West Coast Gazetteer & Directory ~ Alameda, California


Alameda County, a pretty suburban town, situated opposite San Francisco in an easterly direction, on a strip of land some 4 miles in length, extending in peninsula form into the bay. Upon entering the town, the mind is at once impressed with its romantic beauty. It has wide and level streets, affording excellent drives, and the sturdy oak trees, donned with summer foliage, under spread with greensward, the neat and attractive dwellings surrounded with handsome gardens and lawns, combined with the pure and healthy atmosphere, make it an inviting residence place for the business men of San Francisco. Its fine parks and numerous sea-bathing establishments also make it a favorite place of resort for pleasure seekers.

It has good public schools, including a high school, two grammar, and three primary, which have an average attendance of 1,000 pupils, the number enrolled being about 1,250.

The churches which are well sustained are represented by the Baptist, Congregational, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Methodist, German Reformed, and Roman Catholic denominations.

A free library and reading room is maintained, having about 2,000 volumes; which is a neat and inviting of resort for those who desire to gratify a literary taste.

There are several secret and benevolent organizations, including the Masons, Odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias, Ancient Order of United Workmen, Patriotic Order of Sons of America, Independent Order of Chosen Friends, etc. Two well conducted newspapers, the Alameda Argus and Alameda Encinal, are published weekly.

The number of inhabitants, according to the census of 1880, was 5,194, but at the present time is estimated to be 8,500. Communication is maintained with San Francisco via Oakland by the Central Pacific, and via Alameda Point by the South Pacific Coast Railroads, which run at short intervals through the day. The trains of the South Pacific Coast also run twice a day to Santa Cruz, and three times a day to San Jose and intermediate points.

Officers. William Simpson, J M Gray, Louis Meyer, C A Edson, and William Whidden, Trustees; H V Herbert and Adolph Mayrisch, School Directors; O S Ingham, School Superintendent; E M Smith, Assessor; N W Palmer, Treasurer; I N Chapman, Surveyor. John Ellsworth, Attorney; James Cook, Chief of Police.

Ackley Ezra, carriage maker
Alameda Argus, T G Daniels, proprietor
Alameda Encinal, Frederick K Krauth, proprietor
Alameda Free Library and Reading Rooms

Barber A S, groceries
Barlow Susan Mrs., proprietress Loyal Oak Hotel
Barnes H W & Co, doors, sashes, blinds, paints, and oils
Baroteau A, groceries
Beckmann J N, groceries
Beretta William, restaurant and liquor saloon
Bishop M F, dentist
Bleymann Edward, liquor saloon
Boehmer Fritz, groceries
Boehse Carl, liquor saloon
Bremer Herman, proprietor Schuetzen Park
Brewster A A Miss, artist
Brick C J, watchmaker and jeweler
Britt P, proprietor Britt's Hotel
Brown J P Mrs., patent medicines
Burke John J, harness and saddle maker
Burns H, boots and shoes

Cabral Alexandre, shoemaker
Carreau John, blacksmith
Carrington C N, groceries
Cerf A, wood, coal, hay, and grain
Clark & Byler, real estate agents
Connelly F J, wines and liquors
Cook Alexander, real estate agent
Cook Robert, proprietor Sandy Beach Baths
Crosby E O, attorney at law and justice of the peace

Daniels T G, proprietor Alameda Argus
Davidson A W, groceries
Dean P A, fruits and produce
Denke A, contractor and builder
Derby E M & Co, lumber
Doolittle Ira, proprietor Park Hotel
Doyle J J, harness and saddlery
Durein John, boots and shoes

Edwards John, liquor saloon
Eggers J H, butcher
Elbe C B, druggist
Ellsworth John, attorney at law

Falck Adolph S, insurance agents
Fassking Louis, proprietor; Fassking's Park
First National Bank, Levi Jenks; president
Fischer & Stahl, plumbers and; gasfitters
Fitch Thaddeus S & Co, estate agents
Fossing J C, groceries
Frank A, liquor salon
Frodden Y M, contractor and builder

Gilbert A C, notary public
Gilbert & Brown, real estate agents
Gochnauer P L, butcher
Greene A J, druggist
Greene Theodore, dry goods
Guillette T, liquor saloon
Gundlach Max, wood and coal

