West Coast Gazetteer & Directory ~ Albina ~ Astoria, Oregon

Albina P O.
Multnomah County is situated on the east side of the Willamette River, about one mile north of East Portland. Three-quarters of a mile below the town the Oregon Railway and Navigation Co. have commenced the construction of a dry dock, which will be 400 feet long, 100 feet wide at the top, 45 feet at the bottom, and 50 feet deep.
A steam ferry maintains communication with Portland.

Steffen J H, hotel
Walsh W D, general merchandise and postmaster

Astoria P O
Clatsop County an incorporated city, and county seat, is situated on the south side of the Columbia River, 12 miles from the ocean. It is the oldest town in the State of Oregon, a trading post having been established at this point in 1811, by John Jacob Astor, of New York. The city occupies a site at the base of a mountain ridge, and 18 divided into two sections, known as Upper and Lower Astoria, which are connected by a bridge about a mile in length. The stores and other business places are built principally over the water, on piles, and the residences on the hillsides above.

The population, according to the census of 1880, was 2,753, and at the present time is estimated at 4,000. Salmon canning is the chief industry carried on, and during the fishing season gives employment to from 2,000 to 2,500 men. In 1866 there was but one cannery in operation on the Columbia River, and the number of cases packed was 4,000, the value of which was $16 per case, or $64,000. At the present time there are about thirty-eight canneries in operation on the river, eighteen of which are located at Astoria. During the year 1881 the number of cases packed was 550,000, valued at 85 per case. The town contains several manufactories, including two saw-mills, a box factory, an iron foundry, and machine works, also several boat building establishments.

Three public schools are maintained, but the accommodations are insufficient for the number of scholars. In addition to these are two private schools, which are well attended. Several churches are maintained, including the Baptist, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Methodist, and Roman Catholic. The secret societies organized are the Masons, Odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias, Ancient Order United Workmen, and Good Templars. A well-conducted hospital, the St Mary's, under the supervision of the Sisters of Providence, affords good accommodations for the sick.

The city jail, recently erected at a cost of about $20,000, is a substantial stone building 50 by 80 feet, and two stories high. The custom-house and post office building is a fine, two story stone structure, erected in 1873, at a cost of $80,000. The city has a good fire department, the apparatus consisting of two steam engines and a hook and ladder truck. One of the engines is considered the finest on the coast, being one of the number awarded a prize at the Centennial Exhibition of 1876. There are also four steam tugs, with couplings to fit the fire hose, and three steam pumps on the water front, with a hose cart for each. Water is distributed by two companies, but the supply, which is obtained from a spring and gulch in the mountains overlooking the city, is insufficient, and private tanks are considerably depended upon. The Astorian, published daily and weekly, advocates the interests of the section.

Communication is maintained with San Francisco every four days by the steamers of the Oregon Railway and Navigation Co., daily with Portland, and way points on the Columbia River, Knappton and Skipanon, tri-weekly with Fort Stevens, Fort Canby, and Ilwaco, and weekly with Young's River.

Officers, John Hahn, Mayor; F. J. Taylor, Charles Wright, I. W. Case, R. Carruthers, A. G. Spexarth, W. D. Baker, Councilmen; F. C. Norris, Auditor and Clerk; E. C. Holden, Assessor; J. G. Hustler, Treasurer; C. W. Fulton, Attorney; Thomas Logan, Superintendent of Streets; F. W. Thornton, Police Judge; C. Laughery, Chief of Police.

