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Aptos P O
Santa Cruz County, is situated on the Bay of Monterey 8 miles east of the town of Santa Cruz, and 12 miles north-west of Watsonville. Population 150. It is principally noted as a summer resort, its genial climate, magnificent mountain scenery and sparkling streams well stocked with fish, making it an attractive spot for tourists and pleasure seekers.

The Santa Cruz railroad maintains daily communication with Santa Cruz and Watsonville, connecting with trains for San Francisco and intermediate points. It is also connected with San Francisco by the steamers of the Pacific Coast S. S. Co.

Arano Joseph, general merchandise, hotel and postmaster
Bernal M A, groceries
Lee John, blacksmith
Rice D M, hotel
Walsh P K, hotel

Arcata P O

Humboldt County, situated on Humboldt Bay, 8 miles in a northeasterly direction from Eureka by water, and 12 miles by land, is built on ground gradually rising and rolling to the hills, which form the back ground to a pleasing view. It is laid out somewhat after the Spanish custom, the business portion being principally located on either side of a plaza, having a flag staff in the centre. The town was located in 1850, under the name of Union Town, which was changed in 1862 to Arcata.

It is eligibly situated for the trade of Mad River, five miles distant, and is also a supply point for a portion of the Klamath and Trinity River mining districts, sixty miles distant. The timber lands of the surrounding country are the principal resource, although some farming is carried on in the vicinity. During the year 1881, there were shipped from this point 5,400,000 feet of lumber, and 3,000 tons of shingles, shakes, farm produce, etc. The population according to the census of 1880, was 763. It is now estimated at 900. A library and free reading room are maintained by the Arcata Library Association. There are three churches, the Methodist, Presbyterian and Roman Catholic. Two public schools, a grammar, and a primary one, have an attendance of about three hundred pupils.

The secret and benevolent societies are represented by the Masons, Odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias, Good Templars, and Champions of Friendship and Temperance.

Communication is maintained with Eureka twice a day by stage and steamer, and Mad River by stage daily and rail twice a day.

Arcata and Mad River Transportation Co, Yocom & Fernald proprietors
Arcata Library Association, Miss Hattie A Knutz librarian
Bair & Pardee, liquor saloon

Bauman John, blacksmith
Bowen G C, fancy goods, cigars, tobacco, etc.
Brizard Alexander, general merchandise, forwarding and commission
Brizard P Mrs., dressmaker and milliner
Brodigan Patrick, merchant, tailor
Bull J C Jr, butcher
Bull W H, manager George H Tilley
Burns Robert, stoves, tinware, and hardware
Chisholm John B, Rev. Pastor, Methodist Episcopal Church

Cleverly Henry C, watchmaker and jeweler
Cullberg Isaac, general merchandise
Deming Byron, notary public, and justice of the peace

Deming Eugene A, wheel-Wright, machinist, and undertaker
Devlin Thomas, tannery
Ericson Augustus W, books, stationery, fancy goods, etc.
Falk, Hawley & Co, lumber, shingle, and flour manufacturers, and general merchandise

Fickle & Son, shingle mill
Force L E, physician
Galinger A P Mrs., groceries, cigars, etc.

Gilbreath D, blacksmith
Greenwald Julius, general groceries,
Greenwood James, proprietor Arcata and Mad River stage line

Hally John, livery stable
Harpst & Spring, general merchandise, and harness and saddler
Hawkins Emanuel, furniture manufacturer
Hopkins G W, attorney at law, notary public, and Justice of the Peace
Hunter William J, shoemaker
Hydropathic Institution, Dr. Henry W Marsh, proprietor
Kirkby William H, livery stable, Kirkby & Devoy, proprietors

Kureka and Arcata stage line
Knight & Richards, liquor saloon
Knutz, Mrs., fruits, candies, etc.
Mappin George W, barber

Marsh Henry W Dr., proprietor Marsh House and Hydropathic Institution
Menefee P M, physician
Merrell Seth W, proprietor, Merrell House
Miner E A Mrs., milliner and dressmaker
Moreno & Co, pack train proprietors
Newman Henry, dry goods
Odenheimer William, shoemaker

Orman Henry Jr, carpenter
Pouleur J B & Co, stoves, tinware, and sewing machines

Richards Charles C, liquor saloon
Richert Jacob, proprietor Union Hotel
Schorlig Louis E, fruits, candies, etc.

Smith Charles, general merchandise and postmaster
Smith Maurice, liquor saloon
Stearns George N, house, sign, and carriage painter
Todd James S Rev, pastor, Presbyterian Church

Tilley George H, (W H Bull, manager) druggist and agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Union Hotel, Jacob Richert, proprietor
Wells, Fargo & Co, George H Tilley, agent

Western Union Telegraph Co, Augustus W Ericson, agent
Yocom & Fernald, proprietors Arcata and Mad River Transportation Co

West Coast Gazetteer

Source: Disturnell's Business Directory and Gazetteer, of the West Coast of North America, W. C. Disturnell, Publisher, San Francisco, California, 1882


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