West Coast Gazetteer & Directory ~ Anacortes ~ Knappton, Washington Territory

Anacortes P O
Whatcom County is situated on Fidalgo Island, about 35 miles south-east of Whatcom.

Bowman A, postmaster
Bowman A & Co. general merchandise

Arcadia P O,
Mason Co. is situated on Puget Sound, 12 miles north-west of Olympia, with which it is connected by steamer.

Wilson E A, postmaster

Bay View
Wahkiakum County on the north side of the Columbia River. 7 miles north-west of Cathlamet

Ocean Canning Co, salmon cannery

Brookfield P O
Pacific Co, on the north side of the Columbia River, 16 miles north-east of Astoria.

Megler J G. postmaster
Megler J G & Co, salmon cannery

Carbonado P O
Pierce County situated 34 miles south-east of New Tacoma, is the terminus of the Puyallup branch of the Northern Pacific R. R. At this place are extensive coal mines, owned by the Central Pacific R. R. Co. of California, which give employment to about three hundred men.

Cutting William, agent, Western Union Telegraph Co
Halstead Charles, postmaster
Ingalls E G Mrs., general merchandise and hotel

Cathlamet P O
Wahkiakum County the county seat, is situated on the north side of the Columbia River, 27 miles east of Astoria

Burnie A D, liquor saloon and postmaster
Roberts G W, general merchandise
Warren F 31, salmon cannery

Coupeville P O
Island County the county seat, is situated on Whidby Island, about 10 miles north of Port Townsend.

Blowers A D, postmaster
Leach J A, liquor saloon
Pearson D, general merchandise
Van Wormer Mrs., hotel

Eagle Cliff,
Wahkiakum County on the north side of the Columbia River, 7 miles south-east of Cathlamet.

Hume William, salmon cannery

East Sound P O
San Juan Co, is situated on Orcas Island, about 40 miles north of Port Townsend. The island is well timbered, and specially adapted for grazing purposes. Sheep raising and farming are the principal pursuits carried on.

Adams M L, nursery
Cams R M, lime kiln
Shattuck C W, general merchandise and postmaster

Scotchler & Gibbs, salmon cannery

Ferndale P O
Whatcom County is situated on the Nooksack River, about 5 miles from its mouth.

Rogers D, general merchandise and postmaster

Fidalgo P O
Whatcom County on Fidalgo Island, about 40 miles southwest of Whatcom.

Munk William, general merchandise and postmaster

Freeport P O
Cowlitz County is situated in Cowlitz Valley, 10 miles northwest of Kalama, and 3 miles from the mouth of Cowlitz River. The valley, which is exceedingly fertile, and under a high state of cultivation, is about thirty miles in length and three in width. The town contains several stores, a Methodist Church, and a public school which has an attendance of about eighty scholars.

Catlin Bros, general merchandise
Fiddler James, hotel
Fleece J C, general merchandise
Olson O, general merchandise and postmaster
Reardon John, general merchandise

Friday Harbor P O
San Juan County the county seat, is situated on the north-western shore of San Juan Island. In this section are excellent agricultural and grazing lands. Sheep raising is carried on to a considerable extent.

Izette John, U S inspector of customs
Sweeney Joseph, postmaster, general merchandise, and restaurant

Hungry Harbor,
Pacific County

West John, salmon cannery

Ilwaco P O
Pacific Co, is situated on the north side of the Columbia River, about 3 miles from its mouth.

Aberdeen Packing Co, salmon cannery
Cape Hancock Packing Co, salmon cannery
Davis & Brown, liquor saloon
Grant D, hotel
Hayden W B, liquor saloon
Pike H L, hotel
Seaburg B A & Co, salmon cannery
Stout J L, hotel
Ward W W, postmaster, general merchandise, drugs, etc
Weikar John, boat builder and blacksmith

Irondale P O
Jefferson Co, is situated 5 miles from Port Townsend. Near the town are iron beds covering an area of about two miles square. The ore is brown hematite, and the iron produced is said to equal in quality the best Scotch pig.

Blanchard H L, postmaster
Dyer C P, liquor saloon
Dyer J B, groceries, cigars, tobacco, etc, and hotel
Puget Sound Iron Co, H L Blanchard secretary, iron mining, and general merchandise

Kalama P O
Cowlitz Co, a town of about 200 inhabitants, and the county seat, is situated on the north side of the Columbia River, 38 miles north-west of Portland.

In 1871, when the construction of the Northern Pacific Railroad was commenced at this point, the place presented a lively appearance, and for a time grew rapidly; but upon the completion of the road to New Tacoma, and the removal of the company's headquarters to that point, business seriously declined. Daily communication is maintained with Portland and other river points by steamer, and with New Tacoma by the Northern Pacific R. R.

Comegys & Vestal, general merchandise
Forsyth C E, Auditor Cowlitz County
Holt H H, freight and ticket agent Northern Pacific R R
Patterson C M, proprietor Fulton House
Thornton A W, physician
Vestal S, Treasurer Cowlitz County
Wells, Fargo & Co, Comegys & Vestal agents
Western Union Telegraph Co, H H Hallock agent
Wittman P P, agent Oregon Railway and Navigation Co

Knappton P O
Pacific Co, on the north side of the Columbia River, directly opposite Astoria.

Hume Joseph, salmon cannery

West Coast Gazetteer

Source: Disturnell's Business Directory and Gazetteer, of the West Coast of North America, W. C. Disturnell, Publisher, San Francisco, California, 1882


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