Adair S D & Co, salmon cannery
Adler Carl, books, stationery, cigars, tobacco, etc
Allen A V, groceries, liquors, and, crockery
Anglo-American Packing Co, salmon cannery
Arndt & Ferchen, blacksmiths and machinists
Arvold I J, boots and shoes
Astoria Brewery, M Meyer proprietor
Astoria Iron Works, John Fox superintendent
Astoria Packing- Co, M J Kinney manager, salmon and fruit canning
Badollet & Co, salmon cannery
Bain C H & Co, lumber, paints, oils, etc, and manufacturers doors, sashes, and blinds
Baker W D, physician
Barth & Meyer, liquor saloon
Beck William, shoemaker
Bergman & Berry, butchers
Bieloh A, proprietor Central Hotel
Bintla Frank, liquor saloon
Blissett C Y, groceries and provisions and market
Bock William, liquor saloon
Booth A & Co, salmon cannery
Borchels J T, liquor saloon
Borchels J T & Co, salmon and fruit cannery
Bowlby J Q A, attorney at law, and judge Clatsop County
Bracker T, cigars, tobacco, stationery, etc
Broemser Theodore, restaurant
Brown H, warehouse proprietor
Brown J T (J W Stearns manager), The Old Corner Saloon
Campbell Alexander, liquor saloon
Campi Hotel, D M Dubravcich & Co proprietors
Carow C G, bakery
Case I W, general merchandise and banker
Centennial Hotel, C Wallman proprietor
Central Hotel, A Bieloh proprietor
Chance William, postmaster
Charters J G, proprietor Orient Baths
Chicago House, N Weiman proprietor
Cohen I & M, dry goods and clothing:
Columbia Brewery, John Hahn proprietor
Conn J W, druggist
Cooper C H, dry goods and clothing
Crang F, physician
Crosby Magnus C, hardware, stoves, and tinware
Daggett S Mrs., proprietress Weston Hotel
Daily Astorian, J F Halloran & Co publishers
Danielson A, wines and liquors
Davis Nic, liquor saloon and restaurant
Day & Burton, barbers
Dement W E, druggist
Derby H A, Mrs., millinery and fancy goods
Devlin John A, salmon cannery
Dickson Roscoe, oyster and ice cream saloon
Dubravcich D M & Co, proprietors Campi Hotel
Dufner Otto, watchmaker and jeweler
Edgar William, cigars, tobacco, stationery, etc
Empire Hotel, Louis Marquardt proprietor
Empo Martin, liquor saloon
Fabre Frank, restaurant and ice-cream saloon
Ferchen P J, liquor saloon
Fisherman Packing Co, salmon cannery
Flavel George, warehouse proprietor
Foard & Stokes, groceries
Foster Isaac, liquor saloon and varieties
Fox John, superintendent Astoria Iron Works
Franklin B B, undertaker and coroner Clatsop County
Fry J W, Sr, shoemaker
Fulton C W, attorney at law and notary public
Gearhart J W, groceries, feed, crockery, and glassware, and insurance agent
Glass C G, physician
Goodman P J, boot and shoes
Gratk Charles, liquor saloon
Gray J C, wood, coal, feed, and hay
Hahn John, proprietor Columbia Brewery, and mayor Astoria
Halloran J F & Co, publishers The Daily Astorian
Hambacher Martin, barber
Hansen Bros, architects and builders
Hansen G, watches and jewelry
Hanson & Cronk, restaurant and liquor saloon
Hanthorne J O & Co, salmon cannery
Harris S E, liquor saloon
Hartwig Louis, carpenter and builder
Hawes E R, stoves, tinware, etc
Headington W B, contractor and builder
Heilbron Charles, furniture, bedding, carpets, etc, and treasurer Clatsop County
Hicks F P Dr. dentist
Hill George, Variety Theatre, and saloon
Hiller John G, liquor saloon
Hoff E P, boat builder and contractor
Holden E C, auctioneer, notary public, real estate, and insurance agent, and sewing machines
Howe William, boat builder
Humbel & Rehle, butchers
Hume George W (David Morgan manager), groceries, provisions, and manufacturer of lumber
Hume William, salmon cannery
Illsley F W, restaurant
Jackins & Parks, stoves and tinware
Johansen N, general merchandise and saloon
Johnson L I, cigars, tobacco, etc
Johnson M, boat builder
Kant MD, merchant tailor and clothing
Kinney August C, physician and health officer Port of Astoria
Kinney M J, manager Astoria Packing Company
