hill, superintendent; E P Palmer, secretary
Benicia Canning Co, Thomas Davis, manager
Benicia Gas Co, F T Tyman, secretary
Benicia Planing Mills, J R Beane & Son, proprietors
Benicia Water Co, S C Gray, secretary-
Bishop Ira, proprietor Bishop House
Bizzett William, varieties
Blake William, stoves, tinware, hardware, and crockery
Bliss Theodore H, proprietor, Benicia House
Boyle James, liquor saloon
Brandon Joaquin F, barber
Branin R C, photographer
Brown J R & Co, tannery
Butler Richard, liquor saloon
Byrne C C, physician
Clarken Matt, attorney at law and notary public

Clinton Charles, druggist
Clyne James, blacksmith and wagon maker
Coleman John, liquor saloon
Dalton Alfred Jr, publisher, The New Era of Benicia

Dalton Samuel W, liquor saloon
Davis Thomas, manager Benicia Canning Co
Dennis Henry, agent Central Pacific R R
Donohue John, proprietor, Brooklyn Hotel
Durner Charles, varieties and news depot
Ewing James, general merchandise
Ferrin John, manufacturer inner soles

Fisher Joseph, butcher
Foreman William H, general merchandise
Eraser George, butcher
Gallagher Edward, boots and shoes

Gilley F A, stoves and tinware
Goad F, president Bank of Benicia
Greene Samuel, boots and shoes
Grogan James, liquor saloon
Hamon Thomas, cigars, tobacco and notions

Hank John, bakery
Hastings Daniel N, president Benicia Gas Co
Hastings George A, real estate and insurance assent
Hastings William F, justice of the peace
Healy John H, physician and surgeon
Hill F A, superintendent Benicia Agricultural Works
Houghton Cornelius B, lumber, lime, cement, etc
Innes John L, tannery
Johnson J G, proprietor water works

Johnston S, wood and coal
Jones J W. general merchandise
Kelly Catherine, liquor saloon

King William, livery stable
Kinstrey Thomas, groceries and liquor saloon
Kuhland William, clothing, boots and shoes, etc
Kullman, Salz & Co, proprietors, Benicia Tannery
Larkin William, boarding and lodgings

Leathe George W, furnishing and fancy goods, cigars, etc
Lepper Oliver, boots and shoes
Lepper W P, tinsmith
Lubeck Julius, liquor saloon
Lynch John, attorney at law
Lynch M A Mrs., proprietress, Young Ladies' Seminary
Lyon & Hunter, contractors and builders
Manning M Mrs., varieties

Mansfield L D, Rev, rector, St Mary's Hall
Massle & Gnauck, proprietors, Benicia Brewery
McDonell Archie, postmaster
McDonell Edward A, agent Wells, Fargo & Co
McEntire Robert M, boarding and lodgings
McEntire Robert IST, barber
McGuire Kate, liquor saloon
McKay & Chisholm, tannery
McSorley Charles, tailor
Mellon Charles, general merchandise
Mizner Lansing B, attorney at law
Moore William A, dentist
Morris William J, harness and saddlery
Mounce & Hopper, liquor saloon
Muldowney J R, architect and builder
Muller C, restaurant
Murray Robert, liquor saloon
New Era of Benicia, Alfred Dalton Jr, publisher
O'Neill Mary E Mrs., ladies' and children's underwear, etc

Opperman Julius, tailor
Ormsby L G Mrs., restaurant
Ostello Jacob H, furniture, upholstery, etc
Pacific Cement Works, estate, P Martin proprietor

Palmer E P, secretary Benicia Agricultural Works
Pearson Jane, bakery and restaurant
Phillipson William D, varieties and news depot
Redding Albert P, cashier Bank of Benicia

Reeng Jeremiah, proprietor City Hotel
Robinson E J Miss, human hair
Ryan John, liquor saloon
Sanderson Mary, furnishing goods, etc

Shirley & Co, proprietors wharf and ferry
Singler Rudolph, barber
Smith Mathew J, blacksmith and wagon maker
St Augustine College, Rt. Rev J H D Wingfield, president
St Catherine's Academy, Sister Superior in charge
St Mary's Hall, Rev L D Mansfield, rector
Stevens John, liquor saloon
Stumm F J, watchmaker and jeweler
Stumm F J Mrs., milliner
Sullivan Michael, proprietor
Newport House
Sweeney Michael, boarding and lodgings
Thomas Mahlon, boarding and lodgings
Von Pfister Edward H, liquor saloon
Wagener Nicholas, liquor saloon

Walsh J J, painter
Weinmann Julia, proprietress Solano Hotel and livery stable
Weinmann Louis, druggist
Welch Joseph, liquor saloon
Wells, Fargo & Co, Edward A McDonell agent
Western Flouring Mill Co, flour manufacturers
Western Union Telegraph Co, L C Atwood, agent
Williams Joseph, barber
Williams Joseph S, proprietor Oakland House
Williams & Burdick, dry goods and clothing
Wing & Clark, liquor saloon
Wingfield J H D Rt. Rev, rector Episcopal Church and president St Augustine College
Young Ladies' Seminary, Mrs. M A Lynch proprietress

Berkeley P O
Alameda County, situated 9 miles from San Francisco, in a northeasterly direction, occupies a picturesque site on slightly elevated and rolling ground, commanding a beautiful view of the bay and Golden Gate, It was incorporated as a town April 1st, 1878, and now contains a population of about 3,000. The University of California, located in the outskirts of the town, is a handsome and commodious edifice, surrounded by beautiful grounds. This institution was incorporated by an Act of the Legislature in 1868, and is attended by students from every portion of the State. In the same vicinity is situated the Deaf and Dumb and Blind Institute, a fine brick building three stories high, erected at a cost, including grounds, of about $150,000.