Haley & Edson, proprietor, Terrace Baths
Harter Bloomfield, carriage maker
Haskell J E, fruits and produce
Hayes John W, boots and shoes
Hecker Adolph, hardware
Hegelund Jacob R, fish dealer
Henderson D D, sign and carriage painter
Holtz William & Son, groceries
Horst William, liquor saloon
Humphreys John, tailor
Hunter W B, real estate agent and justice of the peace

Jans Obbe, proprietor Garden City House
Jones A, physician

Kalis Frank, barber
Kay I N, proprietor Yosemite House
Keene Edward B, druggist
Kenney J J, liquor saloon
Kerridge F J, nursery
Kiernan Philip, proprietor Green Arbor Baths
Koch Adam, bakery
Koerber Henry, wood, coal, hay, and grain
Kohlmoos Christian, groceries
Kohlmoos John, proprietor; Kohlmoos Hotel
Konigshoffer J J, dry goods
Krauth Frank J, notary public
Krauth Frederick K, proprietor Alameda Encinal
Kropp E H, groceries
Krueger A, liquor saloon

Lenz Jacob, cigar manufacturer
Liese Conrad, butcher
Loomis W H, physician
Louis Edward, liquor saloon
Lovegrove G, house painter

Malatesta Joseph, liquor saloon
Marcuse Felix, groceries
Martin & Crowe, livery stable
Maynard Harry, proprietor, Long Branch Baths
Mayrisch E, proprietor, Long Branch Garden
Mazzini Louis, stoves and tin ware
McAnney B W, crockery
Merrill Joseph, fruits and produce
Metzger & Banta, house and sign painters
Meyer William, nursery
Meysel Oscar S, barber
Mills, Fischer & Co, plumbers and gas-fitters
Moller W H, liquor saloon
Morrison & Co, proprietors Durham Dairy
Morris George T, books and stationery
Muller Nicholas, groceries
Muth, J F, watchmaker and jeweler

Nedim F Mrs., restaurant
Nelsen H, liquor saloon
Nobmann John, liquor saloon
Noy W H, butcher

Orr Samuel, proprietor Alameda Oil Works

Pacific Coast Oil Co, I T Ballard, manager
Pagge Bros, proprietors Neptune Gardens
Palmer N W, notary public
Pemberton E, furniture and upholstery
Petersen Carl, wines and liquors
Polarski Peter, liquor saloon
Porter B B, books and stationery
Powell & Weyburn, painters and paper-hangers
Probst Louis, bakery

Reichsrath Louis, shoemaker
Reinecker Brothers, liquor saloon
Renton, Holmes Co, lumber
Reynolds George P, physician
Reynolds J M, real estate agent
Robinson Henry, real estate agent
Rosmarin G, nursery
Rossini C J, restaurant
Royal Soap Co, F A Cressy, manager

Schaberg William, liquor saloon
Scheithe & Combs, butchers
Schönau Henry, liquor saloon
Schroeder L W, liquor saloon
Schroeder & Victors, wood, coal, hay, and grain
Shead D L, fruits and produce
Shultis Edward, house painter
Sieben Philip, liquor saloon
Smith C W, restaurant
Smith J H, livery stable
Smith John S, tailor
Smith Thomas A, real estate agent
Stebbins G H, carpenter
Stephenson S, house painter
Stolze, Conrad, liquor saloon
Stritzinger Jacob, liquor saloon
Sturm Charles, hotel and liquor saloon

Townsend H L, livery stable
Traver George W, proprietor Sunny Cove Baths
Tucker J C, physician
Turnbull E, florist
Twichell William L, physician

Vandal & Co, druggists
Vogt F C, liquor saloon
Vosburgh J B, stoves and hardware

Wachter E, eggs and poultry
Wellendorff L, physician
Wells, Fargo & Co, E. C Vosburg, agent
Western Union Telegraph Co,
Miss J Jefferson, manager
Wheeler & Relfe, wood and coal
Whitney & Co, express
Wonderlich John P, Newport Baths
Wood A B, dentist
Wymore D C, groceries

West Coast Gazetteer

Source: Disturnell's Business Directory and Gazetteer, of the West Coast of North America, W. C. Disturnell, Publisher, San Francisco, California, 1882


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