Kinsey S, physician and lodgings
Kirchhoff Louis, proprietor Oregon Bakery
La Force J E, dentist
Le Vaillant M, liquor saloon
Lewis L L Mrs., dressmaker
Liennenweber B & Co, tannery
Lobe Nathan, general merchandise
Lockhart W, physician
Lovett George, tailor
Luigi F, liquor saloon
Marquardt Louis, proprietor Empire Hotel
Marrion R E, liquor saloon
Martin H S, agent Western Union Telegraph Co
May C A, fruits, candies, cigars, tobacco, Yankee notions, etc
McCormack W, manufacturer oil clothing
McIntosh D A, tailor
McLean George, blacksmith
Meany P J, merchant tailor
Megler & Wright, proprietors Occident Hotel
Meline Antone, restaurant and cigars, tobacco, fruits, etc
Merriman John D, collector of customs
Meyer M, proprietor Astoria Brewery
Montgomery J A, stoves and tinware
Morrison M, carpenter
Moy & Keller, proprietors City Market
Munson S A, liquor saloon
New Columbia Hotel, A Reynolds, proprietor
Nichols' W W, boarding and lodgings
Noyes E A, agent Oregon Railway and Navigation Co
O'Brien T Mrs., proprietress
O'Brien's Hotel
Occident Hotel, Megler & Wright proprietors
Occident Packing Co, M J Anderson superintendent, salmon cannery
Ohler & Hyde, barbers, and baths
Pacific Union Packing Co, salmon cannery
Parker C O, general merchandise
Parker G F, surveyor Clatsop Co
Parker G W, groceries, provisions, and gents' furnishing goods
Parker H B, proprietor Parker House, and dealer hay, grain, lime, brick, etc, and livery stable
Parker House, H B Parker proprietor
Parker W W, superintendent public schools, Clatsop County
Pellmer H, boot and shoe maker
Powell E Mrs., varieties
Quinn E A, groceries, crockery, hardware, etc
Randles C W, boarding and lodgings
Rawlings T G, fruits, candies, cigars, tobacco, etc
Reynolds A. proprietor New Columbia Hotel
Ribbel P J, merchant tailor
Rice Marcus, dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes, etc
Plies Peter, liquor saloon
Rogers John, groceries, liquors, cigars, tobacco, etc
Scandinavian Packing Co, Jas Delgerty superintendent, salmon cannery
Schlussel S, dry goods, clothing, boots, and shoes
Schuldt William, proprietor Mint Saloon
Sea Side Packing Co, salmon cannery
Selig L E, real estate agent and collector
Simpson & Flavel, tug boat proprietors
Smith W S, restaurant
Sorenson C R, junk dealer
Sovey O, liquor saloon
Spedden R R, clerk Clatsop Co
Spexarth A G, fire-arms, cutlery, cigars, tobacco, etc
Stanzieger S, clothing, boots, and shoes
Stevens Charles & Son, books, stationery, etc, and news depot
Stevenson John, liquor saloon
Stinson G A & Co, carriage and wagon makers and blacksmiths
Taylor Frank J, attorney at law and notary public
Timmins C & Co, salmon cannery
Trullinger J C, lumber manufacturer
Tuttle Jay, physician
Twombly A M, sheriff Clatsop County
Uhlenhart & Schoene, barbers, and baths
Union Packing Co, salmon cannery
Van Dusen A, agent Wells, Fargo & Co
Van Dusen A & Co, general merchandise and general insurance agents
Wagner Max, proprietor Great Eastern Saloon
Wagner & Rily, liquor saloon
Wallman C, proprietor Centennial Hotel
Warren E S Mrs., millinery and fancy goods
Warren & Eaton, butchers and grocers
Weiman N, proprietor Chicago House
Welch M J, boat builder
Wells, Fargo & Co, A Van Dusen agent
West Coast Packing Co, salmon cannery
Western Union Telegraph Co, H S Martin agent
Weston Hotel, Mrs. S Daggett proprietress
Wetherbee & Toms, salmon cannery
Willgien Robert, liquor saloon
Williamson P M Mrs., ladies furnishing goods and dressmaker
Wilson & Fisher, hardware and groceries
Winton F D, attorney at law and police judge
Wise M, general merchandise
Wright Charles, restaurant 

West Coast Gazetteer

Source: Disturnell's Business Directory and Gazetteer, of the West Coast of North America, W. C. Disturnell, Publisher, San Francisco, California, 1882


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