Several manufacturing establishments, including oil, starch, chemical, sulphur, powder, and soap works, also a boot and shoe factory, give employment to quite a large number of men. A paper called the Berkeley Advocate is published weekly: there is also a magazine and a small paper regularly issued by the students of the University. Two public schools are maintained, which are well attended.

There are several churches, including two Episcopalian, two Presbyterian, a Methodist, and a Congregational. The secret societies are represented by lodges of Masons, Odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias, and Ancient Order United Workmen.

Trains leave at short intervals during the day for Oakland Point, connecting with steamers for San Francisco.

Officers, William C Wright and Samuel Heywood, Trustees; J M Byrne, Clerk; L Gottshall, Treasurer; R A Morse, Assessor; P Monroe, Marshal.

Acheson John, proprietor Terminus Hotel
Adams Frank R, shoemaker
Andersen Nis cigar manufacturer
Atkinson C E Mrs., boarding
Bachmann John, proprietor Germania Garden

Bailey George R. nursery
Bates Courtien P, dentist
Beardslee Frederick W, real estate agent
Berkeley Advocate, Henry N Marquand, publisher
Berkeley Lubricating Oil Works, A C Dietz & Co, proprietors
Bowen W J. wood, coal, hay and grain
Boyd John E, Berkeley and San Francisco express
Braman John J., physician
Brennan Brothers, saloon and livery stable
Broad A H, carpenter
Brown Antonio, tinware and fruits
Brown Charles, groceries
Bruns H & Co, dry goods and groceries
Bunce Horace A. carpenter and proprietor Revere House
Byrne N B & Son, wood and coal
Carnall Nathan C. real estate agent

Chappie, Tallman & Co, groceries
Chevelier L M. barber
During John, shoemaker
Edgar Arthur Mrs. Proprietress Olive Branch Hotel

Engebretsen Antone, shoemaker
Everding J & Co, proprietors West Berkeley Starch Works
Fischel Simon, butcher

Fleming Thomas, harness and saddle maker
Frazer Markham, plumber and gas fitter
Fricks Christian, shoemaker
Gazenego John, barber

Gottshail & McClain, groceries and dry goods
Haller Peter H, blacksmith and wagon maker

Hann Thomas, butcher
Higgins John, proprietor Railroad Exchange
Hilton W M, physician and druggist
Huston Robert G & Co, groceries and proprietors Berkeley Hotel
Jones Shadrick, blacksmith
Knott Richard, proprietor Berkeley House
Landers Sarah, fruits and stationery

Levigne Joseph, shoemaker
Lingard Samuel, proprietor Railroad House
Lord C R, justice of the peace
Lux George, bakery
Mackin John, restaurant and billiard saloon

Maloney Cornelius, proprietor Franklin House
Marquand Henry N, publisher Berkeley Advocate
Martin James L. nursery
McCaskell H &, Co, blacksmiths and carriage makers
Mendocino Lumber Co, lumber yard
Merrill Sidney S, druggist and postmaster
Monroe Phillip, real estate agent
Monterichard Richard, butcher
Nelson Mads, blacksmith
Paoletti Catharine, restaurant

Payne Frank H, physician
Pine H C Mrs., dry goods
Rainville H E, wagon maker
San Francisco Chemical Works, Judson & Shepard, proprietors

San Francisco Sulphur Works, Judson & Shepard proprietors
Schuster & Niehaus, planing mills
Seguie George, barber
Semeria Joseph, dry goods
Sisterna Philip, Berkeley transfer express
Standard Soap Co, soap manufacturers
Stewart J K & Bro, groceries
Storck Charles L, butcher
Strickler George, expressman
Teague John F, constable and detective

Terry Chester N, attorney at law and justice of the peace
Underwood C C, wood, coal, hay and grain

Vagt Hermann, liquor saloon
Wangerin & Co, groceries
Wells, Fargo & Co, Gottshail & McClain agents
Wentworth I M, boot and shoe manufacturer, stationer and postmaster
Western Union Telegraph Co, C S Merrill agent
Wheelan F H & Co, proprietor, Wheelan Mills
Wiley E W, carpenter
Winner B L, locksmith
Wood C B, shoemaker
Wright J G, bakery and restaurant

Bodega, Sonoma County, (See Smith's Ranch P. O.)

Bridgeport, Mendocino County, (See Miller P.O.)

West Coast Gazetteer

Source: Disturnell's Business Directory and Gazetteer, of the West Coast of North America, W. C. Disturnell, Publisher, San Francisco, California, 1882


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